Dabangg Theme Inspired/Copied from Once Upon a Time in Mexico

Dabangg theme seems to be inspired/copied from Malaguena by Brian Setzer from the Robert Rodriguez directed Once Upon a Time in Mexico starring Antonio Banderas. Here is Malaguena by Brian Setzer. Thanks to Shinji.

And here is the Dabangg theme for comparison.

  1. Baba Ji 11 years ago

    excellent find . rooneys knowledge on BGM/themes is impressive 😀

    • aryan 11 years ago

      Fantastic search Shinji its a copy paste theme.

    • Shinji 11 years ago

      I will be honest and frank, i always thought it was copied/inspired from OUATIM. As whenever i watched Dabanng it reminded me of OUATIM.

      But i was never had link, I knew from the music/sound etc. But the link was provided by a friend called Alex @SS.

  2. hithere 11 years ago

    I thought it was very similar to pulp Fiction soundtrack..


    Then googling helped..

    Came across very RD Burmanish

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