Cake Movie Review by Sputnik

When their aging father’s illness reunites two sisters under one roof, new tensions arise between them as old wounds and hidden secrets surface.

Its a Pakistani movie. Its inspired by Kapoor and Sons and somewhat similar to it. The movie is quite bold for a Pakistani movie. It has scenes where Zareen and Zara are shown smoking and the F word is used by Zara in one scene. Most importantly the movie depicts a inter-religious relationship between Zareen (Muslim) and Romeo (Christian).

Aamina Sheikh was excellent as Zareen. Sanam Saeed was very good as Zara. Adnan Malik was very good as Romeo. Faris Khalid was ok as Zain and Hira Hussain was ok as Sana. Syed Mohammad Ahmed was very good as the father. Beo Raana Zafar was good as the mother.

The movie raises the topical issue of elderly parents needing to be taken care of by their grown up children who happen to live abroad. The climax is excellent and is the best scene of the movie. Cake is a very good movie about family and siblings.



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