Blast from the Past: Space City Sigma – Doordarshan’s 1989 Serial

A strange new deadly creature has sneaked aboard the ship. The latest maneuver of  Zakhakoo to take down Commander Tara and his city, the last hurdle to his plans of adding earth to his galactic kingdom and the universe. This time he sent a small Blob, strangely, much resembling a stinky wet Upla, a throbbing pack of  cow-dung . The Blob is given to jumps onto its unsuspecting victims and sucks the life force out of them. Soon, this ‘death-on-contact-with-skin’ creature starts making victims out of helpless citizens of the Space City who have no clue about the nature of these new deaths. As the word slowly spreads,there is mayhem, in this mayhem the Blob zeros in on what could be its most prized victim – Shakti. As a doors open (automatically, woosh-pause-woosh), Shakti walks in only to be attacked slyly by the Blob. In the manner of its previous killings, this time too, Blob goes for the face, sticking to the face of Shakti who for a moment seems to be in the grips of death itself. There is a struggle, but by now it has already dawned of the viewers – Blob stands no chance, this was a brilliant stroke of luck (or genius of its makers). Stupid Blob had gone for the metal half of Shakti’s face. Shakti will survive and kill the Blob. Space City Sigma was safe again, Zakhakoo had again been defeated.

With the end of each episode, its young viewers would often run out of their homes singing a new ditty of unknown origins, ‘Sigma Par Jayengay aur Zakhakoo Ki Khopdi kay Nimboo Nichodangay‘ (We will go to Sigma and maybe squeeze those lemons of Zakhakoo’s skull)

First telecast on May 21, 1989, Space City Sigma marked Indian television’s first foray into Science-Fiction. The inspiration was obviously Star Trek but instead of making a straight copy, it makers came up with ‘Sci-Fi Soap-Opera’. Unlike Star Trek, Sigma had a villain and the story, each episode was woven around ‘Good Vs Bad’. Interestingly its makers admitted to not targeting people who had already seen Star Trek, instead they were hoping to capture the imagination of small town audience.

The Plot:
Sigma, a space city (running on fusion energy) docked at a Galactic frontier, is the last stand of humans against an even more technologically superior alien race ruled by one ZhakhaKoo.

The crew of Sigma:

Commander Tara (Krishan Kant, from drama background, ran a theater group in Delhi called ‘Sakshi’): the leader of Sigma. The Captain Kirk, but lot less melodramatic and more ‘man-with-a-responsibility’ kind.

Shakti (Sanjeev Puri, already worked in Ashok Talwar’s ‘Police File Se’): the Indain Mr. Spock, only a Cyborg and not an alien.

Heeri (Savita Bhatia, a familiar face on Doordarshan back then, had worked in serials like ‘Tasveer Ka Dusra Rukh’, ‘Zindagi Zindagi’ and India’s first color serial- ‘Dadi Maa Jagi’ ): the beautiful communication officer.

Tiba (1. Mita Vashisht, went on to be quite famous, still into drama): the scientist who might be having a thing for Commander Tara.

Varey (2. Kishore Dang): the engineer who obviously has a thing for Heeri. His creation, the robot ‘Gogo’ is programmed to serve Heeri as its top priority mission.

Dr. Luka (3. Anand Sharma): the Doctor who often questions Commander Tara’s leadership but is devoted to Sigma.

ZhakhaKoo (Shailendra Srivastava, still active in Bhojpuri Cinema): the humanoid-mad-scientist-alien having an ambition of dominating the universe.

It seems I still recall the ‘Blob’ episode of Sigma. I was seven and gowning up in Srinagar.

I recently managed to get my hands on a 1988 issue of ‘The Weekly Sun’ dedicated to Sigma (which hadn’t yet hit the small screen, so this was more like a ‘getting the word out’ thing). The images (originally clicked by Naresh Suri  )  are from that issue. Enjoy! (No I don’t think there is hope for a video.)


  1. ali 12 years ago

    Oh man…
    Well, well, well…..
    What a surprise it is, just amazing.
    I still remember the Telecast of very first Episode of this Serial and that day, there was some supply problem and we arranged Battery to run the TV so that we can watch this Serial.
    I was so excited coz this Serial reminded me about Star Trek Serial.

  2. harish tiwari 12 years ago

    i am again in my childhood is it possibal to see this serial again

    • Author
      sputnik 12 years ago

      I don’t think there is any video online.

  3. Rabin Aryal 12 years ago

    As a child I used to enjoy watching Sigma on sunday morning.

  4. Norin 12 years ago

    I still rem’ba the episode where the blob flies and sticks to the 2nd in command.. but doesn’t work much coz he’s an android.

  5. satish 11 years ago

    is it possible to get a cd of this serial by any means

  6. vikas kapoor 11 years ago

    Kindly arrange to Upload all episodes of Space City Sigma on Youtube……………………….

  7. Reddemon 11 years ago

    Got a Download Link From Twitter. Check if this works

  8. attiq 11 years ago

    Hi Doordarshan has lost this serial original tapes so…it is difficult to get it ….
    I have enquired in the top video stores of bangalore…Sad news…If any one have plz upload it…it would be a great service to this serial lovers

  9. praveen kss 11 years ago

    old is gold ultimate serial

  10. Sudha Khemani 11 years ago

    I have VCR recorded cassette of spacecity sigma but lot of fungus lets see if it can be cleaned.

  11. nishant 11 years ago

    Please Sudha ji, if u get it repaire, and any clip is cleared, please make it available.

  12. d.chakrabarty 11 years ago

    plzzzzzzzzzzzz try to get it cleared i have been searching for 20 yrs

  13. phoenix 11 years ago

    Nice to see so many who remember this Sunday morning DD show.

  14. Surajprakash ohri 10 years ago

    Hello Friends,

    I want this serial. can any body have link for same.


  15. Sigma 9 years ago

    Does anybody have a copy of this? Is it possible to get it from DoorDarshan?

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