Dishoom Movie Review

Dishoom Synopsis Viraj Sharma, India’s top cricketer suffers a shoulder injury and he then inexplicably slams his shoulder into a wall to get well and win the match for India. He gets kidnapped and a video message is delivered to the minister (clearly modeled on Sushma Swaraj) showing the kidnapper to be a Pakistani fan who wants his team to win. The minister sends a cop Kabir, who always has a frown because his girlfriend cheated on him. He teams up with Junaid, an Indian cop working in UAE. The two cops have 36 hours to find and rescue the kidnapped Indian cricketer.

Its the usual buddy cop movie with John Abraham as the serious cop and Varun as the comic sidekick. There are times when the movie feels like it might cross over into jingoistic nonsense but thankfully it doesn’t.

Akshay Kumar’s cameo scene is hilarious and its very cool of Akshay to play that role. Vijay Raaz’s scene is good too. Satish Kaushik (by the voice) calling Junaid repeatedly and telling him how no one in his family liked Junaid’s matrimonial picture scenes are funny. The kidnapper video twist is good. The scene involving Akshaye Khanna as cop is good. Jacqueline’s interrogation scene and the scene with the Sketch Artist is good. The action scenes are ok.

John Abraham is good in his usual serious no nonsense cop role. Varun Dhawan is excellent and provides all the fun. Jacqueline looks cute and is good as the thief. Akshay Kumar is excellent in a hilarious cameo. Vijay Raaz is very good in his cameo. Nargis Fakhri looks sexy in her cameo. Akshaye Khanna is good as the villain. Rohit Dhawan’s direction is good.

Its a masala action movie with enough humor and comedy. It is silly and unbelievable but it is fast paced. So it keeps one entertained. The movie is good time pass fun.


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