Brothers First Look Poster

  1. Baba 6 years ago

    My most awaited movie for the rest of the year now. omg, s26, holiday, baby, brothers and airlift – landmark films in akshays career.

  2. sputnik 6 years ago

    Jesus tattoo on Akshay’s arm and Sidharth wearing a cross. Interesting.

  3. aryan 6 years ago

    One thing is similar in all three actors with beards.

  4. Kunaal Kohli 6 years ago

    Siddharth is looking good but akshay SIR 2rs.

    • AAP 6 years ago

      Infact Akshay has more intense look. Jackie as always has greatest screen presence. Akki for a change has hair back on his body – in an age when most heroes are clean shaven (including all body hair)

  5. Kunaal Kohli 6 years ago

    Akshay SIR is looking terrible guy who is lean & aged. He needs Garnier Hair Colour, Gillette Shaving Kit, Colgate Tooth Paste, Shilajit Gold Capsules & bed rest.

    • AAP 6 years ago

      In fact he is looking his age. And being lean he looks more healthy than beefed up guys on steroids.

    • Baba 6 years ago

      he is not aamir khan who will show clean shaved manboobs and fake six pack in the poster. he is playing his age and #respect to him for it.the look of both akshay and sid shows that the movie means business as far as the intensity is concerned and in alignment with the story and mood of the film. its directed by karan malhotra, not prabhu deva

      • AAP 6 years ago

        No offence to anyone but I remembered one incident ๐Ÿ˜€

        We were sitting in a mess back in college days and everyone was upset abt the rotis being late…

        One guy gets up and and says to the mess lady and the guy – what the hell is going on.
        The guy says – well all are waiting patiently – why cant you also wait.

        The guy says – well “baaki sab gadhe hain…main nahi” ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

        Which took away all the support he had in the mob waiting for rotis.
        @Baba – not to say that you are wrong in saying this , I just could not help telling this incident.
        Secondly, I agree on your your opposition on Aamir.

        • Baba 6 years ago

          you are lying that you agree on my opposition. otherwise d3 would have not been a “classic drama” for you

        • Baba 6 years ago

          regarding your story, i dont know what you are trying to say. but if it means i care about “support” you are off the mark. agar mujhe “support” ka lalach hota to kisi khan ki gand chaat raha hota. there are 99% khan fans on tq

          • halakoo 6 years ago

            khans ki nahi chaat rahe to kia hua roshans or kumars ki to chat rahe ho or fultime blowjob bhi.

          • AAP 6 years ago

            I was telling just an anecdote. I know you dont want support – in fact just because all are so called Khan fans you just want to be different.

          • Baba 6 years ago

            no, dont inflict your stink on me. that is your nature. i genuiely have always been agaisnt the khan pr.

  6. MGT 6 years ago

    lol this one is one wannabe movie…… All the actors starring in this are crap and get ready for lot of posing and hamming.

    It is rumored KJo paid a hefty amount to Akki to star with his wet dream sid malhotra whom he has been promoting.

    Even the tight and taut thriller Warriors whose remake this one is will not be able to save this one.

    get ready for a lot of insults, fun , memes when this one releases due to all the non actors starring in this and directed by Agneepath director which was crap from start to end except that Abhi mujhme kahin song.

    The movie is a good 6 months away so lets talk about it later when it releases.

    • AAP 6 years ago

      Looks like it – the guy was assisant director of Agneepath and MNIK. Says a lot abt it.

      In fact the movie in which Akki is starring – directed by Barah Aana will turn out lot better.

      All in all, Akki is just director’s actor – he is no Kamal Hassan or Aamir Khan.

    • Baba 6 years ago

      the aamir fanatic has spoken.

      mgt – brothers will prove how poor dangal is going to be. are you ready?

  7. MGT 6 years ago

    baba i am definitely not a aamir fanatic and dont have much liking for this tingu and prefer spontaneous actors like govinda, salman and lately varun dhawan.

    There are few movies which if you are an avid movie fan you can sense where will this head.

    • Baba 6 years ago

      anyone who thinks salman is any kind of “actor” needs to check his brains. tell me your opinion on dangal which will make it clear.

      this movie is the remake of warriors. have you seen the film? its about the relationship of two brothers in a MMA backdrop. with akshay and sid as the cast and karan malhotra as director(one of the few filmmakers we have who dont bastardise masala) what can possibly be so wrong with the movie? pls explain.

    • MGT 6 years ago

      This poster is very Hollywood like and these type of movies need a very indianised look.

      But I have real doubts on actors as I still consider Akshay an actor. Maybe his hammy past keeps bothering me.

  8. MGT 6 years ago

    Dangal i will not know until full cast is known but it will be a slow and tedious process and aamir will make it work.

    But akshay is no aamir khan. Guy is monkeying around for too long to suddenly change our opinion on him. Ofc movie will do 90-120 cr but this movie had 220 cr potential and would be a karan arjun with right cast

    • Baba 6 years ago

      ” but it will be a slow and tedious process and aamir will make it work.” this kind of statement shows your bias. if you have followed aamir khan enough you should know how he makes films. it wil be just lkike BMB. a fake film trying to be realistic. aamir wil sport six pack abs and they were show him to be a hero who wil sing and dance and have affairs with best women of those times.

