Dabangg 2 Heads For Record Opening

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Dabangg 2 is almost certain to have a record opening. It may not have the opening day record as that depends on whether that day is holiday but over the three day period which is the best judge for an opening it will set a new high looking at the craze.

The difference on a non holiday is that today multiplexes have multiple shows and it is difficult to fill all shows to capacities especially in the metros while on a holiday it is possible. The first day single screen business will be similar to Ek Tha Tiger which opened on Independence Day holiday as single screens audiences have that craze to catch a film like Dabangg 2 on first day, holiday or no holiday.

There is most likely to be a shortfall in multiplexes on day one compared to Ek Tha Tiger as huge chunk of multiplex going audience has work commitments but if there is any film that can close the gap on a holiday and working day, it is Dabangg 2.

Till date no film has crossed 15 crore nett on an opening day which was not a holiday while the biggest holiday opening day is 31 crore nett which is huge 16 crore nett gap.

Dabangg 2 will cruise past 15 crore nett but the real question is can it go towards the 30 crore nett mark and make that holiday factor less important.


  1. FS 9 years ago

    the craze is real or surreal? Media is just hyping it based on his box office run or are they serious?

  2. bunty 9 years ago

    BOI hmesha sahi hota he .,aj se asli advance hogi .,. kyu ab 2 din reh gye he
    BOI lagta he 25cr+ first day soch raha he

  3. Saif 9 years ago

    All time blockbuster confirm

  4. narad_muni 9 years ago

    I think BOI is expecting a 80 crore weekend ……….. I dont think is possible..
    am expecting around 65.

    But Sallu bhai hai to kuch bhi ho sakta hai!

  5. FS 9 years ago

    I don’t see real craze for the film, all i could see is the chase for box office numbers and media is hyping it to an all time high that even 20+C may look disappointing on non-holiday… I doubt about overseas but domestic I feel it will surpass ETT… will predict after i see the movie coz first time hearing only good things abt D2 from all distributors, exhibitors to few reviewers… Might watch on thursday second show if all goes well..

    • bunty 9 years ago

      FS craze kitna he friday ko pta chal jaye ga .,.waise 20c+ se koi dukhi nhi hoga πŸ˜€
      aur media ne kb hype create ki yr .,.media ke pas to time hi nhi ,.,.,pr mera prediction 23cr he πŸ˜€

      • FS 9 years ago

        Nahin bunty ji, film ki dilchaspi itni nahin hai jitni 5 back-back bb ki hai aur records ki hai… But since iam on twitter haven’t read an avg review of D2 yet. Just praise but may b all such praise has to do with distributors benefit, only aftr watching i can knw abt its sustainability.

  6. Swathi 9 years ago

    I am sure Dabangg 2 will be a hit and set new records… Salaman Bhai rocks as chulbul pandey…. cant wait to watch the movie…

  7. bunty 9 years ago

    fs lagta he dil se to ap chahte ho ki D2 saare record tod de aur bahar se muje is film me koi interest nhi he ? he na

  8. mate 9 years ago

    The end result will be a shocking surprise for everyone in D2 case.
    BTW it’s good to see BOI numbers match Taran numbers for Talaash 2nd week. Actually there is not much a difference of both sources for Talaash Lifetime, hardly 3-4 cr difference I think. That is a good sign for D2.

    • FS 9 years ago

      Khulla bolo na? Positively ya negatively? Waise one birdy told me tht srk fans are boycotting D2 as they boycotted Talaash, is it true? πŸ˜› aapki baaton se aisa hi lag raha hai πŸ˜›

  9. sputnik 9 years ago

    Fantastic Advance For Dabangg 2

    Thursday 20th December 2012 09.30 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Dabangg 2 has had a fantastic advance as expected at both single screens and multiplexes. Single screens are phenomenal and they had to be as many exhibitors have paid MG’s (Minimum Guarantee) as per the business that Ek The Tiger did at the cinema. In another words the exhibitors will only start to make money when the business surpasses the collections of Ek tha Tiger at their respective cinemas. This trend is very prevalent in many cities of UP like Meerut, Jhansi, Saharanpur etc.

    The multiplexes also saw huge bookings yesterday (Wednesday) and no doubt today will also see excellent bookings. The film has record shows at multiplexes with some multiplexes going over 40 shows per day which will ensure a record number of tickets sold prior to release.

    One key factor of the advance is that there are huge bookings for Sunday which means the families are really awaiting this film. There is always talk about the youth audience but eventually big box office is about the family audience and as there is going to be a huge family turnout on Sunday and if this audience has good of mouth then the sky will be the limit for Dabangg 2.


  10. bunty 9 years ago

    The Ultimate Record For Dabanng 2

    Thursday 20th December 2012 10.30 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Dabangg 2 may smash all initial records but the ultimate record for the film is the second week record of Three idiots which collected around 55 crore nett in week two as initial records fall every six months..

    There are hardly any films which can be even thought about in terms of this record because most films aim at that urban youth and all you can get is good one week run with this audience.

    Looking at advance, Dabangg 2 is that film where the families will come in hordes on Sunday all across India especially the cities and towns outside the big metros and if this audience spreads the word then this ultimate second week record of Three Idiots which is almost 20 crore higher than anything else becomes a target for Dabangg 2.

    Obviously if reports of the day one audience is not up to the mark then all equations go out of the window as that big Sunday will not materialise

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