Chennai Express Movie Review by Taran Adarsh

The season of biggies commences from Eid onwards. And it sets in motion with the global release of CHENNAI EXPRESS. Shah Rukh Khan. Deepika Padukone. Rohit Shetty. UTV. Four formidable entities that translate into the ultimate, unbeatable combination. The timing couldn’t be better as well: Eid. The hype and buildup, obviously, is humungous. The question is, does CHENNAI EXPRESS live up to the gargantuan expectations? Does it deliver entertainment, entertainment and entertainment in colossal doses? After all, that’s what you expect when you embark on this journey called CHENNAI EXPRESS, right?

Rohit Shetty’s funda is simple: Entertain the spectator with larger-than-life heroism, amusing episodes, high-pitched drama, clap-trap and fiery dialogue, foot-tapping music, gravity-defying action, mass appealing humor… and of course, blow up as many cars as possible in trademark Rohit Shetty ishtyle. CHENNAI EXPRESS has all of that and much, much more. Rohit has regaled the spectators with his brand of cinema over the years, pioneering a path which many directors have tried to ape repeatedly. Rohit, of course, continues to stand tall, which is very evident as the reels of CHENNAI EXPRESS unspool.

CHENNAI EXPRESS is *not* path-breaking at all. Nor does it cater to those who scoff at potboilers. Rohit has always claimed that he’s still that common man watching movies at a singleplex, so his movies, consequently, cater to those with an appetite for masalathons. CHENNAI EXPRESS lives up to the Himalayan expectations that you have from the project. It’s an entertainer that proves that the SRK – Rohit Shetty combo is truly magical. In fact, it’s one of the best combos to hit the masala film space.

Final word? Just leave everything and board this Express called CHENNAI EXPRESS. Pronto. This one’s a feast for those who love, adore, relish and worship zany masala entertainers!

Rahul, a Mumbai-based person [Shah Rukh Khan], embarks on a journey to a town in Tamil Nadu to fulfill the last wish of his grandfather to have his ashes immersed in Rameshwaram. En route, he meets a South Indian girl, Meena [Deepika Padukone], who wants to flee from the clutches of her father [Sathyaraj], who wants her to get married to a person she doesn’t love [Nikitin Dheer].

CHENNAI EXPRESS is a smartly packaged entertainer, an unabashed masala fare that packs just about everything that the avid moviegoer expects from a film of this stature. Relying heavily on the age-old formula of love emerging triumphant against all odds, CHENNAI EXPRESS is vintage stuff no doubt, but makes you swoon under its impact. Designed to woo the masses, very much akin to the kind of cinema Manmohan Desai made in the 1970s and 1980s, CHENNAI EXPRESS leaves you beaming, breaking into applause on varied occasions, as the plot advances.

CHENNAI EXPRESS is Rohit Shetty’s version of DILWALE DULHANIA LE JAYENGE and he and his team of writers whip a tale that restores the spectator’s faith in this much-loved genre of cinema. But there is sense and sensibility behind what unfurls on the screen. And that’s what gives CHENNAI EXPRESS the required edge when you compare this film with his earlier works. The first half is laced with the usual banter between SRK and Deepika, but the film gets into the groove during the post-interval portions, more so when the love story takes off. Starting from the sequence at the temple, right till the power-packed finale, the graph of the film continues to soar upwards. SRK’s dialogue with Deepika’s father, the fight with Nikitin and of course, the ‘lungi’ dance towards the end credits… you exit the auditorium with a wide grin.

There are minor aberrations, of course. The placement of two songs, positioned one after the other in the second hour, could’ve been avoided. A few jokes in the first half do not create the desired impact. But, like I said, the love story and the ensuing drama in second hour more than compensates for the hiccups. In short, no matter how unconcerned, dismissive or cynical you may be of the combo’s [SRK – Rohit Shetty] first film together, you cannot turn a blind eye to the fact that CHENNAI EXPRESS wins you over with the entertainment on display.

Surprisingly, there’s not much action this time, but the one towards the climax wins hands down. The duel between SRK and Nikitin is what makes masala films work and work big time. Dudley’s cinematography captures the mood of the film as well as the stunning locales of South India with flourish. Vishal-Shekhar’s soundtrack is appropriate, especially ‘1234’ and ‘Titli’. The tribute to Rajnikanth is the icing on the cake. Even though the film’s humor seems very tongue-in-cheek, the dialogue [Sajid-Farhad] make their presence felt, due to good play with nostalgia.

As Rahul, SRK is in top form. Rohit Shetty hands out a character to the actor which was lacking in some of his earlier works. And SRK does optimum justice to the character he’s offered, doing a swell job of it in the process. Deepika seems to be climbing the ladder with every film. With this one, she takes a giant leap. Aiming for the masses after portraying the urban gal in films like COCKTAIL, RACE-2 and YEH JAWAANI HAI DEEWANI, Deepika’s act [and her pronunciations] will steal your heart for sure.

Sathyaraj is super as Deepika’s authoritative father. The actor conveys so much through his eyes. Nikitin Dheer’s towering presence adds a lot of weight to his character. He could just become the new face of menace. Veterans Lekh Tandon and Kamini Kaushal, as SRK’s grand-parents, make their presence felt.

On the whole, CHENNAI EXPRESS has the trademark Rohit Shetty stamp all over. You seek entertainment, entertainment and entertainment in a film like CHENNAI EXPRESS and the movie lives up to the hype and hoopla surrounding it. The tremendous craze surrounding the film, the Rohit Shetty – SRK – Deepika combo, the Eid release, besides the extensive release strategy by UTV, should ensure a record-breaking start for this biggie. Right from the paid previews to the opening weekend to Week 1, CHENNAI EXPRESS should be on a glorious march in days to come, setting new records in India and also in the international markets. All you lovers of masala movies, board this Express pronto!


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    Chennai Express Review: Shahrukh Khan, Deepika Padukone

    After months of anticipation and release date hassles and an extended promotion campaign which can only be termed as a promotion blitzkrieg, Chennai Express finally chugs into theatres today. The expectations from the film are evidently huge because Chennai Express marks the coming together of one of the country’s biggest Superstars with one of the biggest directors in the form of Rohit Shetty. Other factors are also with it.
    The Eid release, Deepika Padukone as the lead actress and the masala commercial genre. For obvious purposes, this film is not aiming to be critically acclaimed. And, the critic reviews aren’t even going to matter when it comes to its Box office returns.

    Chennai ExpressChennai Expres Movie Review: Starring Shahrukh Khan, Deepika Padukone

    Story: Chennai Express is about a 40 year old guy named Rahul (Shah Rukh Khan) who has been under the care of his grandparents. He has to go from Mumbai to Rameshwaram to immerse his dead grandfather’s ashes. And the train journey brings a great twist in his life. He witnesses a murder on the aptly titled, Chennai Express and has to travel with the goons to their village. Also accompanying them is the daughter of the local don, Meenamma (Deepika Padukone). Then the story finally moves forward in the train, then in the village. All of this was evident from the trailer itself, and I am not going to spoil the movie for you by giving away the storyline.

    Screenplay and Direction: Chennai Express is not unlike any of Rohit Shetty’s previous films. But it is not a Golmaal 3 (full comedy) or Singham (full action masala) either. Chennai Express has elements of all the genres that make up a masala entertainer in Hindi cinema – it has shades of romance, action, drama, but the overlying emotion is comedy. The jokes don’t always come together and the gags border on lameness, but don’t tell me you went to watch a Rohit Shetty film expecting it to make sense! Unlike Ramaiya Vastavaiya which was a total wreck even in the masala romance genre, Chennai Express does manage to save face with Rohit Shetty’s past experience of superhit films coming to rescue the film. The film is mostly always enjoyable and illicits quite a few laughs when it is self-aware about the type of film they are attempting. And no, I don’t think anyone in South India should be offended by anything in the film because the jokes come across as harmless, even though a bit forced.

    Miscellaneous: The other aspects of the film are appropriate for the masala genre. The cinematography does justice to the planning of the shots, but the production design is patchy. It lacks the component of class unlike Shah Rukh Khan’s past few films. The editing is there. The editor seemed to bring the film down to a respectable 140 minutes, so that’s a job well done, I am assuming. The costume designs are a bit stereotypical and loud as expected from masala films like Chennai Express.

    Music: Although the music has been termed as average ever since the album was released in the public domain, the late inclusion of Lungi Dance has made things better for the album. Kashmir Main Tu Kanyakumari is colourful and joyous and is a treat to watch on the big screen. 1234, Titli, Tera Rastaa Na Chhodoon Na might not stay with you after the film but they are enjoyable in their own right. All in all, the soundtrack is not a disappointment but it is also not a classic commercial movie soundtrack.

    Acting: Chennai Express requires Shah Rukh Khan just to play himself or even ham it up when required. And that is exactly what he has done. He has hammed it a bit, but that’s what this film needed. His comic timing is also very good. He seems to have had a lot of fun playing Rahul. But the person who will be talked about the most after Chennai Express is Deepika Padukone. Her accent is a total laugh riot and so is she! She thankfully doesn’t overdo the accent as was being feared by many. Her dialogues and accent could become iconic if the film becomes a big hit. Nikitin Dheer is menacing as Tangaballi and is fine in this film although his acting skills are questionable. Sathyaraj , the famous Tamil actor, plays Deepika’s father in the film and is good enough for his first outing in Hindi cinema. Mukesh Tiwari is funny as the cop.

    Conclusion: The film works because the dull moments are few and far between. The South Indian flavour might put off a few but nobody would be offended. The first half of the film is genuinely funny and the second half lags behind a bit. But the climax is great. That increases the box office chances of the film by a great deal. Forget the film reviews by us snobby critics and go watch Chennai Express and usher in the Eid festivities. This train is anything but a train-wreck.

    Box Office: The opening of the film is going to be record-breaking and will help the film create news. I expect the film to be liked by the family and mass audiences. Not that the ‘classes’ will hate it. 150cr is a target that shouldn’t be beyond the reach of Chennai Express.


    The brisk pace of the film
    The entertainment quotient and funny set-pieces
    The action scenes are typical Rohit Shetty ishtyle
    Lungi Dance and Kashmir Kanyakumari song
    SRK and Deepika Padukone


    Production Design
    Over the top and forced jokes

    Rating: ★★★½☆ 3 and a half stars.

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    “entertainment, entertainment and entertainment”

    Just a week back I was thinking Taran cant avoid these words for this movie 😛

    Most stupid line in the review is this ..
    “And SRK does optimum justice to the character he’s offered”

    For god’s sake; SRK produced this movie on his own insistence to do a massy rohit shetty film and he made rohit to write it!!

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    Chennai Express Review
    1 hour ago by Mohar Basu

    Rating: 3/5 stars (Three Stars)

    Star cast: Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, Nikitin Dheer,

    Director: Rohit Shetty

    What’s Good: There is a clever humor, a few really genuine laughs and a man whose charm doesn’t wear out – SRK.

    What’s Bad: Being acquainted with Rohit Shetty’s brand of cinema, expect silliness and labored gags

    Loo break: None

    Watch or Not?: Rohit Shetty’s Chennai Express is regurgitation of his trademark style that comprises his repertoire of work. Bountiful of silly gags, and car-smashing stunts, the film’s hilt is Shah Rukh Khan as he revisits his role of Rahul in an action avatar which he has mostly kept alien from him. Deepika Padukone’s smothering screen presence is a delight. Chennai Express is a must watch entertaining flick that will juggle between romance, humor and action and is enjoyable for its run time!

    Rahul (Shah Rukh Khan) has been entrusted the task of going to Rameshwaram with the ashes of his deceased grandfather. He, high on his new found freedom, dodges it to take a trip to Goa with his friends.

