Better the director, Better the film!

Here I am naming some films which were disappointing and had too much of potential which remained unexploited. But I will also name the director Who I think would have done justice to the film.

Ghanchakkar- The film was contrived and tried too hard to be funny. Some jokes were good, like the one where Namit Das is naked and talking to his girlfriend on phone. But there was no real purpose of such scenes, or no connection to main plot which somewhere restricted its idea. I think Vishal Bahrdwaj would’ve thrown a curveball in second half of the film. Well, although Bhardwaj has disappointed in last two of his films, but the humor he brings to table (Kaminey, and some hilarious moments of Matru like the one where they are in aeroplane) was exactly what Ghanchakkar required.

Aurangzeb- This film made so many rounds in the same circle that it left me bored for half the part. It has a very interesting premise followed by some smart screenplay. But the film tilts towards sloppiness thanks to naive director. Sudhir Mishra, I would say! I am sure most of you have seen “Yeh Saali Zindagi” and if you remember there are too many characters introduced in first half of it. But the way Mishra handles them and connects them to the plot is what makes YSZ interesting! Aurangzeb misses all of that.

Cocktail- It surely has made the bucks but did not leave you impressed! I was really impressed with Homi when he used the silence during the first half (very modicum level usage of background music). But he doesn’t know how to extract youth and unpretentious emotions. The scene where Diana asks Saif to stay with Deepika and to forget her is way too cliched for a film that promises energy and standard but believable sentiments. Naah, it was too much! Imtiaz himself should have directed it. Pick that scene from “Love Aaj Kal” where Saif meets deepika just few moments before her marriage. That scene starts from Saif’s enthusiasm and i-am-all-cool and ends up at I-am-shattered. Its such beautifully shot and enacted that you miss such zing in Cocktail despite it has got all the room.

Request you all to add your inputs. I will add mine as and when I think of them.

  1. Baba 10 years ago

    very good topic to discuss sanket

    agree wit the films you have chosen except ghanchakkar which i have not seen.they had potential to be good films.

    among the ones released this year, i think BMB shoulld have been directed by shimit amin with akshay as lead. he didnt lose focus from the sports in CDI and he woudl have kept more training and authentic race scenes in the film instead of showing milkha singhs fantasy.

    Commando , though a great action film was not upto the mark in direction. there was an unnecessary attempt to make it look like a masala film and i dont blame them, its an issue with most filmmakers in india and i cannot think of anyone who could have done well here. someone like prachya pinkaew or isaac florentine can direct it well.

    ABCD should have been directed by prabhudeva with hrithik as lead and it should have been a remake of step up 3.

    SAW should have concentrated on the scholastic aspects of manya surve.

  2. sputnik 10 years ago

    Agree with you on Ghanchakkar. This is from my review.

    “Movie had a interesting premise and it was engrossing for a while but it lost its way. It dragged a lot in the second half and the scenes became repetitive. Was able to correctly guess where the money was pretty early on. Could not believe how Sanju or his wife did not think about that. It had some subtle humor and is a dark comedy. The good thing about the movie was that one is not sure whether Sanju is really suffering from memory problems or if he is faking it and if Vidya’s character is good or lying right until the end. Did not like the unnecessary introduction of a new character at the end. Did not like the ending either.”

    Movies You Watched This Month – July 2013

    Have not seen Aurangzeb.

    Not a fan of Imtiaz but second half of Cocktail became very old fashioned and cliched. Still ended up liking it because of Deepika and Diana. Ranbir instead of Saif would have made it a bigger hit. Here is my review.

    Cocktail Review

  3. Baba 10 years ago

    regarding cocktail , i think they should have gone for the lesbian angle between deepika and diana it would have made things interesting 😀

    raanjhana – i dont deny its overall stil one of the films of the year but some scenes in the second half could have been avoided

    three films which shouldnt have been made at all – himmatwala, chasme badoor and besharam 😉

  4. sputnik 10 years ago

    Agree BMB could have been a better film if directed by Shimit Amin. Problem with BMB was that it tried to be a masala movie with romance, songs and all instead of being like Paan Singh Tomar.

