Besharam Theatrical Trailer

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    aryan 11 years ago

    Outstanding Trailer liked it per heroine bekaar hai.

  2. mate 11 years ago

    Ranbir in his own mode again. Actually I expect a surprise here, but it’s as predictable as we expect from Abhinav-Ranbir combo, it looks like Abhinav remake Dabangg by modifying the script keeping in mind the image of Ranbir.
    Anyway, the trailer is not bad at all, but it’s not good either.

    • mate 11 years ago

      The trailer is getting extreme negative feedback at youtube and the other social media.

  3. Manish Kumar 11 years ago

    komal ka promo link baad mein tanqeed ka pehle 😀

  4. Rafsan Cr 11 years ago

    average stuff.but i had different expectations from this film.Also ppnh trailer was way better than this. Ranbir´s character looks more or less same like some of his previous films.But box office prospect looks very safe.

  5. shan 11 years ago

    Surprised how ordinary the trailer is! Expected something better and different. This looks like Ajab Prem + Yeh Jawaani set in Dabangg land.

  6. sputnik 11 years ago

    Crap Trailer. Agree with the comments that “Abhinav remake Dabangg by modifying the script keeping in mind the image of Ranbir” and that the trailer looks like “Ajab Prem + Yeh Jawaani set in Dabangg land” The trailer also reminds of Phata Poster Nikla Hero trailer – Ranbir and Shahid both trying to be massy characters.

    Ranbir seems to be overacting like anything. Pallavi’s acting does not look good.

  7. Tulmul Memender 11 years ago

    Jab samay achha chal raha hoo toh bakwas be Jhakas dikhta hain aur bikta hain

  8. Manish Kumar 11 years ago

    the comedy part works well… it seems youngsters will love it … another big earner for ranbir …. but in axn he dopesnt look good … the only necomers in last 13 years that i find good in axn are – HR and Vidyut (awesome) ..

    • Baba 11 years ago

      agree and this is the film that shows ranbirs limitations.just like saawariya did.
      it exposes him.he looks stupid in all that OTT action and the one liners are not working.and why is he overacting like that?I thought one srk in the industry was enuff 😉
      first yjhd and now this – ranbir is becoming a prince of garbages quite fast

  9. Manish Kumar 11 years ago

    i like comedy parts infact i feel when akshay stop acting as hero we will have another good actor in comedy – ranbeer 🙂

  10. Baba 11 years ago

    horrible trailer. this may be worse than dabang.first time seeing ranbir totally overacting since saawariya.the one liners are lame.looking at the untentionally funny action, i think ranbir did the right thing so far by staying away from it.its not meant for him

  11. Reddemon 11 years ago

    Average Stuff.

    IMO Trailorwise
    PPNH > CE = Besharam

  12. Soumya Dhar 11 years ago

    ranbir has good comic timing.

  13. Reddemon 11 years ago

    Its good that Besharam is releasing. Now we can compare the collections of Besharam and CE coz both are of same genre and releasing on Holidays. So there wont be any space for excuses and comparisions can easily be made b/w SRK and RK.

  14. syed imran 11 years ago

    frank opinion – being a RK fan, i was expecting the trailer to be swanky, funny, masaledar and full on entertainment… agree with others that the film look like a combo of his previous hits and lil similar on the lines of bunty aur babli…

    bt still the final outcome will be on its release day and how the music impresses the public…

    and its very stupid to compare RK with SRK,,,, both are different and have their own charm and fan following…

    yeh log itna jalte kyun hain SRK se… just bcoz he stood of his own and made a name for himself in the industry with no filmy background and went much ahead of those non actors whose fans will be grumbling on the site promoting their false popularity and publicity…


  15. Baba 11 years ago

    besharam trailer has 320 likes and 360 dislikes LOL .now i can safely say ranbir is a superstar. only a superstar can generate hate 😉 just read the coments on youtube

  16. Anjanpur685Miles 11 years ago

    Duh !! This is what east punjab experts are pumping?