    Fate plays its twists in such a way that he ends up reaching South by getting entrapped with a girl, Meena (Deepika Padukone) who is running from her imposing father. The two take the Chennai Express and begin the journey that changes their lives forever! Running from the girl’s father – a don, and an angry notorious fiance, watch them fall in love in the most uncanny and bizarre ways possible!
    Deepika Padukone And Shah Rukh Khan in Chennai Express Movie Review (Deepika Padukone And Shah Rukh Khan in Chennai Express Movie Stills)

    Chennai Express Review: Script Analysis

    SRK still does his DDLJ train scene with the same grace, and it still looks just as endearing. Once again this Rohit Shetty film depends strongly on ridiculous humor. Borrowing the clash of North-South, the fight of cultures will remind of Chetan Bhagat’s 2 States for most of its witty part.

    The action of the film is something that stenches of typical Rohit Shetty flavor. It is not bad just regular with cars flying in the air and windscreens smashing. It arises quite an unsettling feeling as it is disturbingly follows the same pattern with a mere seasoning of Tamil tadka on it.

    Expect no extraordinary mojo as the film is in keeping with previous films of Shetty that defies logic and reason. A word of advice for SRK – you indeed have greater potential than resorting to such scummy ways of entertaining.

    I wasn’t expecting cinematic brilliance or a sprinkling of classic feel, hence I allowed myself to laugh at the desperate comedy that felt like an overstretched joke! Go await the film to oblige you with laughable content. If you aren’t finicky like me about films, this one could be quite a captivating entertainer.

    Chennai Express Review: Star Performances

    Deepika essays her role with immense confidence and delight almost to make you reminiscent of her last screen outing with SRK. This film emphatically recounts how she has traversed a long way from her amateurish acting in Om Shanti Om. She doesn’t bend under pressure of an obviously magnanimous co-actor rather carves for herself a delightful and entertaining space to compliment Shah Rukh. With a perfect diction and correct comic timing, she gives a delicious crackling feat to savor as Meenamma!

    King Khan remains King Khan for a reason and he doesn’t disappoint. As Rahul he is befitting as ever. He romances with the same charm as always even trying his hand at action which isn’t really his forte. His inspired performance and marvelous chemistry with Deepika is what keeps you glued through the film’s sagging, repetitive bits.

    Nikitin Dheer is robust but hardly has a role enough to perform. His chiseled body is quite a pretty sight but that’s all for him.

    Chennai Express Review: Direction, Editing and Music

    Rohit Shetty is someone who swears by gags and corny jokes, and for audiences who are tired of their morose, mundane lives, Shetty offers to them a few hours of constant laughter. He makes Chennai Express revel in ridiculousness and has a superstar crack jokes that are certainly beneath him. But he succeeds in his mission to entertain simply because of his actors who add marvel to his second rate jokes. Perhaps the best part of the film is when Meena and Rahul communicate through Hindi songs; it is the only place where the screenplay reflects imaginative quality, surprisingly!

    The film’s melodrama wears you out in the second half mostly because of its sketchy editing. The music of Vishal-Shekhar is dull compared to their caliber.

    For most part, Rohit presumes you to be without logic and its best if you are without it. You are sure to have an enjoyable time.
    Chennai Express Review: The Last Word

    Chennai Express is another average fare which stars King Khan. He will make you laugh with his flawless comic timing, romance with Deepika with a flattering charm and Rohit Shetty helps him absorb some superhero powers as well by which he beats to pulp a man twice his size. Yes, the last part doesn’t quite make sense but then Chennai Express comes with an unwritten statutory warning – it isn’t supposed to embody logic but it is, nevertheless, quite fun! I am going with a 3/5. Go with your family and have a good time!

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    Chennai Express
    Critic’s Rating: 3.5/ 5

    Story: A 40-year-old Punjabi man is on a mission to immerse his grandfather’s ashes down South. Enroute he meets a young Tamilian girl who has eloped. Their lives entwine and his journey takes an altogether different route.

    Review: In an ode to his own cinema—read Golmaal series, Bol Bachchan, Rohit Shetty ishstyle, the director, who has grossers in Bollywood’s 100-crore club, ups the scale for his Eid offering.
    Chennai Express (E) is a magnificently mounted film. Never having been strong in the story department, CE too has a guillible plot line. Rahul ( Shah Rukh Khan) is asked by his dadi (Kamini Kaushal) to drop his granddad’s ashes in Rameswaram, the southern-most tip of India. He boards the Chennai Express to hoodwink granny but has secretly planned a getaway with his guy friends to Goa. Alas, in Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge fashion, a damsel in distress, Meena ( Deepika Padukone) asks for his outstretched hand as he stands on the footboard. And his Samaritan act changes his destiny.

    He discovers she’s the daughter of a Don from a South-side village and her accompanying cousins (hulks in pony tails) want her to return home. Her father wants Meena to marry another hulk (Niketan Dheer) from a nearby village, so he can then rule two villages. Meena resists and insists to her father (Sathyaraj) that it is Rahul who has her fancy. The father relents but the other hulks resist.

    From here on, Rahul constantly tries to outsmart the South Indian mob. And as expected in Indian mainstream cinema, he breaks into song-and-dance, gets drunk, blows up jeeps and does a Jim Carryish over-the-top act to get guffaws from a captive audience.

    For what is primarily a Hindi film, there’s too much spoken Tamil. There are cleverly written lines that ask you not to underestimate the south because it even plays a crucial role in the coalition government, but for the rest of India, a lot of the dialogue is lost in translation. Subtitles would be in order.

    After Cocktail and Yeh Jaawani Hai Deeewani, Deepika is once again in superlative form. Shah Rukh’s attempts at comedy go from convincing to convoluted. But, for the most part, he lights up the screen with his effervescence.

    Note: You may not like the film if Bollywood potboilers leave you cold.

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    CHENNAI EXPRESS Is Outstanding Entertainer


    Shahrukh Khan is back in OSO & Main Hoon Na form with outstanding performance, Deepika is surprise package with some real hilarious dialogues, Nikitin Dheer career will get boost after this film, Sathyaraj is good so is Mukesh Tiwari, Editing is strongest point, songs lift the spirit, dialogues are hilarious, director mixes all elements in right proportion


    Film takes time to warm up, shooting locales are not at par with big films of SRK, script takes too many turns in due course

    Critic Rating:


    Business Rating:



    Watch it for paisa vasool entertainment and superb cast/crew

    Detail Analysis:

    If it is a Shahrukh Khan release then excitement soars to new heights no matter what is the genre or what is the occasion. But after not so great spell in last few years at domestic box office, he teams up with director Rohit Shetty who has mastered box office, this excitement goes through the roof. On top of that Deepika Padukone adds brownie point after super successful YJHD.

    Film has rather simple but interesting plot (and we will not reveal much as always been the case). Rahul (Shahrukh) goes on to a journey of his lifetime where he meets Meena (Deepika) and how his meeting with her changes his life completely. Tangaballi (Nikitin Dheer) who is good friend of Durgeshwara (Sathyaraj) puts forth every possible hurdle. But all the fun, song and dance make this journey an experience full of entertainment or we say dhamaal!

    Performance wise Shahrukh Khan excels and excels big time. His comic timing and aura simply lift the film to another level. If this is not his best comic performance then certainly one of the best. He is back as hero for masses and how! The way Shahrukh takes you as fun narrator through the film is hilarious in itself! Deepika surprises in every frame and she is real surprise package of the film. Her accent and comic timing are top notch. This is her 2nd big performance in 2013 after YJHD. Nikitin Dheer makes a mark with intense performance and so is veteran south actor Sathyaraj. Mukesh Tiwari and Kamini Kaushal fit the bill in brief roles. Also be ready for few surprising supporting performances and cameos.

    Music was not plus point before release but be assured that after watching it you will bound to change your opinion. Title song and “Titli” look best and positioned well. Vishal – Shekhar deserve all kudos for their work. Action always been a high point of Rohit SHetty cinema and he doesn’t disappoint you this time either. Watch out for post interval portion, two mind blowing sequences. Editing is one thing which keeps film so breezy that you hardly blink before its over. Cinematography is decent but not so overwhelming location leave you wanting for more.

    But it is director Rohit Shett who keeps proceedings racy and his command over providing the right mix of entertainment makes this special. There is a song followed by super dialogue and then some nail biting action – take a bow masala king! This will be by far the best work of Rohit Shetty.

    Overall this is a film which belongs to distinct and lethal combo of Rohit Shetty and SRK. 1st half is very comic an light hearted and at interval point when SRK – Deepika elope from Deepika’s house, the fun begins. It has item song but that is not vulgar like many other films in same genre, it has comedy but not slapstick like many other films of same genre, it is entertaining but not as mindless as many other films in same genre. This is a complete entertainer and surely win the heart of masses. But film’s success will be decided by how well classes take it and how much film sustains on weekdays.

    Go for this paisa vasool entertainer – a sure shot winner!

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    Chennai Express movie review
    Rating: 3/5 (Action, Comedy, Romance)

    Saibal Chatterjee

    It’s a somewhat long ride that occasionally teeters on the edge of tedium, but it certainly isn’t all wrong. Parts of Chennai Express, propelled by a spirit of inspired lunacy that holds the no-holds-barred action comedy in good stead, is markedly better than the sum total of the film.

    If only it had enough steam to sustain its momentum all the way to the very end, it would probably have been far more fun to watch.

    But do hop aboard. This Express is designed for quite a crazy carousel. If you hang in there and do not allow the many distractions and diversions along the way throw you off track, you might actually find yourself getting into the swing of things, especially in the first half.

    Some of the stops en route might seem rather unnecessary and overstretched. In fact, not all the platforms that Chennai Express chugs into are uniformly inviting.
    But the thunderous rhythm of the voyage does generate some genuinely funny gags.
    Chennai Express warms up pretty quickly and delivers exactly what you would expect from a Rohit Shetty film: runaway entertainment.

    Shetty, who obviously does not have any patience for half measures, goes full tilt at the resources at his disposal and rustles up an action-packed culture-clash comedy that has crowd-pleaser emblazoned all over it.

    The director throws dollops of good-natured drollery into the thrills-and-spills blender and comes up with a movie that has all the tried-and-tested ingredients of the genre that he has made his own.

    Does Chennai Express get to its destination without too many splutters? Well, although the film runs somewhat low on velocity at times and tends to meander a touch in the second half, fans of Shetty’s brand of filmmaking will have no reason to feel shortchanged.
    What is most unusual about Chennai Express is that at least half its spoken lines are delivered in Tamil. Yet comprehension is never a problem, thanks to a screenplay that tides over the need to explain every dialogue in chaste Hindi.

    Barring the lead pair and a Tamil-speaking Sikh policeman (played by Mukesh Tiwari), the principal characters in the film communicate their thoughts in their mother tongue, with the heroine serving as an ‘interpreter’ wherever the need arises, earning the sobriquet of Ms Subtitle from the wise-cracking male protagonist.

    The storyline is no great shakes but the delivery is always rambunctiously lively. Shahrukh Khan is a sweetmeat trader’s beloved grandson. The grandpa dies just shy of turning 100.

    Rahul’s granny (Kamini Kaushal) requests the 40-year-old to fulfil the dead man’s last wish to have his ashes immersed in the sea off Rameswaram. Rahul takes the urn ostensibly on a trip to the South but connives with a couple of friends to head to Goa instead. Fate intervenes and his feigned trip on Chennai Express lasts much longer than he had bargained for.

    He bumps into Meena, who is being escorted back home by four beefy cousins after a failed attempt to flee her village. Rahul is caught in the game that the girl decides to play with her dad, Durgeshwara (Sathyaraj), in order to avoid marrying a hulky muscleman, Thangaballi (Nikitin Dheer).

    Chennai Express promises a superstar in all his many-splendoured glory. And it delivers SRK in a guise that is 75 per cent lover boy-prankster Rahul (that is what his character is predictably called) and the remaining 25 per cent a fearless ‘common man’ who musters the strength of a hundred able-bodied men when he is pushed to a corner.
    Chennai Express also gives Deepika Padukone a vantage seat in the best coach and she makes the most of the opportunity. As a southern mafia don’s feisty daughter, Meena, she lays it on really thick, both in terms of accent and body language.

