Can Salman Khan become the biggest star of his generation?

Salman Khan debuted with Maine Pyar Kiya in 1989 although he did a small role in another film before. And  It became a big hit and ran for an year. And he scored a few hits in 1991. But from 1991-1994 he had 6 flops in a row and again acted in  HAHK. And that became a historic grosser. Though the public saw HAHK because of Madhuri Dixit. Salman Khan was sidelined. And he had many hits till 1999 and suddenly from 2000 entered a dull phase in his film career. He had many flops. And Again picked from MSK in 2004 where Akshay Kumar stole the show. From then he slipped further giving flops and disasters till 2008, he suddenly had an Action hit in Wanted in 2009 and his fan following increased. And with Dabangg which is a huge grosser he emerged as the top star. He has so many big  hits since 1989 can he easily surpass Shahrukh Khan, Aamir khan and Akshay Kumar comes close to him. And if ETT, Dabangg 2 succeed, can he become the biggest star of his generation?

  1. Baba Ji 12 years ago

    Thanks for posting sunil,This is a timely post bcos tmrw ett trailer will come out 😀

  2. kabir 12 years ago

    Before Wanted and after MSK he even gave Partner in his so called dull phase which was a Blockbuster or semi hit like maine pyar kyon kia also super hit no entry anyway.

    I think he will if ETT and Dabangg 2 really become ATBB or Blockbusters then he will definitely become the biggest star of current generation with highest number of consecutive Blockbusters.Only amitabh has so many big hits.

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