Cocktail Shows Good Growth On Saturday

Cocktail showed good growth on Saturday as it collected 11.75 crore nett compared to the 10.75 crore nett on Friday. Cocktail has now collected 22.50 crore nett in two days. The multiplex areas showed good growth be it Mumbai city, Delhi NCR or Bangalore.

The Saturday figure for Cocktail is similar to the number posted by Bol Bachchan last Saturday and over the first two days Cocktail has collected just 75 lakhs approx less than Bol Bachchan despite a much smaller release.

Bol Bachchan showed big growth on Sunday and that is unlikely with Cocktail as multiplexes are running close to full capacity and the growth potential is only at single screens where the film is not too strong. Still just the normal mass area growth on Sunday will take it to over 35 crore nett for the weekend which is an excellent figure for Cocktail.


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  1. Mate 11 years ago

    Looks like this cock-tale will fold under 80 cr.

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