Assembly election result: Arvind Kejriwal sweeps Sheila Dikshit out in Delhi

Assembly election result: Arvind Kejriwal sweeps Sheila Dikshit out in Delhi

New Delhi: In a mega political bender, rookie politician Arvind Kejriwal has defeated three-time chief minister Sheila Dikshit in her constituency of New Delhi by some 22,000 votes. His one-year-old Aam Aadmi Party made a spectacular electoral debut winning 27 of Delhi’s 70 seats, just six behind the BJP, which is on top.

“Who has won this election? It is the common man…the aam aadmi,” Mr Kejriwal said this evening to  a crowd of jubilant supporters, who logged many hours waving the party symbol, the broom. “We have shown politics will not be held hostage anymore to either corruption or communalism. If the old parties don’t recognize this, the public has shown it can make them redundant,” the former tax inspector said.

Voters mercilessly spurned Ms Dikshit and her party, permitting the incumbent Congress less than 10 seats. The BJP with 33 seats needs three more to form the government. Mr Kejriwal is emphatic that he will not align with either the Congress or the BJP.

Through their campaign in Delhi, the Congress and the BJP made the gross tactical error of underestimating Mr Kejriwal’s ability to mobilize public support.

An army of meticulously-organized volunteers spread through the city, promising that the  Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) would shake up and cleanse a system manipulated by power brokers. They raised  20 crores through small donations – with supporters listed on the party website.

“We did not expect a newcomer with no clear agenda to have this sort of impact,” admitted the BJP’s Chandan Mitra.

Critics of Mr Kejriwal say the AAP’s economic policies are unsound and that its kinetic energy will not sustain till the national election, due by May.

Mr Kejriwal formed the AAP after  he split with his one-time partner Anna Hazare. In 2011, they invigorated middle class India with a movement demanding the introduction of the new anti-graft Lokpal Bill.

After a strong launch, the campaign dissipated; Mr Kejriwal said he had no choice but to enter politics, a move Anna refused to support.


  1. Author
    sputnik 10 years ago

    Hats off to Arvind Kejriwal. A man with no political connections and from no political dynasty has defeated a 3 time Chief Minister in her own constituency. Serves her right as she said “Who is AAP? Is that even a party?” and “Kejriwal is not even on our radar”.

    This is an excellent debut for the Aam Aadmi Party winning 28 seats and just 4 behind BJP’s 32 seats. Just wish that AAP had got the majority. A lot of BJP supporters were bashing AAP since the beginning saying that they were a party created by Congress to divide the votes that would go in favor of BJP. But their prime candidate Kejriwal contested against the Congress Chief Minister. They were being mocked for being inexperienced and many people said that all the activism will not translate into votes. I think its thinking of people like these who want to vote for the winning candidate/party instead of the best candidate/party that AAP did not get absolute majority. All those fake sting operations and fake exit polls may have kept AAP from getting absolute majority.

    Its a great day for Indian democracy.


    What the exit polls predicted and what happened.

    “According to the C-voter exit poll, the ruling Congress is projected to get 20 seats. The BJP will emerge as the single largest party with 31 seats, the Aam Admi Party is expected to win 15 seats.

    Today’s Chanakya has projected 10 seats for the Congress, 29 seats for the BJP and says the AAP will be the largest party with 31 seats.

    AC Nielsen’s exit poll predicts the Congress will win 16 and the AAP will win 15 seats. The BJP is projected to form the government with 37 seats.

    According to the India Today-ORG poll, the BJP will form the next government with a thumping majority of 41 seats. The Congress is likely to get 20 and the AAP is predicted to fare badly with just 6 seats.”


  2. yakuza 10 years ago

    Super Happy .. 🙂

  3. 10 years ago


    Request to you.

    I think let us not make any political post. I have seen NG, where some of the members started posting political stuff and later on most of the threads were on politics only (specially by two members), resulted in battle ground and subsequently turned into religious arguments abusing each other. The result ….. it has become trash now.

    Let us keep this site away from all this.

    A very humble request !!

    • Author
      sputnik 10 years ago

      I understand your concern and I don’t like political posts either. I made an exception for this post because this was such a big deal that a rookie politician beat a 3 time Chief Minister and that a new party which was running on clean politics won so many seats.

  4. Reddemon 10 years ago

    Congrats but still there is a long way to go for AAP. The only shortcut is to get Anna Hazare’s support.

  5. 10 years ago

    @sputnik – Thanks !!!!

  6. Author
    sputnik 10 years ago

    Nayak 2: The Common Man Rises – Spoof video on Arvind Kejriwal. Its quite cool of Alok Nath to mock his own characters in movies.

    • Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

      Hahaha, ROFL.

      Many great one liners there. Great great video !!

      “Sir Anna ne aapki sari Old Monk phek di”

      • Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

        Just came to know Alok Nath has been trending on twitter for quite some time and too many jokes. Watched couple of his interviews on youtube. Good to see he is taking it all in good spirit.

    • Author
      sputnik 10 years ago

      It was bound to happen sooner or later.

      “In political embarrassment for the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government, Kejriwal introduced the bill amid din in the assembly, but an aggressive Congress and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leaders became strange bedfellows to force Speaker M.S. Dhir to go for voting.

      In the voting, 42 members voted against the introduction of the bill, while only 27 MLAs – all AAP leaders – voted for it. Delhi assembly has a total strength of 70.”

      I don’t understand why it is political embarrassment for AAP. The media always uses words which make it sound like its AAP’s fault. The Congress and the BJP united together to vote against the bill thereby proving once again that they are the same.

      I hope that AAP wins absolute majority in the next elections.

      • Ipman 10 years ago

        congress-bjp are media favs. media likes trashing a newbie/debutant right after lionizing them whether its film or politics.if kejriwal didnt resign after spekaing so much for janlokpal bill, he would have never had a chance to rule in future. so he chose to resign now for a more assured future.congress/bjp didnt accept the bill bcos even if they accepted it, aap would have got all the credit.

        • Author
          sputnik 10 years ago

          If you read my first comment in this thread you will see that except for one exit poll the media projected that AAP will not do well in the elections. Yes after the win they lionized AAP and then started trashing them.

          This is funny. Apparently you support something 100 times more by voting against it 😉

          “BJP leader Dr Harsh Vardhan speaking to TV channels.

          “People of Delhi feel they have been betrayed. He has miserably failed to deliver. He has never delivered anything except for making false speeches,” said Dr Harsh Vardhan.

          “We are not against the Jan Lokpal bill. We support it 100 times more than the AAP government,” he said.

          “He should stop telling lies and making such baseless allegations,” Harshvardhan said adding that Kejriwal should resort to transparent politics.”


  7. Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

    Haha. True.

  8. Bored 10 years ago

    For any logical mind, this Jan Lok Pal bill fiasco is a direct loss of BJP’s credibility. All 27 AAP MLAs voted for the bill. Congress wud never vote a bill that will immediately expose Dixit n all others involved in Commonwealth scam. So why didnt BJP vote for it?

    Tabling the bill was not unconstitutional. However the bill wudnt have become a law without approval from Union Ministry. So whats the real reason for BJP’s non-support?

    • Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

      True. It will only help COngress going further if this time BJP comes to power and rules. (they will be exposed and those who are blindly following them will be disappointed). The people who are supporting BJP want a change – but just a “cosmetic” change that is.

  9. Bored 10 years ago

    With unwanted support and almost forced to form a govt by referendum, AAP had to resort to some theatrics in these 49 days which their detractors have come down upon heavily (although most of it are minor issues imo – done purposefully to prevent them from working).

    Wud like to see AAP comeback to power to Delhi Assembly with majority in re-election. That will give them a fair chance and time to show us results instead of only intent and rhetorics.

    On the other hand, i doubt if AAP is any position to fight 350 or 400 seats in Lok Sabha. It seems too overambitious to me. Arvind’s shortened list of 30 seats (against corrupt politicians) sounds a much better plan – although winning against those bigwigs may just be a dream (as of now).

  10. yakuza 10 years ago

    Read what Kajriwal’s Staff in secretariat says about him and his 49 days tenure !!

    • Bored 10 years ago

      It is obvious that Kejriwal is more than capable of governing (except to the scared n corrupt or the paid n biased media) – but his main aim is to get rid of corruption. There is only so much u can do when u dont have majority seats to call ur own shots – instead u have un-asked and unwanted support from a corrupt opposition.

      It will be India’s loss if Delhi doesnt bring him back to power – with majority.

      • Author
        sputnik 10 years ago

        Agree with you @bored

        Except for the already biased Cong/BJP supporters I don’t think any sane person will buy the Cong/BJP bullshit. I think people know who was right in this fiasco and they will support Arvind and AAP more.

        I too hope AAP gets absolute majority in the re-elections so that they have a better chance to prove themselves. And they probably will not have to resort to any theatrics the next time.

  11. yakuza 10 years ago

    Today’s at CII, speech and Q/A sessions by AK was so brilliant that all that Chai/Coffee/Soda/Ganja charcha looks so farzi in front of this. AK has so clarity on economical and industrial issues.

  12. narad_muni 10 years ago

    Huh…this thread seems like AAP and Kejri supporters patting each others’ back … similar to how Sallu or SRK fans get collective orgasm when a movie breaks box office records 😛

    Let us see what happens in the next elections.
    I personally think Kejriwal is all nautanki,fake and slimy. And he can go to any extent to get votes – the decision of give 50% discount to defaulters (read AAP workers) apart from waiving of the penalty has to be one of the most ridiculous decisions taken by any political leader. I wonder how any sane logical mind can support that. And one thing for sure, wherever and whenever AAP is in power, they will screw the economy big time and scare away the corporate sector…their ultra leftist policies will spell the doom for Indian economy.
    It is kind of ironical to see people who have got the benefit of opening up of our economy and probably sitting in some far away country voicing such great support for Kejri.

  13. rajesh 10 years ago

    AAP government was the most chaotic government India has ever seen. Kejriwal perhaps knew that middle class voters are dissatisfied with the way government was functioning and Jan Lokpal was his perfect exit plan. In fact, what I have seen so far, he believes in dictatorship, either my way or highway. Why he didn’t want to discuss on Jan Lokpaland insisted that wither the bill should be passes, else he would resign. He may get majority in next assembly election and then god saves Delhi.
    After all, Governments are not run from Ramleela Maidan, and has to follow rules which our constitution makers framed. He just cant demand removal of anything which he don’t like.

    • yakuza 10 years ago

      “Why he didn’t want to discuss on Jan Lokpaland insisted that wither the bill should be passes, else he would resign”

      Rajesh, Bill was presented to assembly for discussion by AAP. But BJP/Cong opposed even tabling the bill .. they don’t want to give the scope of discussion. Trick by BJp/Cong was to stop the Bill at very initial stage and not let it be introduced because later if after discussion BJP/Cong voted against, would send complete wrong message to public. Though that’s different thing people are still aware of whole story ..

