Chennai Express Public Reviews

  1. Anjanpur685Miles 6 years ago

    Some real entertaining English lines from the “class multiplex” audience from above videos (nothing to do with CE or SRK – but more to do with ego of English speaking crowd who think they know [or rather own] the language )

    “Shahrukh is A best”

    “Shahrukh is the most cutest actor”

    • Reddemon 6 years ago

      Judging somebodys class by their English speaking ability is really ‘Classy’

      waise umeed karta hu CE ne aapki Tamilian Sentiments ko baht thaes pahuchaya hoga

  2. Ranjit Kumar 6 years ago

    Watched CE……
    One Question To Srk Fans…….
    Kis scene pe hasna hai wo bhi bol do yaar?

  3. mate 6 years ago

    Shiamak UAE SPBs and Instructors Dancing at VOX Cinemas DCC..

  4. Anjanpur685Miles 6 years ago

    @Reddemon – “classy” audience is multiplex one as defined by media. Not me.

    Btw I havent seen CE and dont intend to in cinemas. So “thech” to abhitak nahi pahunchi aur na hi near 2-3 months tak koi sambhavna hai. 🙂

    • Reddemon 6 years ago

      The question is not about who is classy or who is massy (manjhe aai-chi vahin).
      Why do you expect classy people to speak perfect English? Is that the criteria for being classy? Aise toh SRK classy ho jayega and Aamir…??

      BTW Lungi Dance me Lungi nahi pehna Khan saab ne. Hope that would be enough for 2-3 mnths. Phir movie dekhne k baad agli movie tak Hurt hotey rehna 😛

  5. jeetu 6 years ago

    ‘One Question To Srk Fans…….
    Kis scene pe hasna hai wo bhi bol do yaar?’ This is one question everyone wants reply for . LOL

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