Dec 21, 2012. End of the world as we know it.

Posting on behalf of Suprabh. A very moving take on the growing inhumanity among all of us.

The Mayans were right. Its 11:57 pm – 3 minutes left to Dec 22, 2012 and I do believe the world has indeed come to an end; at least, the humanity in the world has.

A few minutes ago, I read the disturbing story of a 3 year old girl raped by a man in Delhi. The man who was the husband of the principal of the play school this little girl had been going to. What a fantastic meaning of “play” was taught to this innocent girl by this man who has now changed her life for ever. This news coming after the more popular “human” act of 6 people tearing apart a 23 year old woman’s body to satisfy their sudden urge of a shag so much so, that in the process, they devoured her body and ruptured her intestines, and made sure that even if the girl survives the battle of life she’s fighting now, she won’t ever be able to live a normal life emotionally or physically. The removal of her intestines makes it sure that she won’t ever be able to eat her food and intravenous fluid therapy is the only way she can stay alive and in turn see others enjoying their life and probably wonder every little second- “What was my fault?”

A few days ago, a 20 year old, got access to a gun and shot his mother. After that, he went to an elementary school and killed 20 little children, 6 teachers. Its quite head spinning, to imagine what would have gone through a little girl seeing this guy blowing her friends’s head off, one by one before getting to her and doing the same. These kids, probably didn’t even know what did killing somebody mean in the true sense. After hours of crying, and having their tears drying on their own, the lonely mums and the silent dads would have thought-”God, what did we do so wrong to deserve this?”

Just this very year, we witnessed more than one country successfully testing their nuclear missiles, thus making their armed forces much more equipped to push a button which could kill more people in a second than born in one whole year. The impact of such nuclear war will eradicate more population than killed by any gun shots in any country. But somehow, we the humans loved the idea of our country (any country) having the capability.

We saw, two nations, in either side of a strip of land, throwing missile and human bombs, all for a piece of lands and surprisingly both belonging to such religions, which like all other religion preach you to embrace peace in your life.

We all have grown to realize that humanity as we know it has now been limited to making songs and films about it. Humanity in true sense, ended, when we decided that, we know more than what nature makes visible for us to see, touch and feel. We thought, that since we made wheel and we knew steam engine can push a train, that we are better than that bird, who just works the whole day to arrange for food for her new born chicks. We thought, that we know more. We thought, that it was our right to do what we were doing. The rapists thought so too and so did the murderers. We grew old and how. After hundreds of thousands of years of growing old, the humanity in mankind has finally come to its death. Yes there are traces left but they are on a decline too. Its just a matter of time. The world on this very day, has indeed come to an end.

  1. Ritz 11 years ago


    You are getting old. Welcome.

    • Suprabh 11 years ago

      You are right Ritz. I feel that too. I am also getting troubled and frustrated every day by all this.

  2. Ritz 11 years ago

    The world is certainly not coming to an end. A great article indeed, but there had been worse things in the past. World is just getting better.

  3. aryan 11 years ago

    Very good article and Thanks for sharing Suprabh.

  4. sputnik 11 years ago

    Excellent article.

    Just read the news about the 3 year old girl raped in play school. Horrific. After last week’s shooting in elementary school parents will now be worried about sending their kids to school too.

  5. Baba Ji 11 years ago

    I would like to highlight another aspect too here. The ‘anti-rapist’ blood -lust-mentality in its extreme. Utkal wrote about this on fb:

    Utkal Ranjan Mohanty
    Thursday near Bangalore, Karnataka
    Those who demand death penalty are the kind of people who will commit murder when angry. In fact, what they are asking is for the state to commit the murder on their behalf. And asking for death penalty is in a way justifying all murders by people who are angry. Death penalty is not the answer. What is needed is certainty of punishment, in other words, faster trials and more conviction. I am talking not just about just the rape case, but generally. The death penalty gives out the signal that is okay to kill, that it is a civilized form of behaviour. This in turn makes the society as a whole more violent, more accepting of violence and violent crimes like murder. I am okay with retention of the death penalty for rarest or rare cases, though I will be happier if it goes. So many problems with it. But what bothers me more is the blood lust of people celebrating the execution …of someone like kasab… was just a pawn. This is the kind of mindset that turn normal midddle-class persons into murderers, arsonists and rapists during a riot, where the inhibitions against violent behaviour is melted away in mob anonymity.