  17. sauravjha 11 years ago

    3 things I noticed here. !) I liked the trailer. 2) Ranbir seems to be opening his zip far too many times. 3) Negative reactions shows Ranbir has well and truly become a superstar now 🙂

    • mate 11 years ago

      Bro, It’s not just you, I also noticed that You liked the trailer. 😉
      Aur rahi baat negative reactions ki, to us k liye pehle positivity ka strong backup banana padta hai, tab hi ap negative reaction ko defend kar sakte ho. Kahi aisa na ho ye bechara new-born superstar Negativivity k bojh k neeche hi dab kar dafan ho jaye. 😆

      • sauravjha 11 years ago

        Haha well said mate. It is going to be all together new challenge now for Ranbir. He will be scrutinised left right and center now. Regarding the trailer I liked few scenes including Rishi and Neetu Kapoor and 1st and last scene. 🙂

  18. Nitin Singla 11 years ago

    So ranbir can´t do masala characters.. As Madhuri says it was bakwaas

  19. syed imran 11 years ago

    he he … rytly said bro….

  20. DABANGG_NIINJA 11 years ago

    Very good promo bs action scene chod do ..action scene me ranbir ne face comedy wala bna liya yr .pr record opening mil skti he ab promo acha he .multiplx me pakka he record todegi . Axn acha hota to ss me bhi record tod deti

  21. Jaya Lahori 11 years ago

    Bad trailer.. Ranbir is repeating himself. Stale!

  22. FS 11 years ago

    Expected some serious hardcore axn masala stuff but this trailer is very bad, didn’t like it. Why is ranbir delivering dialogues in chunkey pandey style? Too much of OTT stuff. Shahid’s phata poster nikla hero is better than this.

  23. Bored 11 years ago

    Very poor stuff here – looks like clippings from his previous movies like Azab Ghazab Prem Kahani, Barfi and Ye Jawani Hai Dewani.

    Plus some terrible action sequences (same stuff looked so much more fun with Salman!).

    Ranbir has terribly feminine body language (be it comedy/action or dance). If Abhishek is an expert at playing the stereotype gay character, then Ranbir is the perfect She-Man of Bollywood at present. Even Shahid in Phata Poster is more manly (if thats possible!).

    And the dig at srk/ddlj is not funny – but just in poor taste.

  24. Bored 11 years ago

    Firt SRK pays tribute to Rajni with ‘lungi uthana padega’ and then Ranbir pays tribute to SRK by pissing on DDLJ fields.
    Hats off to Bollywood! Bajate Raho …

  25. Aditya007 11 years ago

    Didn’t like trailer ! Ranbir is doing same Stuff even Directors approching YJHD kind(Playboy) of Roles in everyMovie ! 80-90crat best !

  26. ank_16n 11 years ago

    crap………mujhe pasnd nahi aaya..!!

    having said everything Besharam will open with huge collections…!!

  27. utube 11 years ago

    Besharam Will be supper duper block buster of all time.RK ki aisi adaa o pe ladkiya marti hai.Welcome the new era of only one superstar, RK is new shahenshah of bollywood. He is new amitabh bachchan of this generation.

    3idiot ke trailer bhi logo kobpasand nahi aaye the Besharam ka bhi aisa hai trailer pasand nahi ayega but movie will outdo every other records of bollywood.

  28. saurabh 11 years ago

    Baba y u drag SRK in every post… Its ok to not liking him, but I guess u hate him, nd can’t think beyond SRK… He got so many awards yar, how can u say he overacts now dnt tell every award is buyable..
    he is working with good directors, a good director like ashotosh, sanjay Leela, farhan, Amol will never go to a actor who do not know how to act… Raju , Anurag, also went to him… Pkease just think before commenting anything..

    • Baba 11 years ago

      i just saw some of your comments on other threads and it looks to me like you have issues with a lot of ppls opinion (spuntik, suprbah etc). atleast i am limiting myself to stars 😉 anyway the comparison with srk is valid in that case.