  14. narad_muni 10 years ago

    @rajesh very well said and I completely the agree.
    @sputnik, I think its better to close this thread and keep tanqeed clear of political posts. Else, someone will get offended and things will turn ugly!

    • Author
      sputnik 10 years ago

      As I explained in one of my earlier comments this was a one off political post. I haven’t had to close any thread here and I don’t think I will need to close this one either. I will step in if things turn ugly.

    • Ipman 10 years ago

      a thread is never ugly. its some people who turn it ugly by making personal remarks to NRI members like this “It is kind of ironical to see people who have got the benefit of opening up of our economy and probably sitting in some far away country voicing such great support for Kejri.”and they can do it even on the movie threads.

      thankfully the owner of this site doesnt happen to be a politican himself and is a straight shooter.he knows these things can be handled very easily.

  15. Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

    Very interested to know how is the response today in Kanpur for Kejriwal and Lucknow for Modi.
    Baba, hithere, suprabh – i think you guys are from UP. Do you see AAP eating into BJP? and by how much?

    • Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

      Why specifically I am asking is, after months I am sitting in front of TV and there is very very little coverage about AAP and all about Modi or Mulayam.

      PS: I was never interested in politics but AAP is a breath of fresh air and I will certainly vote for it.

      • John Galt 10 years ago

        AAP is fart air.

      • Ipman 10 years ago

        may be a little amount in the big cities but aap is still not big in UP. though i agree with you. i want kejriwal to lead India

  16. Bored 10 years ago

    U cant make a major impact in a national election by deciding to campaign 5 months before the elections and 2 months of campaign period with limited infrastructure. But they r causing nightmares for both BJP n Congress, why else President’s rule in Delhi and not fresh elections?

    AAP isnt going anywhere, will only become stronger with time.

    • Bored 10 years ago

      But Kejriwal’s over-excited claim of winning 100 Lok Sabha seats is not just a hyperbole – but a loud fart indeed. They shud b pleased if they can get 25-30 seats this time imo …

  17. Ipman 10 years ago

    saw ndtv interview of kejriwal. I have no respect for politicians who support reservation. it is one of our biggest miseries. i thought kejriwal was a man of good education and open mind. he is just a politician

    • Bored 10 years ago

      Reservation is a misery only because of corruption. In a corrupt system, the quotas are all filled by people from privileged background – not the needy. By cleaning up the system, reservations can somewhat help those who need them.

      But Kejriwal raised a larger point here, that reservation is never the way to bring balance within society. For that u need to focus on the basics like education and health for all. Its easier said than done, but ideologically there isnt much to criticize what Kejriwal said on the topic of reservation.

      • hithere 10 years ago

        And corruption is symptom of less opportunities. In any system if you have less opportunities you can not weed out corruption.

        • Bored 10 years ago

          Agreed. But Is Modi’s model of ‘Crony Capitalism’ really going to open up enuf opportunities to make India a developed economy (as Modi claims)? Whats ur view on this?

          From what i hv heard from Modi’s and Kejriwal’s statements – both seems to be challenged on their respective visions for India’s economic policies, growth and development. One is aiming only for crony capitalism, the other focusing only on corruption for the time being. None of them have a comprehensive economic vision.

          • Bored 10 years ago

            I will also say this – nothing happens in a day. SO I have hopes that Arvind will come up with a comprehensive economic vision in due time.

            Going by the logical way he talks about everything, i do believe its only a matter of time.

          • hithere 10 years ago

            Crony capitalism will be there because people have discretionary power to do things. We don’t have check and balance mechanism or the institution are too weak to do anything worthwhile. It happens even in a better system like US. So sometimes we have to live with some amount of crony-capitalism. But you see equipment procurement in defense sector,. People are afraid to pass any bids lest they are construed in collusion. In developed country you fight for small things in country like India which is still developing, you need much faster decision process. Of course I am not suggesting I am okay with corruption. But some amount we can always live with. But important thing is people/companies have enough opportunities.

          • Bored 10 years ago

            @hithere – Yes Crony Capitalism will always exist – and i too believe its essential to some extent. And like u said, we need proper control mechanisms on it – which BJP is completely silent on.

            But i am not a fan of being a devil’s advocate all the time. After a point, u need to rise above analysis and research – take a stand (which is based on merit and considering all available options) and get the work done.

            I hv always felt u get stuck in analysis n research, even during all our previous interactions. This isnt a judgement, just an observation …

      • Ipman 10 years ago

        hithere has already said it perfectly.but i will add this

        ” In a corrupt system, the quotas are all filled by people from privileged background ” may be if you are still living in the 50s!

        in a corrupt system, the quotas are filled based upon the caste of the person irrespective of his family income. india has gone to the dogs due to reservation. it is one of the most ridiculous, ugliest things to happen to india post independence. and it is very painful sight when i see educated ppl speaking for reservation. something went wrong somewhere for sure

        • Bored 10 years ago

          Baba – PLZ read my comment first.

          When I said ‘needy’ – i meant only in terms of financial condition. I dont believe in the bullshit of caste/religion/blahblah. IF u are economically stable then u r priviledged in India imho, & u dont deserve reservations.

          But I am not against ‘reservation’ for those who really need help. Unfortunately it never worked that way in India due to inherent corruption and lack of ethics.

          • Ipman 10 years ago

            bored – you should understand what kejriwal said and then extend your blind support to him. you have said the right things and i agree with you but but kejriwal has catergorically stated that the ppl belonging to backward caste must get reservations and that its justified. he did not say the poor should get it. he talked about caste

  18. yakuza 10 years ago

    And on other hand we have parties like BJP who is fighting to take credit of JAT reservation.

    • Ipman 10 years ago

      learnt that kejriwal also supports the khap panchayat!

      • Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

        I also read that earlier somewhere but I think it is taken out of context.

        One thing I cant trust is media which is up against Kejriwal.
        Second thing, as Bored said – change doesnt happen in one day and he will mature. I will give him a chance as he is the only person speaking some sense now and given a hope to ppl like me who had lost hope in politics.

        • Ipman 10 years ago

          yes , all said and done, i still see more hope in him than the bjp/congress. atleast india can get a well qualified PM candidate who is also a good orator.but he needs to improve his regressive sensiblities in some aspects

        • Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

          And yes, most imp thing is AAP has to rise above Kejriwal. In India we say we have democracy but its always about choosing some hero and having faith in him/her. It should be about the thought process and I believe AAP will show other strong personalities (they will emerge // media will tell us in time) as many good ppl are joining AAP.

          • Bored 10 years ago

            @Anjanpur685Miles – The upper layer of AAP leaders are pretty solid, and they do get their share of media coverage, be it Yadav or others. But some of the second layer leaders are prone to mob-mentality in the heat of the moment. AAP needs to get them under control, but its not as bad as other established parties even now.

            With rapid expansion there is always a risk of some rowdies getting through – and the revulsion against corrupt politics is pretty intense among AAP supporters/volunteers in large.

            As AAP goes national, more control and restraint will be needed. And it needs one guy to throw a stone (in retaliation or whatever) to initiate total chaos/street-fights.

  19. Author
    sputnik 10 years ago

    Day 1 of Gujarat road-show bumpy for Arvind Kejriwal, convoy attacked

    Arvind Kejriwal’s welcome to Gujarat was loaded with hostility. He was detained briefly at a police station this afternoon. In the evening, his car was attacked leaving its windshield broken as the convoy passed through Kutch.

    Mr Kejriwal said his detention at a police station in the western town of Radhanpur, 170 kms from Ahmedabad, was payback from Narendra Modi, the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate, who has centre-pieced the development of Gujarat in his campaign. Mr Kejriwal, a former tax inspector, has dedicated his Gujarat trip to auditing that much-lauded modernization.

    “We are exposing all claims of development and clean governance,” said the 45-year-old.

    In the evening, riots erupted in Delhi and Lucknow where his party workers clashed with those from the BJP. In the capital, the violence spanned the evening rush hour. AAP leaders said chairs and bricks were thrown at them from within the BJP office. The BJP countered that it had acted in self-defense. As the ugly street battles played out on national television, Mr Kejriwal tweeted an appeal for calm to his supporters. (See pics | Read)

    HN Thakkar, the collector of Pathan in Gujarat, said Mr Kejriwal had been stopped to explain why he had not taken prior police permission for his road-show, a requirement of the election code of conduct that is now in place because national elections have been announced. The official later said that he accepted Mr Kejriwal had not violated election rules and that his convoy consisted largely of media vehicles and was not a political procession.

    Mr Kejriwal resigned last month after a two-month stint as Delhi’s Chief Minister. His Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has suggested he will contest Mr Modi if the BJP leader runs for Parliament from anywhere outside of Gujarat. Opinion polls predict that the BJP, led by Mr Modi, will emerge as the largest party but will fall short of a majority in the general election that begins on April 7.


    • Author
      sputnik 10 years ago

      The Supreme Court which does not have to fear losing any votes is itself afraid to take up the reservations issue so there’s no way any politician is going to mess with it.

      At least Arvind said that once a family benefits from reservation some other family should benefit the next time implying that a family should get the benefit of reservation only once. Also he said education is more important and that will level the playing field for everyone and that in one generation the lower castes themselves will say we don’t need reservations. Yes that’s not going to happen but they will have to start with reservation for only one family member and and that too only if they have lower income and gradually remove reservations completely.

      • Ipman 10 years ago

        i am amazed how you use that piece to defend kejriwal! 😉

        you think the “reservation for only one family member” is even a practical solution? is it one family member at a time or one in a lifetime for that family?either way it looks botched up logic with no benefit

        • Author
          sputnik 10 years ago

          I think he clearly meant reservation for only one family member in a lifetime. If you notice he did not say everyone from lower caste should get benefit once. The media and opposition parties already distort everything he says. They will say he is anti Dalit and they will be protests against him and what not if he says anything more. No one is going to scrap away all reservations immediately.


          On Khap Panchayats The headline of this news article says “Arvind Kejriwal says no question of banning “Khap Panchayats” and this is what he said

          “”No, it is not a question of banning these panchayats,” Kejriwal told Thomson Reuters Foundation late on Monday, referring to “Khap Panchayats”, the name given to village councils in rural north India.

          “Khap Panchayats are a group of people who come together. There is no bar on people to assemble in this country … (But) whenever they take a wrong decision, whenever they take an illegal decision, they ought to be punished.” Link

          I don’t support him on Khap Panchayats. I don’t understand why these Panchayats have the authority to administer justice when we have courts. The Supreme Court declared these Khap Panchayats illegal.