    Commando should have been about the Commando and some military operation involving cross border terrorism and it could have had a small angle of saving a politician’s kidnapped daughter instead of the old fashioned love story.

    Raanjhana’s first half was great. They should have avoided the political angle and all those stupid Delhi scenes completely. Sonam just getting over her infatuation and falling for some other rich educated/sophisticated guy would have been enough.

    • narad_muni 10 years ago

      I am so glad that someone else feels the same about BMB as I do…. everywhere ppl were going gung ho about this film. It’s still very watchable but I expected more focus on sports..hence I was disappointed.

      Ranjhnaa is still one of the best films of the year for me. Yes, it could have been much better in the 2nd half but still liked it a lot.

  5. saurabh 10 years ago

    I think ra. One should be directed by rakesh roshan or she her Kapur or at least farhan akhter…. It Ws hving grt potential, but srk interference nd anubhav sinha did the worst job. Even srk’s understanding of what will work at indian bo, nd his interference is the biggest drawback of this movie. If he has thought like indian audience is more mature than what he thinks, then movie may become good. I Ws really sad because of potential of this kind of movie got wasted. Even if ak could direct it, movie might become grt..

    • narad_muni 10 years ago

      SRK was the only reason RA.1 was so bad.. I think Anubhav would have done fine if SRK would not have meddled so much

  6. Tulmul Memender 10 years ago

    not seen anyone of them so left to click Likes only 😉 .

  7. John Galt 10 years ago

    Ghanchakkar is my most fav film of the year..I think it was a fantastic thriller and a near perfect Dark comedy..Loved Emraan Hashmi’s performance in it…and hats off to the director for keeping it so engrossing til the end.

    • FS 10 years ago

      Agree with you that Ghanchakkar is one of the best movie. Loved every bit of the film from performances to characters to direction to editing.

      Cocktail was good to average affair and same was the case with Aurangzeb.

  8. Manish Kumar 10 years ago

    MNIK .. i think it cd have been the best love story bt sab kuch daalne ke chakkar mein achieved nothing ….

    CC2C wd have been very good Axn masala

    OUATIMD – after every good scene there wd be some neautralizing bekaar ka romantic scene … edit out faltu rtomance n Imran wd have made movie much much bettr …

    saw Ranjhna again , thoda changes la sakte the second half bt it was still good enough

    will add more

  9. ank_16n 10 years ago

    I liked cocktail so didn’t got disappointed by it… i
    have not seen Ghanchakkar n auranzeb so can’t say
    about them 😛 BTW good post 😀

    i liked MKBKM 😛 yes i was the rare one who liked it..!!

  10. Sanket Porwal 10 years ago

    Adding “Agent Vinod” to the list. I honestly believe that Sriram made AV in defiance thinking that he can make smart thrillers work commercially too! Well its not a wrong thinking but the blend of smartness and commercializing somewhere evoked imbalance. Abbas Mastan would´ve given right amount of entertainment quotient and would have made it immensely enjoyable. There was nothing in AV which was beoynd Mastan-Duo´s prowess.

    • FS 10 years ago

      AV – except first fifteen minutes of action everything was good.

  11. anjanpur685miles 10 years ago

    Disagree on ghanachakkar. Not a single bit shud be changed and the movie was not trying hard at all, in fact all the dark humor leading upto the climax was brilliant. Yes it is the best film of the year.

    disagree on AV too. It was subtle and slick, and hence i liked it. (subtle in sense director does not spoonfeed thru lengthy dialogues).Abbas mastan wud hv spoiled it with their mas

  12. Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

    Saw the movie again. Enjoyed it even more on second viewing. In fact it gets more engorssing and funny in last 1.5 hrs. I am not sure ppl saw the same movie …Its fantabulous to say the least !!



    See, there is tension towards last 40 mins of the film when we dont know Vidya is lying or not. Adding to it Emraan gets phone calls 3 times asking him to show the money and the caller claims he knows Emraan is lying. By the voice we already know a third (new) character is going to make an entry.

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