Does God exist?

Originally posted on Since PK deals with religious beliefs and superstitions, I thought I will make a redux post so that everyone knows where I am coming from as far as my belief in God is concerned

I will not comment on any religion per se but will address the broad issue “Does God exist?”

Lets start with what is the definition of atheist :

“An atheist is a man who has no invisible means of support”

-John Buchan On Being a Real Person

Keeping this definition in mind,we will move ahead.
As always,I will try to answer this topic by martial arts angle 🙂

I am not sure how many of us have heard or understand the term “Chi” so I give a brief introduction to the same.

There are two kinds of strength :- The outer, physical strength is obvious, fades with age, and is dissipated by excess. The inner strength is by far the more powerful of the two, but it must be developed through constant practice and study. The Chi (pronounced “chee” and Ki in Japanese) is the life-force of the Universe, which flows within and through and around all things. It can be collected, cultivated, and circulated within the body to perform the will. But, not one in ten thousand will ever know the true Qi. This, like many transcendental subjects, cannot be adequately described in word or print. But, it can be experienced.

The Chi is the internal energy present in every human being which when harnessed properly ,can be controlled by the person to do unimaginable stuff like breaking iron rods with head,standing on index finger etc.Live example are the Shaolin disciples.

Now there is debate whether this Chi is for real or is it just a hoax.Those who think it is hoax can and will never experience this internal energy in them.Those who have faith in it will experience it with gradual practise.Its all about the power of faith.You gotta have belief in it.You cannot see it or touch it.

A simple example is when people fast.Where does this superhuman ability come from?It is the power of faith.An invisible force.

Jonty Rhodes had fits problem in Mid 90s and none of the medicines were able to cure it.He finally overcame it with meditation.The faith he had in power of meditation is an invisible means of support.

@ Big Bang theory,it is an incomplete study and hence inconclusive.It fails to answer the source of the creation of the black holes.

Since I believe in the existence of Force,in the power of faith,i dare say it is God who created it all.

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    sputnik 6 years ago

    This is what Jonty Rhodes had to say to Umar Akhmal who also has epilepsy.

    “Speaking exclusively over the phone from South Africa, 45-year-old Rhodes said: “Umkar Akmal has to be patient and strictly take the medication prescribed by his doctor.”

    And Jonty has a very mild form of epilepsy according to him.

    “Rhodes said: “I had a very mild form of epilepsy so didn’t have to be on medication for long. Nowadays with the medication available, you can continue living your life and never feel that you suffer from this disorder,” he signed off.’

    There is no cure for epilepsy. It can only be controlled by regular medicines.

    And this is from epilepsy foundation.

    “The most hopeful talk was the last one, about meditation, delivered by UCLA neurologist Jerome Engel who clearly thinks there some value there. Engel described reasons to believe that meditation might help control seizures (it increases hippocampus growth, increases fiber connectivity throughout the brain, lots of activity in the mesial temporal lobe, where a lot of epilepsy is focused.) But at the end of that positive litany, he acknowledged that the studies on meditation and seizure control were equivocal at best: some even suggested that meditation could bring seizures on!

    “There’s still no really good control study of the effect of meditation on epilepsy,” he finally concluded.”

    By the way I have three close relatives who have epilepsy. And they tried all sorts of religious and other stuff to get rid of epilepsy and nothing worked. The only thing that has worked in controlling it is regular medicines.

    • Baba
      Baba 6 years ago

      epilepsy can be controlled by yoga.

      “they tried all sorts of religious and other stuff to get rid of epilepsy and nothing worked. ” other stuff? like what?

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        sputnik 6 years ago

        They went to all kinds of Babas and tried all sorts of non traditional medicines but nothing worked.

        May be Yoga can help but its another alternative method to try. It might work for some and it might not for others.

        • Baba
          Baba 6 years ago

          I thought so. babas cant do anything. they are fake. and most ppl dont trust yoga and the power of meditation too.everyone wants quick results with no hardwork. so they have to go for wont work if you dont believe in it and do it everyday

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    sputnik 6 years ago

    There is nothing superhuman about fasting which many people do.

    Every human being has a thing called will power which they may not use. Now some of them may use that because of their faith in some religion but it does not require religion. Even a atheist/agnostic can use his will power to achieve something or to prove others wrong.

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      cr7 6 years ago

      Agreed .

    • Baba
      Baba 6 years ago

      there is nothing superhuman about breaking a brick too. or breaking an iron rod with a have to realise that Chi in you.its possible. but is that the point? no

      the point was that God resides in us. we can call it will power or Chi or just refer it by any other name.There is no need to objectify him

  3. Baba
    Baba 6 years ago

    superhuman strength or just well-harnessed internal energy? a shaolin monk, the only guy in the world to do a one finger handstand. its not a miracle. its power of faith in Chi

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