    Deepika’s diction and lingo appears a tad too labored at times, but, to her credit, she gets it right consistently.

    The whole-hearted zeal that SRK and Deepika bring to the table and the steady flow of funny one-liners serve Shetty’s purpose well, turning Chennai Express into an elopement-against-all-odds rigmarole that hits the right buttons at most turns.

    Amid the flying bodies and cars that the director has a penchant for, the actors make their way through the rubble largely unscathed.

    That, of course, does not mean that Chennai Express does not hit its share of rough patches. It does, but thanks to the free-wheeling energy that courses through its body, the smooth passages make up for the ones that are riddled with jerks.
    Chennai Express is a full-on masala film that is completely unapologetic about its intentions. And that is its USP.

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    Movie Review: Grab a bucket of popcorn, sit back and enjoy the ride as Chennai Express is here to entertain
    Film: Chennai Express
    Ratings: ***1/2
    Directed by: Rohit Shetty
    Starring: Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, Niketan Dheer, and Satyaraj

    What it’s about:
    This isn’t Inception. The story isn’t very different from all the the boy-meets girl you’ve been watching for decades. You know from the beginning what will happen. You have seen it many times before but the beauty is that you know whats coming, and you still want it. Rahul (Shah Rukh Khan) embarks on a journey to fulfill the last wish of his grandfather: to have his ashes immersed in the Holy water of Rameshwaram. He meets Meena (Deepika Padukone) on the train and while attempting to rescue her from kidnappers gets caught up in her mess. Thus begins his journey to her village, her people, and how her fight becomes his fight. It’s a refreshing light-headed cocktail of love and laughs. The director stays true to his style and his audience. It is clean, colorful and comical.

    What’s good:
    This is a treat for all Hindi film lovers. It has it all you’d expect from a big commercial masala film. It has all the ingredients — big star cast, drama, action, comedy, songs, the car chases and the big finish, all delivered in Rohit Shetty’s unapologetic ishtyle. For SRK fans, it is an even bigger treat. The actor returns to what he does best — romance. But it isn’t the sacrificing and soppy love of Jab Tak Hai Jaan. This one is a crowd-pleaser. The film begins with a flashback with Rahul growling like a wild animal, and then he tells just how he got there. Among the things that crop up in Rahul and Meena’s misadventures: Her dad’s stolen car, a dwarf in the middle of the forest, a walk up 300 steps of a temple and drama at high-seas! SRK is in his elements whether he is beating up a village full of people, romancing Meena, beating up the big baddie or faking bravado when faced with four hefty goons. Deepika delivers yet another fantastic performance. She stays in character throughout and matches her co-star’s energy and enthusiasm whether it is singing dialogues or fighting goondas. It’s impossible to watch this movie impassively. Chennai Express has the the kind of flourish that makes you smile. Watch out for the crazy references in songs and scenes to Shah Rukh’s previous films. Overall, this is a bubblegum blockbuster.

    What’s not:
    There is just too much Tamil in Chennai Express. There I said it. There are long dialogues between actors in Tamil, and while one doe understand what is being conveyed, it is still tedious. This is what it must feel to the rest of India, when they watch Hindi films with an overdose of Punjabi (songs/scenes) in Hindi films.The different being that Punjabi is similar to Hindi, and most people understand it. Not the case with Tamil. While Shah Rukh and Deepika are enough to light up the scene, you begin to miss other familiar faces in terms of character actors, who are always a part of Rohit’s other films like the Golmaals, Bol Bachchan and Singham. Here, with all the south flavour, one often wonders if there are south actors in Hindi film or if it is a south film starring SRK and Deepika. It isn’t convincing when Rahul suddenly speaks Tamil in the climax, and the very people who didn’t understand Hindi earlier now comprehend everything. There is also boos boos like not a single scratch on the car, after it has been repeatedly banged from both sides, the injury on Rahul’s lip getting wiped out afterMeena touches it but badi badi film on main aisi chhoti chhoti galtiyaan hoti rehti hain.

    What to do:
    The sole purpose of Chennai Express is to entertain. And that it does. So grab a bucket of popcorn, sit back and enjoy the ride.

  9. jeetu 10 years ago

    Movie Review; Chennai Express; Neither funny nor enthralling
    So finally, the Chennai Express train has arrived and I was aboard watching the premiere show tonight. Heck lot of promotions and marketing was done for this film and Shahrukh, Rohit and Deepika were clearly very excited about its release.

    Plot: The movie strolls around the life of Rahul (Shahrukh Khan) and how he ‘accidentally’ meets Meena (Deepika) and the biggest twist in his life (probably any ‘common man’s’ life) comes his way. Rahul plans a trip to Goa with his friends while he granddad passes away. To fulfill his grandpa’s last wish, he plans to do away the ashes in Rameshwaram. And in the train Chennai Express he meets Deepika and his four cousin brothers a.k.a thugs, and lands up in an unavoidable, unwanted and unprecedented journey. While Meena has her own troubles with an imposing dad trying to get his daughter married to Nikitin Dheer, who has a very uncommon Tamil name.

    Rahul faces immense amount of trouble which is showcased with a few stupid and lame jokes here and there. The movie arrived with a lot of expectations but I’d lost hope over it half way down the film itself.

    Technical-aspect: The direction of Rohit Shetty is pretty good. Nothing new but he’s done a fair bit of job behind the camera while the music is energetic, fun and simply crazy. The dialogues are very witty and go hand in hand with Shahrukh and Deepika’s character. The script lacked a bit of strength when a ‘realistic’ view is concerned but anyway, this is Bollywood!

    Performances: Shahrukh as always is very versatile and supreme. He can adapt to any role with ease and he pulled off a 28-29 year-old guy’s character very convincingly. Deepika has done a fabulous job, though the accent is lame but she’s really hilarious in some parts. Nikitin Dheer has nothing much to do but his tight physique kept him an instigating personality throughout.

    The Last Word: Chennai Express is funny but lacks something which disrupts your interest. Expectations shattered.

  10. Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago


    It is really surprising from you that you are posting all the negative reviews for CE.

    Lets see how people take to the movie. Reviews don’t matter for Rohit films.

    • mate 10 years ago


      Sir, I know that reviews don’t matter for Rohit films, and I just put the reviews here as they are coming, hardly read any review properly. But gone by the rating, I don’t find any of the above reviews negative, infact all are above average to good. (That is really surprising for a ROhit Shetty film, as I expected the worst reviews) and I don’t think the critics are fool enough to give high rating for their negative reviews. Anyway, gonna read all the reviews one by one to check whether their rating coincide with their writing or not. 😉

  11. mate 10 years ago

    Here is another. don’t know the authenticity of the source.

    Chennai Express Movie Review – Paisa Vasool

    Directed by Rohit Shetty
    Produced by Gauri Khan,Ronnie Screwvala, Siddharth Roy Kapur
    Starring Deepika Padukone Shahrukh Khan
    Music by Vishal–Shekhar
    Rating :3.5/5

    Rahul (Shahrukh) goes on to a journey of his lifetime where he meets Meena (Deepika) and how his meeting with her changes his life completely. Tangaballi (Nikitin Dheer) who is good friend of Durgeshwar (Sathyaraj) puts forth every possible hurdle. But all the fun, song and dance make this journey an experience full of entertainment


    Performance wise Shahrukh Khan excels and excels big time. His comic timing and aura simply lift the film to another level. If this is not his best comic performance then certainly one of the best Deepika surprises in every frame and she is real surprise package of the film. Her accent and comic timing are top notch.Nikitin Dheer makes a mark with intense performance and so is veteran south actor Sathyaraj. Mukesh Tiwari and Kamini Kaushal fit the bill in brief roles. Priyamani has sizzled in Item song.


    Music was not plus point, Action always been a high point of Rohit Shetty cinema and he doesn’t disappoint you this time either. Watch out for post interval portion, two mind blowing sequences. Editing is one thing which keeps film breezy.Cinematography is decent but not so overwhelming.

    The movie going in a commercial pattern , A song followed by super dialogue and then some nail biting action. Director Rohit shetty has taken care to give a perfect entertainer with right mixture of all ingredients.1st half is very comic an light hearted and at interval point when SRK – Deepika elope from Deepika’s house, the fun begins.

    Verdict: Paisa Vasol Entertainer

  12. ank_16n 10 years ago

    wow mate in form………i hope he don’t post reviews of OUATIMD :p

  13. mate 10 years ago

    Chennai Express Movie Review: A Total Paisa Vasool Entertainer
    Posted by: Nabanita
    Updated: Friday, August 9, 2013, 0:19 [IST]
    Rating: 3.0/5
    Least did the 40-year-old Rahul know that wooing the beautiful Meenamma in Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge (DDLJ) style would land him up in such jeopardy. That was possibly the biggest mistake of his life. But, this mistake was for good, or in fact the best that was about to happen in his life. After ruling the hearts of the audience for decades as Rahul, Shahrukh is back in his trademark DDLJ romance in his latest release Chennai Express, but this time in Rohit Shetty ‘ishtyle’. Chennai Express is a super masala entertainment and promises a great deal of laughter as expected from the typical Rohit Shetty style flicks. Story It all starts when the 40-year-old bachelor Rahul (Shahrukh Khan) boards Chennai Express train that turns out to be a life changing decision for him. SRK as Rahul does a DDLJ again, when he tries hard to woo the South beauty Meenamma Lochni (Deepika Padukone). Fate plays a twist in such a way that Rahul gets entrapped with Meenamma, who is the daughter of an intimidating south don. Both Rahul and Meenamma try to elope, but everytime they fail to do so and end up in trouble. Chennai Express will leave you whistling, laughing and applauding in the theatres. The flick is a thorough entertainer as long as you don’t search for logic in it. Chennai Express makes an impressive start, especially the train scene, where Shahrukh Khan meets Deepika Padukone, is just hilarious. Like almost all the Rohit Shetty movies, even this one doesn’t fail to offer good dose of over the top action. Adding on to this, the film also astonishes the mass through its marvelous cinematography. It gives you a rich desi village flavour, based on a South backdrop setting. Performances Shahrukh Khan is splendid and delightful. Even at 47, Khan retains his old boyish charm onscreen. Though there’s a bit of overacting in parts by SRK, on the whole, he’s the soul of the Chennai Express. Deepika Padukone is a complete stunner. Forget her breathtaking looks as a South chick, Dippy does an incredible act in the flick. She lets herself loose and surrenders to her character completely. Her performance is impressive. Nikitin Dheer does justice to his villainous act, while South star Sathyaraj doesn’t get much opportunity to prove himself in the film. Verdict Chennai Express is a light-hearted entertainer, that stands strong and tall on the shoulders of the super powerful ‘Brand Shahrukh Khan’. It is colourful, fascinating, fun-filled and yes, of Course not a mindless slapstick. And remember, you are going to watch comedy, drama, lots of comic action and flying cars! In one word, this one is a total paisa vasool entertainer.

