Dedh Ishqiya and Yaariyan Boxoffice Collections Thread

dedhishqiyaDedh Ishqiya First Day Business

Saturday 11th January 2013 10.30 IST

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Dedh Ishqiya grossed around 2.75-3 crore nett on day as per early estimates with business being bad across India with North being a bit better that too because of Delhi NCR while UP and Punjab not collecting well. The collections in Mumbai circuit were low. The figures from some circuits are as follows.

Delhi/Up – 68,00,000

East Punjab – 31,00,000

CP Berar – 13,00,000

CI – 12,00,000

Rajasthan – 22,00,000



Yaariyan Has Good First Day Business

Saturday 11th January 2013 10.30 IST

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Yaariyan did well on day one grossing around 5.75 crore nett on day as per early estimates despite not so good reports. The film fared very well in Mumbai and Central India markets. The film may not get much Sunday growth due to the reports and nothing for the family audience though the first day business means the film is safe as costs are reasonable. The figures from some circuits are as follows.

Delhi/Up – 1,23,00,000

East Punjab – 50,00,000

CP Berar – 35,00,000

CI – 28,00,000

Rajasthan – 42,00,000


  1. Author
    sputnik 6 years ago

    Dedh Ishqiya UP Yaariyan DOWN

    Sunday 12th January 2013 12.30 IST
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    The collections of Dedh Ishqiya were up on Saturday while Yaariyan fell a little. The collections of Yaariyan were around 5 crore nett on Saturday from 5.75 crore nett on Friday while Dedh Ishqiya was around 3.75 crore on Saturday with 2.75 crore nett on Friday.

    Dedh Ishqiya has been slower to pick up as its audience is not in the 16-25 age group. The film has shown decent growth on Saturday and could pick up a more on Sunday. The two day total is around 6.50 crore nett

    Yaariyan dropped on Saturday and may not grow much today but with a total of 10.75 crore nett in two days and a potential 17 crore nett weekend it has done well and is the first success of 2014.


  2. Author
    sputnik 6 years ago

    Yaariyan Good Weekend But Poor Trend Dedh Ishqiya Low Weekend

    Monday 13th January 2014 10.30 IST
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    Yaariyan had a good weekend of around 16.50 crore nett but the trend was poor as collections on Sunday at many places were lower than Friday. The film had a good Friday but could not consolidate as content was just for the campus crowd. The film should recover its costs after all revenue is put together but with a big Marketing spend the profits will be unlimited unless its surprises and manages to hold into week two.

    Dedh Ishqiya had a good trend but it was a bit irrelevant as collections were too low at the beginning. The film grossed around 11.50 crore nett with business in Delhi/UP and East Punjab catching Yaariyan but it was lower elsewhere. The film could sustain over the weekdays but it is a costly film and the weekend is too low for it even cover costs.


  3. Author
    sputnik 6 years ago

    Yaariyan And Dedh Ishqiya Struggle On Monday
    Tuesday 14th January 2013 10.30 IST
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    Yaariyan and Dedh Ishqiya struggled on Monday with Yaariyan falling more than 50% from Friday while Dedh Ishqiya fell around 35-40% but ths collections were low as it had low starting point.

    Yaariyan grossed around 2.50 crore nett taking its four day total to 19 crore nett. The film should gross around 24-25 crore nett for the first week which is decent though the film its unlikely to add much afterwards.

    Dedh Ishqiya collected around 1.75 crore nett on Monday taking its four day total to 13.25 crore nett. The first week should go to around 17-17.50 crore nett which is poor and leaves the film struggling to reach even the 25 crore nett mark.

    The lifetime business of Dedh Ishqiya may not reach even reach the first week business of Yaariyan despite Dedh Ishqiya costing around 60-65% more.


  4. Author
    sputnik 6 years ago

    First Week: Yaariyan 25 crore Dedh Ishqiya 18 Crore

    Friday 17th January 2013 11.30 IST

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    Yaariyan grossed 25 crore nett in week one while Dedh Ishqiya grossed 18 crore nett in its first week. Yaariayan has done pretty well though collections have been on a downward trend with a partial holiday on Tuesday helping a bit.

