Box Office Predictions of AGNEEPATH

Films doing 100cr is just another order of the day. A big film should hit 100cr irrespecive of the content and strictly depending on initial euphoria. This brings me to the next big release AGNEEPATH starring Hritik Roshan, Priyanka Chopra, Sanjay Dutt, Rishi Kapoor which is releasing on a Thursday i.e. 26th January 2012. The film is expected to have jaggernaut opening. Lets predict the numbers…

Opening day- 16.5cr

If word of mouth is Good,

Weekend 1 (4 days)- 63cr

Week 1 (8 days)- 94.5cr

Lifetime- 143cr

If word of mouth is mixed,

Weekend 1 (4 days)- 60.5cr

Week 1 (8 days)- 80cr

Lifetime- 106cr

If word of mouth is bad,

Weekend 1 (4 days)- 59cr

Week 1 (8 days)- 73cr

Lifetime- 88cr

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    sputnik 9 years ago


    Good to know that the site is working for you now. I edited your post to remove the extra spacing and added a More link so that only part of it shows on the main page. Thanks for posting.

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    narad_muni 9 years ago

    a warm welcome here…
    I won’t give predictions for various scenarios … I like to stick my neck out 🙂

    I expect the movie to be okay but it will neither have a huge repeat value, dark theme might keep away the fairer sex and families…Also, the length of the movie at 2:50 hours is a bit too much for a gripping thriller. Considering all these, the movie will have average WOM and won’t sustain much. The opening will be huge no doubt given 26th Jan is a national holiday, chikni chameli, Hrithik and a big release after a gap of one month.

    So, here is my prediction
    Opening day = 17 crores
    Opening weekend = 17+14+14+16 = 61 crores.
    Lifetime net = 115 crores.

    Overseas, around 6M lifetime

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      sanket porwal 9 years ago

      Thanks for the welcome Naarad Muni. Now even according to your predictions, the film is super hit. 🙂

      But yes I give it to you on length. The film is way too long for an ordinary bollywood potboiler. Still hopes are on.

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