    Read more at:

  14. mate 10 years ago

    ‘Chennai Express’ a typical sambar-and-sandalwood creation (IANS Hindi Film Review)
    Film: “Chennai Express”, Cast: Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, Director: Rohit Shetty, Rating: *** (3 stars)

    Dammit! No out-takes!! Is this really a Rohit Shetty film? Every film of the “Gol Maal” director has so far ended with out-takes giving us entertaining glimpses from during the making of the film. Here those trademark Shetty out-takes are replaced by a Honey Singh track which celebrates Rajnikanth and the lungi.
    The rest of the film resembles those typical sambar-and-sandalwood creations by K. Raghvendra Rao, and worse still, Raj Kanwar’s “Dhai Akshar Prem Ke” where Aishwarya to escape her parental wrath at her elopement, introduces to her family a man she has just met as her soul-mate.
    Of course, there are the flying cars exploding in the air to make sure we know that all said and drummed, this is a Rohit Shetty presentation.
    Packaged with pickled precision, peppered with just the right doses of naughty jokes and precocious pranks that go well with Shah Rukh’s 40-year-old brat’s act, “Chennai Express” is the kind of non-toxic comic entertainer where the most damaging double-entendres you’d get is a Tamil word that sounds like Angelina Jolie’s name.
    Come again?
    That brings me to another major hurdle in the heap of hilarity that Shetty builds so meticulously in the first-half.
    The generous outflow of Tamil that seems initially engaging (more so, since Shah Rukh shares our non-comprehension of the rapidfire Tamilian cloudburst that accompanies Deepika’s quicksilver character) begins to come in the way as the narration grows older and runs out of energy.
    But then there is the sprightly Deepika as the runaway Tamilian girl who piles on to the North Indian mithaiwala stranger to escape marrying the boorish fiancee back home in her village in Tamil Nadu.
    We’ve seen Kareena Kapoor do the chirpy runaway train traveller in “Jab We Met”. Deepika brings a special filtered-coffee flavour to her chirpy character. Even that broad hammy accent grows on us.
    Yes, we like! Here she is is the only Rohit Shetty team member (and I use the term ‘team’ since Shetty generously credits the direction to himself and his team) who seems to have a firm grip over her rudderless dithering character.
    Deepika plays Meena Amma with flavourful flourish. She is specially delightful in three key sequences, two of them comic and the other unexpectedly sombre.
    In the sequence where her character turns into a sleeping, kicking and convulsive zombie, she’s unbelievably goofy. It’s not just Shah Rukh who gets a kick out of that scene.
    Would Rohit Shetty please do a full-fledged out-and-out comedy with Deepika? That, “Chennai Express” is not. It is a half-hearted but laugh-hearted effort that makes the fatal error of taking itself too seriously.
    Towards the end when the utterly shammed climactic fight ensues, we even have a long speech by Shah Rukh on the social status of the girl child.
    Not now, please!
    As we squirm at the attempt to turn comedy into a serious business we look back at the rest of the film with some amount of warmth and affection.
    Some of the long shots of the train winding through green acres is breathtaking. And Shah Rukh’s first meeting with Deepika’s father over a bridge over a fast-flowing river is shot with amazing brio.
    There’s a wonderfully-shot sequence where Shah Rukh has to carry Deepika to a temple over hundreds of steps. Deepika here goes from amusement and mockery to a sense of belonging and pride in her man’s arms. It’s a moment built with care and love.
    But then, such tender affection really has no place in this comedy of cultural dispossession where the Punjabi boy Rahul gets embroiled in Tamil girl Meena’s family affairs and comes out… well not quite wiser. But filled with self-mocking laughter.
    Shah Rukh pokes a whole lot of good-natured fun at his now-aging lover-boy persona. There are tongue-in-cheek references to “Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge” and several other Shah Rukh Khan films and songs including the introductory South Indian lines from the “Jiya jale” song in “Dil Se”.
    All these self-tributes work better than what Puri Jagganath did with the Bachchan persona “Buddha… Hoga Tera Baap”.
    Rohit Shetty is more in command of his canvas here than in his last comedy “Bol Bachchan”. But the self-deprecatory laughter is still not good enough. Somewhere you feel the one-line plot (okay, if not one then two-line plot) is stretched into an unwelcome second-half where nothing really happens. Even the humour tracks stops short beyond a point.
    But there is some genuine steam and spark in the early part of “Chennai Express”.
    Towards the beginning of the train journey when Deepika and Shah Rukh play a kind of antakshari of Hindi film songs to put the goons off her trail, Deepika completely overshadows her kingly co-star, who should be okay with being upstaged by his female co-star.
    After all he has given Deepika priority over his own name in the credit titles. And Deepika takes the lead very seriously. She has never looked better and never been funnier on screen without even trying too hard.
    But then the plot and the situations let her down. The antakshari-speak that was amusing in the beginning recurs during a stale fight sequence in the second-half.
    We are no longer laughing. Not when Shah Rukh’s purported big chase sequences end in embarrassing deadends. Not when an item song with incoherent words and even more misguided logistics pops up like a joke whose punchline has gone missing.
    Through all of this, Shah Rukh Khan braves it with a delicious sense of self-mockery bordering almost on a masochistic absence of heroic pride.
    Yes, he likes it when the joke is on him. But that happens once too often here.
    So it’s finally here. The film that all Shah Rukh Khan fans (which covers half the hemisphere) has been waiting for. The good news first. “Chennai Express” is a pleasant and likable film in parts. The bad news is, it does nothing for Shah Rukh Khan’s imdomitable star power except to tell us he can still play a 40-year Rahul without faltering.
    That we already know.

  15. mate 10 years ago

    Chennai Express | Movie Review – Ticket Kharid Ke Baith Jaa Seat pe… This One Is a Joyride!

    Posted by: Pranao Lepse August 8, 2013

    Shah Rukh Khan has always enjoyed “being” Rahul, the middle class common man, and he admits the importance of a common man many a times in this film as well. But this time his Rahul is more massy, more over the top- he spreads his arms, but to reach to out to a wider audience. This time he shakes hands with the numero uno entertainment-maker of the country so with flying cars and high octane action he has to be more massy. Apart from the masses, Chennai Express has moments which will be lauded by the elderly while the children too will have a hearty giggle. And as the end arrives to make everything fall into proper place, Rahul returns to his common man avatar and fights the villain with feel, having each punch on his heart and giving a punch right from the heart, and this moment is for his fans to be cherished.

    Copy of chennai express kashmir tu mai kanyakumari song stills

    Does it mean that something is out of the place. Yes, here and there. Few bumps in between the ride. It starts well but seems to get lost in between the corny one liners and overused tamil lingo. Sometimes it looks stuck in the jam and unable to move ahead. But the smartass director, shortening the film as much as he could, tries to give an acceleration to the screenplay.

    His grandpa’s jigar-ka-tukda Rahul (Shah Rukh Khan) sets off on the journey which takes many surprising turns and lands him in the Kombangaon somewhere in the beautiful interiors of the Tamil Nadu, the hometown of our leading lady Meena Lochani (Deepika Padukone). His over the top talkative nature helps him to get trapped in troubles and meanwhile provide smiles to the paying junta. There are few points where you can go loud laughing while elsewhere I found myself giggling in between. Narrative is simple and short, looks predictable in the first half stands courageously tall from the interval. The acting gets better, the jokes get funnier, the situations get more hilarious, and the film gets more impactful. The second half also makes first half look good and gives film a joyous end.

    Copy of chennai-express kashmir tu main kanyakumari

    This is an addition to all the masala movies being made in the last couple of years. It may well be an addition to the much coveted 100 cr club too. And looking at the kind of films that have made entry into this club, Chennai Express is certainly honest. As mentioned earlier, as Rahul of Chennai Express, Shah Rukh wants to embrace a larger audience. He does succeed. And providing him such kind of film, the driver of this train Rohit Shetty also succeeds. Rohit is one director who’e extremely clear about his audience. And then there is Deepika Padukone, standing as tall to SRK in every frame (quite literally) she establishes herself as an accomplished heroine. She is lovable, looks ravishing and her accent is funny. Her screen presence in unmatchable. Besides all these, her biggest achievement is not being the show piece in this ‘masala’ movie. She is one of the reasons to watch Chennai Express. Mukesh Tiwari as the Tamil speaking sikh policeman is decent too.

    Beautiful splashing colors, that’s what the cinematography of Chennai Express is all about. Song-picturizations, basically Titli and Kashmir Main tu kanyakumari, look delightful to the eyes. Loud background score with each character’s entry is quite peculiar and the climax fight scene is worth the taalis and seetis.

    Rather to blame and criticize it after having an intellectual watch, dont watch it, or watch it with a mindset. It’s a Rohit Shetty movie, and that’s what it’s all about. And Deepika fans just could not afford to miss it, while SRK fans of course will have their time.
    Review Overview
    Script/Screenplay 3/5
    Acting 3.5/5
    Music 3/5
    Direction/Editing 3/5

    Overall 3/5

    Summary : Total timepass, that’s what this ride is all about! Ticket khareed ke, baith ja seat pe..!

  16. mate 10 years ago

    Chennai Express Movie Review. Don’t Miss This Train.

    First of all before starting the movie review of Chennai Express have to make some statements. Those who are thinking something path breaking with Chennai Express can give this film a miss. Those who dislike commercial potboilers can also give this film a miss. But those who want Entertainment Unlimited then ride this Masalathan Express in your nearest theaters.

    Chennai Express is a carry forward of recent masala genre films which has hit bulls eye such as Wanted, Dabangg, Singham, Golmaal Series and Rowdy Rathore and many more. CE is a perfect amalgam of Shah Rukh Khan’s acting persona and Rohit Shetty directing style. Also, there is full dose of Deepika Padukone who is at the peak of her career.
    Now coming to story of the film. It is a simple story of a 40 year old Rahul (Shah Rukh Khan) who travels to Rameshwaram via Chennai Express Train and how his life goes through a Roller Coaster ride. He meets Meena (Deepika Padukone) in Train, who is a runaway bride as her father (Sathyaraj) wants to marry her forcefully to Tangaballi (Nikitin Dheer). As soon as SRK meets Deepika in Train, her fathers goon caught both Deepika and SRK. Since, SRK is a solo witness to a murder (thought by the goons) in the train, he is also forced by the goons to go to Kumban Gaon in South India. Thus, a roller coaster ride of SRK takes place via Chennai Express. Thus both SRK and Deepika reaches her father’s native village. From then on, whether Shahrukh Khan will able to escape from the stronghold of Sathyaraj and his goons. Whether Deepika will able to escape the forced marriage to be scheduled to happen to Nikitin Dheer. Whether there will be a love story emerge between SRK and Deepika is the rest storyline.

    Chennai Express is a Rohit Shetty Version of ‘Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge’. Film has enough dose of Comedy, Action, Romance and Entertainment. Yes, there is full blown Car Action sequences which are Rohit Shetty trademark.

    Film first half is very good with lots of comedy scenes. One liners between SRK and Deepika are hilarious. Literally there is no loo break in first half. Second half is also nice. There are few scenes where picture dips a bit, but that is miniscule in number. But finale again picks up which makes up for the second half and have a great finish to the climax.

    Music of Chennai Express is just average, which is unusual with a SRK starrer. 1-2 song can be avoided in 2nd half.

    Coming to the performances. Shahrukh Khan is back and back big time. He is in full form and carries Chennai Express in his shoulder from start to finish. Those who loved SRK in Om Shanti Om, will again adore him in the role of Rahul. He is hilarious, romantic at heart and bulges his muscles also in the action finale. Overall all his die-hard fans will just love him and even his haters will embrace him this time.

    Deepika Padukone as Meena is the soul of Chennai Express. She again delivers a fantastic performance with this film. She is getting better with each passing film. Her Tamil accent is hilarious and one can’t stop laughing at her hindi dictions in the film. Yes, she looks stunning in sarees in the film.

    Sathyaraj as Deepika Father does a honest justice to his role. Niktin Dheer as Tangaballi gives first rated performance and looks a total 6 ft Machismo. Priyamani looks hot in 1234 Item song in the film.

    Verdict – Chennai Express rides on Rohit Shetty school of films. It gives a simple message, ‘”Never underestmate the power of Entertainment.” Critics may bash the film, but CE provides Full Paisa Wasool Masala. Yes, it rides on the theme of “Entertainment, Entertainment and Entertainment.” Yes, it is a Rohit Shetty version of DDLJ.

    Film will take monstrous opening at box office on the star power of Shah Rukh Khan. But what is good, it has the masala and entertainment content that will help it to sustain in long run. Film is a truly family entertainer and families will come in numbers to watch it in theaters. Film has got perfect EID Release and expect Box Office Records to tumble in coming days. Also, CE is released in record breaking 3600+ screens in India. This is a sure shot Blockbuster Express which has finally arrived. Don’t miss this train!

