Department Has Epic Crash in Collections On Day Eight

The collections of Department have crashed on the 8th day like never before. Not many major releases have seen such a huge fall in collections. The fall in collections is around 95%. East Punjab has not even collected 1 lakh on day eight while DUP is around just 2-3 lakhs.

The all India collections of the film on the 8th day are probably somewhere in the 10-12 lakhs nett region.

The film will not even add 1 crore nett business to its tally after the first week.

The film has performed so badly that in many areas exhibitors preferred to give films like MLA and Rakhtbeej a chance rather than keep Department playing for another week. Normally a MLA or Rakhtbeej would hardly get screenings in places like Jaipur, Lucknow or Kanpur but due to Department crash these films have actually found there way into some multiplex screens in these areas. Some multiplexes that retained the film say shows cancelled due to no audience.



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