Challa Song – Jab Tak Hai Jaan

  1. Ritz 11 years ago

    Song is in a language which I dont understand. Dont understand the all the wordings of the song but as per some translations got the vague meaning.

    The tune is average. IMO, for the wordings it has, it would have been better if it was not lip sync’d – kind of like “wahan kaun hai tera”(Guide) or “kahan gaya use dhundo”(3I) type. With the lip syncing and kind of picturization it has, it looks quite childish.

    [the 3i song was not a great one by any means but i am only referring to lip sync]

    • aryan 11 years ago

      Here is the Translation of the lyrics have a look
      Challa means Aashiq or mad lover

      Challa kya dhoondta fire
      Challa kya dhoonta fire
      Yaaro uska ghar konsa
      Logo se woh phoochta fire

      Challa hasta fire
      Challa Rota Fire
      Challa gali gali tardapta fire
      Chala tu sabka
      Challa tera koi nahi
      Challa gali galli tardapta fire

      Chalaa.. re.. kya dhoontda phire
      Rang Satrangi Ke
      Bulbul ki boli
      Dhoop pairo ke talle
      Chaayein.. (SOMETHING SOMETHING)

      Ab Kaale kaale baadalo mein chaand dhoondta fire
      Ghoongi hawa ki awaaz sune
      Yaaro aas paas mera yaar hai kaheen
      Woh dikhta nahi..uski khoosbhu dhoondu main
      Challa re.. kya dhoondta fire

    • Baba Ji 11 years ago

      Avg song but i think it will become a hit later on.srk looks out of place with those expressions.

    • Baba Ji 11 years ago

      ritz – you are right.if the song was not lip-sync’d ,it might have looked better bcos that way srks acting scope would have curtailed (which is always better for his movies ….like swades). if he is given the scope to act too much,he ruins everything.

  2. Author
    sputnik 11 years ago

    The song sounds good mainly due to Rabbi’s voice. Agree with Ritz that the tune is average for the song and cannot understand the lyrics because it is in Punjabi?

    SRK looks a bit old for the song – jumping in the air like a teenager. That dress is making him look fat too and that guitar bajaoing looks so fake.

    • Tulmul 11 years ago

      Song is Good and does have sufiana touch both lyrics as well as singing… but never discount rahman, he grows like fine scotch 😀

      Rest agree with Sptunik and ritz on picturization part and lip Sync…

      “What are you looking for ” as the song says and this is Eternal Question !!!

      • Baba Ji 11 years ago

        is ARRs music a parasite? how does it “grow” on humans? just curious.

        • Author
          sputnik 11 years ago



          Its just that people give lot of chances to Rahman’s music.

          I had said this once on NG and I will say it again. Take the worst song – the most irritating song and keep hearing it day and night and soon enough you will start liking it and humming it.

        • Tulmul 11 years ago

          LOL !!!

          Ek baar Scotch pee le aur phir tum kabhie aisa Question nahin karoge 😀

          @sputnik ..

          Rgarding listening bad song again and again, good ears will never tolerate bad song twice, unless one is blind fan…. Rest I agree Rahman has been placed on the Throne of God by his fans..

          Bulla is still my fav song…

          • Baba Ji 11 years ago

            not too sure of that tulmul, i am guilty of having become a fan of rebecca blacks friday song. it was so bad that i listened to it many times for fun. now issue is that i keep humming that song on fridays :rofl:

          • Tulmul 11 years ago

            Baba :


            If I dont like a song in 2 listening than i never go back to that song again.. Listen to Nusrat’s Saanso ki mala to purify your ears now 😛

    • aryan 11 years ago

      In a Hindi Movie if u record full Punjabi song and words by Gulzar only Punjabi’s can understand others I don’t think even humming.

  3. hithere 11 years ago

    I agree there is no need for lip synching. This voice doesn’t suit SRK and tune is similar to Rabbi Shergill’s own bulla ki jaana (May be due to singing style).