          Stamp out khap panchayats: court

          While deprecating the caste system in the country, the Supreme Court has declared illegal ‘khap panchayats’ which often decree or encourage honour killings or other institutionalised atrocities against boys and girls of different castes and religions who wish to get married or have married.

          “This is wholly illegal and has to be ruthlessly stamped out. There is nothing honourable in honour killing or other atrocities and, in fact, it is nothing but barbaric and shameful murder. Other atrocities in respect of the personal lives of people committed by brutal, feudal-minded persons deserve harsh punishment. Only this way can we stamp out such acts of barbarism and feudal mentality. Moreover, these acts take the law into their own hands, and amount to kangaroo courts, which are wholly illegal,” a Bench of Justices Markandey Katju and Gyan Sudha Misra said on Tuesday.”


          • Ipman 10 years ago

            “I think he clearly meant reservation for only one family member in a lifetime”

            is it even a logical statement to make by kejriwal? generations of backward castes have already availed the reservation facility for years! so the “once in a lifetime” criteria wis long over.

            he supports khap panchayat as he is from haryana

          • hithere 10 years ago

            In Haryana, you need Khap support to win anything. It is a political necessity. I use to think high of Jindal for Indian flag position then he uttered things in support of Khap and I lost all respect for him.

      • hithere 10 years ago

        Personally, I will vote for anyone who is for merit or rational affirmative action for capped around 10%.

        People like Devyani (sorry to drag her, nothing against for availing benefit if Govt is fool) whose father was IAS, got admission in medical, IAS and posting based on caste.

        • Bored 10 years ago

          The idea of Khap is in line with Arvind’s idea on swaraj (if u read his book).

          Problem is not in the existence of Khaps but the lack of control mechanisms over them, which gives them dictatorial powers leading to misuse. And Arvind said the same on this issue. No point in criticism by reading media’s distorted reports.

          • hithere 10 years ago

            Do all human being have same rationality? No. We are made different. We should be taking decision for ourselves not for set of people. Swaraj sounds good on paper but things need to be done by Govt. or by institutions which have oversight.
            We have seen how a lady was raped on order of similar Panchayat in West Bengal. Power is not something everyone can handle in just manner.

          • Bored 10 years ago

            Yes the Bengal rape was done with the consent of entire village – the villagers helped the rapists to escape. The wives of these rapists were defending their husbands.

            So why point ur fingers at only Khap and say eradicate Khaps and all will be good? Misuse of power can be done at any level, by any institution or anybody in power.

            The key to governance is control and accountability. Kejriwal is fresh for being vocal and uncompromising on these accounts.

            India lacks accountability.

          • Bored 10 years ago

            Everyone as a citizen of a democracy have to decide for the country during election.

            Not exercising it (not voting) by saying ‘one shud not decide for a set of people’ is a fundamentally wrong stance (imho).

          • hithere 10 years ago

            The point is, it sounds good that people Govern themselves but in reality you just need good law and order. Good law and order may be not an easy task to achieve and prone to excess of different type but That should be approach. Our job is to vote and ask for better laws and its implementation.

            why do we need to pay taxes, we can pool money and make road in our neighborhood and connect with neighbor’s roads. 🙂

          • Bored 10 years ago

            @HiThere – I think u r not aware of what u r talking abt at this point. The idea is decentralizing power. The usage of the portion of tax money allocated for development of a specific area shud be done according to the needs of that area and not based on sweepingly broad decisions.

            If not the book, AT LEAST read the Swaraj Act specifics that AAP was abt to propose for Delhi. Maybe then we can talk.

          • hithere 10 years ago

            Bored – Do you think when we 10 people on blog can not seem to agree on many things how 100-200 people are going to make decision about themselves?

            It will be a free for all match. The drainage shouldn’t be in front of my house or most beautification should happen in front of my house. How are we going to deal with this? In California there are voter initiative and most of time people vote on spending but never on collection of money because that is tough decision. California budget is always in mess.

          • Bored 10 years ago

            Also, one does to do a bit of research to understand the specifics of the Dharna and anarchy criticism (since u seem stuck on the law and order issue).

            The real issues behind the dharna was drug n sex racket, police extortion n corruption, demand for accountability of police for rampant rapes.

            BJP/Congress paid up media to spin it so as to make it a issue of racism/anarchy/female-degradation and whatnot.

            Problem for Kejriwal was poor PR and unrestrained speech by Bharti and some others which helped the media to propagandize a negative perception and covered up the real issues. Anyways …

          • hithere 10 years ago

            If I were Kejriwal, I probably knew all the obstacles before I entered the fray. So it sounds duplicitous when you start complaining about things. I would be striving to make the things better not sit on Dharna or complain at drop of hat. It doesn’t go down well if you keep on insisting you am right and every one else is corrupt or paid or sold.
            It seems to me all they have been doing is make noise and be in news for right or wrong reasons. And you don’t have to solve problems in 30 days or 3 months. These are bigger issues and been there for long time. It will take time to fix them. But I guess LokSabha elections were more important than Governing!

          • Bored 10 years ago

            @HiThere – Not sure abt urself, but anyone remotely invested in indian politics knew in last december itself that with only 28 seats (which later became 27 after Binny became power-hungry for a lok sabha ticket), AAP would not be in power for long. It was just not logistically feasible for a long run.

            Why did Congress extend outside support? They wanted to use AAP to weaken BJP during Lok Sabha campaign and then withdraw support to fall AAP’s govt, before it cud do much harm to Dixit or her allies.

            The hooliganism of both BJP/Congress in Assembly over tabling Jan Lok Pal (not passing it but discussing it) was because Ambani pulled his strings (his bloody stocks declined due to Kejriwal’s allegations).

            One can say AAP shud not have formed govt in the first place with minority seats. But the public referendum was opposite and it was necessary for AAP to show that they can take the right decisions when in power – which they did.

            Delhi Re-Election was inevitable, and it will happen … u are just being cynical here, not logical.

          • hithere 10 years ago

            That is true. The support was tactical from Congress view point. Ideally AAP should not have formed Govt. But then knew it will give mileage in terms of press coverage. Asking people to form Govt. was sham. They should have asked same question before quitting?

          • Bored 10 years ago

            Yes, they shud have resorted to a referendum for the sake of consistency, before quitting. (I wudnt have resorted to public referendum on forming govt in the first place if I was Kejriwal.)

            Nonetheless, I believe it was a matter of resigning first before Congress withdrew support … more than a question of fighting Lok Sabha over governing Delhi.

            There had been a divide between other AAP leaders and Kejriwal over Lok Sabha campaign – Kejriwal has been against AAP being overambitious and contest 400 seats or whatnot in Lok Sabha.

            Even after resigning, he is ensuring AAP contest only as many seats as it is logistically feasible. Look at how many candidates have they announced in their 2 lists that Arvind have announced till now?

          • Bored 10 years ago

            If u look closely, AAP (under Kejriwal’s leadership) is now contesting Lok Sabha with a specific game-plan – contest only in seats where established heavyweight politicians with a corrupt background are being fielded by other parties. This is in line with their anti-graft plank – its abt providing clean alternatives to India to break political criminalization.

            It is a risky move, will probably backfire.

            In order to do this, they may be fielding candidates who wud be strategically strong in a given constituency – based on caste or religion. BUT the main DIFFERENCE is they are not fielding ‘criminals’ like BJP/Congress.

            The above article conveniently misses out the main difference between AAP and BJP/Congress.

            RKS – are u really so naive that I have to explain all this like Kader Khan ?????

          • hithere 10 years ago

            Which part of argument is naïve? I am just giving counter argument to your position.

          • Bored 10 years ago

            If the counter-argument conveniently ignores the main point, then the debate isn’t worth continuing anymore.

            Even if anti-graft is AAP’s main plank – they are focusing on regional issues with their plan of going national … and it is a start:


  20. Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago


    Read your comment supporting “crony capitalism”. (read that term today only and dont know what it really means). I believe you support BJP by that. Well .. for me the biggest concern is RSS and modern fascist Hinduism groups supporting the party and controlling it.

    • hithere 10 years ago

      I don’t support any body as I don’t vote. I want rule of law and opportunities for everyone. My positions are mostly devil’s advocate or which make sense. You may say I am not rooted to any particular ideology to look at issues through that prism. One day I may criticize Modi for his inactions in 2002, other day I might criticize Congress for anemic growth and some other day Kejriwal for too much idealistic position which have no value in real world. Socially I am on left and fiscally on right 🙂

      • Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago


        For me its becoming unbearable how colleagues and family friends support BJP and on what grounds. Totally irrational and fanatical pov.

  21. Author
    sputnik 10 years ago

    I don’t understand the support of crony capitalism. It indirectly means its ok to offer bribes and receive benefits if you are rich or are a big company. Then why penalize the poor or middle class guy who is corrupt and who took bribes. Lets legalize corruption and let everybody take bribes.

  22. Author
    sputnik 10 years ago


    I thought Khap Panchayats were just some small local Panchayats. I did not know that they had so much public support and political power. Anyway I think its wrong of Arvind Kejriwal to support Khap Panchayats just to get some political mileage. There is no difference between him and other politicians in that case. He is saying they should be punished for taking wrong decision or illegal decisions but I don’t think they should be taking decisions or administering justice in the first place.

    • Ipman 10 years ago

      at this point, kejriwals prime motto seems to be cutting down the support and tarnishing the image of bjp and congress. he is not speaking a word or any other institution/group or sect.he is trying to be in the good books of all instead of standing up assertively for whats right.he does not want any kind of hostility to the votebank of his future political career.

  23. Bored 10 years ago

    One man has however displayed more hypocrisy than even Modi (never thot it wud b possible) – Anna Hazare’s support for Mamata in WB! I mean … WTF ?????
    Is it senility or pure madness? How low can one go to …

    The reasoning of Anna is that Mamata was the only political leader who responded to his letter??? So, if a known rapist comes and tell me ‘dude i like ur comment in that blog’ i am going to participate in his next gang rape?

  24. John Galt 10 years ago

    I will choose from who I have. Amongst who we have Narendra Modi is the best option. In fact he’d be the best option amongst all leaders in last 15 years.

    Kejriwal is a power hungry disease who knows just one way of dealing with things- and that is- “”I am right and everyone else is to be blamed” ..The man has a sole point agenda- of Lokpal…He knows what needs to go-corruption- but has no idea what comes after that…Clearly, a man, who took himself too seriously.. Look what he did in Delhi..He is manipulator of the highest order.


