Best Girlfriend – Short Film by Navjot Gulati

  1. aryan 7 years ago

    Excellent short film.

  2. FS 7 years ago

    got to know in the beginning itself but she is cute

    • Author
      sputnik 7 years ago

      Yeah she is cute.

      I was thinking that she will come back and find him with an escort so that was a good twist with her turning out to be an escort.

      If the guy had gone to that friend’s place & she showed up as the escort without the picture scene it would have made for a better ending.

      • FS 7 years ago

        I was expecting it to end it the way you anticipated but it wouldn’t have made much difference since it’s an easy guess.

        There was one Hindi movie where two male leads (best friends) starts an escort service to earn money but soon they stand on opposite turf due to superb twist (it was yuck to me but a different film in bollywood). I can’t remember the movie. trying to search the movie from past half an hour. I am also getting confused about the lead actors. Tried to search in their filmography but couldn’t get the name of the movie

        • Author
          sputnik 7 years ago

          hmm… Haven’t heard of that plot before.

          But this story from Mirch seems somewhat similar to Best Girlfriend.

          “Asu Hotmal (Boman Irani) says good bye to his wife Anita (Konkana Sen) who is not happy that her husband has to go out of town again and again for business. On the way, as Asu chitchats with the cab driver, he reveals that he regrets that he got married and that the bachelors have more fun. He then goes to a hotel where he asks the butler for a hooker. The hooker arrives dressed in a Burka. Asu offers her drink and food, the hooker reveals herself as Anita. Caught in an embarrassing situation, she turns the tables on him and angrily questions why he felt the need to seek another woman and that she turned up as a hooker just to catch him in the act after her friend Sakina saw him check into the hotel. Then, she locks herself in the bathroom where she calls her pimp, telling him he has accidentally set her up with her own husband. To fix the situation, she gets the pimp to burst in and tell Asu that due to police monitoring going on tonight, he is not going to be able send the hooker. Anita, while still in the locked bathroom puts some Glycerine in her eyes to fake the tears and then comes out crying saying she now no longer wants to be with him. Asu falls to his knees begging that he has made a mistake and shall do anything to make up for it. Anita forgives him and they hug. Then, Anita asks Asu how much was he going to pay for “the service” tonite. Asu replies 2,000. Anita coldly says that, in that case, for him to make up for tonight, she wants jewelery worth 200,000 from him. Asu agrees immediately.”

  3. Anonymous 3 years ago

    Whts mother.s real name

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