    Ratings – 4/5. People will again fall in love with Rahul and Meena. Film is entertaining. 1 or 2 songs could have been avoided. Go watch it

  17. krish Saini 10 years ago

    Chennai Express Not Loved By All Here Is It:

    Tweet from TweetCaster -@welcome2GALAXY : True ..i jst finisd watchng RT@nsangoye: Lungi Dance is the worst insult SRK could have heaped on Rajini… Honest!!! # ChennaiExpress
    Shared via TweetCaster
    Tweet from TweetCaster -@iDabaang: Nothing new in the movie,No story,overactin g and half of the movie dialogue you will not understand cause it’s in Tamil. # CE
    Shared via TweetCaster
    Tweet from TweetCaster -@MrLazy_says: Sleep well”@tutejajoginde r: # nowwatching Chennai Express”
    Shared via TweetCaster
    Tweet from TweetCaster -@nsangoye: Shah Rukh Khan: Deepika Padukone is the soul of’Chennai Express’Patli Gali se cut mat maro SRK…
    Shared via TweetCaster
    Tweet from TweetCaster -@pappushrinivas : #chennaiexpress is strictly for tamilians… Others beware!!
    Shared via TweetCaster
    Tweet from TweetCaster -@AKcenturiankin g: Only good moment in #ChennaiExpress is the car flying scene before interval
    Shared via TweetCaster
    Tweet from TweetCaster -@Raj_akkiaddict : now i got it,, whenever srk over promotes his films..that film bound to be pathetic.first # raone and now #chennaiexpress .
    Shared via TweetCaster
    Tweet from TweetCaster -@mihirfadnavis: Mai Chennai Express dekhi. Ab ghar jaati, snaan karti, lungi pehenti, dictionary leti aur review likhti.
    Shared via TweetCaster
    Tweet from TweetCaster -@iDabaang: Refund my money I want to go home,Bakwaas movie,overactin g kar raha ha SRK Aur Deepoka bhi uska saath de rahe ha. #CE.
    Shared via TweetCaster
    Tweet from TweetCaster -@welcome2GALAXY : #ChennaiExpress horrible horrible horrible …2nd half…
    1st half was somewhat better….
    Shared via TweetCaster
    Tweet from TweetCaster -@lmkmoviemaniac : #ChennaiExpress # SRK tries too hard to be funny. # DeepikaPadukone is another bad case of overacting and poor dialogue diction, accent.
    Shared via TweetCaster
    Tweet from TweetCaster -@AKcenturiankin g: People are shouting a bore movie #ChennaiExpress
    Shared via TweetCaster
    Tweet from TweetCaster -@AKcenturiankin g: came to watch #ChennaiExpress because its first time in our town that movie has paid preview first time still not even 20 percent occupancy
    Shared via TweetCaster
    Tweet from TweetCaster -@Mayur_Gangrade : #ChennaiExpress Watching CE not just # iamsrk worst movie.. It is d worst movie..
    Shared via TweetCaster
    Tweet from TweetCaster -@Prudhvisagar: Chennai express interval. Except the train episode nothing quite funny. 2 to 3 episodes copied from south movies.

    • mate 10 years ago

      @krish Sain

      Oh My God! some much hatred. I have never seen, that one person tweets twice or even thrice. Oh no, I’m totally shocked by so much negativity around CE on Tweetcaster. It’s too much, and look even Salman and Akki fans hated the movie, that is totally unexpectable. Oh no. Just look at the above tweets posted by @krish Sain
      @AKcenturiankin g: People are shouting a bore movie…
      @AKcenturiankin came to watch #ChennaiExpress because its first time in our town…
      @AKcenturiankin Only good moment in #ChennaiExpress is the car flying scene…
      @welcome2GALAXY : True ..i jst finisd watchng…
      @welcome2GALAXY #ChennaiExpress horrible horrible horrible …2nd half…1st half…


      Kid, first learn how to spread negativity, Posting 5-6 negative tweets here and there will not serve the purpose. Or Just wait for OUATMD release, I will tell you how to do this, you will see and feel its impact on Boxoffice. 😛

  18. Jaya Lahori 10 years ago

    :D. … How I want to believe him this time.

  19. jeetu 10 years ago

    Rating – 2.5/5
    Movie Review; Chennai Express; Neither funny nor enthralling
    The Last Word: Chennai Express is funny but lacks something which disrupts your interest. Expectations shattered.

    So finally, the Chennai Express train has arrived and I was aboard watching the premiere show tonight. Heck lot of promotions and marketing was done for this film and Shahrukh, Rohit and Deepika were clearly very excited about its release.

    Plot: The movie strolls around the life of Rahul (Shahrukh Khan) and how he ‘accidentally’ meets Meena (Deepika) and the biggest twist in his life (probably any ‘common man’s’ life) comes his way. Rahul plans a trip to Goa with his friends while he granddad passes away. To fulfill his grandpa’s last wish, he plans to do away the ashes in Rameshwaram. And in the train Chennai Express he meets Deepika and his four cousin brothers a.k.a thugs, and lands up in an unavoidable, unwanted and unprecedented journey. While Meena has her own troubles with an imposing dad trying to get his daughter married to Nikitin Dheer, who has a very uncommon Tamil name.

    Rahul faces immense amount of trouble which is showcased with a few stupid and lame jokes here and there. The movie arrived with a lot of expectations but I’d lost hope over it half way down the film itself.

    Technical-aspect: The direction of Rohit Shetty is pretty good. Nothing new but he’s done a fair bit of job behind the camera while the music is energetic, fun and simply crazy. The dialogues are very witty and go hand in hand with Shahrukh and Deepika’s character. The script lacked a bit of strength when a ‘realistic’ view is concerned but anyway, this is Bollywood!

    Performances: Shahrukh as always is very versatile and supreme. He can adapt to any role with ease and he pulled off a 28-29 year-old guy’s character very convincingly. Deepika has done a fabulous job, though the accent is lame but she’s really hilarious in some parts. Nikitin Dheer has nothing much to do but his tight physique kept him an instigating personality throughout.

  20. jeetu 10 years ago

    Indian Express Review : chennai Express

    Wannakum, wannago? I went into ‘Chennai Express’ dreading I would be doused, doused I tell you, with a staggering number of stereotypes, and I would spend the film flinching and grimacing and counting the minutes.

    But as ‘Chennai Express’ began chugging along , I found myself laughing out loud in a place. Or two. The laughs came intermittently through the first half, and I was still sitting in my seat at the interval. And then it turned into the same old story : the plot, which was thinner than a self-respecting wafer to start with, just gives up and dies, and the lead pair, Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone stop talking to each other (even as Padukone’s thickly-accented ‘main aati, aur jaati’ out-Mehmoods Mehmood at his most outre’) and begin posturing. They have no competition from anything else : the trademark Shetty bang bang –car chases, jeeps blowing up, large groups of people charging at each other—is by now more eye glaze than ever.

    This could have been a good caper, in which madcap characters race around the countryside with other madcap characters in hot pursuit. Especially when Shah Rukh Khan is so willingly sending himself up as only he can, with such a knowing nudge-and-wink that you smile despite yourself. ‘Rahul’, he introduces himself to Meenamaa (Padukone) : ‘naam toh suna hoga’. You know you are being set up, and yet you can’t help being amused. The amusement lasts only momentarily, though, and you are left feeling sorry at the waste.

    Rahul wants to head to Goa to party with his pals, but he gets on to the Chennal Express instead, to fulfil his late dadaji’s dying wish. On that train hops the beauteous Meenakshi aka Meenamma, on the run from her appa (Sathyaraj) who is some kind of a don in a Tamil Nadu village, and who wants to marry her off. One thing leads to another, and the two reach said village. Towering hulk who is also would-be-groom (Dheer) arrives to growl and snarl. A phalanx of dark-complexioned fierce fellows shake sickles at Rahul, who is left to face a barrage of rapid-fire Tamilian yakkity yak, and a Meenamma who dimples prettily whenever she is given a chance.

    Mercifully, Shetty doesn’t have his dark ‘southy’ fellows licking ‘rasam’ off their elbows. He also, surprise, has them speak long, complex sentences in Tamil without someone immediately translating them (a very Shetty, very tiresome thing). So much so that ‘Chennai Express’ can safely be called the first Tamil film in Hindi. Clearly, having Shah Rukh as co-producing hero stopped Shetty from ratcheting the blown-jeeps-meter : he suddenly finds he has to go all emo, and do a ‘Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge’. And cobble bits and pieces from other hit SRK films. It’s another matter that Shah Rukh is looking his age in certain angles : having the sprightly Padukone josh about him looking fifty cuts too close to the bone.

    Still, this is a pair trying to have some fun, and coming up with some genuinely funny moments. Padukone looks lovely and sticks to a spunky over –the- topness, and doesn’t waver, till she’s made to go all emotional. That’s when her graph dips. That’s when Shah Rukh’s raffish charm slips. And that is also when ‘Chennai Express’ derails. And wannakum becomes wannago.

  21. jeetu 10 years ago

    Movie Review: Chennai Express (5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Board This Train)
    Rating : 2/5

    When Rahul (Shah Rukh Khan) boards Chennai Express, he has a clear purpose in mind: give his grandmother the slip and head off to Goa, instead of the intended Rameshwaram. But in a twist of fate, he ends up being held hostage with South Indian beauty, Meena (Deepika Padukone) and taken off to her village.
    Is Chennai Express worth boarding this weekend? Unfortunately, we think you should get off the train, baby. Here are 5 things that had us scratching our heads during the film.

    1. The Nokia product placement. We know product placements are a given in a SRK film, but I think this may be his most overt one yet. As in, he rattles off everything from the phone’s model number, to its tech specs, to its (very specific) price. Multiple times.
    2. Meena got on the wrong train. I spent pretty much the whole movie trying to figure out the answer to this question: if Deepika’s character was running away from her family and was trying desperately to avoid returning to her hometown – where she would be forced to marry against her will – then why on earth did she hop onto the train that takes her to her town?

    3. The jokes. The film has its funny moments – I laughed out loud over “Life of Pi” (crazy though it was) and Deepika’s chudail scene for sure. For the most part, though, there aren’t enough gags, or they come off forced. Sometimes, they’re overdone (the DDLJ references start off as funny, but end up being overused). Sometimes, they’re ridiculously silly and fall flat (the dwarf scene in the woods). And sometimes, they just make you want to groan (Angelina Jolie reference).
    4. It chugs along. This is one train that goes in circles – Rahul repeatedly leaves Meena (every time thinking it’s the last time he’ll see her), only to meet her again shortly thereafter. They keep ending up in Meena’s hometown, despite the fact that they should be avoiding it like the plague. There are too many absolutely unnecessary scenes in the film, such as a tangent involving smugglers on their way to Sri Lanka, which ended with SRK being right back where he started. A lot of it just doesn’t make sense… and yes, I’m aware that this is a Rohit Shetty film, but still.

    5. The lack of subtitles. A big portion of this film involves dialogue delivery in Tamil, and while you’re never completely confused because Meena (“Miss Subtitle” according to Rahul) translates the important bits, it’s obvious there are some things that are lost. Plus, it becomes wearisome to try and keep up, and you can’t help but feel it would’ve been a lot simpler if subtitles were included. After all, it is the kind of film that requires you to disengage, and you can’t exactly do that if it’s not easy to understand what’s being said.
    That said, I do have to highlight some of the things I liked about the movie, because there are a few: like I mentioned previously, there are funny moments, and even though SRK hams it up – it is required for the role, though – he does pull off some gags well. Deepika does well in this film, and while her accent slips on occasion, she outshines SRK at parts. Nikitin Dheer is menacing without even having to utter a world. Also, I’m a complete sucker maybe, but I couldn’t help smiling at some of the profound bits in the movie, like “it’s good to be important, but it’s more important to be good.” Yes, it’s cheesy, but ah well.

    It has its moments, but for the most part, Chennai Express can be a bit of a bore. I wouldn’t have even minded if Rohit Shetty went all out and made it absolutely, incredibly ludicrous, but he somehow manages to fall somewhere in between – typical “masala” at parts, but rather drab at others.