  29. sputnik 11 years ago

    Ranbir Kapoor Interview about Besharam

    Your last film ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani’ has been a super grosser at the box office. What do you hope for Besharam?
    I have never expected anything from my films commercially. Honestly, what audiences like is something filmmakers will never know. In the end, if the story is good and appealing, people will flock in to watch the film. I have been very lucky for the commercial success and critical acclaim that has come my way.

    How would you describe the journey of Besharam?
    Films like Besharam belong to a very tough genre. You are expected to portray a larger than life role in such films. And as an actor I have challenged myself this time by picking a role which is so very different from me.

    It is said that Abhinav Kashyap moulds the characters of his film based on personality of his actors. Did he do the same for you?
    No I don’t think so. Abhinav first got in touch with when he congratulated me after Rockstar, for my performance. He had a script in his mind for me and then he came up with Besharam. I agreed to do the film because the character really pleased me. For me the character I am playing is very important.

    Recently at an event actor Salman Khan praised you saying you are competing with superstars like SRK and him. What do you have to say on that?
    It is the bigness of Salman sir to encourage new talent in such kind words. There is nothing like fostering healthy competition in the industry and I am so grateful for his words. I can’t even consider myself in their league. But yes, such compliments do make me feel proud of myself and at the same time inspire me.

    But from the trailer of Besharam, a popular idea has grown that you are mocking SRK and Salman. What would you like to say on that?
    Not at all. We are definitely not making fun of them. It is all said in good humor. When you see sarson ke khet, ‘Tujhe dekha toh’ is the first song that will invariably come to your mind. Shah Rukh sir himself has a very witty sense of humor so he’ll see where we are coming from. Coming to the scene where I tell my father that Chulbul naam se koi Dabangg nahi ban jata is actually pretty misconstrued. The name Chulbul post Dabangg has acquired this aura of something stellar in every household, and it was not meant in any rude manner at all.

    Your character in Besharam is a great fan of Big B…
    Oh yes. Babli is a crazy fan of Amitabh Bachchan. When Abhinav narrated the script of Besharam to me, there is only one thing he gave me as homework – to grow chest hair like Big B. It took me 4 months to grow this (shows his chest hair) and I don’t think I would ever let it go! I in fact met Mr Bachchan at KBC and I told him how huge a fan I am of his! He is such a gracious man and it is such an honor to meet him.

    How was it working with your parents for the first time?
    It was an overwhelming experience. I am in awe of my father. He is such an excited man when it comes to films and when on the sets of the film he completely becomes the character. That is what made me comfortable working with him. The character my mom plays in the film is so different from what she is in real life. Yet, there is so much conviction in the way she fashions her role. They are so excited to play their roles on screen and it is truly great to see the kind of effort they put to be effortless on screen.

    What is the one thing that being an actor you think you should be Besharam about?
    I am a very shy person in my personal space. And being an actor it is automatically expected of me to be unabashedly ‘Besharam’ about my emotions. I am supposed to bare my emotions completely.

    Besharam is nothing like any of your previous roles, where you have been suave and polished. How did you manage to fit in into something so different?
    All credit goes to Abhinav. I was expected to look loud for this film and he guided me very well. There is a certain repulsive quotient in the character I play and I had to be completely immersed in the shades of my character. Besharam will be a very loud film. I usually try to take risk with the characters I play by experimenting newer roles. The only characters that I have played which I can identify and feel were close to me are Wake Up Sid and Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani.

    How did you react to the name Babli given that it is a woman’s name?
    Oh I love quirky names of my characters. Like Barfi! was great. So was Janardan or Jordan in Rockstar. I think audiences react well to unusual screen names. And personally such names get me very excited.

    You are a terrific dancer, so how have you used it in this film?
    I am actually not a good dancer. If you see the best dancers be it Shammi Kapoor or even Govinda, they used to have fun with the song and express the enjoyment with their eyes and smile. That’s what I do. Even if I get the steps wrong, I go and have a blast with the song!