    • Author
      sputnik 11 years ago

      Agree that they should have been no lip syncing but as far as voice suiting is concerned I think that doesn’t happen anymore. Kumar Sanu and Abhijeet (who put in some effort with Yes Boss) were the last singers whose voice used to suit SRK. Even Sukhvinder’s vocals don’t suit SRK in Chaiyya Chaiyya

      • hithere 11 years ago

        I like Sonu’s voice for SRK. I agree if song is hit, people don’t care if it suits or not.

  4. aryan 11 years ago

    Average Song Cannot understand the lyrics, music & singing is ok.

  5. Rajeev 11 years ago

    The songs sounds good although even i didnt understand the lyrics ..But its the problem with every ARR song..SRK looks good for a change .

    One thing i am sure,this is going to be a chartbuster song….

  6. reza 11 years ago

    on 1st listening its average song,but like other ar rahman song it grows on u after repeating.this will be a chartbuster without no doubt.

  7. shah 11 years ago

    best song of the year……challa going to be big big hit…..

  8. Suprabh 11 years ago

    Why is Srk jumping like a bandar ? We talk about stars acting their age. Its a tricky thing.. I would say actors should act any age and do whatever they want on screen as long as they can pull it off.

    Take the case of 3 Idiots.. Aamir did manage to look like a college student. I will give him that..and even some of the scenes in the movies were fine..but where he failed were those stupid expressions (all the eyebrow raising and making faces)….TRYING to look the mischevious kinds..It was just stupid..

    Example of Salman Khan in Bodyguard or ETT– He did manage to pull those off (whatever age he was supposed to be — late 30s I guess)

    even Srk did pretty good as Kabir Khan in CDI

    Akshay Kumar can do that more often than not..take a movie like De dhana dhan…He did manage to look fit and agile as a guy in his late 20s

    and now look at this song..It would have been a 100 times better if srk was not jumping around like a monkey and make those excercised expressions. It would have been a whole lot better, if he was just shown wandering in the streets of London.. But I guess YRF want to mint every last srk fan alive by showing what they want to see and what they refuse to blve– that their romantic hero has grown old now.

    • Author
      sputnik 11 years ago

      “I would say actors should act any age and do whatever they want on screen as long as they can pull it off.”

      I don’t think that is so easy. Young actors are supposed to be able to play older roles too but when it comes to this in Bollywood most suck except for a Sanjeev Kumar who was the best at this followed by Naseer and Amitabh.

      I think all actors who look good physically can play characters may be 5-10 years younger but anything more than that becomes a stretch. As Jackie Chan said in that Anupama Chopra interview you cannot cheat age. Agree that Aamir lost weight and got that skinny look but he still gave those stupid expressions in effort to pass off as a young college student.

      When actors don’t have the conviction or when they don’t believe in the scene they tend to overact. I think SRK is overdoing the jump and expressions because he knows he is no longer young enough to pass off that scene.

      Agree with you that “It would have been a whole lot better, if he was just shown wandering in the streets of London..”. It would have made more sense with the lyrics too.

      • Tulmul 11 years ago

        You mentioned 3 very good actors.

        for rest or most of others, doing jumping or stupid expressions is easy way out. They know they can’t do that so use props and makeup etc for diversion. Having close ups of Emoting face is now rare as far those big superstars are concerned

  9. prince 11 years ago

    Suparbh, What was Amir playing in three idiots?was he playing his age?Anyway being an Amir fan you are bound to comment like this.

    • Suprabh 11 years ago

      prince, you did not read the comment properly. This is what I said ” I would say actors should act any age and do whatever they want on screen as long as they can pull it off.”

      Anyway, being a Whoever fan, you are bound to comment like this.

  10. Rajeev 11 years ago


    Salman pulled off stunts in ETT?? His body double did…and that too looked like a raped monkey who is suffering from chronic constipation…aamir for most part in 3 idiots looked like mentally retraded…Akshay did better though….