    • Ritz 11 years ago

      I dont think death penalty / hanging to death is solution here. I oppose death penalty for any crime….

      I think we growing up as society and respecting women is the key. We should not blame others. Our values of disrespecting lower strata ppl is to be blamed also. We give very less respect for ppl who earn less financially ….as a society we have to take so much from Kabir and Gadge Baba. But who is listening?

  6. Ritz 11 years ago

    ‘After Killing Them, I Felt Like Maharana Pratap’

    mber 3, 2007, Issue 43 Volume 4
    Conspirators & Rioters

    Transcript: BABU BAJRANGI

    Neither loot nor rape, this Bajrang Dal leader had only murder on his mind

    SEPTEMBER 1, 2007

    Bajrangi: My role was as follows: I was the first to start the [Naroda] Patiya operation… We and the local residents were all together. Patiya is just half a kilometre away from my home… I had gone to Godhra when it happened… I could not bear what I saw… The next day, we gave them a fitting reply…

    TEHELKA: What were you unable to tolerate in Godhra?

    Bajrangi: Any person who saw the Godhra kaand [massacre] would have felt like just killing them at once, hacking them apart… that’s how it was…

    TEHELKA: You were there?

    Bajrangi: Yes, yes, I was with them… So the Godhra kaand happened and after what I saw, I just came back to Naroda and we took revenge.

    TEHELKA: How could you organize it all in such short time?

    Bajrangi: Little time… We organized everything that night itself… We mobilised a team of 29 or 30 people… Those who had guns, we went to them that night itself and told them to give us their guns… If anyone refused, I told them I would shoot them the next day, even if they were Hindu… So people agreed to part with whatever cartridges and guns they had… In this way, we collected 23 guns. But nobody died of gunshots… What happened was this: we chased them and were able to scare them into a huge khadda [pit]. There we surrounded them and finished everything off… Then, at 7 o’clock, we announced…

    TEHELKA: This was in Patiya? That’s what it’s called, isn’t it?

    Bajrangi: Yes, yes, Patiya.

    TEHELKA: Please describe the area.

    Bajrangi: In Patiya, there is an ST [State Transport] workshop with a huge wall beside it; next to this wall, Patiya begins… Opposite Patiya, there is a masjid and beside it is a sprawlingkhadda… That’s where we killed them all… At 7 o’clock, I called the home minister and also Jaideepbhai [Jaideep Patel, VHP general secretary] and told them how many people had been killed and said that things were now in their hands… I don’t know if they did anything, though… At 2.30 in the morning, an FIR was lodged against me… The FIR said I was there… the police commissioner even issued orders to shoot me at sight…

    TEHELKA: Who, Narendrabhai?

    Bajrangi: The commissioner ordered…

    • • •

    Bajrangi: We and the Chharas carried out the Patiya massacre… After that, we all went to jail… People gave us a lot of money after we were jailed… I am rich, so I have no worries, but the Vishwa Hindu Parishad leaders didn’t care for those who were poor and had no money. Even from jail I was telling them [the VHP] to look after their families, do something for the accused. They provided for them for some four to six months, after that all help was stopped… They had promised to fight our cases in court… but till today, nobody has done a thing… Pravinbhai [Togadia, VHP international general secretary] had promised this openly… and he had also said that if there were any problems at their home or any loss [he would take care of them]… but no one knows where they put all the money they collected… Nobody was given any money… for five to seven months, they gave rations, but nothing apart from that…

    TEHELKA: You were in touch only with Jaideepbhai?

    Bajrangi: Only Jaideep was talking to me from the VHP.