  22. jeetu 10 years ago

    Rating – 1.5/5
    Chennai Express is unfunny and probably one of the weakest Shah Rukh Khan films.

    “Don’t underestimate the intelligence of common man,” you literally want to bawl right back at Shah Rukh Khan as he repeats his statement (used excessively in promos) ‘don’t underestimate the power of common man’ for the nth time during the film. Chennai Express maybe the big ticket, mega-budgeted flick that releases on Eid but the film clearly isn’t a gift from SRK to his fans, instead is a mockery of his own once upon a time enjoyed stardom!

    A take on Chetan Bhagat’s 2 States, Chennai Express in short is a film about a North Indian guy Rahul (naam toh suna hi hoga?) falling for a South Indian girl Meena (Deepika Padukone) amidst odd circumstances. How he overcomes all obstacles to win his love is what pretty much the film is all about.
    Chennai Express Pictures 37 Pictures
    Chennai Express Picture Chennai Express Picture Chennai Express Picture
    Chennai Express Picture Chennai Express Picture Chennai Express Picture
    Chennai Express Picture Chennai Express Picture Chennai Express Picture
    29 More Movie Stills. Click to View All

    The film starts off with a major fight sequence of the climax and a voice over of Shah Rukh Khan in a Surinder Sahani-esq of Rab De Bana Di Jodi tone follows soon after that takes you into a flashback and guides you pretty much throughout the film as if you wouldn’t understand the story (or the lack of it) and screenplay otherwise.

    One usually doesn’t expect a great story in Rohit Shetty’s films but when you have the superstar Shah Rukh Khan joining teams with him, it does bring about some anticipation but sadly, this film only disappoints for neither is it romantic nor funny.

    The story is utterly hackneyed and stereotypical deriving inspiration from SRK’s prior cult romantic films itself like Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge, so you have the same Raj-Simran train sequence turned into a spoof and repeated so many times that it fails to even make you smile. There are constant references to his other films as well Dil Se or My Name Is Khan but largely one sees the brutal assassination of DDLJ through and through.

    Moreover, in the name of comedy, there’s such extreme scales of buffoonery and hamming that after a point it becomes unbelievable that it’s the same Shah Rukh Khan onscreen who once had the potential to mesmerize the audience completely.

    Rohit Shetty doesn’t quite get his backdrop right as well. Instead of Komban Village which gets the mention every second scene, Shetty conveniently re-uses the setting of Singham or Bol Bachchan both of which were shot in Wai as well just like Chennai Express.

    Known for his stunts and action, Shetty does the typical car blowing scenes aplenty in this film but doesn’t really give an over-the-top fight stunts to SRK like he did in case of Ajay Devgn in the past. However, that doesn’t mean it’s a good thing for Shetty instead just recreates the same old climax fight sequence of DDLJ albeit in a shoddy manner.

    What’s most disappointing is watching Shah Rukh Khan ham like never before. Right from spoofing his own films to flaring his nostrils, going cock-eyed, doing his famous sideway tilt SRK stuffs everything in one film and unfortunately nothing leaves an impact with the audience.

    Deepika on the other hand is the only good part about the film. The dimpled beauty doesn’t lose her character or her accent even for once in the film (except for the songs which again isn’t her fault but the director’s) and also gets her comic timing right. One sequence that can leave you in splits is her sleep-talking scene.

    Nikitin Dhir as the antagonist doesn’t get much to do but he does a decent job in getting his look right. Mukesh Tiwari gets completely wasted.

    Music by Vishal-Shekhar is average and the Lungi Dance by Yo Yo Honey Singh which comes right at the end is the only number which will make you dance on your seats.

    Final verdict, Chennai Express is unfunny and probably one of the weakest Shah Rukh Khan films.

  23. jeetu 10 years ago

    Chennai Express Review
    Detailed Ratings (out of 5):

    Direction: 1
    Story: 1
    Lead Actors: 1
    Character Artists: 1
    Dialogues: 1
    Screenplay: 1
    Music Director: 3
    Lyrics: 2.5

    Parental Guidance:

    Violence: Lots of fist fights.
    Language: A few abusive words used.
    Nudity & Sexual content: None
    Concept: Girl meets boy.
    General Look and Feel: Rohit Shetty style, Bright and loud.

    FFor films like Chennai Express, reviews are futile, I accept. Fans of the star/director/genre are going to watch the film come what may. The rest of us couldn’t be bothered with reading a review, let alone watching it. Sympathies with the latter group if you have “loved” ones in the former group who drag you into the theater kicking and screaming. May your 142 minutes rest in peace, or not.

    In that sense, Chennai Express delivers exactly what is expected – – histrionics by Shah Rukh Khan;
    – beauty and gorgeousness by Deepika Padukone;
    – loads and loads of buffoonery;
    – bold, bright, solid colored costumes, art-work and props;
    – slapsticky dialogue that trots around self-importantly;
    – and some peppy song and dance.
    As complete as any Rohit Shetty film is.

    Well, sans Ajay Devgn. So, you don’t have his cool personality to bring calm or at least a break from the over-the-top state of affairs. Even otherwise, Shah Rukh Khan’s facial contortions (except for when he has this one romantic twinkle in his eyes) remind me of our origins as a race. Here, he is actually supposed to make you laugh with all the monkey business. Yet, despite all my apathy towards the tomfoolery, there was one scene that got me the goose bumps. Of course, it was too little too late.

    It doesn’t help that not only are the jokes as predictable as every other SMS joke, the self-referencing SRK one-liners are predictable too! For the rest of the dialogue you are left with emotional/philosophical lines sound like they were picked from a book of quotes. What could have been funny if it happened once, either repeats itself or goes on for too long to kill whatever little joy it started with.

    You wonder then, whether or not you should complain about half the film being in Tamil. I have no clue if the heavy mockery of what the Tamilians wear, how they speak, what they eat, how they eat is offensive. But I didn’t find it in good taste. The only one trying to add grace to everything else, is Deepika Padukone. Since, I don’t know if her diction was right or not, I can only say she didn’t look convincing. Maybe, because it was apparent that she was trying really hard.

    Through her character, an attempt is made to send a message across to the men of the nation. But again, the setting is way too off the topic for most of the length of the film to suddenly become about a particular social issue. All you can do is thank Rohit Shetty for small mercies – for having at least tried to make the film about something, a little less random.

    After this gratitude then, all you can do is come out feeling happy that it wasn’t worse than you expected

    See more at:

  24. mate 10 years ago

    And last but not the least. The review by ‘No.1 crictic’ of bollywood. 😛

  25. syed imran 10 years ago

    mate – good compilation of the CE reviewS… liked your efforts..!!!! really appreciable..

    watched the movie eid nyt in dubai festival city… one of the best outstanding amazing entertainer from the combo of SRK – Rohit Shettty…. the film has all the ingredients to be a blockbuster… it was a full on entertainment movie from beginning to end.. srk in his true real charming style…one of his best comedy film.. the biggest surprise is deepika padukone – she is just amazing and has given her career best performance… get ready for the awards to be snatched by dips this year at all award functions….

    And lastly, this movie is a big slap on srk detractors and haters who were spreading negative publicity about this movie and were trying to bring him down by always babbling nonsense that his career is over and blah blah…..


  26. jeetu 10 years ago

    Haha ab krk ke review endorse kar raha hai buddha srk aur uske fanatics chamche LOL

  27. jeetu 10 years ago

    Shah rukh always promoted mockery verging on insult, thinking that was funny. And South Indian community had a special place for him in making insulting fun of, just watch his previous two home productions (Om Shanti Om with quick gun murruggan and with South Indian protoganist).

    Somebody needs to teach him manners and give him lessons in sense of humour.

  28. mate 10 years ago

    Chennai Express Movie Review
    By Bodrul Chaudhury
    Posted on 09 August 2013 in Movie Reviews, News, Reviews, Slider

    Surely everyone will agree that comedy is perhaps the most difficult genre to make in Hindi Cinema. Whether it is the script, the direction or even the performances, the ability to make people laugh is a complex task which requires immense skill and talent. After viewing Rohit Shetty’s much anticipated film Chennai Express, it can be declared that this is definitely a film full of humour and will no doubt put a smile on your face. It is the big Eid release which has also garnered major international interest. Starring superstars Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone, Shetty manages to carve here a film which has some great comedic moments with a strong South Indian touch to it!

    Chennai Express is essentially based on a middle-aged man named Rahul (Shah Rukh Khan) who is sent by his grandmother to immerse his grandfather’s ashes at a river in the South Indian city of Rameshwaram. During his journey, he encounters the beautiful and spunky Meena (Deepika Padukone) on a train to Chennai. Meena has run away from her family home in order to avoid marrying a guy of her gangster father’s choosing. However, her father’s hired goons catch up with her and Rahul is now a part of this highly dangerous scenario. Meena does not want to marry Tangaballi (Nikitin Dheer) and wants the freedom to make her own decisions. Whilst she is trying to escape from her father’s clutches, she grows highly fond of Rahul, who accompanies her during her journey. Does Rahul reciprocate Meena’s feelings? Will she attain her freedom to marry whomever she wants? You will have to watch Chennai Express yourselves to uncover how this masala flick draws to a close.

    Chennai Express does have some very enjoyable moments that are genuinely funny and have been well-written also. Having directed numerous comedies in the past, Rohit Shetty is attempting here to popularise the comedy genre in Bollywood by casting two huge stars to headline it. To a certain extent, Shetty does manage to achieve what he wanted and this film will indeed be well-appreciated by the masses for its unique wit. The action sequences have been well-made and they definitely contribute in giving the film some much needed intensity to it. The cinematography also deserves a mention, as there are some wonderful scenes which successfully manage to glamorise South India, as well as Tamil culture. However, despite the positive elements to Chennai Express, it cannot be classified as path-breaking cinema, since the story is slightly predictable, with a few of the jokes being dull also. Nevertheless, it still deserves a watch for its brave attempt in trying to be a full-on entertaining film.

    Shah Rukh Khan delivers a nuanced performance as the leading male in this film. Comedy is something which the 47 year old actor rarely indulges in and he is largely renowned for his romantic/dramatic roles. Therefore, Shah Rukh does deserve commendation for offering the audience, as well as his millions of loyal fans, with a fresh (though at times over the top) avtaar. Deepika Padukone was especially great as the loveable Meena and this is arguably her second greatest performance after Cocktail (2012). She manages to get the South Indian accent just right and there certain scenes where she will really make you laugh out loud! You cannot imagine her contemporaries taking on a character that is evidently demanding and requires you to give it a great deal of authenticity. Hence, this film was surely destined for Deepika, who performs with absolute passion and grace throughout.

    The music to Chennai Express by Vishal-Shekhar is pleasant and there are some well-composed tunes which were clearly done whilst keeping in mind the film’s central theme and story. Songs such as ‘One Two Three Four (Get on the Dance Floor),’ ‘Titli,’ ‘Kashmir Main, Tu Kanyakumari’ and ‘Tera Raasta Chhodoon Na’ are full of nice South Indian flavours and the lyrics have also been finely penned by Amitabh Bhattacharya. In particular, ‘Tera Raasta Chhodoon Na’ stands out from the lot for its extremely romantic lyrics and praiseworthy vocals from Bhattacharya. The music does have potential to become a classic and may continue to be appreciated in the years to come.

    On the whole, Chennai Express has a masala of comedy, action, romance and drama which will keep you entertained from beginning to end. Though it is by no means perfect, Rohit Shetty does handle the majority of this film quite well; which may be of some inspiration for future filmmakers seeking to produce and direct a fresh Bollywood comedy. In addition, it can be safely said that Chennai Express ends Shah Rukh Khan’s lean phase, given that he starred in some less appreciated films in recent years. With Chennai Express, you will see the King of Bollywood back at his best and proving that he still has the talent and determination needed to keep audiences entertained. Thus, make the time to get on this train and witness a delightful story unfolds before your eyes!
    Our rating: 3.5/5

  29. jeetu 10 years ago

    Rating 1/5

    Raja Sen’s Chennai Express Review: Chen-nahin!
    Shah Rukh Khan yelps and squeaks and shrieks and bares fangs and pouts and, well, exhausts himself overcompensating at every step, despite nobody else in the film following this template.