    • Suprabh 11 years ago

      Rajeev, I was talking in general about Salman in Bodyguard, ETT or even Dabangg. Lets not go in the “stuntmen” direction, otherwise 80% of bollywood and 90% of hollywood stars will ahve to hide their faces…I already said about Aamir in 3 Idiots..He acted goofy and silly which was totally unnecessary. I would say sharman and Madhavan did a far better job than him, Madhavan especially.

    • Baba Ji 11 years ago


  11. Tulmul 11 years ago

    Every actor is culprit and been part of this nonsense game..

    what about DK wooing Saia banu is bairagi and sagina??

    What about Amitabh doing same from Mard to sooryavansham ??

    and now present day superstars…

    May be its our patriarchal conditioning, we dont mind hero’s being so aged and out of place but simply jump and reject when actresses look aged and faded …

    One must have audacity and honesty to say that everyone has done it and failed miserably, leaving aside BO collections of movie…

    Present day superstars must Thank, Botox and Photoshop to elongate their tinsel life 🙂

    ps: my admiration of A K hangal increases manifold now 😛

    • vijay 11 years ago

      “May be its our patriarchal conditioning, we dont mind hero’s being so aged and out of place but simply jump and reject when actresses look aged and faded …”

      This reminds me of Yash Chopra himself talking about his movie “Chandani” in some magazine interview … Rekha was his first choice but later he opted for Shridevi stating that “Rekha looks old now and Shridevi “fresh” ” 🙂

  12. Suprabh 11 years ago


    “I had said this once on NG and I will say it again. Take the worst song – the most irritating song and keep hearing it day and night and soon enough you will start liking it and humming it.”

    I didn’t agree then , I wont agree even now. I know what you mean by this I think you are only half right..

    these days, there are a lot of taylor swift (and other such artists who sing about teenage/young love) songs…because of their excessive repitition on FM radio…there are a times where I involuntarily sing along..But Even then though I am singing along DOES NOT mean I have started liking it.. It just means that your memory has recorded it and it has an impression on your mind. Liking it would mean..that I wait for that song to be aired on the station..or playing that song voluntarily, thats liking.

    I have heard “Munni Badnaam hui” over a 1000 times all thanks to friends. their kids, their radio stations..but I still hate that song a LOT..and I tend to skip it or move away whenever I happen to hear it…

    Regarding, a song growing on you–thats definitely a phenomenon, and just because it hasn’t happened to you doesn’t mean it doesn’t exists.

    here’s an example.. There’s a song called “Kariye Na” from the movie Taal. I first heard the song while watching the movie..and didn’t think much about it.
    After a few months, I happened to listen to it on the Radio..and I liked it only a bit because of the beats..After that I happened to listen to it again, on the TV or Radio etc..and then I started really liking it..and the song did in fact grow over me over some period of time and now its one of my extremely liked songs. Same with “Teri Meri” from bodyguard

    Now the same thing happened (getting a chance to listen it again and again,,over a period of time) with “maa da laadla bigad gaya”..but I swear I still hate that song like anything…I consider it a piece of garbage, even though I have happened to hear it quite a few times..mostly due to others.

    • Author
      sputnik 11 years ago

      People just give more chances to Rahman’s mediocre songs because of Rahman’s past reputation and confuse the same song memorization as song growing on them.

      I liked “Munni Badnaam Huvi” from the very first time I saw it. I found it catchy. On the other hand I never really liked Sheila Ki Jawaani. Teri Meri I did not like it when I saw it first time partly due to the picturization but liked it from the 2nd/3rd time.

      I am like Tulmul on this but I give 3 chances to most songs. If I like the song from the very first time it usually is a great song. If I like it 2nd/3rd time then song is Very good/good/decent. If I like a song after 3rd time I don’t really care. There are some exceptions to this as with any rule. Recently I liked Ala Barfi song on the 2nd/3rd try but after hearing it a couple more times the song became irritating to me.