    TEHELKA: The day the Muslims were killed…

    Bajrangi: I spoke to Jaideepbhai 11 or 12 times… aur humne tabiyat se kaata… Haldighati bana di thi [and we killed at will, turned the place into Haldighati]… And I am proud of it, if I get another chance, I will kill even more…

    TEHELKA: Where was Jaideepbhai camping then?

    Bajrangi: Jaideepbhai was sitting at Dhanwantri, which is Pravinbhai’s dispensary, he was there… in Bapunagar… There he was and I didn’t even tell him that we were going to do this… In Naroda and Naroda Patiya, we didn’t spare a single Muslim shop, we set everything on fire, we set them on fire and killed them… That’s what we did… Up till then, they didn’t know what was happening; when they got to hear of how many had been killed, they got scared…

    • • •

    Bajrangi: There is a distance of about half a kilometre between Naroda [Patiya] and Naroda Gaon… We did a lot at both places… must have butchered not less than… Then we dumped the corpses into a well… At first, I didn’t talk [This was TEHELKA’s fourth meeting with him.] I thought… Many journalists and all kinds of people and come ask me if I was in the Patiya incident… I tell them I was not involved, I was quite far away admitted in a hospital…

    • • •

    TEHELKA: Do you know Gordhan Zadaphia has revolted?… During the Patiya massacre, what did he say when you spoke to him?

    Photo: Paras Shah
    Bajrangi: I spoke to Gordhan Zadaphia… I told him everything that had happened… He told me to leave Gujarat and go into hiding… I asked what he meant, but he told me to run away and to not ever say anywhere that we had talked…

    • • •

    TEHELKA: Tell us how it was all done… revolvers… cylinders…

    Bajrangi: The cylinders were theirs [the Muslims’]… Whichever house we entered, we just grabbed the cylinder and fired at it, and, dhadak, they exploded… We had guns in any case… I can’t tell you what a good time it was… But four of our activists died in it… No hearing took place even in that…

    TEHELKA: Did you climb to the top of a masjid and tie a pig there?

    Bajrangi:We rammed an entire tanker into it… the tanker was fully laden… We rammed that tanker inside…

    TEHELKA: It was a petrol tanker, no?

    Bajrangi: It was diesel… We drove a whole diesel tanker in and then set [the mosque] on fire…

    TEHELKA: Meaning, it was the tanker explosion which set Patiya on fire?

    Bajrangi: In the masjid…

    TEHELKA: In the masjid…

    Bajrangi: As for the rest of it, I was in charge at the time… Whatever I wanted to do, I did…

    TEHELKA: At the pit, was oil… Those people had gathered there…

    Bajrangi: It was a huge pit… You could enter it from one side but you couldn’t climb out at the other end… They were all there together… They started clinging to each other… Even while they were dying, they told each other, you die too, what are you going to be saved for, you die too… so the number of deaths increased.

    TEHELKA: Then people poured oil in…

    Bajrangi: Oil and burning tyres…

    TEHELKA: Where did the oil come from?

    Bajrangi: Oh that… We had lots of material with us… we filled lots of jerrycans in advance… From the petrol pump, the night before… Petrol pump owners gave us petrol and diesel for free…

    • • •

    TEHELKA: Muslims were hacked to pieces…

    Bajrangi: Hacked, burnt, set on fire, many things were done… many… We believe in setting them on fire because these bastards say they don’t want to be cremated, they’re afraid of it, they say this and that will happen to them… I have just one wish… one last wish…. Let me be sentenced to death… I don’t want to be incarcerated… I don’t care if I’m hanged… Give me two days before my hanging and I will go and have a field day in Juhapura [a Muslim dominated are], where seven or eight lakh of these people stay… I will finish them off … Let a few more of them die… At least 25-50,000 should die…

    TEHELKA: How many witnesses have testified against you?

    Bajrangi: Fourteen Muslims and 16 policemen… Out of the 14 Muslims, some have moved to Juhapura… They’ve left Patiya, they don’t have the guts to stay there, defying us… The rest have gone to Karnataka… They got money after all, Rs 7 lakh each… Narendrabhai never said how much they would be given… He announced [the compensation package] then gave out cheques of Rs 20,000 each and that’s where things got stuck… Afterwards, he gave nothing to anyone… But then the Central government supported them…

    • • •

    TEHELKA: In other words, the way [you] have killed will go down in history.