    You have no idea about fascism or Sanatan Dharma- if you can actually put the two together and call it Fascist Hindu. It is confused ideas like this that made people like you behave pseudo-secular throughout the history of India and have foreign bodies come in and rape us Indians (hindus muslims, anyone) in and out.

    Sometimes you have got to put your foot down and say NO- enough of this bullshit– The reality is we are a country of 80% Hindus and No that doesn’t mean that we will treat people of other religion unfairly but that also doesn’t mean that anything spoken or done pro-Hindu should be assumed as communal or fascist Hindu.

    • Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

      I have no idea about what is “santan dharma”. Never heard the term before. But what I see around all day is what kind of people support and vouch for the party. And I am not confused about it but rather sure about their mentality.

      About foreign bodies ruling us – I think its never ending debate of who is a localite and who is “foreign” in a dense country like us in asia. Moughals were foreign? then so are Punjabis and Konkan Brahmins who have roots in persia. The list is so long…and its so vague.

      What really “raped” india in history is feudalism and we were never a country really before the freedom fight movement against British.

      • John Galt 10 years ago

        Sanatan Dharm is what people these days mistakenly or should I say ingnorantly call as Hinduism.

        I dont know which people you see and what mentality you see in them..but I can vouch for myself and countless others who would vote for BJP and who do not see anything wrong with their mentality.. On the contrary I do see a serious problem in those supporting AAP or congress.. I can understand the teenagers or early 20s youth behaving all YUVA YUVA and getting manipulated by Kejriwal..but anyone mature in their right minds not seeing what kind of a politician Kejriwal is, is pitiable in my opinion.

        • Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

          What is Santan Dharam all about? for example – Does it allow an untouchable or a dalit to do a Homa (puja) instead of a Brahmin?

          If not, then its just a sugar coated lecture.

          (ah, you may say it doesnt separate human beings but is more spiritual etc – but what is being practiced in society is more important that what was initial intention)

        • Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

          Btw, its not about Kejriwal at all. He may be turn out to be a crucked one or hollow – but the thought should not die/ the movement should not stop. (and it never should be. That is why we dont make progress or get “raped” as you say). Its about the change he is talking about. I already pointed that out in couple of other comments as replies to Bored and Sputnik.

          • Bored 10 years ago

            Ritz – Agree when u say its not abt any man – we shud support the ideas – men change depending on circumstances, but some ideas deserve fighting for.

            Modi vs. Kejriwal isnt abt these 2 men – its the ideas that they represent at present. And its those ideas i refer to when i talk abt them.

      • Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

        Ah, just now I got to know what you mean by “santan dharma” is actually is a “sanatan” dharma.

        And it is a fanatic dharma concept no doubt.

  25. Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

    Two sentences above show again why we idolize a person more than a thought and why this country wont change in near future.:

    Sputnik: “There is no difference between him and other politicians in that case. ”

    Bored: “One man has however displayed more hypocrisy than even Modi (never thot it wud b possible) ”

    PS: In the famous Tilak vs Agarkar debate Maharashtra became land of just debaters.

    • Author
      sputnik 10 years ago

      By criticizing Arvind Kejriwal’s stand on that issue I am not idol worshiping him unlike others who will support their leader/party even when they are wrong. I want Arvind and AAP to take stand on issues based on principles and not just on political advantage.

      • Bored 10 years ago

        If anyone slightly cares to read and understand logic – then one thing shud be at least obvious to even any propagandist:

        Kejriwal or his supporters dont support anything without logic. But thats too difficult for the blindfolded to understand, forget acknowledgement.

        Btw, why is Modi the Great running away from contesting in Varanasi?

  26. Bored 10 years ago

    Its the greatest irony for a Modi/BJP supporter to call anyone else a manipulator or power hungry. Mirror Mirror … (even though these ridiculous allegations against Kejriwal can be ripped apart logically point by point as Kejriwal himself does it again and again in front of a hostile media).

    Anyways cowardly BJP and their supporters shy away from demanding fresh Delhi Assembly Elections, and then talk abt lack of governance or manipulation. Nice Joke!

  27. Author
    sputnik 10 years ago

    I apologise for today’s violence: Arvind Kejriwal

  28. rajesh 10 years ago

    Hmm, a political discussion grabbing more eyeballs than movies in a movie forum.
    Anyways, as I mentioned earlier also, the way Arvind Kajriwal ran Delhi govt for one month and few days, one can assume the fate of India if one day he becomes PM. The party with no clear understanding on any issue apart from talking on corruption only and making false claims (recently AAP has to apologized for saying that corruption has decreased in Delhi in its reign based on a report which actually did not say anything about it). Arvind is a person who thinks that only he is honest, rest all are ‘chors’. Who the hell he is to give certificate of honesty to others.
    Modi is the bset bet for India. And to understand that, you have to visit Gujrat and see the difference. I live in Delhi NCR (Faridabad) and inspite of Haryana having higher per capita income, infrastructure is no where close to Gujrat. How long we continue to sing songs of secularism when most so called secular states have more riots than Gujrat.

  29. rajesh 10 years ago


    Why my comment got posted above the comments which were made earlier.

    • Author
      sputnik 10 years ago

      If there are more than 50 comments in a post only the latest 50 comments are shown. If there are any earlier comments in those 50 which were replies they show up out of order at the bottom. If you click on Show All Comments then all the comments show up in order.


      50% respondents said bribe seeking in retail reduced during AAP govt: survey

      Did your vegetable vendor tell you that he was not asked any bribe by police or municipal authorities during the Aam Aadmi Party’s (AAP) 49-day government? If so, he was possibly right.

      A survey by an advocacy organisation for transparency has claimed that as many as 50% respondents revealed that the incidence of seeking bribe in retail had reduced during the AAP government. The study was aimed at studying the extent of payoffs by street vendors, hawkers, petty traders, rickshaw pullers and truck and auto drivers.

      Further, whopping 64% respondents said they found a marked difference in the attitude of the officials/inspectors in Delhi asking for bribe. “There was hesitation and diffidence,” it said.

      The survey ‘Retail Bribery in Delhi’ that interviewed 1,500 respondents across Delhi on February 8 and 9 was undertaken by the Initiatives for Transparency and Accountability (ITA). The AAP government resigned on February 14.

      The ITA is a brainchild of Anupama Jha, who was till recently working with Transparency International, India (TI-India).

      This was the same study that AAP leader Shazia Ilmi had mentioned during one of her public meetings two weeks ago claiming it was done by TI-India. But when TI sent a disclaimer about no such study being conducted, the AAP clarified Ilmi had made the claim assuming Jha was still with the TI.

      Asserting that the survey was not commissioned by either the AAP or the TI, Jha said, “It was entirely a study by the ITA conducted after 40 days of AAP rule, to study the extent of retail bribery faced by people in their day-to-day life and served as stock taking for the bribe-free society the party mentioned in its manifesto.”

      “There is a difference between ‘corruption’ at high level and ‘bribe seeking-giving’ at the level of retail. Our focus was only the bribery at retail level as it directly affects the most vulnerable strata of the society. Our respondents were those depended on the various arms of the government for basics and also for the need-based services,” she said.

      The study also found out, without quantification: more men paid bribe then women; most bribe payers ranged in the 27- 50 years age group; most bribe payers were unskilled laborers, street vendors, auto and truck drivers.

      Another important mention was that the respondents perceived police, municipal employees, Delhi Development Authority and Regional Transport Officials were considered most corrupt departments.

      “However, our respondents also said, most of them had not used the anti-corruption help line introduced by the AAP government,” Jha said, and added, “E-governance services and information disclosure, to ensure minimum interface between government officials and general public can be one of the methods to improve governance.”


  30. Ipman 10 years ago
  31. Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

    “AAP’s main plank – they are focusing on regional issues with their plan of going national … and it is a start”


    AAP demands probe

    Meanwhile, two Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) projects in Jayanagar and Malleswaram, involving a huge expenditure, have drawn public attention with the Karnataka unit of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) alleging “unreasonable and illegal” hike of tender value, resulting in huge losses to the exchequer.

    Mr. Reddy said that the audit report prepared by the Accountant General office, accessed through a Right to Information (RTI) query, had showed huge enhancement in the tender award for the New Puttanna theatre and the parking facility project in Jayanagar.

    While Karnataka Transparency in Public Procurement Act, 1999, permitted only 10 percent enhancement in award of tender, the enhancement in the case of the Jayanagar facility was from the Rs. 115.49 crore to the final award of Rs. 252.72 crore.

    V. Manjunatha of AAP, who filed the RTI query, said the progress of work so far was only to the extent of only 7 per cent.

    When contacted, BDA Commissioner T. Sham Bhatt admitted that there had been a hike in the case of the Jayanagar tender and it was a case of “deferred payment”.

  32. Bored 10 years ago

    Here is biggest irony of Lok Sabha campaigns of BJP/AAP:

    1. AAP fielding ‘clean’ candidates against reputed Congress/BJP with shady backgrounds. The criticism here is – ‘How dare u claim to be the ‘only’ honest party and all others corrupt?’

    Its defensive criticism – why not counteract by saying ‘U r also bloody corrupt!’

    AAP has the advantage of not carrying any baggage, so no wonder BJP and its supporters are so angry now.

    2. BJP’s campaign is all about ‘Developed Gujarat’ vs all other underdeveloped states (really???). Such tall claims are more ridiculous because frankly, apart from ‘Hindutva propaganda’ IS Gujarat really economically ahead of other states? Modi campaign never elaborated on this and his supporters believe this in blind faith (the religious angle does help here). Now that his tall claims are getting challenged, all that Modi is doing is being silent, apart from canceling all interviews.

    The reason Congress is supporting AAP’s critique of Modi is because they dont have the credentials of raising questions to Modi due to their own complicity in so many recent scams. But no one is going to support Congress just because Kejriwal is challenging Modi’s tall claims.

    Kejriwal/AAP is in no position to win any decent number of seats, but they are the only one who are talking any sense at this point.

    • Author
      sputnik 10 years ago

      Agree @bored

      Another irony is that self righteous BJP supporters go around claiming that everyone in the Congress govt is corrupt including the PM but now have an issue when Arvind does the same with their party and their leader. BJP supporters are big fans of the Courts and they constantly use the court verdict to show that Modi was given a clean chit. But then have the courts convicted the PM or all ministers from the Congress govt?

      I think they are rankled because Arvind is hitting at Gujarat’s development claims and destroying the lies/propaganda that have been going on for the past few years. Modi cancelled the Facebook live interview because he was afraid of the questions that will be asked. And even an idiot knows that if there is a direct debate between Arvind and Modi (similar to the Presidential debates in US) who will win that debate.

    • Ipman 10 years ago

      agree completely. i find modi too over theatrical,low brow and loud to take him seriously.”gujarant development wave” is a PR activity just like salmans being human. congress is another clownish party with his future PM rahul gandhi who has a lower IQ than shoe size.