    Dedh Ishqiya maintained fairly well on the weekdays but overall its a poor performance as an 18 crore nett first week is low for the film. The week two figures should be closer for the two films with possibly Dedh Ishqiya edging ahead.

    There are a few releases this week but none are really likely to do well and Yaariyan and Dedh Ishqiya will have another week to add to their business until the arrival of Salman Khan’s Jai Ho next week.


  5. Author
    sputnik 6 years ago

    Dedh Ishqiya Scores Over Yaariyan In Second Weekend

    Monday 20 January 2014 11.30 IST
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    The second weekend for Yaariyan and Dedh Ishqiya turned out to be different than the first as Dedh Ishqiya had better collections where as it was Yaariyan which had scored over the first weeeknd.

    Dedh Ishqiya grossed around 4 crore nett in its second weekend while Yaariyan collected around 2.75 crore nett. The collections of both films are low with Dedh Ishqiya managing steady but low collections in metro multiplexes.

    The gap in the first week was 5 crore nett in the favour of Yaariyan so its unlikely that Dedh Ishqiya can catch up to Yaariyan in the long run though it could make up around 2 crore of that 5 crore deficit in week two. But with Jai Ho releasing this week its likely that both films will be out of most theatres.

    The final lifetime business looks set to be 28 crore nett for Yaariyan and 25 crore nett for Dedh Ishqiya which is just about fair for the former and poor for the latter.


  6. Ipman 6 years ago

    has anyone checked new boi? you have to subscribe to the website and pay 8 dollars to check the collection of films. LOL! so now they have officially made themselves public and up for sale! ghajini and dabang are removed from atbb. some of the bachan ratings have been improved i heard.i guess this should be the end of this junk site

    • shan 6 years ago

      Haha, they have gone nuts. The new site is hardly an improvement – same typos, same bad formatting. They dont even have data for all movies and they are basing their analysis on whatever data they have (for eg. Aamir Khan is listed as having 12 releases only, since they have only that much data for his films. When that is compared to someone like Sunil Shetty whose 62 releases are listed, the comparison becomes ridiculous 😀 )

      They are trying to model the site into a boxofficemojo or imdb but the quality is significantly poor to get any paying audience.

      • Ipman 6 years ago

        LOL. read that srk now has no atbb, salman has one hahk and aamir has 3i , d3 😀

  7. Bored 6 years ago

    I think it was always rather obvious that its run by either some 12 yr olds or some uneducated old drunkards.

  8. Ipman 6 years ago

    salmans attempt to promote jai ho by meeting modi enrages muslims

    • Author
      sputnik 6 years ago

      ROFL LOL on his Salman bashing.

    • Anjanpur685Miles 6 years ago

      Owaisi **edited**

      (dont censor this comment pls)

      • Author
        sputnik 6 years ago

        I had to edit the comment. If I let this somebody will make similar remark on other political leaders and I will have to let those comments too and it will be turn bad.

        • Anjanpur685Miles 6 years ago


          Dukh iss baat ka aur bhi hai ke yeh ‘asad’ uss “asad” ke naam pe dhabba hai.

          (Referring Asadullah Ghalib)

          • Anjanpur685Miles 6 years ago

            But I have come to understand now that Andhra is a different entity/has its own complexities – in the sense how Nizam/muslims are being looked upon/treated in comparison to Moughals/muslim culture in north. (in that sense I dont see the kind of appreciation in arts/culture for Muslims in Nizam, from others that I see in north for Moughals – And my feeling for now over years is because of orthodox Hindus in Andhra. Feel like the cultures havent mingled well enough down south, though I may be wrong on this…still learning).

            I can understand on some of his points – where is he coming from.

  9. Bored 6 years ago

    LOL – Salman lost his communal massy vote bank?

    • Ipman 6 years ago

      lol…most of his rickshawallah fans seem to be annoyed with him. read that many of his muslim fans are boycotting jai ho in hyderabad

  10. rajesh 6 years ago

    Hmm, on the contrary, advance booking seems to be quite good in Hyderabad.

  11. Anjanpur685Miles 6 years ago

    Owaisi debate in Pakistan; watch from 6:19

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