    Damn, I missed Ajay Devgn, says Raja Sen in his Chennai Express review.

    Post YOUR reviews here!

    Six years ago, Deepika Padukone made a celebrated debut opposite Shah Rukh Khan in a rollicking entertainer Om Shanti Om, that marvellously spoofed his stardom. At the time, her acting inabilities were cannily masked by the director giving her little to do except look staggering, and by Khan himself, carrying the film on the muscles of his tremendous charisma.

    Chennai Express is, in a way, full circle for that very lady as she — enervated by box-office success and increasingly self-aware as an actress — holds up her end of the film far better, and more consistently than her leading man. She makes an effort; he makes faces. And he’s never seemed more at sea.

    Rohit Shetty’s Chennai Express is a curious beast, a film it seemed would lampoon the South Indian blockbuster — those films we claim are cheesier and sillier than our own (and then remake with much fanfare) — but happens to be, in fact, the diametric opposite. This is, in many ways, a full-throated tribute, a Sun TV Strikes Back statement of a film, where a typically cliched example of Southern style masala chugs along normally (and unironically) but is disrupted by a Bollywood actor who has no business there. Khan’s Rahul plays the freak while the locals around him look at him dazed, befuddled by his buffoonery.

    All the other actors in this enterprise, despite their one-note roles, conform to the universe of this film, to its reality, but Khan’s having nothing of it. He performs in an inexplicably bizarre pitch, as if the filmmakers (and himself, the producer) decided that he should play it like a rejected 40s cartoon, like Daffy Duck gone awry. Khan yelps and squeaks and shrieks and bares fangs and pouts and, well, exhausts himself overcompensating at every step, despite nobody else in the film following this template so inanely animated it’d make Jim Carrey think twice. A looney out of tune, then.

    It’s a shame because Chennai Express is built on a simple enough bit of fluff, something that would truly have sparkled brightly in the hands of, say, an Imtiaz Ali, but something that would itself have been inherently more entertaining had Khan not been intent on looking an imbecile. In sum: Rahul, entrusted with his grandfather’s ashes to be immersed down south, decides instead to hotfoot it to Goa and party with friends who have “arranged” NRI girls. He gets on to a train to throw his sweet, unsuspecting grandmother off his scent, and it is here he runs into Padukone’s Meena, a pretty girl with an accent thicker than Mehmood. She’s being kidnapped, he tries to speak up, and they’re both frogmarched down to her village where her gangster father is told that our hero is her daughter’s suitor. There, see? Simple, fun and the ensuing hijinks pretty much write themselves. Even with a few too many airborne jeeps, this could have been a daftly enjoyable lark. (But alas, we underestimate the power of a common Khan.)

    Padukone, as said, pulls off her bit with panache. So confident is she that even her outlandish accent seems normal after a bit, and she commits to the role most enthusiastically. I’d comment on her comic timing if this film had any well-written gags, but by herself (and especially in comparison to her hero here) Padukone is a delight. She’s visibly having a blast and her glee is infectious. She delivers a Bachchan line with elan, and is particularly awesome in a scene where — in a nod to the southern horror cliche — she’s casually possessed by a ghost. This may not be the most demanding of roles, but the actress revels in the madness around her and shines through like a bonafide star.

    The first half of the film, with Khan monkeying about unfettered, is relentlessly awful. (Somebody confiscate his Steve McQueen t-shirt.) It is also ear-splittingly loud, with everyone seemingly yelling and the background score choosing not to background itself very much after all. The writing is bad enough to make a Priyadarshan film look subtle. In the second half, things get less asinine — this is directly in proportion to Khan shutting up for a stretch — but then the film takes turns rolling through many a overused filmi cliche without ever managing to spoof them. Shah Rukh goes from being Daffy Duck to Ram Jaane, suddenly all melodramatic and quivery-voiced and so damned earnest that his character forgets that he doesn’t know a word of Tamil, climactically rattling off complicated lines in the language.

    There is one genuinely clever moment in the film. It is the one bit of self-referencing that works, when Shah Rukh — with the Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge music playing — stretches out his arm and yanks Deepika onto a moving train, before doing the same, complete with music, for each of the gigantic kidnappers chasing her. Super. For the rest of the film, Rohit Shetty made me feel more like a lovelorn Kajol than anybody should, and it had nothing to do with Simran: but damn, I missed Ajay Devgn.

  30. jeetu 10 years ago

    Movie Review: Chennai Express
    Rating 1/5
    Just sit back and suffer

    I saw Chennai Express about a month back. This was on a road-trip in Tamil Nadu. I watched a long set of semi-decrepit bogeys pass by lush green meadows. The name over the windows looked familiar. It was a train of course, full of second-class non-AC compartments, which takes around 24 hours with 20 stops to ferry from Mumbai to Chennai. Surely the passengers, frying in the merciless heat, don’t have care much for the inconvenience inside. They always knew what they were getting into.

    That may not be so much the case with audiences of this film named after that train. Given the trailer, viewers in the theatre will probably look out for two things: lots of crackerjack humour, equal amounts of earth-shaking, gravity-defying assault on human bodies, cars, jeeps, and even the train—if budgets allow for it. Throughout, at least I couldn’t spot a single moment that had me even mildly chuckling. I didn’t hear too many people howling away from the seats behind me either. The stunts and car-nage is limited to two sequences—one before and the other after the interval—which is a small fraction for a film that clocks over 140 minutes. So should you feel cheated, sitting in this loud, chugging train to Chennai? Perhaps. Biting into funny parts first, let me express why.

    The lead character here runs a halwai shop called why-why. His name is Rahul: “Naam toh suna hoga,” he asks. This gentleman is of course Shah Rukh Khan, lest you forget, because every few minutes he chooses to remind you of it, referencing his previous films in dialogues, “My name is Rahul, I am not a terrorist” (My Name Is Khan), or songs “Chhamak Chholo” (RA.One), “Dard-e-Disco” (Om Shanti Om), or lyrics (Tamil words of the track “Jiya Jale” from Dil Se), or just randomly remembering “kali billi” from Don. This is supposed to be a spoof on SRK by Shah Rukh Khan, except you’re not sure exactly what the joke is.

    The comedy is basically centred on a North Indian guy who finds himself in the middle of a South Indian village inhabited by ghastly looking, savage like, unkempt medieval men, who wield sickles and growl in a crazy language that our Punjabi fellow cannot understand. As if to compensate for racist humour, Rahul also visits another South Indian village, which is full of genteel and civilised folks. The film is one-fourth in Tamil, three-fourths in Hindi, subtitles to either is unnecessary, the dialogues are banal to begin with, the action is equally lame. Soundtrack (Vishal, Shekhar) is the only saving grace. The aim I suppose is to take a tent-pole Bollywood ‘festival film’ and roll over down South with it. The end credits roll with a whole song dedicated to Thalaivar (Rajnikanth). Just so you know: Eid wishes everyone a Happy Rajnikanth!

    The picture is directed by Rohit Shetty. So far all his films have starred Ajay Devgn, who usually plays an under-stated sort of figure in a movie that is seriously loud and melodramatic. Khan instead does an over-the-top act in a picture that is already over-the-top. This can get quite jarring obviously. Rarely do you see a director’s name hold such prominence in posters and promos in a film that is headlined by a super-star with a huge following of his own. Shetty deserves this because his last few movies, which have either been remakes (Bol Bachchan, Singham) or a franchise flick (Golmaal 3) have apparently crossed the Rs. 100 crore mark in box-office returns. This movie’s budget likewise would probably be close to Rs. 100 crore as well. I’m told Shetty himself picked up Rs. 20 crore to direct it.

    Still, the picture looks tackier than many low-budget stuff you may have seen lately. Lighting is shadowy in parts, camera sometimes zooms in on the hero’s make-up, key sequences inside a running train or car appear as if they’ve been shot with a screen in the background. None of this should matter to a crowd hoping to be entertained somehow. The lead actor Khan has spent weeks before this film’s release promoting and psyching up audiences for precisely that purpose, from every available window, hopping from a talent hunt to a stand-up show to a soap opera, besides news conferences, press interviews. A spontaneous entertainer at heart, he is hugely amusing in his public appearances.
    You wish he could use some of that time and talent into the writing and making of the film instead. The planning I am sure is perfect. Deepika Padukone plays a South Indian girl Meena-mma (in an awesome accent, if you were watching the promo; an annoying one if you were sitting through an entire movie). Taking a dig at SRK or Rahul’s old age, she wonders if he is over 50 years old now. Rahul is highly offended. “This is such massy, single screen humour,” he says, making known the genre of his flick where the face of whitening creams and multi-national brands gets his hands dirty and face bruised in a dusty village beating up goons, supplanting himself from Switzerland and cushy multiplexes into South India and small town Indian theatres, hopefully, trying too hard to please. Good for him.

    The hero and heroine meet on the train Chennai Express. She is going home escorted by her dad’s security guards so she can be married off. He is off to Goa. Does he love her? No. Why does he just not leave? I don’t know. Why haven’t you left yet? I know. You’ve paid for the ticket? Yes. Now just sit back and suffer.

  31. krish Saini 10 years ago


    We all know that the two Khans have made up, but this comparison is something one cannot ignore. When Salman Khan made his entry on screen last Eid in EK THA TIGER, the whole theatre exploded. Here, you could hear a pin drop.

    This is partly because of the fact that the first 15 minutes is shot like a low budget television serial with stray actors who did not even have the ability to be decently still on screen when not required to mouth any dialogues.

    However, the last 15 minutes, compensates for your journey, as Shahrukh Khan is back to his fiery self. But by then, you are already looking out of the window, waiting for your station to arrive.

  32. krish Saini 10 years ago

    Critics’ review: Chennai Express

    Chennai Express is funny in Rohit Shetty style but mostly in the first half. Shubhra Gupta writes for Indian Express, “The laughs came intermittently through the first half, and I was still sitting in my seat at the interval.”

    Film critic Mayank Shekhar, however, does not find Chennai Express funny at all: “Throughout, at least I couldn’t spot a single moment that had me even mildly chuckling. I didn’t hear too many people howling away from the seats behind me either.”

    ayank Shekhar writes, “The picture looks tackier than most low-budget stuff you may have seen lately. Lighting is shadowy in parts, camera sometimes zooms in on the hero’s make-up, key sequences inside a running train or car appear as if they’ve been shot with a screen in the background.”