  33. Author
    sputnik 10 years ago

    The Developed Gujarat

    • John Galt 10 years ago

      thanks for the link from the most unbiased TV channel of all times.

      • Author
        sputnik 10 years ago

        Dismissing off the link as being from a biased channel is not going to change the truth. So is this video doctored? Is this not Gujarat? Are the people shown in the video not Gujaratis?

        • John Galt 10 years ago

          I can create a similar video for Chicago, NYC and any major metropolitan city you name..100 people when showed from a zoomed camera look like a massive crowd and when zoomed out show the reality.

          Who says Gujarat is 100% haven. Its a developed state and much better than most out there. I have been to Gujarat myself, and this was 2007-2008 and I was really impressed..Now, you can call me biased but thats what I call this idiotic reporting by NDTV, who have in the last 5 years been fed from Congress to report as anti BJP as they can.

          • Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

            “Who says Gujarat is 100% haven”
            You might have been impressed with Gujrat as you compared it with least developed ones.

          • John Galt 10 years ago


            No Modi doesn’t say that. But Kejriwal does promise Havens throughout the country…and when given a chance..chickens out in 49 days…someone rightly said..his shelf life is that of a broom.

            one more thing somewhere else you mentioned that you are not supporting one person (Kejriwal) but the ideology (AAP) , if thats the case then you need to wake up and smell the coffee. AAP has reduced to one man show and a pretty bad one at that. I did support AAP at the time of Delhi elections too..but I have realized how pathetic they are when it comes to governance and how good he is when it comes to exploiting people’s emotions.

  34. Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

    Looked like nitpicking at some places but Modi deserves it. For all te brouhaha he does on the “vikas vikas” ; a state like TN is more balanced and has achieved more.

    Brought back old memories – like the eatables in front of schools, video theater showing mithun movies.

    Tobe fair, atleast there is water in most places even if it comes 30 mins at odd times. Look at Maharashtra’s marathwada region or rajasthan or Bangalore. There is no bore water also and they depends only on water tanks.

    • Ipman 10 years ago

      it may have been nitpicking if they had shown some muslim ppl complaining against the govt. but looks like even the avg hindu there knows the vikas vikas is just blabbering and PR activity

  35. Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

    Like Baba, I am very disappointed on Kejriwal’s statement (no, not on reservation)

    But on blind faiths.

    watch from 31 to 33

    • yakuza 10 years ago

      What’s wrong between 31-33 ? he is saying customary practices should be intact, but if there is violation of fundamental rights, that needs to be corrected. I think that is perfectly okay .. or am I missing something ??

    • Ipman 10 years ago

      he sounds confused. he is repeating “bare minimum rights” but didnt care to define what that includes. he himself doesnt know it perhaps. in his mind he may be thinking ” i will think over what that meant or is supposed to be when i become PM” 😀

    • hithere 10 years ago

      That is a BS argument. There was no Hindu law. Hindus used to do Sati, Hindus used to marry young. Now if there is a law don’t call it Hindu law because majority is Hindu. If it makes sense, the rule should be everyone.

  36. yakuza 10 years ago

    India Today Conclave – Arvind Kejriwal at 11:18:00 – Good session

    • yakuza 10 years ago

      Liked his elaboration on FDI retail and his views on party’s flexibility about vision of nation rather than sticking guns on ideology.

  37. Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

    “@Anjanpur685Miles – The upper layer of AAP leaders are pretty solid, and they do get their share of media coverage, be it Yadav or others. But some of the second layer leaders are prone to mob-mentality in the heat of the moment. AAP needs to get them under control, but its not as bad as other established parties even now.”


  38. Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

    btw, flow of comments is ridiculous on TQ. Pls fix it Sputnik.

    • cr7 10 years ago

      Agree with Ritz .Please do something Sputnik .Its not working . Pretty difficult to read recent comments.

      • Author
        sputnik 10 years ago

        @cr7 and @ritz

        Removed the latest 50 comments display thing as it was not working for anyone and spoiling the flow of comments.

        I have set pagination to start after 70 top level comments (could be 100 or more if there are replies) and set it to display the last page by default. It might display only a few comments if it just crosses that threshold but I don’t think there is better way to do it. I can’t believe that there are so many wordpress sites and they have not come up with a better way than this.

        The message was showing up anytime there were a lot of comments. I checked now after the changes and this post did not display that message or hang and neither did the Barfi one.

  39. cr7 10 years ago

    • FS 10 years ago


      • Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

        No exposure here. This is casual talk. He hasnt said anything wrong but just weighing the words before the discussion.

        • John Galt 10 years ago

          and you have a problem with RSS !!They are laughing over how to exploit the “Bhagat Singh angle”… clear case of being blinded Ritz.

          • Bored 10 years ago

            There is nothing to even remotely criticize here. Agree with Anjanpur.

            Anyways, the desperateness of Modi/BJP and their blind devotees is speaking volumes … happens since the Modi bubble was so easy to burst (thanks to all his hyperbole).

          • Ipman 10 years ago

            kejriwal is definitely manipulating in the interview there.i am not totally surprised. he is a human who aims to be a politician . he is not going to be a 100% saint.but it amusses me when the testimonials of modi henchmen (babu bajrangi and so no) vouching for modi’s role in the riots are denied as “doctored” or “dubbed” but now they expecte everyone to believe kejriwals video!

          • Bored 10 years ago

            @Baba – Manipulating intv? Have u ever given any intv to media or been part of media? Every intv, every talk show is ‘scripted’ – nothing is impromptu unless u r purposely being naive.

            Before any show the anchor discusses what questions, their sequence and how much time the channel is allowed on each question. Even audience questions are pre-reviewed and certified.

            The problem with Modi is different. HE is not willing to take up any question which he doesnt like (even when he is pre-informed abt the questions!) … he just dont have answers for many obvious questions that will come up if he starts giving intv at this point. So he is just restricting to speeches.

            If u think this is manipulation, then u dont know how the media functions in the first place.

          • Ipman 10 years ago

            bored – please tell all of us if you have given or taken any professinal interview. otherwise dont try to act like a smartass.your desparate defense of kejriwal looks ridiculous.

            do we have to spell out the basics of journalism here? a journalist job is to show what a person speaks. not take his permission to air what the interviewee permits/persuades him to.

          • Bored 10 years ago

            @Baba – Dont resort to personal attack to hide ur ignorance abt media dynamics. Read sputnik’s reply too. Kejriwal is not giving any permission for anything, if u have cared to watch the video clips in the first place.

            First making sweeping statements abt media manipulation (when there isnt any here) and then being unable to defend it logically cannot be undone by making personal comments.

          • Ipman 10 years ago

            bored – its you who made the personal attack first bcos you were not able to handle my criticism of your idol kerjiwal. secondly, i dont need your certificate to know whether a comment made logic or not. you are asking me to refer to sputnik’s comment where he has borrowed my own bajrangi analogy!

          • Bored 10 years ago

            I had prepared sections of transcript for my Prof’s technical interview when i was doing my phd – this is just to answer ur personal curiosity and NOT to support any of my above arguments.

          • Ipman 10 years ago

            is this supposed to be a joke? so you prepared one transcript for your profs technical interview and you are here trying to show off as some inside out person on media interviews/dynamics. dont know whether to laugh or feel sorry about it 😉

          • Bored 10 years ago

            Its not a joke but a first hand example how media interviews are ‘scripted’ – be it in US or in India or anywhere else. When academic/purely-technical interviews are transcript-ed to every word, u can imagine how political interviews are scripted.

            Anyways, its difficult to talk to an ignoramus who is too full of himself to take back an illogical statement. If normal working of media is called ‘media manipulation’ then its actually beyond debate.

          • Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago


            He is talking about rights of Kashmiri Pandits.

            Bhai jo pandit ho usko to aisi hi bad treatment milni hi chahiye IMO.
            And LOL on him saying british made and exploited casts in hindus.

  40. Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

    @John Galt

    No they are not laughing. Only the anchor said that and Arvind didnt respond.

    PS: What is this stupid “script” message i am getting on the site. I have to click “stop script” otherwise my browser hangs.

  41. John Galt 10 years ago


    Shows your bias… Had the same interview thing been done to Modi…you’d have jumped right at it.

    • Bored 10 years ago

      Before accusing for bias, lets answer a few questions straight first.

      1. What is the problem here? can any BJP blind faith followers plz spell it out clearly?
      2. Modi isnt one who even is willing to ‘discuss’ anything with anyone.
      3. Modi doesnt even come to intvs, he just cancels them.
      4. Why are the likes of Pranab or Modi not willing to respond to Kejriwal’s invitation of debate on Gujarat development or Pranab’s confusion between activism and anarchy?
      5. When will Modi have the guts to contest LS seat outside his lala-land of Gujarat?

  42. Bored 10 years ago

    Anyways, main problem with AAP at this point are its members who are selfishly power-hungry, without restraint and also dont share the morality of Kejriwal.

    BJP at this point is like last year’s Dhoom 3, all hype no substance and extremely regressive. Will the bubble burst? Not fully imo – D3 could NOT fulfill Aamir’s own wet dream of 300 cr. Nor do i see NDA will get close to 272 seats by themselves – or even 250.

    In the end, Modi will join hands with some other shady parties, like Aamir’s sudden love for a film like Jai Ho and together they will gleefully and proudly do ‘susu’ on our balconies.

    • John Galt 10 years ago

      Morality of Kejriwal—hahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

      talk about being ignorant and bhakts!!


  43. yakuza 10 years ago

    Don’t know how much money BJP spent to bring such worthless ..

  44. Bored 10 years ago

    BJP has a budget of 500 cr JUST to ‘rebuild’ Brand Modi. U can imagine the total budget for the entire LS campaign, all funded by black money and bribes from the business elite.

    • John Galt 10 years ago

      where did you get this 500 crore figure from..

      Oh wait..let me take a guess



    • Bored 10 years ago

      Firstly, highlighting some portions has nothing to do with editing out portions of the interview. I did not watch this particular interview, but did the anchor nod his head or make other such gestures or repeat Kejriwal’s point/argument to emphasize it?

      If he did, then he was sympathetic to Kejriwal, if he did not then he disregarded Kejriwal’s request. Either way i dont see any problem, as i said.

