Dil Tu Hi Bataa Song – Krrish 3

  1. Author
    aryan 11 years ago

    Good Song this is the best song of the album Hrithik looks superb specially his hair style and six-pack abs.

    • Baba 11 years ago

      agree about song and the look of hrithik. kangana looks uncomfortable in such songs.and her make up and dressing is funny πŸ˜€

      • Author
        aryan 11 years ago

        Kangana’s hair style, Dresses, make up result hogaya Japani Gudiya.

  2. Bored 11 years ago

    Did they hire Shankar to shoot this one? Looks like a song straight out of Endhiran/Robot.
    Shankar will be pleased to see his style here (great visuals/locales, colorful costumes and good music).

  3. Suprabh 11 years ago

    I found the song absolutely horrible and sleep inducing.

    Its such stale tune and insanely boring lyrics.

  4. Bored 11 years ago

    Rajesh Roshan is way past his prime and shud retire asap. At the same time, both the songs here (raghupati and this) are better than the songs of previous krrish movie – which were indeed horrendous.
    The songs here are decent (at par with the music of any recent bollywood blockbuster kind of movie – which is of course a low standard).

    The songs are also shot better than the previous movie songs. As i said, Shankar will be happy when he sees this.

  5. Bored 11 years ago

    Obvious inspirations from:

  6. Bored 11 years ago

    Also never understood the urge of all bollywood male stars flaunting bare chested abs and lip syncing songs in the middle of desert – but then its bollywood we are talking abt – must be a way of getting the mass/single-screen audience some sort of a ‘high’.

    • Baba 11 years ago

      even Commando had this kind of picturization for a slow song. for some reason, all songs of this type are shot in desert with hero and herione being apart at first and posing in slow motion and meeting each other in the end. it has become a pretty stale way of picturizing. a better imagination is needed.

  7. Bored 11 years ago

    They shud just get rid of such ‘dream’ song sequences – rather than wasting their imagination. But then its a cliche being done by all to supply the audience demand. The makers want business from all quarters.

  8. shan 11 years ago

    Yawn! What a boring song! Someone tell Rajesh Roshan this isn’t the 90s anymore. Krissh3 seems to have a worse album than Krissh. Did not think that was possible.

  9. sputnik 11 years ago

    Watched the song without audio. Had liked the song when I heard it before.

    Agree that Hrithik looks good and Kangana looks uncomfortable.

    Agree with Bored about the obvious inspirations. The video also reminds of Sunta Hai from Pukar.

    “must be a way of getting the mass/single-screen audience some sort of a β€˜high’.”

    I am not sure if mass/single-screen audiences care for slow songs like this picturized in desert/mountainous landscapes. Even in 90s most of the audience used to leave the theater for bathroom/cigarette break during slow romantic songs.

  10. Bored 11 years ago

    Agree on the Pukar link – btw Sunta Hai Mera Khuda was a damn brilliant song from Rahman (Both Madhuri and that gal (whats her name?) was sensuous). Pukar also had another slow song with madhuri that was pretty good (love the album overall).
    Rakesh Roshan could have used Priyanka’s oomph factor more effectively here than what Kangana is doing.

  11. sauravjha 11 years ago

    To me it sounds like an outdated song. Hrithik is looking disinterested here, songs might prove to be a big drawback for K3 both the songs have been way below par IMO.

  12. Anjanpur685Miles 11 years ago

    The first time I saw this , First scenes reminded of Guzaarish and then obviously Kadhal Anukkal from Endhiran. When I saw comments, was pleasantly surprised Bored also finding same. Agree completely.

    Agree with Baba also on dresses of Kangana.

    Hrithik abs look like vomit. Dont look good.

  13. Anjanpur685Miles 11 years ago

    @saurav – everything is dated here. Even Hrithik hairstyle.

  14. Bored 11 years ago

    LOL … 99% of Bollywood commercial stuff is outdated. But none of the makers seem to realize it … its the formula driven brain dead industry overall that sucks. So does who selectively finds ‘stuff’ outdated.