      • Baba Ji 11 years ago

        sputnik – also give suprabh example of jthj poetry. you assumed it was gulzars and praised it and later disliked it after knowing its from aditya chopra. Reputation/prestige associated with a person helps.delhi belly would have been trashed by critics if it starred akshay.

        • Author
          sputnik 11 years ago

          Yes Baba. I think someone needs to do that social experiment. Just release a Himesh/Pritam/VS/SEL album with Rahman as music composer in the promos and CDs and see how people will praise the songs and talk about songs growing on them.

        • Suprabh 11 years ago

          Baba Ji,


          I am not talking about Rahman in specific here…Jai Ho is a massively popular songs, but you will find quite a lot of people who dont think much about it too (including me). A song, movie or book or any art work should appeal,, whether its Gabriel García Márquez or Chetan Bhagat

          regarding giving chances..I dont have a set rule..liking can develop over a period of time or instantly or all of a sudden… here’s one mroe example..I never really liked “Khuda Jaane ke mai fida hoon” from Bachna Ae hasino, when it released..and then I heard it a couple of years later and became a huge fan of that same song.

          • Baba Ji 11 years ago

            suprabh – i remember you trashed saada haq of rockstar. so it is known that you dont give brownie points to arr blindly.

          • Author
            sputnik 11 years ago

            I saw/heard Jai Ho and Khuda Jaane both first time when I saw the movie and liked both the songs. I never understood why people say Jai Ho is not good – the tune/melody, lyrics and picturization are all good to me.

      • hithere 11 years ago

        My views are similar to Sputnik. I didn’t like Shiela,Anarkali… initially but liked it after bombardment. But I see Suprabh’s point and there are people like that. But most of us are like Sputnik.

    • Ritz 11 years ago

      “Liking it would mean..that I wait for that song to be aired on the station..or playing that song voluntarily, thats liking.”

      Agree there. well said.

      Agree with Sputnik too that ppl give Rahman more chances.

  13. mgt 11 years ago

    Hey Guys ! Well done ! Today I heard about your website from industry bigwigs in mumbai and I believe Anurag will be calling Owner of this site very soon for barfi clarifcation. He feels somebody from within the industry has tipped Tanqeed and its Owners to do the dirty work on copycat links Is it true ?

    And btw what happend to the SB here. Give me SB and I have lots of news for you folks to digest. Too much happening there these days. Also I am sure Baba ji will be interested to know who is doing who this winter.

    Baba ji If you have time, please try to translate Halkat Jawaani for me.

    Good Luck.

    • Author
      sputnik 11 years ago


      Someone else also said same thing that I must be associated with someone from Barfi but I am not nor did I get any inside information from anyone. The post was initially about some scenes but later on people kept adding scenes.

      I removed the SB because people were not using it that much.

    • Baba Ji 11 years ago

      hahah good to see you mgt par teri phekne ki aadat nahi gayi 😀

      yes i miss sb too sometimes.

    • Tulmul 11 years ago

      Aap yaha bi phoonch gaye… phekne k liye log kaha kaha nahin phoonchte hain 😛

      anyways Welcome …

  14. Tulmul 11 years ago

    See the times we live in .. one song is just out so are the reviews 🙂

    After a million firewalls had been set up around to build curiosity around the next YRF-SRK mega Diwali release, we saw the firecracker fizzle out with an unimpressive title inspired from a Sholay song. YRF’s next – Jab Tak Hai Jaan, brings back SRK to the era of Dil To Pagal Hai, romancing two leading ladies, in and around London, and even playing the “Maati ke Laal deshbhakt“, as he vrooms around in his army uniform, and even walks away from an explosion – #LikeABoss. One of the other selling points of the promotion campaign has been the first time collaboration between Yashraj Films and A.R.Rahman. There is always a level of anticipation surrounding every Rahman project , as fans wait for his tracks with great levels of expectation. The first track released from the soundtrack – Challa, on a whole doesn’t hit the note quite right, and rather than being a straight boundary, feels more like a dot ball. Sorry about that cricket analogy, but Challa didn’t quite deliver the Rahman magic that we’ve grown to get used to. Neither does it bring home the SRK charm of say – Mitwa (KANK), or even Kyon Hawa (Veer Zara).