      Its amusing how BJP is forced to resort to such idiotic nitpicking in order to defame Kejriwal, they really must have nothing substantial against him …

  45. Author
    sputnik 10 years ago

    What did the video show? He is clarifying that he did not want to go into detail on a point because he will be misconstrued as anti privatization by middle class. But even there if you notice he doesn’t say “hum bhi satta mein aakar private se commision lenge”. The reporter talks about 80% of people being the main vote bank and he agrees. Did he refer to Muslims or Dalits or some specific vote bank? Does he say anything bad like yeh 80% ****iye hai or something? After the interview he is asking how was it. The reporter says it was very Krantikaari. Yes Arvind is asking the reporter to play the middle class part. Now the channel obviously will air clips to advertise their interview. Asking them to air a specific part is bad? He will obviously want the best part of his interview to be shown/highlighted. Is he saying “Don’t show that part as I messed it up” or something? Is he offering the reporter any money to do that? Lastly some BJP/Modi supporters are bashing Arvind saying he is exploiting Bhagat Singh’s name. If you watch the video Arvind doesn’t mention Bhagat Singh’s name. Its the reporter who mentions Bhagat Singh and he is just walking out nodding along. There is nothing illegal in that video.

    Now what’s funny is that people who are outraged at this video and who think that video conclusively nails that Arvind is corrupt and bad dismiss off those videos where Babu Bajrangi one of the main accused who was convicted in the Gujarat riots talks about Modi supporting/helping them. The video was the basis of his conviction and was not found to be doctored. Their defense is that he is just exaggerating. If some criminal says on video that Arvind helped/supported them what would be the reaction? The hypocrisy is mind boggling. When Snoopgate (Link) came out showing that Modi was using state machinery to snoop on a woman these BJP supporters used the defense that the girl’s father wanted her snooped. It can’t get any more WTF than this. Apparently the CM of Gujarat just uses the state machinery to snoop on some women if any father asks for it. And again Modi is not guilty of anything to this hypocritical BJP/Modi supporters.

    Anyways here is Babu Bajrangi talking about Modi.

    • FS 10 years ago

      It is saying this video does not exist. Modi fans ruling internet 😛

      • FS 10 years ago

        and I hope they don’t threaten you or abuse for posting such videos like they do for others 😉

        • Author
          sputnik 10 years ago

          Yeah just saw that video has been removed. Updated it with video from Tehelka TV. Don’t think they will be able to get this deleted.

  46. yakuza 10 years ago

    Deepak Sharma on this video …


  47. Bored 10 years ago

    Those ignorant abt how media works shud read this:

    “What exactly does the Aaj Tak-Kejriwal ‘expose’ prove?
    A post-interview chat like the one between Kejriwal and the news anchor is absolutely normal in a broadcast set-up”

    • Ipman 10 years ago

      you are actually following kejriwal in one aspect atleast!- “i am right and everyone else is wrong” with a blindfold on your eyes”! dono apen khayali duniya ke raja hain!

  48. rajesh 10 years ago

    Just to give the discussion a light turn, a whatsapp message I received few days ago and recently recited by Delhi’s ex police commissioner in presence of Kejriwal himself (video can be watched on youtube). No offence to Kejriwal (blind?) fans.
    Sputnik, if you dont find this appropriate, you may delete the comment, though I dont think it is.

    kasam se bahut yaad aaoge tum Kejriwal ,
    vo tera metro mein jaana , vo ruk – ruk kar najaakat se khaansana ,
    vo tera neeli wagon aar Maruti ka deevaanaapan , vo kareene se mafalar lapetana ,
    vo baat – baat par dharane par baithna , vo roj – roj press conference karna , vo natakhatapan ,
    har baat par jid karna , vo girgit – sa rang badalna , vo janta ka bijli – paani karna ,
    vo poori duniya ko chor bataana , vo jhaadoo maarate – maarate khud kachara ho jaana , yaad rahega Kejriwal.
    Kasam se bahut yaad aaoge tum Kejriwal . . .
    Tata steel se bhaag gaye ,
    sarkaari naukri se bhaag gaye ,
    janta darbaar se bhaag gaye ,
    mukhyamantri pad se bhaag gaye . . .
    Itna bhaagte kyon ho bhaai , ‘ bhaag milkha – too ‘ banaana hai kya . . .
    Ek jhaadoo ki ausat aayu 40-45 din hoti hai , Kejriwal ne siddh kiya . . . .
    Mafalar waali thand mein aae , thand mein hi chale gaye , ek garmi to dekh lete bhaai . . . . . . ‘

  49. narad_muni 10 years ago

    This guy is as cunning and manipulative as any other politician … so him trying to portray a holier than thou image is just trying to brainwash some people.

    I am correct, you are wrong. I am honest, you are corrupt.
    And if someone blames his party or him of anything wrong, his response is – “we have discussed internally within the party and found US to be non-guilty”… LOL. So AAP and Kejri decides that they are not guilty and everyone else is guilty.
    You guys should see how Rahul of Headlines today literally rapes him in the India today conclave.

    @sputnik – Didnt he blame that entire media is bought by Modi or Ambani or whomever? So, what is he doing now in this video? Fact is – when the media hyped him and AAP, he was all fine. The moment some channels criticizing AAP, they said the entire media is bought by so and so… Fact is – they are a bunch of arrogant and self-obsessed hooligans who can’t take any criticism..forget about governance.

    And their main point was always corruption…. instead of going against the most corrupt govt in history, all they do now is check the toilets in some Gujarat village. ROFL! Their intent is becoming pretty clear now.. they just want to stop Modi from becoming PM.

    Anyways, I am sure that Kejri and AAP will get less than 5 seats in the elections and they will be history soon 😛

    • Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

      @narad_muni I support AAP more because of the people associated with it. Not just Kejriwal.

      • hithere 10 years ago

        I am curious..who?

      • Ipman 10 years ago

        kejriwal said gujarat doesnt have an iota of development, modi fans said he is congress agent. but when he critised sheila dikshit and delhi police (which comes under the control of centre) then he was not a congress agent? 😀

    • sputnik 10 years ago

      He may be cunning/manipulative just like any other politician but is he also corrupt just like them? Did he have a convicted corrupt minister in his cabinet like Modi has Bokharia? Link Did he have a MLA who was accused in riots as a minister in his govt the way Modi had Kodnani a BJP MLA involved in riots as minister in his govt?

      So what are the corruption charges against Arvind or AAP? Congress/BJP cannot come up with one serious corruption charge against him or AAP under his 49 day rule?

      “I am correct, you are wrong. I am honest, you are corrupt.”

      That’s what everyone does. So has Modi not been doing that for the past one year when he was saying Congress is corrupt and he is not. So did you get pissed with his rhetoric and started supporting Congress and bashing Modi?

      “And if someone blames his party or him of anything wrong, his response is – “we have discussed internally within the party and found US to be non-guilty”…

      Did they do that when that sting operation came out against their leaders? No they demanded the raw channel footage and proved that the sting operation was all doctored and it clearly showed how that sting video changed the donations being mentioned.

      Now Somnath Bharti’s defense that an associate used his name sounds ridiculous to me but from what I read spamming was not illegal in India and he is accused of spamming. Did his spamming operation cause any loss (money or land) to govt? Rahul Kanwal just wants to lecture Arvind. Please ask him to lecture Modi the same way on Gujarat riots. Please ask him to lecture Modi saying that you cannot claim good governance when so many people die in riots under your watch. And no the riots weren’t the handiwork of his opposition parties trying to sabotage his govt. It was members of Bajrang Dal and VHP who were affiliated to his own political party. Please ask him to ask questions on that Babu Bajrangi video where he names Modi. Will he do that?

      And if Arvind was literally raped by Rahul then what about Modi’s video with Karan Thapar. He started sweating and literally asked for water and walked out of the interview. And people call Arvind Bhagoda. A ex Police commissioner under whose watch rapes happened in Delhi and who refused to resign claiming no moral responsibility is lecturing Arvind with cheap poetry? Arvind should have said “your police administration was just bad as your poetry is and no I am not as shameless as you to cling to my job when I fail in providing what I promised.”

      And as for the Arvind interview that has become such a damning evidence of him manipulating media it was aired live. Read my detailed comment above. He is clarifying on a point about privatization after he has already talked about it live may be during a break. And then the part where he says “chalaiye” is after the live interview. How can someone edit or manipulate a live interview after its already been telecast live. Its obviously about advertising bits of it on the channel. Forget politicians even actors will not answer every question. They will make it clear that there should be no questions on some topic. And here he is not even saying don’t ask me questions on some thing or edit out this part.

      BJP/Modi supporters cannot see the difference between a politician traveling on private planes provided by some company for his own political campaigning and a politician traveling to a event on a private plane provided by the event organizers.

      “the media hyped him and AAP, he was all fine.”

      Read the very first comment in this post. Most of the media polls showed that AAP will not win many seats and there was a recent Operation Prime Minister sting operation which showed that media polls are fixed too.

      “instead of going against the most corrupt govt in history”

      So how did you come to this conclusion? Did the Supreme Court convict the entire Congress govt for you to declare this? When BJP supporters declare that Congress is the most corrupt then its fine but if AAP declares that both Congress and BJP are corrupt they are not supposed to do that?

      “all they do now is check the toilets in some Gujarat village.”

      For the past few years BJP/Modi supporters have been running this PR campaign of Gujarat development and most of the claims are lies and propaganda. Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh are better on many of those statistics and the BJP supporters brag about Gujarat’s statistics. Did Rahul Kanwal or any other media organizations try to fact check Modi’s claims on development? Watch the Ravish Kumar video and its not from some village in Gujarat. It is from Ahmedabad and it nails many of the lies propagated by the Modi PR campaign. Point is one can try to show off only the good/developed side and claim that the whole city/state is developed but that does not become the truth.

      • narad_muni 10 years ago

        LOL…LMAO.. now u need proof to declare the Cong govt. as corrupt.DO u have even an iota of ground reality about the mood in the country or all your knowledge comes from the internet? It’s not only BJP…the aam junta believes that this is the most corrupt Govt.

        NO more arguments.

        ANyway, I m done on this topic. I don’t care frankly if a dozen people on this forum (many of who are not probably going to vote anyways) gets collective orgasm by blaming Modi.

        I hope to see the reactions though after the elections are over.

        • Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

          @narad_muni since when Modi became important to you than MNIK?

          • Ipman 10 years ago

            LOL! modi must really be giving him a special kind of high to overpower the loyal puppylove for srk 😉

        • Author
          sputnik 10 years ago

          Wow what hypocrisy and double standards. You accuse Arvind of accusing others without proof and then say you don’t need any proof to accuse Congress. And a lot of people in India believe that Modi was responsible for Gujarat riots but that isn’t stopping you from supporting Modi is it?

          You will watch videos on Arvind and declare he is guilty but will not comment on videos which prove Modi’s guilt/involvement in riots where people got killed.

          A few days back you made a indirect dig at me in this very thread saying “It is kind of ironical to see people who have got the benefit of opening up of our economy and probably sitting in some far away country voicing such great support for Kejri.”

