Blood Money Has Fair Weekend

Blood Money grossed around 5.50-5.75 crore nett as per early estimates over its first weekend which is fair collection but trending was not encouraging with no improvement on Saturday and a limited growth on Sunday. Still the film managed to better collections in the first weekend than films like Ekk Deewana Tha and London Paris New York did in the whole week.

The problem for the film is that it has just its first week to whatever business it can as Housefull 2 will release on Friday and Blood Money will not be able to collect much from Friday onwards.

If blood Money manages to cost the 10 crore nett mark it would be a decent result film for the film considering its low cost, poor promotion and a release date sandwiched between two biggies like Agent vinod and Housefull 2.


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    Rehan 9 years ago

    Abhijeet Bhattacharya, the singer who was once hailed as the voice of
    Shah Rukh Khan has filed a case in the Bombay High Court against T-
    Series head honcho Bhushan Kumar, music composers Sajid-Wajid and
    producer Sajid Nadiadwala. He has accused them of lifting a tune from
    his album Tere Bina that released about a decade ago and using it in
    one of the songs in the upcoming film Housefull 2 – The Dirty Dozen. According to Abhijeet, the song Do You Know in Housefull 2, has the
    same theme melody as his song Baje Jo Bansi Thama Karo. However,
    the singer stated that he has no intentions of stalling the release of the
    movie unlike what composer Ram Sampath did before the release of
    Krazzy 4. Here are the Videos of both the songs, is this plagiarism or not? You
    decide! Housefull 2: Do U Know Check Video Mujhe Kanhaiya Kaha Karo: Abhijeet Check Video To Mumbai Mirror, Abhijeet said, “This is about the pain and agony.
    They (music composers Sajid-Wajid) haven’t copied the song. They
    have simply used the lead track of my composition some 30 times in
    the number. They are such good music directors, they could have
    simply asked me. I would have readily agreed.”
    Producer Sajid Nadiadwala, who will miss the premiere of Housefull 2 since he has to be present at court for the hearing was equally
    outraged by Abhijeet’s allegation. “It comes as a big surprise and he
    has sung so many songs for me. I guess filing court cases have become
    a common habit before a film’s release. We are a part of the same
    fraternity and this thing could have been sorted out in a more
    amicable manner. What is the point of spoiling things?””said Nadiadwala.
    Abhijeet, on the other hand, believes that things have already been
    spoilt. “I don’t want money or fame. I don’t want them to give me
    credit. Neither do I intend to stop the release of the film. Bahut log
    copy karte hain. But itni besharmi badh gayi hai. They can simply meet
    me and apologise. I am fine with that. But these people need to be punished,” Abhijeet told Mirror angrily.

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