  15. Anjanpur685Miles 11 years ago

    Saw the song again. Actually it looks so funny that someone might mistake it for a spoof…especially Kangana dance steps and dresses.

    • Baba 11 years ago

      lol , yes at some places she is moving like a lizard almost giving a komodo dragon pose. πŸ˜€ seems its a situational song. in kMG RR made an alien sing, here he is making a mutant dance

  16. Bored 11 years ago

    I can bet this is a dream sequence. Here is another similar cliche song: (can someone embed it plz?)


  17. narad_muni 11 years ago

    K3 album has been a complete disaster so far…its even worse than CE.
    I wonder why Rakesh Roshan with all his knowledge still goes with his brother.

    Eveything abt the song is bad – tune, lyrics, choreography

    • shan 11 years ago


      Btw, has anyone noticed? None of the top 3 grossers of Hindi cinema today had successful music. Chennai Express, 3 Idiots and Ek Tha Tiger – all had underwhelming albums that did not work, although 3 Idiots music did slightly better than the other two. This is interesting because, traditionally, it has been believed that great music is a must for a movie becoming a huge grosser. This has been true many times in the past – DDLJ, HAHK, Gadar, K3G, DTPH, KKHH, Saajan, Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai – all had superhit albums. I cant remember too many movies which had average or flop music and still raked in the moolah at BO. Even recent heavy grossers like Dabangg, Ready, Barfi, Rowdy Rathore, Agneepath, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani had popular music. But, the stupendous performance of movies like the top 3 grossers mentioned above as well as others like Don 2, indicates that music may no longer be a necessity for huge gross at BO.

      What do you guys think? Would love to hear thoughts from members. πŸ™‚

      • Baba 11 years ago

        i think ETT album was not bad. 3i,ce were below avg to poor. k3 is also a poor album.good songs always help. but whether they are an integral factor of the films BO or not depends on the film. an Aashiqui2 cannot afford to have bad songs but a rohit shetty film can.

  18. Bored 11 years ago

    Songs/dances are just added baggage that filmmakers are unwilling to shed – it has nothing to do with the success/failure of movies nowadays. CE album was decent – Titli was decent, Lungi dance grew on.

    • shan 11 years ago


      “it has nothing to do with the success/failure of movies nowadays”. This is exactly what I am trying to say. Interesting to note that the audience doesnt consider music as a make-or-break deal anymore. There was a time when having a flop music album meant your film wont open too well and will find the going tough at BO. We seem to have moved into a new phase sometime in the last few years.

  19. Bored 11 years ago

    As long as the songs are passable they dont hamper nor push the BO these days. I personally like Behti Hawa from 3I, Saiyaara from ETT, Titli from CE and also this one from K3 seems fine.

    But will like to see these big budget movies dropping the songs all together – but that isnt happening any time soon.

  20. Bored 11 years ago

    Good songs matter most for the romantic genre – thats why they were so important in the nineties and early noughties. Since 2005-2006 Bollywood has become of potpourri of genres.
    Good songs are no more neccessity – rather picturization matters a lot more.

  21. Suprabh 11 years ago

    I disagree about 3 Idiots Baba

    Behti Hawa Sa, Jaane Nahi denge – these two songs were far, far better than CE/Krrish (whateverI have listened from krrish until now) combined

    Zoobi zoobi was forgettable.. all Iz well was average…Give me some sunshine was rather good and hummable

    It was a fairly good album

    not very good but good enough.

    I find it much much better than ETT soundtrack

    ETT had four songs- Mashallah, Banjaara, Laapata and Saiyara– all extremely forgettable for me.

    • Baba 11 years ago

      i also liked those two songs from 3i but after seeing the film.they are situational songs. i didnt like them in the ablum as standalone songs.

      in ETT – i liked banjaara a lot due to the violins. and sainyaara was a great song, not at the level of sau dard but still good

  22. Bored 11 years ago

    U guyz are forgetting Lungi Dance – its a cult fav right now!

