Bol Bachchan Has 6 Crore Monday

Bol Bachchan collected around 6 crore nett on Monday as per early estimates. The film had 40% drop in some circuits like Delhi/UP, East Punjab, CP Berar and CI while others dropped around 50%. Delhi/UP had the lowest as it dropped less than 40% as compared to Friday.

Its a good collection for Monday and the film should do around 58-59 crore nett for the week and if weekdays can hold strong then even 60 crore nett may even be possible.

The film will emerge a hit at the box office and second week should be pretty good as the new release will mainly affect it in metros and smaller cities will not be affected that much and should do good business there.


  1. Reddemon 9 years ago

    So the movie has sustained well as the drop was less than 50%. But it vil hav tough competition frm Cocktail frm dis friday so 100cr looks difficult imo.

  2. desire4grave 9 years ago

    singham also faced competiton from znmd at multiplexes but it crossed 100 crore with lesser weekend it wont be impossible…

  3. Author
    sputnik 9 years ago

    Bol Bachchan Monday Exhibitor / Distributor Update

  4. desire4grave 9 years ago

    people are trashing BB over internet and the video says positive WOM has helped BB to grow….hahahah…

  5. Reddemon 9 years ago

    ZNMD didnt had the buzz which cocktail has and znmd didnt had gr8 opening… But cocktail vil open huge due to buzz nd hit musisc. WOM for BB is positive but not as positive as Singham. So BB hitting a century luks difficult.

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