    How would you encapsulate your journey in the industry?
    I was initially shadowed with the tag of being a star kid which made getting a break easier for me, but in the long run to sustain here one has to work hard. Just being a star kid doesn’t pay off for too long. I have greater passions and bigger aspirations, of which I have done only 2%. I have a long way to go.

    What are your next projects?
    I will begin shooting for Jagga Jaasoos in November. It will be produced by me and it is awesome working with someone like Anurag Basu who has such an indomitable flair. It is a musical with a detective concept and I will have scenes in which I will play a school boy too. It is a franchise that will be co-produced by Disney and I am very excited for it. I will begin working with Deepika on Imtiaz’s next early 2014. I play a supporting character for Roy which is directed by a dear friend of mine. Ayan Mukherji is scripting down a superhero film, which will be trilogy. So yes I have a great platter of brilliant roles lined up for me thankfully.

    So much has been spoken about your personal life. Do you feel grossed out about the link up stories?
    Not grossed out because I understand that being a star my life is out there for public scrutiny. It is commendable that people want to know about me and what I do. However, I am not that naive anymore like I was earlier in my career. I used to speak very freely about my relationships and somehow wherever I went that became a bigger topic of discussion than my work. I am not really being selfish just protective since in India, people are quick to judge when a relationship doesn’t culminate into a marriage and such value calls is what I wouldn’t want. I don’t want my life to become a reality show and this is a very Catch 22 situation for me! Oh and By the way I am not getting engaged on my Birthday.

    Do you think Besharam will surpass the box office collections of YJHD?
    Luckily for me, for the family I come from, I have never faced a dearth of anything – be it money or luxuries. Hence I am not doing the roles or films for money. By God’s grace, I have had enough monetary benevolence always. But yes, I do hope the audiences like my film and this can beat YJHD‘s box office numbers too.

    What is your larger aim at being the Bollywood Superstar you are famed to be?
    I want the best of all the stars – Aamir, Shah Rukh, Salman, Akshay and yet be me!

    And what’s the last thing you want to say about Besharam?
    Being Besharam is an attitude. Be very khulla and yet the message is simple – there can never be a wrong way to reach the right thing in life!


    • FS 11 years ago

      He is definitely good in interviews. Never gives an opportunity to criticize him or blast him later

  30. Raj5 11 years ago

    Superhero Trilogy movie with Ayan Mukherjee..sounds interesting.

  31. saurabh 11 years ago

    @ baba, i may have issue with people’s opinion, comment, post, and that is why we have this site, to discuss views and opinions and understand that our view is correct or not..
    and what i was saying that, in every post if you criticize some actor even there is no relation and moreover there is no enough prof of you opinion then obviously i will have issue..
    moreover as far as i remembered i had no issue with sputnik or you misinterpreted my comment..
    with suparbh i had one issue abt one comment, but not more than that,.. actually i have more issues with your comments and post…nt with you. and i can have issues with anybody’s comment or post.

    and i have issue with someone is itself showing that i m respecting that person’s view and that person itself. that’s y i m giving imp to that person’s comment… otherwise there are so many b.s comments..

    and i have read your posts abt Rocket singh and CDI comparison type post- which one is more real..and about deepika’s wardrobe issue(which is cheapest article I have ever read..)nd i have issues with them too.. sadly i m nt finding enough time to keep myself up to date abt this satisfying and great site..

    now i really dnt think srk belong to category which u said.. may be he is ott in some movies, but he is nt the only one nor the worst one… as ur comment says.. either u hate him, (in this case i m ok with ur comment and also ok with mentioning him in any other post, since u say u r nt a hater so i had issue coz u were repeating srk in every post at that time when this post was written.).. or u exaggerated ur view …

    sorry i didn’t get a chance to see your comment earlier..

  32. Author
    aryan 11 years ago

    Besharam Dialogue Promos

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