BOI should be disbanded now or boi as its called is considered an accurate bo source by many people until now.But since last 2 years,its numbers became totally unreliable,
agenda based and supporting some actors or producers.Genraly its numbers used to be lesser than 5-6 crores than producer numbers.But for film talaash,its numbers were were only 3cr lesser.For jthj,its numbers were 15cr lesser.For ett they were 13 cr lesser.yrf films massively overreport their films gross,but there no way we can say boi is giving the right numbers.And for special 26,it has the lowest numbers than any spurce,and they said that special 26 wont gross more than 65cr,which is agenda based reporting.Its time that we disband boi and accept taran adarsh numbers or numbers from whichever seems accurate.

  1. Baba Ji 10 years ago

    I have disbanded BOI since a long time as a solo unquestionable BO source, For me it is same as indiafm, komal nahta, rediff or any other BO site. if you check figures of all these sites, you come to know the range of BO collection of a film. yes there are cases like JTHJ and barfi were difference is huge and arriving at a range becomes a tricky question.

  2. Serenzy 10 years ago

    “if you check figures of all these sites, you
    come to know the range of
    BO collection of a film.”

    I Quite Like this Method of Taking Numbers of Various Trade Sources and Figuring out a ‘Aas-paas’ ka Nett Range.
    It Surely gives you an Idea.

    The Median/Average Theory Works Good but POINT is, You Must do it for all Movies and Not be ‘Choosy’ be it, Inkaar or Dabangg2.

  3. Suprabh 10 years ago

    disbanded? Which Band is BOI a part of?

  4. sunil 10 years ago is giving some accurate data these days.Although it gave producer numbers for jthj,sos.

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