Back from 2 States – Alia Bhatt, The THESPIAN has truly arrived!


I hated the promos. Never cared for to check the songs. Arjun Kapoor was a factor which was already against the movie atleast till i saw it. My only hope from the film was Alia Bhatt and boy has she delivered or what! Now i always knew she was a great actor from her first film SOTY. He did well for herself in Highway but in 2 states, she has graduated to a THESPIAN. she looks earth shateringly beautiful and has acted like a seasoned actor. Not a note wrong. Makes every scene her own . You have to see her acting when arjun proposes her in between her interview or when she speaks on dowry in a marriage scene. She plays a south Indian character with such realism unlike the caricaturish, phoney act by Deepika in Chennai express. She has taught a lesson to all wooden actresses how to act. Come , watch her and learn something. She is the best thing to have happended to bollywood and she is destined for unimaginable heights of superstardom.

P.S. : 2 states has made me a blind alia bhatt fanatic. if she asks me to support Narendra Modi to spend a day with her, i will suport Narendra Modi, yes you read it

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    sneha 7 years ago

    Babaji – Ronit Roy was terrific too…. I still cant forget the scene wer Arjun slaps Ronit Roy and the scene wer arjun hugs him in the end… Words fall short to describe the scenes…

    • Abki Baar Modi Atyachar

      yes that scene was very good. its completely new for bw. has there been a similr scene before where a son hits ?

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        Reddemon 7 years ago

        again Ronit Roy was the one to get slapped.

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        sputnik 7 years ago

        The whole relationship between Arjun and Ronit Roy is straight out of Udaan. Ronit Roy basically replayed his role. He is very domineering, drinks all the time and he bashes his step brother. There also the son wants to be a writer. There also the son rebels against the father in the end and slaps the father.

        Alia Bhatt was good and looked cute but there was nothing thespian about it. Actually the whole movie was more on Arjun Kapoor than her. And there was nothing South Indian about her character. Alia acted just like any normal girl in Bollywood movies. Most Tamilian girls and even guys in real life can’t even speak a word of Hindi and they do have an accent. You can’t make an actor playing a Hyderabadi speak in normal Hindi and say that he was realistic. Yes Deepika’s role was a caricature and her accent was phoney but she was consistent in that role and the best last year.

        • Abki Baar Modi Atyachar

          did udaan came before chetan bhagat wrote 2 states book?

          “there was nothing South Indian about her character. ”

          the deepika fanatic has spoken and is defending a peice of crap like ce 😉 unless someone overacts or uses phoney caricaturish south indian accent, sputnik will not believe its real. there are many city born south indian girls who have normal accent and they speak tamil with their parents without sounding like a caricature. 2 states is exactly how you play a south indian role without falling for the stereotypes.its real.

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            Chaalu-Chaiwaala 7 years ago

            Interesting observation.

            Now I should see the movie. 😉 \

            I have seen so many tamilians not really speaking in tamil accent (based and brought up abroad mostly) – but they do have an accent for certain words …

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            sputnik 7 years ago

            2 States is a 2009 novel and Udaan released in 2010. I don’t know if the scenes between the father and son are same in the novel or not. Actually the slap scene in Udaan looked far more natural in it whereas here it seemed unnecessary or forced. Ronit Roy made his movie comeback with his Udaan role and he won awards too for his acting. So Karan Johar must have chosen him for the role based on Udaan. He must have liked his Udaan role as he gave him a role in SOTY too.

            I have been to Chennai twice and I did not see anyone speaking in Hindi both times. I had a very hard time with the Auto drivers the first time I landed in Chennai. I know many Tamilians from my college (Masters) here in US and not a single one of them could speak/understand a word of Hindi initially when they came from India. Even after they started understanding Hindi most of them would not even say a single word in Hindi. For a lot of them speaking in Hindi is a strict no-no.

            My roommate was a Tamilian and he did learn to speak Hindi but he had a strong accent while speaking English/Hindi. There were quite a few girls in our college from Tamil Nadu and not a single one spoke Hindi. They all spoke in English with a strong Tamil accent. I have had a couple of colleagues from Tamil Nadu too and they had Tamil accent too when speaking in English.