    • Suprabh 11 years ago


    • Baba 11 years ago

      by the time lungi dance came, most of the public incuding me had left the theatre. πŸ˜‰ its an emabarssing song, why to make a cheesy flattering song about rajni in your film?
      just read sputniks coment again, he is right about the reception of slow songs. even in 90s no one bothered about such picturization. and neither does single screen likes slow songs. dont know why they are made this way.infact ppl get up from their seats everytime unless its a dance fast paced song

  23. Bored 11 years ago

    When u are making a romantic film – songs are usually good medium to capture the mood and makes sense to promote ur romance based on songs. These days it makes no sense.
    Item nos may pull in single screen audience? But i doubt anyone watches a film these days based on songs.

    Anyways, i do like lungi dance and the energy SRK brought into it. Maybe the missing link was SRK himself in lungi …

  24. saurabh 11 years ago

    I feel CE album was much better than ETT,
    and 3I album was better than CE.
    i do not about other person taste, but sainyara was ok, and all other songs were not my cup of tea.
    though Banjara and sainyara were more popular even more popular than CE’s all songs.. but in terms of popularity also, ett cant be compared to 3I, sunshine,bahti hawa and jane ni denge was very much popular even Joobi doobi and all is ok were also popular.

    though agree with bored about the effect of songs on movies,- because of marketing they are nt depending on songs, which was not the case earlier.
    most recent exapmle- besharm. and krish 3 will also be..

  25. sputnik 11 years ago

    I liked the songs of ETT. Banjaara, Laapata and Saiyara were good and Mashallah was good for what it was.

    Zoobi Zoobi was good fun from 3I. As Baba said Behti Hawa Sa, Jaane Nahi denge and Give Me Sunshine were situational songs and I don’t like them as standalone songs. All Izz Well was a hit song but it became very annoying/irritating with the excessive air play.

    Titli was very good from Chennai Express. Kashmir Tu was good fun. Did not like the rest of the songs but even 1234 was a hit I guess.

    I think hit songs do help in the opening of at least romantic movies like Cocktail or Aashiqui 2. Hit Item Songs or peppy Dance Numbers (Sheila Ki Jawani, Chikni Chameli or Dhinka Chika) help masala movies.

    Movies like A Wednesday, Kahaani, Madras Cafe have shown that the audience does not mind there being no songs in them.

    I would prefer no lip syncing and may be having only a part of the song instead of the whole song in romantic movies. Unnecessary songs specially in serious movies are very annoying.

  26. Bored 11 years ago

    Yeah I too find lip syncing and unnecessary songs annoying/irritating.
    Prob is MC/Kahaani/Wednesday were small budget movies without major stars. Awaiting the day when big budget star vehicles go this way …

  27. anjanpur685miles 11 years ago


    btw saw ghanachakkar. Fantastic black comedy, best film of the year along with MC for me

    • Suprabh 11 years ago

      finally someone agreed with me..regarding Ghankchakkar..for me too..its the best film of the year.

  28. Bored 11 years ago

    Talaash doesnt count for much since it was a small scale production even with Aamir in it. Also, it created no great shakes upon release (critically nor commercially).
    Was a minor hit and unfortunately no trend setting stuff here.

    Will Dhoom 3 or PK dare to go without 4-5 songs in it and without any random lip syncing and dancing? Heck, Aamir cant even let go of his shayari in an action thriller!

  29. anjanpur685miles 11 years ago

    Aren’t u discussing bo impact of songs?

  30. Bored 11 years ago

    When the movie itself doesnt work for the audience (nor for me), how can you figure out what impact the presence/absence of songs had in it? Was absence of lip-syncing songs the reason that it didnt connect? I think the film had other issues … So cant see where Talaash comes (out of the blue) in this discussion?
    Dhobi Ghat worked as a film, but it was an art-house production – nothing like MC/Kahaani/Wednesday.

    Aamir is a master of exploiting commercial structures – 3I/TZP and RDB cud have been tighter films without some unnecessary songs. He gets brownie points for choosing the right themes – but he isnt redefining the structure/format of commercial films in Bollywood.

