Badhaai Ho Movie Review by Sputnik

A 25-year-old man tries to suppress his embarrassment when his mother announces that she is pregnant.

Excellent movie. Its definitely one of the best Hindi movies of 2018. The subject is so sensitively and wonderfully handled.

There are quite a few good scenes in the movie like the scene where the father tells his sons there is going to be a new relative in the house or the scene where he tells his mother about the pregnancy only to find out she wasn’t wearing her hearing aid. The best scene of the movie is the scene where the Dadi defends her daughter-in-law Priyamvada. The relationship between Nakul and Renee was nicely portrayed too. The middle class setting was excellent too.

Ayushmann Khurrana was very good as the embarrassed older son Nakul. Neena Gupta was excellent as his mother Priyamvada. Gajraj Rao was excellent as Nakul’s father. Surekha Sikri was excellent as the constantly quarreling Dadi and completely stole the show with her outburst scene. Sanya Malhotra was very good as Renee, Nakul’s girlfriend and colleague. Shardul Rana was good as the younger son Gular. The rest of the cast was good too.

Story by Akshat Ghildial, Shantanu Srivastava and Jyoti Kapoor was very good. Dialogues were excellent by Akshat Ghildial. Amit Sharma’s direction was excellent. The movie could have become melodramatic but it doesn’t lose the humor.

Highly Recommended


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