  15. Tulmul 11 years ago

    Sputnik :

    Read this on other site : AR likes the Traveling Wilburys? That bit at the start sounds ‘inspired’ from ‘Tweeter and the Monkey Man’!

    Can someone now confirm it 😀 ???

    • Suprabh 11 years ago

      Yes the song does sound a lot similar to Tweeter and the Monkey Man…and not only the start..but quite a lot.

      • Tulmul 11 years ago

        One more source 🙂

        • Ritz 11 years ago


          yes in one way or another these all sound similar. But its a accepted thing in music composition by now…..its not considered stealing. Its just being unimaginative …..btw …good music u posted here 🙂

  16. Imon 11 years ago

    This song is a masterpiece… I liked it at first listen…Why the feedback is average in this site? I m checking feedback in twitter and naachgaana and youtube…..Even Naachgaana(Anti Srk) member gave it good feedback…Feedback is awesome in twitter….I only found this website which is nt liking the song much

  17. Bored 11 years ago

    This is really pathetic, guess some people never growup and can never accept their age.

    • Suprabh 11 years ago


      Aamir acted as a college guy in dil chahta hai…did he look like a college guy ?

      • Bored 11 years ago

        Did he in 3 Idiots? Both those movies could have been better with a younger star.

        But this stuff is still crap.

    • KM 11 years ago

      What about akshay flirting with young girls in his films? What about salman doing action films at his age? What about aamir playing a college student in 3I?

      • Baba Ji 11 years ago

        which 45+ will let go an opportunity to play an action hero? who will resist the temptation for playing a lover to an actress 20 years younger? who wouldnt like to play a guy 25 years less than the age? they will continue to sign them. its upto us,we should reject them or atleast criticize them for this .thats what we are doing on this thread 😀

  18. fearedsoul 11 years ago

    To echo sup dear’s comment – you listen to something or someone again and again and it begins to grow on you

    Thats how i started liking sup dear, ritz dear and baba dear 😀

    As for the song – for a 46 yr old to behave like a mad lover or aashiq (challa) – well middle age crisis anyone…ok ok song – i love the guitar tune when it starts the best – after that ok ok. btw whats wrong with a 40+ guy prancing around – believe me that will happen to each one of you – when you arent young – you got to do things that make u feel young…….and others younger 😉

    • Ritz 11 years ago

      “you got to do things that make u feel young…….and others younger ”


      I too liked initial guitar portions.

  19. bunty 11 years ago

    wah ise kehte he bekaar song 😀

  20. bunty 11 years ago

    yr bhut bekaar song he yeh

  21. Gaurav S. Shahane 11 years ago

    @sputnik: I think this is probably the first time that SRK has lip-synced to a song whose lyrics are totally in Punjabi. Hence, the lyrics are difficult to comprehend. The song failed to impress me at the first instant, but maybe it will grow on me as well as as others who haven’t liked it initially, within a few days. That is the case with A.R. Rahman songs these days; they don’t feel likeable at the first watch, but a few days of repeated viewings evokes a positive response from people to the song.