  31. DABANGG_NIINJA 11 years ago

    Hrithik bhi ab no.1 ki race me aa jayega ,. krish ke baad .bang bang ,. aa rahi he 2oct ko Gandhi jayanti 3oct ko dussehra aur 4oct ko bakri eid fir sunday ,.

  32. Bored 11 years ago

    The race for #1 is simply bogus – in today’s time it just cant happen. None of the Khans have been able to dominate (or be #1) for more than 2-3 years at a stretch. Nor will anyone else be able to change that.

    Amitabh Bachchan was perhaps the last undisputed #1 in the early eighties. Since then it have been a mix.

  33. sputnik 11 years ago

    Trailer of Kangana’s new movie Rajjo. Movie looks so dated.

  34. FS 11 years ago

    Ye kya tha? Awful

  35. Baba 11 years ago

    i think the song promos have actually brought the buzz down.all of them have been underwhelming including the usually reliable hrithik dance.the first trailer had got a good buzz going for the film.16 million views etc. but rajesh roshan , the equivalent of sohail/arbaaz for salman, has done his part of damage to the film.may have been a better option to not release anything after first trailer as there are only 3 songs if i am not wrong

  36. DABANGG_NIINJA 11 years ago

    dussehra kb he yr koi bta skta he kyu ki net pr 14 oct bhi likha he agr aisa he to boss sunday ko kyu nhi release ho rahi Monday bhi holiday hoga ,.

    • ank_16n 11 years ago

      DABANGG_NIINJA dussera is on 13th oct not 14th..!!

  37. Bored 11 years ago

    After Paani and Ahutosh Gowariker movie, Hrithik has been replaced in Dharma Production’s Immortal of Mehula – this time by Ranbir Kapoor:

  38. Prem 11 years ago

    This one’s good…

    Mere Bina Tu – Phata Poster Nikla Hero Official Video

  39. sunil 11 years ago

    bored,there can always be the biggest star of that genration,f not a totally dominating no1.
    It depends on total volume.Akshay Kumar is the biggest star since 1992.

  40. Bored 11 years ago

    And I thought Ajay Devgan was the biggest largest hugest star of the generation. πŸ™

  41. Bored 11 years ago

    Its not easy to define biggest star of a generation when u have quite a few stars having short patches of great success. The laurels were shared between the 3 Khans in the late nineties (Aamir obviously much less than the other 2), then Hrithik/Sunny caused some khan-breaks, then SRK had a few good years, then Hrithik/Akshay stole the show, then Aamir had some good laughs, and then Salman came out of the blue to dominate for a couple of yrs.

    In such a mix how to decide who is the biggest star? By no.of hits? SRK, Salman, Akshay all have equal no of hits in their careers. Aamir had some influential movies and Hrithik hasnt been around as long as them to match up their hit counts. No matter how u want to dissect and use whatever criteria u want – the biggest star has been a disputable argument since the decline of Amitabh Bachchan (mid eighties).

    Since 3 out of the 5-6 leading stars share the same surname, it doesnt necessarily mean its been a ‘Khan show’ all along – as some communally minded people tend to believe.

    Its just been a mix – and i think its better to have it that way. When Amitabh was ruling he was giving out some real crappy films (eighties) and the audience had no other option but to consume it. These days one’s crap get replaced by another’s within a couple of years – so luckily no saturation and some breathing space for the audience, or lets say choice craps that at least smell different.

    • Baba 11 years ago

      amitabhs stardom , talent is unquestionable but i think he benefitted from his competitors. most of them were below par from Vinod Khanna to shatrughan sinha. when anil rose in mid 80s, amitabhs stardom took a hit and he never really came back once the khans took over from early 90s.the competition was better in 90s and 2000s with akshay , hrithik, sunny into the mix along with the khans.

  42. sunil 11 years ago

    If we count the total gross of films,then Akshay is the biggest star.srk,salman,aamir didnt have that many releases.