    Bajrangi: Arrey hamari FIR me likha gaya hai… ek woh pregnant thi, usko to humne chir diya thha b*******d sala… Unko dikhaya ki kya hota hai… ki hum log ko tumne maara to hum tumko kya pratikaar de sakte hain… hum khichdi kadhi wale nahin hai [It has been written in my FIR… there was this pregnant woman, I slit her open, sisterf****r… Showed them what’s what… what kind of revenge we can take if our people are killed… I am no feeble rice-eater]… didn’t spare anyone… they shouldn’t even be allowed to breed… I say that even today… Whoever they are, women, children, whoever… Nothing to be done with them but cut them down. Thrash them, slash them, burn the bastards… Hindus can be bad… Hindus can be bad, and I’m saying that because, as I see it, Hindus are as wicked as those people are… Many of them wasted time looting… Arrey, [the idea is] don’t keep them alive at all, after that everything is ours…

    TEHELKA: And some people also raped…

    Bajrangi: No, there were no rapes…

    TEHELKA: One or two Chharas may have…

    Bajrangi: If some Chharas took some women, that’s a different matter… We were marching in groups… There was no place to rape anyone there… Everyone was on a killing spree… we were killing, hacking… There were lanes where we had to face Muslims… there would be a confrontation, they’d fight back with all their strength…The moment we’d killed a few, we’d move on… In this melée, if some girl was trying to run away and if a Chhara caught her, then that’s another matter… That day, it was like what happened between Pakistan and India… There were bodies everywhere… it was a sight to be seen, but it wasn’t something to be filmed, in case it got into someone’s hands… There was a video-wala there, some mediawala, we set him on fire too… Lots of those miyas [Muslims] deceived us… They’d chant Jai Mata Di and get away… that happened too… they’d put tilaks on their foreheads and shout Jai Shri Ram, Jai Mata Di….

    TEHELKA: Tell me how that SRPF [State Reserve Police Force] man saved people?

    Bajrangi: There was just one Muslim… some big SRP man… Sayeed…

    TEHELKA: He was an officer…

    Bajrangi: Yes, he was… All this cutting and killing happened behind the SRP camp… The ones who weren’t in the pit, they ran and got into the SRP compound… The SRP jawans there were driving them away… when the officer came in his vehicle and said take everyone inside… He was in command… an officer… So, lots of people were saved this way… at least 500 were rescued… Otherwise would they have all gone too… The officer was also fired at… He is also a witness against me…

    TEHELKA: But then Narendrabhai promoted him and…

    Bajrangi: Silenced him… So, there was good work done in Patiya. Today too I am fighting against Muslims and will continue to do so… I have nothing to do with politics… What I say is this: the VHP is an organisation… a Hindu organisation… Our politics should be limited to killing Muslims, beating them up…

    TEHELKA: How do you feel after you have killed Muslims…

    Bajrangi: Maza aata hai na, saheb [I enjoy it]… I came back after I killed them them, called up the home minister and went to sleep… I felt like Rana Pratap, that I had done something like Maharana Pratap… I’d heard stories about him, but that day I did what he did myself.

  7. Reddemon 11 years ago

    I dont say that it is a solution but hanging the rapist is more effective than lifetime imprisonment.
    Atleast such bastards will think before doing so.

  8. Reddemon 11 years ago

    our PM or president havent said anything abt this case they r busy counting their money. Hate it more when some bitches says elect us we will not let this happen.

  9. Suprabh 11 years ago

    I was talking to Baba, yesterday about this. I don’t think castration, death or life sentences are a solution to this. In fact there are two things that need to be done to face this issue.

    1) Give all the protection in the world to women- as much as possible. Some of you may argue that this is not really a solution and I would agree. But at this point of time, this step needs to be taken, because we need to address the situation and put a halt to this- as much as we can. Police, Pepper Spray,Karate, Protection- Whatever that can help.

