Business of Bollywood: Why Rs 100 crore is the Biggest Star in Bollywood

/photo.cms?msid=11842999 MUMBAI: In Bollywood sweepstakes, yardsticks change with time. Once upon a time, great music was the touchstone of box-office success, and for years, ‘silver jubilee’ was the measure of a stunning hit. In today’s world of impatient corporate movie makers, the benchmark of triumph boils down to a neat number: Rs 100 crore.

When Aamir Khan’s Ghajini, with its sad ending and southern-type violence, crossed the Rs 100-crore mark in local theatrical collections (post entertainment tax), it demonstrated an, until then, untapped potential. That was 2008.

Since then nine other releases have joined the Rs 100-crore club. For actors, studios, producers, investors, exhibitors, and even fans, it’s a magic figure that separates the men from the boys. Post Golmaal 3,Singham and Agneepath, the non-Khans are very much a part of the charmed circle.

What’s the significance of the number? For the trade it’s reassuring how robust the simple, oldworld box-office collection can be if the mix is right. First, it’s earnings after paying entertainment tax that can be as high as 30%. Second, the money made overseas is over and above this. Third, it does not take into account other revenue streams that flow in from satellite rights, music and digital.

Nonetheless, it brings up a tricky question: Is the industry growing, or is it just a combination of more screens, higher ticket prices, and a wider reach, thanks to digitalisation that quickens the day and date release? “A Rs 100-crore figure is really an indication of the growth in the business itself. In equal measure, it reflects the power of a film having pan-India appeal. Traditionally, the Rs 100-crore club has been dominated by the Khans. But with the third non-Khan film crossing the figure, there are definite signs that content is working in totality,” says Apoorva Mehta, chief operating officer at Dharma Productions.

Karan Johar’s latest release Agneepath, starring Hrithik Roshan, crossed a net box-office collection of Rs 114 crore in two weeks. Exhibitors like Reliance MediaWorks, which runs the 260-screens Big Cinemas, are a beneficiary of the story. According to Anil Arjun, CEO of the company, strong content acceptance is the determining factor.

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