  43. Felix 11 years ago

    Akshay is no way comparable to any big superstar, he is way behind SRK and Salman even Hrithik is a much bigger superstar than him, Akshay has only 2 blockbusters & no top grosser of the year so far in his 22 year old long career, whereas Hrithik has 5 blockbusters(4, excluding k3g) and 3 top grosser of the year, Dhoom 2 was an all time highest grosser too and gives as big opening as any big superstar in commercial movies. Even Ranbir Kapoor is bigger than Akshay Kumar now. Anybody will give some hits if he would do that many movies. People are giving superstar title to some actors only on the basis of seniority, they need to understand it’s not a government job, where you can have promotion after some expecrience, irrespective of the works, they do in their respective field. Akshay & Ajay are big stars not superstars.

    • Baba 11 years ago

      “People are giving superstar title to some actors only on the basis of seniority, they need to understand it’s not a government job, where you can have promotion after some expecrience, irrespective of the works, they do in their respective field”


  44. Bored 11 years ago

    @Baba – Anil alone didnt do harm to Amitabh. After Amitabh became a spent force by mid eighties (his tryst with politics only helped the downfall) – it was again a mix of Sunny/Sanjay/Anil that was doing well in late eighties and early nineties. Salman/Aamir/SRK only became top notch from mid-nineties with HAHK, DDLJ and RH. These 3 mega hits took them well beyond any other competition in the late nineties. The likes of Ajay/Akshay/Sanjay/Sunny/Suneil were all left behind in the race.

    Anil had some good 5-6 yrs starting from late eighties but cud never comeback from RKRCKR disaster. Sanju was around after coming out of jail and till he recently went back – but he cud never replicate his success from early nineties (his loss of killer looks cudnt be compensated with steroids – he paid for his drug addiction). Sunny was also around and giving some hits in early noughties.

    Aamir/Salman/SRK has definitely done better than the likes of Sunny/Sanjay/Anil. And yes they have been the prominent stars for the last 20 yrs or so. BUT at the same time, they were hardly the only ‘key’ superstars around for any length of time – unlike the way Dilip/Dev/Raj were in the entire decade of the fifties.

    So this ‘Khan’ narrative is much flawed. Khans have always been part of the mix – it was never ‘Only Khans’.

  45. Bored 11 years ago

    @Sunil – Only volume does not take you ahead if your success ratio isnt high. Akshay does a lot of films – some work for him, most dont. He has been a star for more than 20 yrs now and deserves his place in the current A-list. His career peak was perhaps 07-08 phase – when SIK’s record opening made the media declare him as #1. But before that narrative could be built, he got drowned in flops. But he always had it in him to persist and make comebacks – and did so again.

    Akshay is one end of the spectrum while Hrithik is the other. One is willing to do any film even if he has no time. The other is reluctant to do good films even if he has all the time in the world. None of such extreme work ethics can take you ahead of the pack. But both deservedly are current A-listers.

    Personally i have always felt both Akshay and Hrithik have the skills and talents to go past any competition (and yes the Khans too) – but the way they both like to work help their competition a lot.

    You can sense the pressure/insecurity that OUATIMD or Krrish 3 can generate in different camps – all that is not without any reason. I dont mean fans here, i mean real camps within the industry.

  46. Bored 11 years ago

    I think the main problem with the 3 Khans is lack of ‘mardangi’ – SRK can be spunky, Aamir can be cheeky, Salman is carefree. But that is just it – none of them can be a ‘man’ even if they try their best (of course their heights dont help them either).

    I believe that is one reason why these three have always had competition from more ‘manly’ stars – be it Sanjay/Akshay/Sunny/Ajay etc etc. Even our fair-skinned good looking Hrithik can be more manly (when he occasionally chooses to be) than our Khans.

    Hard Luck for the Khans – but then u cant have everything.

  47. Anjanpur685Miles 11 years ago

    There is no problem in Khans or anyone. The problem is ridiculous expectations.