  22. Shan 11 years ago

    I agree with Suprabh. For instance, I have heard Halkat Jawani and Kafiraana a lot in last few weeks since they are at the top of every playlist around. I even find myself humming those songs at times. But I still do not like either song and havent made an effort to get them on my mp3 player. Similarly, I used to listen to the songs of Ek Tha Tiger a lot around its release time, simply because I am a Sallu fan and I was hungry for new Sallu songs since a year. But in spite of that, I do not particularly like any of the ETT songs – its a really mediocre album. Whether a song appeals to you or not is not a function of how many times you hear it, it is just a switch that flips in your mind. Sometimes the switch flips on the first hearing (Kal Ho Naa Ho, Mitwa, recent example : this very song – Challa, Pani Da from Vicky Donor), sometimes it takes multiple hearings to appreciate (all Rockstar songs), sometimes it takes years before you discover/rediscover beauty of a song (Jao Na from What’s Your Raashee – didnt like it much when it released, didnt listen to it for 2-3 years, randomly played it last year in my car, now its one of my favorites!). Of course, this differs from person to person, but just listening to a song multiple times does not make you like the song, unless the song itself has something that appeals to your senses (immediately or eventually).

  23. Fuzail 11 years ago

    Yes…punjbi songz doesnt suit srk a bit…had it been a song wid urdu wording… it wud b a deadly combintn wid srk playing guitar…the song doesnt giv u feel tat srk wid guitar is singing it…yrf shud cut the song out of muvi nd keep it as bonus track…watching the song is giving me shivers of hate bcoz i am a big fan of both srk nd a r rahman…i also didnt found rahmanish magic in the song….i hate this song… :-/

  24. Serenzy 11 years ago


    Good Comment Dude!

    Fuck, I Agree to Each Song & their Description u have given And My Feelings are the Exact Same as urs for each and every Song u hv mentioned!

    I was Truly Surprised while Reading that Comment of urs…

    Right frm Jao Naa[WYR] to ETT to Halkat Jawaani to Mitwa!

  25. Serenzy 11 years ago

    – Learning the Guitar frm Past 4 Months, I Noticed How Foolishly B’Wood Actors Handle the Guitar in Movies [Even Ranbir in RS].

    Shah Rukh doesn’t even try to give it an effort in this Song
    but it is Right abt Not to
    Judge him in that Sense.

    His Expressions in the
    Beginning Part of the Song r ‘Trying to Hard’…wud have
    Preffrd More Subtlelity.

    But, I Liked SRK in the Latter
    Part of the Song but Not in the
    1st Part on London Streets
    Singing Jhalla while Jumping
    and Smiling.

    I wud have Preffrd this Song
    to be Picturised in a More
    Subtle Way OR with No Lip

    The Song is a Rahman EPIC &
    Rabbi takes it to Another
    Level! No Issues with the Song &
    Lyrics as such… ♥ it on 1st

    It’s a CLASSIC by Rahman &
    Gulzar Sahab.

    The Picturisation is Not of
    ‘Tujhme Rab Dikhta Hain’,
    ‘Mitwa’, ‘KHNH’, Dil Se Songs

    But the Song in itself is Right
    Up there…
    The Rough/Nasal
    Pitch of Rabbi and the Looong
    ‘Jhalaaa ki labda phireeee’ is

    Mohit Chauhan Song will be
    Superb too!

  26. Serenzy 11 years ago

    And, btw…. There is a Typo in the Title of the Post!


  27. yash pandey 11 years ago

    its a gd song

  28. stewie griffin 11 years ago

    this song will be a chart buster not because of ar rahman but coz of srk’s stardom..just like mashallah became a chart buster not coz the track is mindblowing but due to the leadd acctors…
    when it comes to getting big boxoffice openings ar rahman music is boxoffice poison…his songs only start getting the ears needed when the movie has been done and dusted..and if this is the best song of the album..then its upto srk n only srk to get the monster opening..
    after jtyjn not a single rahman album has impressed me barring a song herre and there..and almost all rahman songs seem identical to me somehow…with the same kind of beats and tunes

  29. stewie griffin 11 years ago

    by the way my song of the year is aashiyan from barfi 😀

  30. Baba Ji 11 years ago

    saw challa video again.this time srks act looked much worse than first time. song is good though.

    • Author
      sputnik 11 years ago

      Reading your comment I was reminded of that old joke of someone watching highlights of a cricket match that India lost to see if India will win 😉

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