Babaji Ki Booty Song – Go Goa Gone

  1. Nitin Singla 11 years ago

    Listened to this song many times as I downloaded by mistake :3 but khoon choos le rocks

  2. Rafsan Cr 11 years ago

    can´t access tanqeed . Tanqeed . only me or any issue with the site ?

  3. Tanqeed Movies 11 years ago

    Some issue. Let me check.

  4. Tanqeed Movies 11 years ago

    They said there is something wrong with the web server and they are trying to get it back up. This is getting annoying with the website being down every few days.

    Just today I set up a new account with the same hosting provider to test Linux Cloud hosting with them. I thought they messed up and changed something which they should not have and that´s why the site is down.

    But I may have to finally change hosts. I have been with this hosting provider since 2008 and I have used that hosting at work since 2003. They were one of the Top 3 Coldfusion hosting companies but looks like they are becoming worse now.

  5. Tanqeed Movies 11 years ago

    Its back now. Just called and they said the server came back up 5 minutes after I called them the last time but for some reason my site did not come back up. He had to restart something to bring the site back up.

  6. Reddemon 11 years ago

    Ok. Baba ji wants royalty for using his name 😛

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