    • Baba 11 years ago

      i think stars themselves overhype and add to the ridiculous expectations. there occurs a problem when salman proclaims himself as the last action hero when all his action sequences are done by a body double.even the six pack are photoshopped. aamir claims ghajini to push the envelope of action in cinema and so on

  48. Bored 11 years ago

    ^ And that is a ridiculous excuse from a Khan fan πŸ™‚ and it has been a standard way for all Khan fans. On one hand they will claim Khans are biggest largest hugest and then will have mere average expectations fom them! The two arguments never gel together.

    Its like expecting mediocre working results of some laidback govt employee from Dhurubhai Ambani (or someone who is touted as Ambani!). First learn to NOT make a mountain out of a mole – and then complain about over expectations. If you do the first then the second wont arise in the first place.

  49. Anjanpur685Miles 11 years ago

    πŸ™‚ It was not about Khans, but overall observation about complaining attitude (“problems” etc) – why cant ppl accept others as they are? Why are you so worked up?

  50. Anjanpur685Miles 11 years ago

    @Baba – it is their opinion. Everyone is entitled to one. (btw not even 0.1% read or know what they said). But I just wondered how ppl find “problem” in every damn thing. Yakuza in a way was right in his comment the other day.

    • Baba 11 years ago

      everyone is entitled to opinion and so they are to feedback too,especially when they make unhinged proclaims.

  51. Anjanpur685Miles 11 years ago

    I think my use of word “ridiculous” took away what I meant to say. Sigh.

    I should have said it in better way maybe without using that word.

  52. Bored 11 years ago

    You only start personal attack when u run out of arguments/defense – Yakuza is a master of that (he is specially good in doing it in his home turf where there wont be any further arguments on the issue except chorus from blind followers to echo his emotions).

    Whenever one’s idol is criticized (specially with valid reasons) its bound to upset the followers. But then ‘tanqeed’ means criticism, aint it? Otherwise I m at the wrong place.

  53. Bored 11 years ago

    Aamir from PK’s shoot – https://www.boxofficecapsule.com/news-specific.aspx?news_id=4421
    From Ghagra to Lipstick, everything works.

  54. Anjanpur685Miles 11 years ago

    You start looking at all comments with preconceived notions and dismiss them as fan’s view. That my friend is a personal attack.

    Why would I be defending what you said? That Aamir and Khans are feminine is well known fact. I myself have mentioned it number of times. I just got fed up of seeing “problem with XYZ”/ issues with ABC type comments here so I said what I said above. The issue is not with their looks. Their non-manly look is a result of end of larger than life kind of films which started to end in early 90s. In fact the not so manly/common man looks/height is an advantage for Khans. Thats why Aamir can do a Lagaan/RDB/Mangal Pandey, Sharukh MNIK/oh darling../Baadshah/Paheli, and Salman MPK/HAHK etc.

  55. Anjanpur685Miles 11 years ago

    PK looks weird and hence interesting. Will be typical Raju over-melodramatic OTT film but his film do have a point/message.

  56. Bored 11 years ago

    Yes, the Ghagra-lipstick stuff looks weird in the pics from shoot – but going by Hirani’s past work i am sure he will make them work within a good script (and always have some social commentary). The release date is locked – Jun 6. Easily my most awaited film apart from Shankar’s Ai.

  57. Anjanpur685Miles 11 years ago

    Most awaited and entertaining thing in 2014 will be Pappu vs Feku show. πŸ˜€

    • ank_16n 11 years ago

      if pappu is any thing to go by then its a no competition………
      Means poverty is a state of mind πŸ˜† πŸ˜† hahahahaha……. πŸ˜€

  58. Anjanpur685Miles 11 years ago

    Mine also most awaited in 2014 are:

    -> Shankar’s next with Vikram (more so because of Vikram than Shankar)
    -> PK
    -> Transformers 4
    -> The amazing spiderman 2
    -> Happy New Year (I would love to see this flop).

