Chaar Din Ki Chandni Movie Review by Komal Nahta

Chaar Din Ki Chandni Movie ReviewTusshar gets his girlfriend home but is scared to introduce her as such to his class- and caste-conscious father (Anupam Kher) because she is a Punjabi whereas they are Rajasthani Rajputs. What follows is a crazy comedy. Read the review of Chaar Din Ki Chandni for more.

Business rating: 2.5/5 (Two-and-a-half stars)

Star cast: Tusshar, Kulraj Randhawa, Anupam Kher, Om Puri, Anita Raaj, Mukul Dev, Sushant Singh, Chandrachur Singh, Rahul Singh, Johnny Lever.

What’s Good: The farcical comedy and the outlandish characters that work very well; the post-interval portion; good performances; two songs.

What’s Bad: The ordinary first half; the less developed romantic track; the other songs, besides the two good numbers.

Verdict: Chaar Din Ki Chandni is an entertaining and enjoyable fare which will keep the audience in splits.

Loo break: Not really.

Watch or Not?: Watch it for feeling truly refreshed with the mad-hatter comedy.

Chaar Din Ki Chandni Review: Script Analysis

Babaji’s story is farcical and he prepares the audience for it right from the word ‘go’. There are exaggerated scenes and situations but if the viewer doesn’t mind them, it is because the story doesn’t pretend to be otherwise. Screenplay writers Amit Masurkar and Nishant Hada have complemented the story beautifully by writing farcical comedy scenes which have the audience in splits. Not just that, the writers have also sketched out such outlandish characters that they by themselves make people laugh. In this regard, special mention must be made of the characters of Chandraveer Singh, Fatoor Singh, Pappi Singh (Tusshar), Udaybhan Singh, Prithvi Singh, Yashwant Singh, Paan Singh (enacted by Johnny Lever), Lt. Shaitan Singh (Rahul Singh), Manjeet Singh (Rana Jung Bahadur) and Guddu alias Tedha Medha (Sudhir Kumar).

The first half impresses more for the characters rather than the scenes. Of course, some scenes in the pre-interval portion are funny but the characters are funnier. The interval point gives the audience the feeling that there’s good comedy in store for them in the second half and it must be said, the writers have more than lived up to the expectations because the post-interval part turns out to be quite a laugh riot. The writers have taken care to add a couple of Indian family sentiments in the comic drama, which touch the heart. Credit must be given to the dialogues and punch-lines penned by Amit Masurkar and Nishant Hada.

On the minus side, besides the ordinary first half, is the fact that too much emphasis has been laid on comedy without really developing the romantic track. Even the music, especially the songs originally composed for the film, needed to be more soulful.

Chaar Din Ki Chandni Review: Star Performances

Tusshar lives his role. He is very good as Veer Vikram Singh and shines as Pappi Singh. Kulraj Randhawa plays Chandni ably and with understanding. Anupam Kher is excellent and evokes laughter plenty of times. Om Puri does a marvellous job and shines in the role of Fatoor Singh. He deserves high praise for his effortless performance. Anita Raaj puts in a dignified show. Mukul Dev has his moments and makes them extremely entertaining. Sushant Singh is as natural as natural can be and deserves distinction marks. Chandrachur Singh lends good support. Rahul Singh is effective. Johnny Lever stands his own and is especially funny in the climax sequence. Sudhir Kumar evokes plenty of laughter as Guddu alias Tedha Medha. Farida Jalal is endearing. Harish gets very little scope as Suryaveer Singh, brother of Chandraveer Singh, but he does make his presence felt in the pre-climax scene. Rana Jung Bahadur, as Manjeet Singh, deserves special mention for a job brilliantly done. Hemant Pandey is alright as Ghadiyal Singh. Avtar Gill, Shruti Sharma, Manav Vij and Lokesh Tilakdhari lend adequate support.

Chaar Din Ki Chandni Review: Direction & Music

Samir Karnik’s direction is nice. Despite the farcical comedy, he has been able to sustain the audience’s interest right till the end, which is creditable. To Samir Karnik’s credit, it must also be said that he has used all the actors very effectively and not let any of them go overboard, something which could’ve easily happened in an over-the-top comedy such as this. Music (Sandesh Shandilya, RDB, Anaya, Shiv Hari, Abhishek Ray and Dr. Zeus) is a mixed bag. While the remixed version of the Chandni o meri Chandni song (RDB) and the Kangna song (Dr. Zeus) are excellent, the other songs needed to be better. Lyrics (Sandeep Shrivastav) are alright. Song picturisations (Bosco-Caesar) are eye-filling. Sanjay Chowdhury’s background music is effective and augments the fun element. Analarsu’s action scenes go well with the film’s mood. Kabir Lal’s camerawork is splendid. Sets (Jitendra Kava) are appropriate. Editing (Mukesh Thakur) is sharp.

Chaar Din Ki Chandni Review: Komal Nahta’s Verdict

On the whole, Chaar Din Ki Chandni is an enjoyable and entertaining fare and will pick up on the strength of positive mouth publicity. Despite a dull start, it has the merits to ultimately prove an earning proposal. However, since business today largely depends on the first weekend collections, the poor start will ultimately come in the way of realisation of the film’s full potential.



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