“Bandit Queen inspired me to make `Paan Singh'”

Basking in the success of ‘Paan Singh Tomar’, director Tigmanshu Dhulia says it was filmmaker Shekar Kapoor’s ‘Bandit Queen’ that inspired him.

Paan Singh Tomar is based on the true story of a soldier-athlete who turned a dacoit. Kapoor had praised the film, saying that it was better than Bandit Queen.

“I am overwhelmed with the response to Paan Singh Tomar. It was sweet of Shekar Kapoor to say that. He is my guru. But the truth is Paan Singh Tomar could not have been made if Bandit Queen had not been made,” Tigmanshu told reporters here.

“It was Bandit Queen that drove me to make Paan Singh Tomar.” Paan Singh Tomar, featuring Irrfan Khan, released on March 2 and has become a surprise hit. PTI


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    aryan 9 years ago

    PST Review u wrote about Tigmanshu highly inspired from Bandit Queen.

    The second half is also very similar to Bandit Queen. Those who have not seen Bandit Queen may not have any problems but those who have seen it will get a feeling of deja vu. Interestingly Tigmanshu Dhulia was the Assistant Director on Bandit Queen.

    And he accepted today.

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