  59. ank_16n 11 years ago

    what’s all this bogus thing of khans……

    yes Srk was bigger star with Ddlj crossing 60cr but the same bigger star gave a maya memsaab in that year which did 2cr i think…..kya star tha..!! πŸ˜›

    yes salman was bigger star in 90’s yes HAHK did 68cr but the same khan’s movie veergati did 5cr where was the stardom that same year..!! πŸ˜›

    yes Aamir was bigger star in 90’s with RH doing 50cr so what that he had only 1 hit before RH n 1 after in the whole 90’s..!!

    khans had this big movie no that big movie exclude that big grosser what next the reached half of that big grossee……yeah what a stardom..!!

    even in 90’s Khans, sunny,govinda,Anil n Akshay were same difference only bein 1-2 exception films for some..!!

    now coming to hr one mr felix says hr has 5 BB can he tell me what has hr given in last 7 years???????

    2 Hits yes he is bigger than Akshay who has given hmmm…..9-10 Hits are u joking????

    so Hr has 2 hits from last 5 movies hit ratio same as Akshay who has done 25 movies in last 7 years with 9 Hits..!!

    yes Hr does selective movies like kites n guzaarish after 2 years break wow what selection..!!

    Ranbir is gonna rule no doubt about it…..lets see what he does with his next releases..!!

    concluding i wud like to say no one can become a Superstar because his mind has become dead n he does movie every 2 years n has has 4 out of his 7 hits from his dads charity….afterall this isfilm industry not a father-son movie-movie competition..!! πŸ˜‰

  60. Anjanpur685Miles 11 years ago

    Most entertaining thing on any bollywood forum is reading an Akshay fan’s comments.

    • ank_16n 11 years ago

      my most memorable moment is to interact with Aamir fans on This sites as i rarely see a Aamir fan..!! πŸ˜› πŸ˜€

  61. Bored 11 years ago

    Its truly a humbling experience!

  62. Anjanpur685Miles 11 years ago

    @ank – i am now assurec that ur above comment about pappu will turn out to be like ur other predictions/comments. Cause Feku is The end of India and doesnt stand a chance to win .

    If u dream of BJP ruling next year, come down south and taste the reality. No one is bothered about them and their Ram Mandir agenda. (ignoring 30% of population’s issues is a major mistake they are doing for years).

    • ank_16n 11 years ago

      just 2 questions are u Indian???
      Do u live in India???

      asking bcoz i think u don’t know who was the ruling party from 1998-2004 πŸ˜€

      2nd thing about south…..
      their are 4 states AP,Karnataka, Kerala n TN…

      1. in Karnataka BJP is a force same with Congress..!!

      2. TN both Bjp n Congress are not their..in the state..!!

      3. AP has around 40 seats same as Bihar……..in Bihar their is no Congress….similarly in AP their is no BJP so it gets balanced out..!!

      4. kerala yes i agree Congress is thei but BJP is not..!!

      so its not South its just Kerala..!!

      I think u don’t have much political knowledge….so let me give some…AP has TDP which was ally of BJP in 1998-2004 same will happen this time…!!

      Sir any more doubts about political knowledge and Seats in different states u can ask i will try to solve the doubts as much as i can..!! πŸ˜‰

    • Suprabh 11 years ago


      Who are you voting for?

  63. Bored 11 years ago

    My interest in Ai is due to Shankar’s collaboration with Weta Workshop. Eager to see what vfx they come up with. Hope it will b released in dubbed hindi version like Robot.

    Vikram cud have grabbed some eyeballs from Bollywood audience or at least some critical acclaim if Mani had released the dubbed version of Ravanan, instead of making a separate hindi version where Abhishek cudnt match upto Vikram’s work in the same role.

    I wud also like to see more of Rana Duggubati in Bollywood – liked him in DMD where he was the best part i thot. He is one reason why i hv some interest in Rajamouli’s upcoming Bahubali.

  64. DABANGG_NIINJA 11 years ago

    Thanks ank .

  65. Anjanpur685Miles 11 years ago


    Mostly I will ask for 49-O form if ‘none of the above’ option is not in the choices.

  66. Anjanpur685Miles 11 years ago


    Agree about Raavanan, in fact even if it was not dubbed it was fine. HIndi version spoiled everything / the essense of it – otherwise film was awesome.

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