‘Barfi’ is happy go lucky person: Ranbir

In their forthcoming film, ‘Barfi’, actors Ranbir Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra play deaf and mute and autistic characters respectively, but they insist that the film is not about disability

The romantic comedy directed by Anurag Basu, revolves around a boy named Murphy (Ranbir), whom everyone calls Barfi. Always ready with a prank up his sleeve, he is quite the charmer even though he can neither speak nor listen.

While Jhilmil (Priyanka) plays an autistic character in the film. The film also stars Tollywood actress Ileana D’Cruz. “I would say that one should not associate this film with disability… This film is not about disability. It is a coincidence that these two characters are deaf, mute and one is autistic. But one will not feel that it is a disability film. Its about enjoying life, giving happiness, feeling love. Its a love story,” Ranbir told reporters here last night at the first look of the film.

“If you see Ileana’s character you will see eternal romance, if you see the love story between Priyanka and my character, its heartwarming. You will not feel that the film is about disability film or mentally challenged kind of film. It’s not that,” he said.

On similar lines, Priyanka said, “When we meet differently-abled people, or people who are special, we have a view point that they have a dark, sorrowful life we feel bad for them, it is not a film about that. There are people who smile, laugh, fall in love, enjoy.. It’s that side of their life. So it is not about disability.”

“I don’t think after a point of time you will remember that these two characters have disabilities. The world created between these three characters (Ranbir, Priyanka and Illena) is just something we haven’t seen before. Ranbir’s character is adorable and sweet in the film,” she added. Talking about his character, Ranbir, 29, says, “The film is set in 70s.. It’s a romantic-comedy. The name of the character is Barfi, he is deaf and mute. He is happy go lucky person. He has a big heart and his only purpose in life is to make people happy. Even in his sorrows, you will see a sense of comedy and happiness. His motive is to make people happy.”

Ranbir described the character of Priyanka in the film as a cute puppy dog. “We are normal characters… Priyanka is an autistic girl but she is like a puppy dog, who you would fall in love with. A beautiful puppy dog… A cute puppy,” he said. Ileana, who makes her debut in Bollywood, heaps praises for the director and her co-stars.

“Its been surreal. Its been amazing. Amidst all the chaos and tons of hard work, it was emotional and loads of fun. Anurag is one of the best directors I have worked with. He got one of the most honest performances of me,”Ileana said. “I want to thank everyone associated with the film. Priyanka and Ranbir have been terrific co-stars. Its been lovely working with them,” she said.

Asked about the kissing scene between her and Ranbir in the film, Ileana says, “It was not the kiss that I was nervous about… It’s the emotion behind the kiss, which was the key element in the scene that I was nervous about. The kiss came out pretty well.”


  1. Baba Ji 9 years ago

    somehow i feel the disablity shown in the film is just a gimmick.it looks like a regular movie.

  2. Serenzy 9 years ago

    It has deffo gone Over Budget!

  3. Author
    sputnik 9 years ago

    ‘Barfi’ is not a silent film, says Anurag Basu

    Director Anurag Basu, who is looking forward to the release of his Ranbir Kapoor-Priyanka Chopra starrer ‘Barfi’, says that its not a silent movie contrary to what its first trailer suggests.

    The first trailer of the film relied completely on background score and emotions to convey its message to the audience.

    “Its not a silent film. The people who can speak in the film do talk. You have to understand that I have great actors who could convey a message without saying a word. What you saw in the trailer is what you can expect,” Basu told reporters at the first look of Barfi.

    “Its not that there are no dialogues in the entire film. I did not think that I will make a silent film with no dialogues from beginning to end. Those who can speak have dialogues. I wanted that everyone should understand the story,” he said.

    “There are fewer dialogues in the film and that is the specialty of the film. I had good actors who without saying anything could convey the story…Then nothing like it. Illena has few dialogues,” he added.

    The film revolves around a deaf and mute boy and a mentally challenged girl. From the trailer, it looks like Ranbir has been able to essay his role pretty well, and Priyanka’s mentally challenged avatar looks quite promising.

    “I wanted to make a film which is different and beautiful to spread happiness. When the characters are different, it doesn’t mean the film is grim. It is a happy, commercial film,” Basu said.

    “Earlier on, yes, I made different dark passionate films..That time my life was different but now I am married and I have kids so I should make family films,” he said with a smile.

    Also starring Tollywood actress Ileana D’Cruz, releases on September 14. ”


  4. Reddemon 9 years ago

    if the movie is good it has good chances at box office. Ranbir has good screen nd he can attract multiplex audience in hoards.

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