Blast from the Past: Naushad’s Filmfare Interview from 1997

  1. aryan 7 years ago

    Excellent Interview Thanks Sputnik for sharing.

  2. Chaalu-Chaiwaala 7 years ago

    Very good read about his hardships and memories. The last photo of him killing the magnificient creature of God – Tiger left a bad taste though.

    • Author
      sputnik 7 years ago

      Yeah agree with you on the picture of the Tiger leaving a bad taste.

  3. Chaalu-Chaiwaala 7 years ago

    Agree with him on his take on Baiju Bawra of not taking major stars. Watching that film in theater was one of the most memorable experience!

    I like the way song “Tu Ganga ki mauj mai ” ends with Meena kumari’s boat hitting gently on Bharat Bhushan’s and people gathered at bank of river – the way she is embrassed.

    All songs are gem in the movie. I cant still stop loving this one:

  4. 7 years ago

    Lovely interview. Thanks for sharing. Most of the songs composed by him are jems.

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