          Many Indians including you benefited from what Congress and specially Manmohan Singh did in the 90s and you are supporting Modi? Tell me one thing that Modi did that you directly benefited from. I would have said that this then itself but will now. Its ironical that someone who lives/works in Hyderabad and benefits from what Naidu did supports Modi so vociferously.

      • yakuza 10 years ago

        Very well put up Sputnik .. well explained facts.

  50. narad_muni 10 years ago

    @sputnik, I have started to get notifications from tanqeed in my mailbox.
    I don’t want that. What setting do I need to change?

    • Author
      sputnik 10 years ago

      It was sending notifications if someone tagged you in their comments. I updated your settings to not send any emails.

  51. FS 10 years ago

    They haven’t doctored this video. I have seen some videos on youtube where Bush abuses other religions in response to one Religious speaker abusing Christianity. Both were doctored and you will never be able to guess it is doctored because the lip sync is so precise unless the video uploader himself admits it, it is doctored.

    • Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

      @FS that doesnt prove anything. Even if it is not doctored. If only you care to look at what people are contesting for AAP you will know how strong and grounded people they have in their party.

      Rashtra Seva Dal is one which was never in politics and their senior leaders are in the party. It means a lot to me as my family and me know what level of ground work the organization has done. (without all the brouhaha )

      • Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago


        Rashtra seva dal have their separate website. There is very less info on wiki. And it took birth from Seva Dal long long back. But none of its works in last decades is available online.

        I called up my aai and baba (mom and dad) and requested then to provide the write-up in english with the help of thespians who are working with them.

        This is the first time I realize online show-off is important. 😉 (which I had opposed earlier). Yeah but its not everything guys…danka pitne se kuch nahi hota.

  52. FS 10 years ago

    I like AAP and Kejriwaal but that does not mean he has to take commission from private sector and call others as corrupt. If one has to remove corruption from India then it has to be God himself and none else could do the impossible. He may be naive in politics at present but soon he’ll be as dirty and well versed in politics as others crooked politicians are.

    About Lok Sabha election, it will be Modi all the way with a big margin and the reason is not Gujarat shining or other marketing gimmicks in media, its for all the other reasons itself and 80% voting for Modi knows it and they just don’t want to admit it.

    It’s actually not even Modi’s charisma, its RSS – as simple as that. He is just the right face of RSS.

    • John Galt 10 years ago

      So you think 80% of Modi voters are voting for him because of RSS- In your words- Hindu reasons.

      Not that I agree with that even 1% but even if I were to somehow believe that, can you tell me using the same logic as above, what is the thought process of 100% Muslim voters? (again not that I believe in that)

      Now think about this question, and tell me how insulting your statement (that you made above) sounds to a Hindu like me who is voting for non-religious reasons.

      • FS 10 years ago

        “RSS- In your words- Hindu reasons” – Can you elaborate on it? RSS, VHP, Bajarang Dal, etc.. are as extremist or fundamentalists as other extremist of other nations. Now if you don’t believe they are extremist then don’t blame other extremist or fundamentalists as well. Everyone associated with these extremist are aware of their objectives and if you like to be in denial of that then I can’t help it. I was in my state and witnessed small riots right after the speech from RSS members, ironically it was minority ruled area and police had everything in control within hours. These speeches by RSS and VHP leaders are nothing new against minorities.

        Now if I am insulting RSS is like insulting Hindu then I don’t care at all. I say it upfront. But its up to you to let me know whether you are RSS supporter or a Hindu. Just like not all muslims are terrorist, not all Hindu’s are RSS. Speak for yourself and don’t generalize things just like you advise others not to generalize things.

        if you are true to your words, you are falling in 20% of Modi Supporters but only you can know for sure not me.

        • John Galt 10 years ago

          Its you who generalized FS- who came up with this 80-20 ratio…You started off by saying 80% are voting for MOdi based on other reasons- and then you mentioned RSS..Aren’t you the one who’s generalizing that 80% Modi voters are voting him for RSS reasons? and thats what I am asking, how would you know about whether 80% or 20% people are voting for him for that RSS angle? It may be very well the case that maybe only 20% are voting for that would you and I ever know about it?

          • FS 10 years ago

            How would you know certain % of people have liked the movie? It’s matter of feedback you get from people you know, you interact with, face to face, online, through debates, through social networking sites, through opinions of people etc… This is my statement through my interaction I have had through the years. Now if you don’t agree, you are allowed to disagree but why did you put an angle of insult to Hindu’s in it?

            The index’s and other surveys you post to highlight Gujarat’s development are also not accurate or precise, they are probable just like mine based on the survey and the area covered or approximate area covered.

          • John Galt 10 years ago

            Now if you don’t agree, you are allowed to disagree but why did you put an angle of insult to Hindu’s in it?

            I did it because of this statement of yours
            “80% voting for Modi knows it and they just don’t want to admit it.”

            What do you mean by other reasons and not admitting it? What are you hinting towards…and then you go on to talk about RSS… Whats the point here? Isn’t your reference to other reasons (and not admitting them) merging into the statement about RSS ?

          • FS 10 years ago

            So you deny Modi is not the face of RSS? He isn’t part of RSS?

          • John Galt 10 years ago

            You first answer my question

            what does this statement mean?

            “80% voting for Modi knows it and they just don’t want to admit it.”

            and I’ll answer yours

          • FS 10 years ago

            The answer is in my indirect question itself.

          • John Galt 10 years ago

            Whats stopping you from being Direct..Lets not talk in puzzles.. Tell me what do you mean by 80% of Modi Supporters are what?

          • FS 10 years ago

            All other reasons = Objectives of RSS

            But may be you know the real objectives of RSS and you may even support their objective hence my statement hit hard on you and I could be totally wrong but not on the intentions of majority of his supporters. It’s plain and simple, but if you wanna play the drums of Gujarat shining keep playing and satisfy yourself.

            PS: I was direct in the first comment itself but you keep running around the bushes so like many others.

          • John Galt 10 years ago

            Its irrelevant whether I support RSS’s objective or not.. (I don’t even know what their objectives in the political scenario are) But I do know RSS is a well framed Hindu Body that follow many Hindu Philosophies.and hence there is Religious shades to it. My retaliation to your comment is, the ease with which you blurted out that 80% of Modi followers are just there because of RSS…My 21 year old cousin is an AAP follower and her friend is a Modi supporter..I have met so many young people who are Modi supporters..and I dont have a single doubt when I say this, that these people have any idea as to what or what not to support in RSS. I will not make my point taking examples of these young people..even elder or older people..many exist who are the most liberals of people and still support Modi..Now its up to you to decide, whether your comment was derogatory to these people (you can very conveniently put all these people in 20% bracket of yours and feel happy about it) who do not have any RSS angles as far as voting for Modi is concerned or whether you just want to defend a statement that you made without any logic so to say.

          • FS 10 years ago

            ” (I don’t even know what their objectives in the political scenario are)”
            —– so naive that you know what their religious shades are but unaware of political objectives….. Then its you who should learn about their core objectives, why it was formed, why it was declared as terrorist group & banned twice or thrice, what is their motive behind supporting Modi than Advani, why is he the puppet of RSS & thn think whether you support is justified. But you definitely know all of it & still act to be so innocent of unknowingly supporting him reasoning the gujarat shining policies.

            If you say you are not aware of it then obviously you fall into 20% category but then you definitely know about RSS objectives, their involvement in many riots all over the country, Their support and selection of Modi as PM candidate still you ought to support Modi sighting the reasons of gujarat development, you fall into those 80% category who know it all but don’t want to admit it.

    • Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

      80% are NOT going to vote for modi. Only few in upper caste in Hindu.

  53. 10 years ago

    And a lot of people in India believe that Modi was responsible for Gujarat riots but that isn’t stopping you from supporting Modi is it?

    “lot of people …” ????? @sputnik it should be most of the people know that . Its a bloody naked truth.

    As far as Arvind is concerned, most of the people I talk with says “he may be a dramabaaz but 1000 times better congress, BJP, modi, or rahul or not to mention maya, jaya, mulayam or mamata.

    All these anchors like Rahul, Chaurasia, Arnab etc. etc. are nothing more than bloody bullshitters. Infact news channels are now nothing more than cheap intertainment channels. If some one has nothing to do or in those boring moments Crime petrol, Tarak Mehta etc. etc. are not there, they can turn on the news channel to kill the time. Hight of political debates is, even Smurti Irani comes for debate on important issues.

    • John Galt 10 years ago

      if its so much the bloody naked truth then why do you think Modi supporters are supporting him?

      Are you implying that most of them (especially Hindus) who are supporting Modi, believe that Modi was responsible for Gujarat riots and are supporting him for that very reason? Are you implying that Majority Hindus are supporting Modi because they want Modi to become PM and do the same thing to the nation(which according to you he was responsible for) ? Are you implying that majority Modi supporters are communal ?

      Keep your delusional theories to yourself and speak on your behalf only. Its people like you who start communal feeling by commenting in such manner. I did not say that Muslims are not supporting Modi because of the riots(and even if I did, it only presents a defensive picture not an offensive one)…then who the hell gives you the right to generalize your idiotic notions for everyone? Have you talked to everyone out there to know that most of them believe Modi was responsible?

      What next? ABV’s Kargil was responsible for Kasab coming to India?

      • 10 years ago

        The comment didn’t imply any of your imaginations you have mentioned.

        “Its pests like you who start communal feeling by commenting in such manner.” – Did I mention any where Hindus or Muslims ??? Do criticizing Modi is communal ????

        I am working in a place where more that 95 % of my colleagues and friends are non Muslims but are educated and I am proud of it.

        “then who the hell gives you the right to generalize your idiotic notions for everyone?”

        If I wanted I would have replied you in the same idiotic and stupid way but don’t intend to.

        • John Galt 10 years ago


          either be upfront about what your intent is or stop this non-sense of being proud of what and what not.

          On one hand you are saying most modi supporters know that Modi caused Gujarat riots. If thats the case, then why the hell would a sane mind person who “knows” that some person has caused riots would want to bring hi to power… Who told you that most people believe that Modi is responsible for the riots? Or you are just making up supposed “truths” just like Mr Kejriwal makes everyday?

      • Author
        sputnik 10 years ago

        I edited your comment and removed the offending word against @alfa-one Please don’t abuse someone.

        Now coming to your comment about that NDTV video that “I can create a similar video for Chicago, NYC and any major metropolitan city you name.” read what I said to narad_muni in my comment earlier – “Point is one can try to show off only the good/developed side and claim that the whole city/state is developed but that does not become the truth.” on this very thread.