    2) I think this issue is more of a mentality issue than anything else. I don’t think that in the moment of a rape, the rapist really cares about being castrated or death sentence. If there’s any solution to it, it’s educating men from their boyhood to respect women, and making them aware of what oppression, trauma and right to choice is. By Education, I do not mean, text book but a mechanism that can make them understand why giving such pain to someone is so horrendous and that what it could mean, if similar things were done to their mothers or sisters. Changing the mentality ad educating a generation is a long, difficult process that requires a lot of effort but In my opinion, that’s the way to go about it.

    If we throw Castration or death penalty as the solution to this problem- then no doubt the number of cases will reduce, we may see a rise in cases, where the rapists,kill their victims after the rape, so that they cant be caught.

    • sputnik 11 years ago


      First good to see you here.

      1) I don’t think Police protection can be there at each and every point. As I said before in the other thread they should carry some kind of protection like pepper spray. And they should have mandatory Karate training in school.

      2) We really don’t know what goes on in the mind of a rapist at the time of rape. I don’t think its that they don’t understand how painful it will be if it happens to their sisters/mothers. And a lot of these rapes are committed by fathers/brothers/relatives of the victims.

      Yes education is important. I think some men think a woman is easy or begging for rape if she dresses modernly in a jeans/skirt or is friendly with boys. May be there is a certain jealousy involved that they cannot have girlfriends or girlfriends who dress like that. This is what needs to be taught though – that its her right to dress as she wants (which the picture you posted so rightly says). And if a woman is friendly with boys or has a boyfriend that’s also her choice. We need to also emphasize that when a girl says “No” it means “No”. Another thing that needs to be taught and emphasized is that its not a rape victim’s fault.

      3) Castration/death penalty give a sense of satisfaction to the people who are angry/frustrated. But I think one should ask rape victims what punishment they would like for their rapists. Because in many of these cases there is permanent emotional/psychological damage and sometimes physical damage too which makes the rest of their life a living hell.

      I think there needs to be a fear of swift police action and that if they misbehave/rape they will be caught and punished. There should be speedy trials. Many rape cases in India go unreported because people think a rape trial will bring disrepute to their family honor. So women should be encouraged to report incidents of eve teasing/rape. This is very important because the perpetrator needs to be stopped from raping someone else or going bolder with his crimes.

  10. Ritz 11 years ago

    “If we throw Castration or death penalty as the solution to this problem- then no doubt the number of cases will reduce, we may see a rise in cases, where the rapists,kill their victims after the rape, so that they cant be caught.”


  11. Baba Ji 11 years ago

    “Figures derived from RAINN’s official statistics graphically illustrate the point. For every 100 rapes that take place in the U.S., only 46 are reported. ”
    so in US more than 50% rapes are not reported.Not to forget, it has highest number of rapes per year acc to the actual figures are even more.

  12. Baba Ji 11 years ago

    Suprabh Bajpai · 11 subscribers 9 hours ago · ( On the death of delhi girl)

    Neither am I sorry to be a male, more precisely an Indian male and to be exact a male who belongs to Delhi. I am not concerned right now, about the law and order or the Police of my city/country. I am not even thinking about justice or injustice at the moment. What I am deeply concerned about is the mentality of my country as a single unit. A revolution becomes a revolution when need of one becomes the need of all. That need then leads to a combined action that causes a revolution. Today when it looks like this is the time for a revolution, my country and countrymen (and that includes me) will make sure we light the candles and offer the flowers at that rape victim’s memorial, and then we will all unite to follow that common mentality of ‘life moves on’ and look forward to the next cricket match or the next blockbuster movie. Sachin will finally retire and Manmohan Singh may utter his first words but amidst all this- the revolution will never take place. The Berlin wall came down and Egypt got a new beginning, and we are still waiting for the next bomb to explode or the next girl to die.

    • hithere 11 years ago

      Agree with second part of comment. And politicians know this and exploit against us. Many people fought for anti-corruption but the bill is still somewhere in LokSabha after all the assurances. It has been like this for almost 45 years. Nothing would be done that would make politicians or public instituitions accountable!

