Box Office Pedictions of “Chennai Express” and “Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai Dobaara”

Easily one of the hottest Bollywood month in years as some big projects are going to arrive at your nearest cinemas. Also the holiday period for both films might help them make fantastic numbers. Let’s predict the BO…

Once Upon a time in Mumbaai Dobaara
Paid previews: 5cr
First day : 28.5cr (+5cr)= 33.5cr
First day : 22cr
If Word Of Mouth is GOOD,
If Word Of Mouth is GOOD,
Weekend- 66cr (+5cr)=71cr
Weekend (4 days)- 64cr
First week- 112cr (+5cr)= 117cr
First week (8 days)-89cr
Lifetime- 185cr (+5cr)= 190cr
Lifetime- 140cr
If word of mouth is MIXED,
If word of mouth is MIXED,
Weekend- 61.5cr (+5cr)= 66.5cr
Weekend (4 days)- 60cr
First week- 94cr (+5cr)= 99cr
First week (8 days)= 81cr
Lifetime- 135cr (+5cr)= 140cr
Lifetime- 108cr
If word of mouth is BAD,
If word of mouth is BAD,
Weekend- 56cr (+5cr)= 61cr
Weekend- (4days)= 57.5cr
First week- 81cr (+5cr)= 86cr
First week- (8 days)= 76cr
Lifetime- 113cr (+5cr)= 118cr
Lifetime-  93cr

For the predictions, enter below link-

  1. Avatar Author
    sanket porwal 7 years ago

    Here is the link-

    Don’t know why it didn’t work.

    Anyways, I hope Sputnik is okay with link as I am unable to paste the table.

  2. Avatar
    DABANGG_NIINJA 7 years ago

    yeh kaisa prediction huya ,agr first day 28C huya to weekend 70C+ hoga ,.eid ke nxt day bhi holiday hota he ,.to fri,sat,sun, holiday he ,. agr 28C first day huya to weekend 75C+ hoga dekh lena

  3. Avatar
    rajesh 7 years ago

    Too high!

  4. Ranjit Kumar
    Ranjit Kumar 7 years ago

    this prediction is okay except 1 point I dont think with great WOM CE can do 190cr ……it is too high…….

  5. Avatar
    ank_16n 7 years ago

    as Usual Predictions are way too high 😛

    Combined Total of CE n OUATIMD collections won’t be higher than 230-250 cr IMO..!! 🙂

  6. Avatar
    mate 7 years ago

    Chennai Express Set To Break Records
    Wednesday 7th August 2013 10.00 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network
    Chennai Express is set to break many records this week with the only doubt being whether it will claim the highest opening day record of Ek Tha Tiger which stands at 30.75 crore nett approx. The weekend record is almost assured and its sure to be the highest opening for a Friday release.
    The film will actually open on Thursday with paid previews starting at around 6pm and the looking at the amount of shows and next day being a national holiday, the paid previews should alone will put up a phenomenal number.
    The film will have the widest release ever and with ticket rates being increased at multiplexes by around 15-20% on average there is potential to put up huge daily figures over the Eid holiday period.
    The collections in Maharashtra/Gujarat belt could smash records by a distance. It has been seen over the last couple of years that these type of masala films whether they work or not tend to under perform in Delhi, Punjab, West Bengal and Mysore but with Shahrukh Khan ruling the roost in West Bengal and Mysore these circuits will not be a problem initially. If the opening day record does not come for Chennai Express it is likely to be due to an under performance in Delhi city and Punjab.

  7. Avatar
    Sunil 7 years ago

    ank,I dont agree with you.The market is bigger now.sanket always exaggerates srk’s films.
    srk films.

  8. Avatar
    ank_16n 7 years ago

    sunil sanket ko srk films ke time koi sankoch nahi hota

  9. Avatar
    Anjanpur685Miles 7 years ago

    Looks like lifetime will be 120-130cr.

  10. Avatar
    mate 7 years ago

    WoW Sankat bro, very close. You predicted 28.50 cr, and it comes 29.32 cr, a difference of 0.82 cr only. Congrats. 😀 Let’s see what happens next.

  11. Avatar
    DABANGG_NIINJA 7 years ago

    mate lagta he weekend prediction mera sahi hoga

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