      “This poster is very Hollywood like and these type of movies need a very indianised look.”

      what is wrong in a hollywod-like poster? are you a hollywood-hater or you dislike the subtle sensibilities that those films have?

      • MGT 6 years ago

        when i wish to watch movies with subtle sensibilities I go and watch a Hollywood movie.

        What i hate is wannabe movies where director is thinking in English and then translating. Currently Hindi film industry is full of these incompetent idiots who wish to take Indian cinema to greater heights but are basically blind followers and copiers of Hindi cinema.

        Just read Jeffrey Archer’s recent rebuke of Bollywood and you will know where I am coming from.

        • Baba 6 years ago

          right. when you wish to see subtle films , you watch hollywood and when you wish to see OTT crap films you turn to bollywood. good image of bollwyod you want to preserve. how are you any different from a farah and sajid khan?

          • AAP 6 years ago

            Iam different when I liked soft films – for example TZP song. Thats what what I can say. ๐Ÿ˜€

          • MGT 6 years ago

            Its not OTT but something original. something Indian I want.

            Farah and Sajid are both poor examples and they are hacks of the industry who have survived this long due to industry nepotism.

          • Baba 6 years ago

            the idea of “indian” of yours is quite poor. its regressive and no wonder 90% of bw films are craps . there are audiences like you who think these crap masala films are “indian” and flock to the theatres to catch fdfs

          • MGT 6 years ago

            baba that is why unlike Chinese movie who have made a worldwide name in cinema , our Hindi movies are neither here or there.

            Whats wrong with Chinese movies , Korean Movies and even Iranian movies.

            You seem to be a fan of backchods like anurag kashyap who locked themselves in a hotel room for 2 months and watched 100 hollywood and european movies and suddenly became proponents and spokesman for Hindi film industry.

  9. Baba 6 years ago

    mgt – LOL! the good chinese /korean/iranian films that have crossed over do not have songs, dances and melodrama like the govinda and salman starrers which you consider “indian”.

    i hate anurag kahsyap. he is a pesudo intellect and self indulgent. i hate vishal bharadjwaj too who is another pretentious filmmaker. i like filmkaing sensiblities of neeraj pandey, shoojit sircar and shimit amin

  10. MGT 6 years ago

    Hindi songs in cinema is our originality and if done well makes our cinema more palatable. Songs and dances are our culture and represents a great part of our lives so why should we do away with them in our cinema.

    I would do anything to watch songs in a movie if it furthering the narrative like HAHK , MPK or simply Govinda sir doing main toh raste se jaa raha tha , bhel puri kha raha tha. That is us !!

    No wonder any channel you switch has a Hindi song playing whether its reality show , saas bahu serial or comedy show even including news channel who sometimes further their stories with songs in the background.

    • Baba 6 years ago

      a stupid practise which is going for years is not necessarily right. it is this stupid songs , dances and “love stories” that we are laughed at . no one takes us seriusly and i see a good reason. i am not saying wipe them out compeltely . we need such films too for entertainment but they should be few in number. in bollywood 99% of the films are love stories with songs and dances whatever be the topic. no wonder no one watches our films beyond the fanatics and NRIs, either in theatre or on imdb. we think hahk and mpk are great films. its tragic. its a fucking marriage video. and no one cares about those films.

      • MGT 6 years ago

        Yes when the same marriage video is shown in hollywood it becomes a blockbuster in form of My Big Fat Greek Wedding !

        Why are you hell bent on changing our DNA. We are good the way we are and would be better off if we were more original. There will something unique coming out of our originality than blindly following western cinema. Lagaan is a perfect example where west sat up and took notice.

        • Baba 6 years ago

          i am agaisnt those hollywood blockbusters as well. they are equally crap.

          i am hell bent on bashing those films. not having songs and dances doesnt mean “western”. does any indonesian, korean film has songs and dances in all films? they are asian films. we make the most inferior films .lagaan has all trappings of bw comercila film. the big reason why lagaan did not win an oscar is bcos of the stupid songs, dances and love traingle track which made the movie go above 3 hrs.

          • MGT 6 years ago

            “lagaan has all trappings of bw comercila film. the big reason why lagaan did not win an oscar is bcos of the stupid songs, dances and love traingle track which made the movie go above 3 hrs.”

            Again you are binding Indian cinema in some sort of mold which is imported from abroad that
            cinema should be less than 3 hrs , should not have songs and dances, should not have love triangles !!

            Okay why is it necessary to always have a female heroine in a movie ? why does Hollywood even in most abstract form have a love interest ? why can’t we have a singular story.

            Anyway this is the last from me on this topic as it is not leading us to any constructive conclusions

  11. Baba 6 years ago

    “Again you are binding Indian cinema in some sort of mold which is imported from abroad that”

    it is your own stereotypical and must i say “inferiorty complex” thinking that bcos a hindi film is not 3 hrs long or doesnt have herione , it is “hollywoodised”. these aspects are not hw entites. songless films are made all over the world. herioneless films are also made all over the world. danceless movies are made all over the world. how will it lead to constructive critism? your idea of constructing indian films is by songs and dances? how can you construct anything from such a fake premise?

  12. shan 6 years ago

    Poster looks cliche. Hopefully trailer will be better.

  13. aryan 6 years ago

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  14. aryan 6 years ago

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