  13. Baba Ji 11 years ago

    A nonsensical write up by the stupid chetan bhagat :

    Dear change seekers,

    In recent weeks you have worked hard to make India a safer place. The recent Delhi gang rape dominated headlines and received world-wide attention, mainly due to your efforts. However, be mindful of certain worrisome negative aspects of this outrage. You may create a lot of noise, but not the desired change. It is important to understand India first.

    India, no matter what your Civics teacher told you, is not an equal country. India is divided into four classes with different levels of power. For simplicity, let us call these classes the Ones, Twos, Threes and Fours (deliberately avoiding upper-lower classification).

    The Ones are our political masters. They control India, primarily through control over land, resources and laws that govern us. They don’t directly own assets, but control the asset owners, the Twos.

    The Twos are our industrialists and capitalists. They help secure and increase the power of the Ones. Business magazines honor them with terms like ‘the dynamic entrepreneurs of a new liberalized India’. While some may deserve such accolades, most don’t. The Ones allow the Twos to become rich through limited competition and tightly regulated approvals. Real estate, mining, infrastructure or most other sectors, no company in India can thrive without support of the political class.

    The next class, the Threes, are people like you and me. We are people with a certain amount of affluence and education, comprising around ten per cent of India’s population. While life is a struggle for many Threes, they do have a basic standard of living. However, the Threes still do not get speedy justice, accountable leaders or a protective police force.

    Notably, Threes have recently acquired a new media power. They are affluent and buy things advertisers want to sell. Hence, the media caters to Threes. The Threes dominate social media too. This power is real and substantial.

    The Delhi gang rape victim was a Three, and the gruesome case made the rest of the Threes feel vulnerable like never before. They wanted the rape to be debated. Hence, for almost a month little else could be discussed in a country of 1.2 billion people. However, in the process, the Threes might have done some damage. For despite the well-intentioned outcry, they inadvertently showed that they care about themselves much more than another huge class, the Fours.

    The Fours are the 90 per cent of the country, people with limited education, abysmal standards of living and little hope for a better future. They are our farmers, slum dwellers, domestic helpers and the hundreds of millions of Indians without proper healthcare, education and infrastructure. They get no debates on TV. People won’t protest for them on India Gate.

    The Threes either shun them, or impose their new-found modern values on them. For example, Fours may see women-men relationships in a regressive way. The Threes, exposed to the latest Western beliefs, will mock them.

    If you noticed the various debates and opinions on the case, the Threes only accepted ideas in line with their own liberal, modern value system. Nobody could dare say anything even slightly alternative or stress on the Indian reality without being ridiculed.

    The Threes found a new power, but used it like the Ones and Twos — for selfserving purposes.

    For will we ever passionately discuss the issues and lend our media power to issues that affect the Fours? Will we go to India Gate to help slum dwellers get proper drinking water, for instance?

    As we alienate the Fours, we leave them open to be exploited by the Ones. The Ones echo the sentiments of the Fours and throw some scraps at them. In return, the Fours ignore the Ones’ misdeeds and bring them back to power. Meanwhile, we Threes keep screaming and watch our own self-created reality show.

    This is no way to create a revolution, or even change. We have to take the Fours along. If we want people to change, we should not mock or deride. Instead listen and understand first and slowly nudge people towards change. Don’t just laugh at anyone who says women should cover up and not venture out at night. Suggest that while this old belief may come from a place of practical reality, this cannot be the primary solution. I am not saying these people are not regressive. However, if you want change, be inclusive.

    India’s poor are a not separate species from us. If the politicians didn’t protect the Twos so much, we could open the economy further, truly liberalize and create a lot of opportunity.

    • Baba Ji 11 years ago

      well, the 3s are the ones who are at the biggest disadvantage here.they are neither entertained by the Ones and at the same time attacked by the adversaries and frustrations of the Fours.and then chetan bhagat asks us to help them!this is nonsense

  14. Reddemon 11 years ago

    India will soon turn into Taliban if these blasts keep on happening. Thanx to ignorant politicians who feel sorry after every blasts rapes and misfortunes.

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