‘Blood Money’ not an erotic thriller: Mahesh Bhatt

Racy leaked photos from B'wood thriller 'Blood Money' The leaked intimate scene from ‘Blood Money’ was not marketing strategy, says Mahesh Bhatt adding that the film does not belong to the erotic thrillers genre like ‘Murder’ and ‘Jism’.

“I am not happy. One of our over-enthusiastic PR person thought that leaking it would benefit the film. But these things send a wrong signal about. I was never apologetic about the kinds of films we make. Like ‘Murder’ and ‘Jism’ are erotic thrillers. But, ‘Blood Money’ is not a product of that profile,” the 63-year-old said here while promoting the film at a radio station.

“Because of these wrong signals, people think there is a lot of erotica in the film. Someone who doesn’t like watching these kind of films will not come and someone who will come expecting erotica will be disappointed. I think it has done us more harm than good,” he added.

Directed by Vishal Mahadkar, ‘Blood Money’ stars Kunal Khemu and Amrita Puri and hits theatres March 30.

Meanwhile, comparisons are being drawn between ‘Blood Money’ and Bhatt’s 1986 film ‘Naam’ as both films talk about a middle-class boy who treads the wrong path in his pursuit to earn money.

The filmmaker says that they are similar, but only to an extent as both are about sin-money.

“‘Naam’ dealt with lower, middle-class Indian dream. Those were the days in 1980s, when everybody thought that if you reach Dubai or Middle-East, you were guaranteed a decent, secure way of life. But this (‘Blood Money’) deals with a slightly upper strata. It talks about a person who has dreams in his eyes and the world of Rolls Royce and plush homes. But it is all built on something which is sin-money,” said Bhatt who is also gearing up for ‘Jism 2’.



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