  33. krish Saini 10 years ago

    Here Another List Of # ChennaiExpressReviews:-
    1.Deccan Chronicle:– Board at your own risk (2/5)
    ——————————————————————- :- Poor not up to masala like other movies (1.5/5)

    4.DailyBhaskar :– You’ve paid for the ticket? Yes. Now just sit back and suffer. (1/5)

  34. mate 10 years ago

    Movie Review: Chennai Express Has more masala than chicken chettinad (FILMFARE)
    Written By Rachit Gupta
    Rating: 4/5

    Director: Rohit Shetty

    Cast: Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, Nikitin Dheer and Sathyaraj

    Any attempt to intellectualise Chennai Express is futile. This film is unabashedly juvenile in its sense of humour and entertainment. Shah Rukh Khan is in full-on self deprecation mode. Deepika Padukone speaks in a caricature-ish Tamil accent. More than half the film’s dialogue is in Tamil. The story arc is so simple that you can fit it in a single tweet. Despite all its shortcomings, this is still a funny film. It’s peppered with humorous set pieces and colourful locales and songs. Rohit Shetty makes chettinad-style masala movies. And that’s the perfect description of this film. If you don’t plan to engage in a multi-lateral critique of dramatic elements and narrative, this film can be fun.
    It begins with Shah Rukh Khan playing Rahul and his grandfather passing away just before his 100th birthday. Kamini Kaushal (playing SRK’s grand mom) makes Rahul swear that he’d immerse the ashes at Rameshwaram. Rahul is the smug types and promises he’d do so but is actually planning to go to Goa instead. In throwing his grand mom off, he boards Chennai Express and then that fateful parody of Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge occurs. SRK stretches out to help Deepika Padukone board the train. From there on, it turns into a full blown Tamil film, with sporadic bits of Hindi dialogue. And lots and lots of gags, most of which are amusing.
    Almost throughout the film, SRK is feeding off playing Rahul for the umpteenth time. Only this time it’s with a serious pinch of salt. It’s like a satirical homage to all his cinematic moments. He’s on a trolley, sliding left to right on the screen, arms out stretched in copyright SRK style. There are a few parody scenes recreated from films like DDLJ, Koyla My Name Is Khan etc. It’s good to see a superstar take the mickey out of his own legacy. Good sense of humour on both SRK and director Rohit Shetty. When SRK’s not going-all-comedic-guns-blazing, it’s Deepika Padukone muttering away to cartoonish Tamil accent glory. If you thought Hema Malini had an accent, you need hear this act. It’s campy, it’s cute and most importantly it adds the right amount of colour to Deepika’s outlandish Meena amma character.
    As is the tradition with masala movies, they walk a very thin line. They step a little too much on either side and chances are they’ll end up offending someone. Chennai Express does it a lot. It makes no bones about playing to the gallery. Rohit Shetty characteristically sneaks in a car chase/blow up sequence too. SRK is all over the place. So much so that he even has a completely deranged scene with a midget talking in gibberish. And right at the end he has an angry monologue and a very violent fight with Thangabali (Nikitin Dheer). SRK and Deepika talk in sing songs, adding impromptu Hindi dialogue to popular film numbers so that others around them can’t figure out what they’re up to. If that sounds ludicrous it is.
    This is neither trademark SRK material nor regular Rohit Shetty action-comedy. Chennai Express is like a ’80s Tamil potboiler reworked with a Hindi cast. It has a unique new flavour. The pace of the movie could’ve been better. Certain sections like the scene on a smuggling boat stick out like a sore thumb. But it does well in mixing romantic moments and comedy. SRK tries his hand at physical comedy, Deepika defines the epitome of South Indian beauty and songs like Chinmayee’s Titli and Kashmir main tu kanyakumari add a nice touch to the proceedings. This is a cute and colourful masala movie, definitely worth the escalated price of the admission ticket.

  35. mate 10 years ago

    Aseem Chhabra’s Chennai Express Review: Mindless but entertaining
    Last updated on: August 09, 2013 17:20 IST

    Deepika Padukone and Shah Rukh Khan in Chennai ExpressChennai Express is a full throttle masala entertainment ruled by Shah Rukh Khan’s star power, writes Aseem Chhabra.

    Rohit Shetty has said he does not make films for intellectuals. Which is fine, but to be honest I have had problems with Shetty’s previous films – always loud, ultra violent, often crass and packed with crude humor.
    But in Chennai Express Shetty does something smart – he ropes in the star talents of Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone and in the process he smoothens some of the rough edges that were evident in his previous works.
    There is still enough loud noise in Chennai Express, some over-the-top background score, exploding cars and stereotyping that would drive the politically correct critics to take a plunge into the ocean in Ramashwaran.
    But Chennai Express is also a journey into Shah Rukh Khan nostalgia, many times following the pattern of Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaynege – the plot, the songs, dialogues, Rahul’s earnest position that he will not elope with the girl he loves, until her father approves of their relationship. (yes, Khan is once again Rahul in this film). And there are many more references to Khan’s other films.
    I watched Chennai Express in a nearly packed theater in New York City with the audience laughing-out-loud at practically every dialogue of Khan, clapping and whistling. I was amused at times as well, although certainly not at much as the audience.
    As the film progressed I realized a few things. Sometimes critics should not be separate from the audience. In fact, I think critics should sometimes watch films with the audience and they might see a whole lot different film. As a critic I can advice the audience that most of Chennai Express is loud, very mindless. But I will also say that it is harmless.
    I realize there is value to this brand of Bollywood and it is not going to go away. Its purpose is to entertain the audience. And that is where Chennai Express delivers.
    Hey, the film is an homage to Ranjnikanth, hence the Lungi Dance song. And even critics rarely trash Rajnikanth’s films. As Khan says way too many times in the film – one shouldn’t underestimate the power of the common man. And there is some truth in it.
    Chennai Express is a full throttle masala entertainment ruled by 47-year-old Khan’s star power. He works so hard in film – in playing a comic character, in breaking out into dances, being the romantic Khan that Yash Chopra, Aditya Chopra and Karan Johar have defined in their films, and ultimately the violent, action hero.
    Khan knows he is there to entertain the masses – not much different than Rajnikanth, and he works at it with gusto and the madness of his energy. That is what makes him a star and so appealing to the audience I watched the film with in New York. And that is what makes Chennai Express work.
    Khan is well supported by a woman, half his age, but a star on her own. Padukone is delightful in the film – beautiful, smiling, and often a lot more playful and funny than Khan.
    In Chennai Express Padukone is a serial runaway bride who gets caught by her large-sized cousins and brought back to her father who is a local don. During one such journey from Mumbai in a train called Chennai Express she meets up with Khan who is carrying his grandfather’s ashes – presumably to immerse them in the ocean in Rameshwaran, even though he is actually planning to escape to Goa (don’t ask!).
    The film’s plotline is full of holes, often implausible: a Tamil-speaking sardar turns out to be a lone north Indian in a village in Tamil Nadu and also the local police chief (or was he just a constable?); Khan and Padukone, on the run from the henchmen of her father, keep getting support from other villagers – clothes, a fabulous house to stay in and jeeps to escape; the jeeps start on their own – no keys required; and during one of his escapes, Khan lands in a boat run by oil smugglers operating between India and Sri Lanka.
    There is so much silliness in Chennai Express, but the film does not take itself seriously.
    And then there are some charming moments in the film, especially some of the songs: the lyrical and romantic Titli and Tera Rastaa Main Chhodoon Na, and Kashmir Main Tu Kanyakumari, a song with pointless lyrics, but a grand scale production. The film has a colorful look – a production design laced with bright appealing colors. Often the rural settings look artificial, yet they are appealing.
    As expected the film ends with the Lungi Dance song. As the song played, I heard many people whistle. I almost sensed some people dancing in the darkness of the theater. It was fun to watch the song on the big screen, the energy with which Khan and Padukone danced to Yo Yo Honey Singh’s performance.
    Still I could not help but think that only eight months ago, Singh was one of the most hated musicians in India for his Balatkari song. His New Year’s Eve concert was canceled in Gurgaon after a signature campaign. How short out memories are. Eight months later Singh is resurrected, back with a bang, singing for one of the biggest films of the year. And hardly anyone is bothered by that!

    Rediff Rating: 3/5

  36. sputnik 10 years ago

    Chennai Express Review by Anupama Chopra

  37. mate 10 years ago

    Baradwaj Rangan
    “Chennai Express”… Oh darling, yeh hai Vindhya!

    Posted on August 15, 2013

    Rohit Shetty’s Chennai Express is something of a first: a “North Indian” film where South Indians, however caricatured, come off better. As the story begins, we’re introduced to the token North Indian – Rahul, played by Shah Rukh Khan. His parents are dead, and he lives with his grandparents, who raised him and ensured that, thanks to a successful family business, he’ll not want for anything. And, when this doting (if also suffocating) grandfather passes on, how does Rahul repay his debt? By making a plan with friends to hang out in Goa – where he’ll most likely get laid – instead of honouring the grandfather’s last wish, which is to have his ashes dispersed in the holy waters of Rameswaram. Rahul’s grandmother (Kamini Kaushal) tells him that she cannot trust anyone else with this task, and yet, he lies to her, orchestrating the elaborate charade of booking a ticket on the titular train, and when, at the station, she says it doesn’t go to Rameswaram, he cooks up another lie on the spot, all the while planning to hop off at the next stop and join his friends. Worse, wherever he goes, he keeps forgetting about that urn of ashes.
    And when, due to circumstances (otherwise known as masala-movie screenwriting), he ends up in Tamil Nadu and Kerala, he’s lost. He mocks the locals who converse in languages that sound funny to him, but they have the last laugh. They may speak accented and grammatically incorrect Hindi, but they do speak the language (sometimes Marathi too) – and if they found themselves stranded in the North, they would have no problem getting around. (When, finally, Rahul attempts a speech in Tamil, it sounds like he’s gargling with marbles – all you can do is laugh.) In addition, the South Indians are hospitable. They are considerate about the repercussions of their actions, as when Meenamma (Deepika Padukone) tells Rahul that if they make a run for it, then the villagers who gave them shelter will never help elopers again. They care about family. (They wouldn’t forget about an urn of a relative’s ashes that came into their custody.) They’re stronger, better built, and sometimes (as in the case of Sathyaraj, who plays Meenamma’s father) as fair-complexioned as Rahul is. And they’re good in a crunch. When Rahul gets lost in a forest, he has to depend on Meenamma to guide him to safety. Viewed through the prism of gender stereotypes, she does the man’s job, while he’s content — at least for a while – to set afloat little lamps in a pond, surrounded by smiling housewives.
    Given that Shah Rukh is, by far, the hero who’s embraced his feminine side the most, he’s a perfect fit in this part. It’s been a while since he did pure comedy – reveling in the kind of silliness we saw in Baadshah, the Farah Khan outings, and the Chandni Chowk portions of Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham – and Chennai Express gives him (and his game heroine) plenty of opportunity to cut loose. Even the death of the grandfather is presented as a well-timed gag. After all, as Rahul says, why mourn the demise of someone who’s lived long enough to see the country pass from the AIR era to the age of Twitter? An episode that has Meenamma acting possessed is a hoot, as is the communication between hero and heroine via corny rewordings of popular songs. But an equal number of gags stop short of hitting bull’s-eye. Shetty has become known as a director of blockbuster comedies, but he seems incapable of shaping anything but the most basic kind of humour. There’s a fantastic (in concept) bit with a little person who speaks in guttural clicks, but it results in smiles rather than laughs. And the “meet me in the store room” scene, which promises all sort of confusion between various couples, isn’t developed to its fullest. Shetty settles for an easy finish.
    The surprise, though, is that Shetty proves far better with romance. He should really be doing love stories. After a sluggish start, Chennai Express – which, if you must know, is about Rahul and Meenamma finding out that opposites (namely, North and South) attract – really gets going around interval point, when the leads find themselves in an idyllic village with nothing to do but flirt and perhaps fall in love. The gags work. The songs work. (Kashmir main tu Kanyakumari, on screen, is a joy.) And Shah Rukh and Deepika settle into a great groove. Seeing these sweetly lighthearted portions, it becomes clear that the problem with Shetty’s earlier films lay, to a large extent, with the leading man. Ajay Devgn is an impressive brooder, and given the right kind of dramatic part, he can put on a show – but a loose comedian he isn’t. The reason Bol Bachchan and Chennai Express work(ed), at least in parts, is due to the casting of actors far more at home with the silly stuff.
    That’s why the closing portions of Chennai Express are all wrong. Suddenly, we see Shah Rukh go all macho on us – this is where a Devgn would have been effortless – and the prolonged brutalities that ensue have no place in a film like this. (There’s a reason Manmohan Desai never got all realistic and bloody about violence in his 1970s phase, which was essentially lighthearted, and which is what Shetty apparently wants to emulate.) Couldn’t they have found a funny way to appease Meenamma’s father – instead of that ridiculously melodramatic speech – and have Rahul walk away with her? Still, given the material, Shetty does more right than wrong – the film could have been called Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa. (And special thanks for having the Tamil actors speak Tamil, instead of going all “Madrasi” on us.) Shetty fashions a Shah Rukh Khan showreel, borrowing bits from his greatest hits, and gives us an unfettered avatar of the star that the star himself has seemed somewhat ashamed, of late, to embrace. Who knew that this quintessentially North Indian performer would rediscover himself in the South?

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