          • Abki Baar Modi Atyachar

            i think someone who has read the novel shoudl tell us whether the son-father angle is there or not in the book like in the film. rest of the “must have” “looked like” type conspiracy theories are of no significance.

            you have been to chennai twice but your common sense is always with you.alia bhatt is not playing an chennai auto driver in it. she plays a meritorious PGDM student in it who is doing MBA from IIM ahemadabad.just like you have met many tamilians who cant speak a word in hindi, i have met many tamilians in college and office who speak better hindi than me too. i am a north indian 🙂 dont stereotype ppl based on your experiences

  2. sunil
    sunil 7 years ago

    I said this before.Arjun Kapoor is the next superstar after Ranbir Kapoor.So this film will gross more thna 100cr.

  3. Abki Baar Modi Atyachar

    its the znmd of 2014. a very relevant issue handled with maturity – intercaste marriage. arjun kapoor surprised me, the acting and emotions are surprinsingly sublte and understated for the genre. great dialgues

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    Anjanpur685Miles 7 years ago

    Hearing good things abt the film and acting. May watch it.

    Baba, modi ke saath din bitaane ka kuch jyada ho gaya 😉

    Alia bhat is likeable though I havent seen any film of her.

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    Anjanpur685Miles 7 years ago

    Damn !!

    4th try here…

    I always liked her the way she carries herself when everyone around criticized the way she looks.

    Earlier 3 comments didnt show up 🙁

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    Chaalu-Chaiwaala 7 years ago


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    Chaalu-Chaiwaala 7 years ago

    Deepika was good btw.

    i did criticize a lot earlier…but she did a fine job.

    • Abki Baar Modi Atyachar

      she looked sincere because the movie was filled with insincere and hammy actors 😉 with a hammy director. she was like a andhon mien kaana raaja. her act was fine for the film but nonetheless phoney and caricaturish. could be intentional as the idea was just to get some laughs. it was not meant to be taken seriously

  8. Abki Baar Modi Atyachar

    the point spuntik raised about revathis singing scene as silly/KJOish tribute is also nonsense. she was singing popular songs from BW as a medley. she sang kaho na pyaar hai too. so was she giving a tribute to hrithik roshan? 😉

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      sputnik 7 years ago

      That is why it is silly/KJoish. She is learning classical singing at home and then singing Bollywod songs as a medley in Tamil Nadu. Those two scenes of Alia you mentioned were both filmy/KJoish too – the interview scene and the dowry scene. Don’t know if they are in the novel.

      • Abki Baar Modi Atyachar

        its a cultural show organised by Yes bank for audience. singers sing medley at such events to entertain the audience. dowry scene is one of the best scenes of the film with modern sensiblities for a change.

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          cr7 7 years ago

          In the book she sings popular Hindi songs ,KNPH too. 😛

          Dowry scene is there in the book. I guess Ananya had a longer speech in book compared to movie . In fact the whole marriage scene is better in book . The narration of the marriage was funny . As for the interview/propose scene is exactly similar to book. In book it was city bank 😛 . Book also had Krish’s interview with the bank which is not in the movie.

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            sputnik 7 years ago

            hmm no wonder some call Chetan Bhagat novels very filmy 🙂 But does she sing the song from Love too?

            What about the dowry scene is that similar in the novel too?

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            cr7 7 years ago

            I have read it 3 years ago .SO don’t remember exactly . I guess she sang tamil songs . In the book bala subramaniam praised her .So she could have sang songs from “Love” .

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    cr7 7 years ago

    As far as I remember The father son relationship is exactly same in the book . The slap,hug all are there in the book .

    • Abki Baar Modi Atyachar

      so that means udaan copied those things from the book

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      sputnik 7 years ago

      So it means that the writers Vikramaditya Motwane, Anurag Kashyap and Rutvik Oza and director Motwane copied the father-son relationship from 2 States.

      • saurabh sharma
        saurabh sharma 7 years ago

        1. i have read the book and i have seen udaan.. and ather son relationship in udaan and in the book si quite different.. though I forget but in book it was not well explained…
        2. Book is filmy… and actually very filmy but that keep u engaged…
        3.i haven’t seen the movie… but I guess alia bhat is good actor and i dnt think she can act better than highway as far as i have seen the trailer… neither I have read the reviews like that…

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    hithere 7 years ago

    why the title sounds like Utkal’s 🙂 ?

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