        Thanks for admitting that “Gujarat is not 100% heaven” and that it is now just a “developed state and much better than most out there”. But for the past two years Gujarat was the most developed state in India and Modi the best candidate for the PM post based on it being the most developed state. The BJP/Modi supporters were giving out statistics which have been proved to be exaggerations and lies time and time again.

        I am from Hyderabad and I can take you to places like Hitech City with all the IT companies and Banjara Hills and show you how great it is too and on many statistics AP does better than Gujarat but no one has tried to pass off false claims that AP is the most developed state or its CM the best in the country.

        There are two kinds of people who support Modi. One – who are naive and who have bought into Modi’s PR campaign on development (people who never tried to fact check the claims) and who have not really followed the Gujarat riots cases (people who have not watched any of those documentaries or Bajrangi videos). A friend of mine used to post all those pro Modi PR articles and then one day I was surprised to see him post a negative article himself debunking all the development claims. From that day onwards I have not seen him post a single Modi article. Another close friend of mine told me that he was supporting Modi and I asked him why. And he said that he heard that Modi has developed Gujarat a lot and saw a lot of those articles on FB. So I gave him link to an article that debunked Modi’s claims and told him about that Bajrangi video and he stopped supporting Modi. He is now a Arvind Kejriwal fan.

        Second are those people who know that those claims by BJP/Modi are lies/exaggerations and who have watched those documentaries and Bajrangi video. But they still support Modi and want him to be the next Prime Minister. So why are they doing that? They are not supporting Modi because he is innocent. They very well know that he was responsible for the riots and some will even admit that openly. They will either give excuses like action-reaction or point out riots that happened under other CMs or other political parties. But pointing fingers at others is not going to remove Modi’s involvement.

        We all have seen Akbaruddin Owaisi’s videos where he has given those anti Hindu speeches. If any Muslim supports Akbaruddin Owaisi after watching those videos he is a Muslim fanatic IMO and the same logic applies to Modi supporters who support Modi after watching those documentaries and Bajrangi videos. I don’t care how much Owaisi developed his constituency and I don’t care if the courts declare him not guilty just like they did with Varun Gandhi.

        Since you brought up Kasab what if Kasab had said in a video that the Maharastra CM helped him in coming to India and that he tried to protect him by having the judges transferred would you support that CM for the PM’s post because he developed Maharastra?

        Development can never absolve someone’s involvement in crime.

        • John Galt 10 years ago

          Did you come up with these two categories of people just based on a handful of your friends?

          I have seen Godhra documentaries and I have personally visited Gujarat also. I have also seen conditions of many Gujaratis and have been friends who belong to villages of Kutch and Barooch.

          Now I do not believe even after seeing those documentaries that you can attribute a crime like that to Modi. What category will you put me in? Who gave you the right to say this “They very well know he was responsible for the riots” Did you have some kind of epiphany about these categories of people? That was exactly my question to too…Who the hell gives you or me the right to generalize it for everyone.

          Regarding your Kasab theory- Why do you think, I will believe him in the first place?

          • Author
            sputnik 10 years ago

            No I did not come up with that categories based on a handful of friends. It is a general observation and anyone with common sense can arrive to that general observation but then as the proverb goes “Common Sense is not so common”.

            Yeah I don’t have the right to generalize. Its only you who has the right to generalize and pass out judgements. Just because you visited Gujarat and “seen conditions of many Gujaratis and have been friends who belong to villages of Kutch and Barooch” you have become an expert to declare that Gujarat is a developed state which is better than many. Have you traveled to every state/city/village to declare that?

            Yeah you won’t believe a Kasab now because it will show your hypocrisy with respect to those Modi videos but I am pretty sure you yourself would have posted that video here if it that Mahasrastra CM was Arvind Kejriwal or some non BJP CM.

            Please don’t insult my intelligence and lets not pretend to be so naive that you still think Modi was not responsible. Its up to you what category you want to fall under.

          • John Galt 10 years ago

            “Its only you who has the right to generalize and pass out judgements”

            Where have I generalized ? I have simply stated what I think about Modi..Am I saying, all of Modi supporters are only because of Gujarat’s development? Am I saying that all Muslims are too shallow to equally oppose Modi based on religion.. I always maintain, rejection by Muslims is their prerogative, whatever the reason may be and I have no problems with it..I hope and wish its not because of shallow reasons like religion but I don’t generalize it for them unlike you who seem to rely on your self procliamed “Mr know it all” kind of intelligence.

            No I haven’t traveled to each and every village but have you traveled to at least one village? I am not making a tall claim about each and every village of Gujarat but you are too quick to believe a power hungry politician’s recent Gujarat visit statements.

            Its clear you maybe right about a thing or two..but you have your own bias..and its high time you realize it rather than believing that you are making statements from a neutral standpoint.

  54. John Galt 10 years ago

    For those who believe in Kejriwal’s Manohar Kahaniyan about how Gujarat Development is a farce

    Gujarat’s development model: Separating fact from fictionMinhaz Merchant
    12 March 2014, 03:49 PM IST

    Is Gujarat’s development record as bad as Arvind Kejriwal claims? Let’s separate the wheat from the chaff. On August 2, 2013, using the latest statistics from the Planning Commission, the 2011 Census and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), I’d compared the performance of India’s 10 largest states. That article can be read here.

    Seven months later, not much has changed. It’s therefore useful to update the data where available and revisit the conclusions.

    The first premise: when comparing development indices of different states, size matters. It’s unfair and statistically pointless to, for example, compare the Human Development Index (HDI) of a relatively affluent state like Goa with that of a large, poor state like Bihar. Our data therefore compares India’s 10 largest states by population.

    The second premise: we must compare these states across both economic as well as social indices to capture a realistic picture of relative progress.

    First, a snapshot of India’s 10 most populous states which form a part of this study:

    Population (2011 census)

    Uttar Pradesh: 199 million
    Maharashtra: 112 million
    Bihar: 104 million
    West Bengal: 91 million
    Andhra Pradesh: 85 million
    Madhya Pradesh: 73 million
    Tamil Nadu: 72 million
    Rajasthan: 69 million
    Karnataka: 61 million
    Gujarat: 60 million
    Start with economic indices of India’s 10 largest states:

    Per capita income (FY 2012)

    Maharashtra: Rs. 1,01,314
    Gujarat: Rs. 89,668
    Tamil Nadu: Rs. 84,496
    Karnataka: Rs. 69,055
    Andhra Pradesh: Rs. 68,970
    West Bengal: Rs. 55,222
    Rajasthan: Rs. 53,735
    Madhya Pradesh: Rs. 37,994
    Uttar Pradesh: Rs. 30,051
    Bihar: Rs. 22,691
    All-India Per Capita Income: Rs. 61,564

    As I wrote in my August 2, 2013 piece, Maharashtra ranks no. 1, Gujarat no. 2 and Tamil Nadu no. 3. But Maharashtra has an unfair advantage because Mumbai, India’s wealthiest city, increases its average per capita income significantly. Let’s compute the precise impact.

    Here are the GDPs of India’s wealthiest cities as per the IMF:

    City GDPs (PPP)

    Mumbai: $209 billion
    Delhi: $167 billion
    Kolkata: $150 billion
    Bangalore: $84 billion
    Hyderabad: $74 billion
    Chennai: $66 billion
    Ahmedabad: $52 billion
    Pune: $47 billion
    (PPP: Purchasing Power Parity)

    Again, as I wrote: if we exclude Mumbai’s $209 billion GDP from Maharashtra’s GDP (adjusting PPP GDP for exchange rate nominal GDP to align with Planning Commission figures) but keep Pune (whose $47-billion GDP is not dissimilar to the GDP of the capitals of other key states), Maharashtra’s per capita income falls from Rs. 1,01,314 to around Rs. 78,000. So without Mumbai (but including Pune), Maharashtra would slip to no. 3 in our per capita income chart. Gujarat would move up to no. 1, Tamil Nadu to no. 2.

    Kejriwal’s criticism that Gujarat’s debt has tripled in 10 years is misleading if read in isolation. Fast-growing economies usually have rising debt but Gujarat’s debt: GDP ratio (the ratio that really matters) has not risen significantly because the state’s GDP during the past 10 years has also nearly tripled.

    Is Kejriwal on sounder footing on Gujarat’s social indices? Alas no.

    These are the Human Development Index (HDI) figures for India’s 10 largest states:

    HDI (2011)

    Maharashtra: .572
    Tamil Nadu: .570
    Gujarat: .527
    Karnataka: .519
    West Bengal: .492
    Andhra Pradesh: .473
    Rajasthan: .434
    Uttar Pradesh: .380
    Madhya Pradesh: .375
    Bihar: .367
    All-India HDI: .467

    Gujarat is again in the top 3 on HDI, ahead of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. Its HDI of .527 is significantly higher than India’s overall HDI of .467.

    Finally, consider poverty levels. India’s poverty ratio (2013 figures) is 21.9%. Gujarat’s poverty ratio is 16.6%. The poverty ratios of India’s 10 largest states in ascending order:

    Poverty Ratio % (2013)

    Andhra Pradesh: 9.2
    Tamil Nadu: 11.3
    Rajasthan: 14.7
    Gujarat: 16.6
    Maharashtra: 17.4
    West Bengal: 20
    Karnataka: 20.9
    Uttar Pradesh: 29.4
    Madhya Pradesh: 31.7
    Bihar: 33.7
    Among India’s 10 largest states, Gujarat’s poverty ratio is better than Maharashtra’s and Karnataka’s. But inclusiveness? How have Muslims fared under Modi? According to the Planning Commission’s latest data on poverty, the ratio of rural Muslims in Gujarat below the poverty line is the lowest across India (7.7%), a fact rarely noticed by the English-language media.

    * * *

    But let’s dig deeper into social indices. Take infant mortality rate (IMR). As a new UNICEF study notes, the all-India IMR is 42. Gujarat’s IMR is relatively better at 38.

    Between 2003 and 2012, Gujarat’s IMR declined 33%, from 57 to 38. The all-India IMR declined more slowly, by 30%, during the same 2003-12 period. Over the last three years, Gujarat’s IMR has fallen 7.5% a year, among the steepest falls in India and ahead of the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) target of 7%.

    Kejriwal was right to raise the issue of farmer suicides in Gujarat. He said 800 farmers have committed suicide over the past 10 years in the state – around 80 a year. He should, however, have compared this to the more tragic figures in Congress-governed Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh where, as P. Sainath points out in his article in The Hindu, 3,786 and 2,572 farmers respectively committed suicide in one year alone (2012). That is roughly 30-40 times the farmer suicide rate in Gujarat. A single farmer’s suicide is an unacceptable tragedy. But it’s important to compare all available data across large states to provide perspective.

    What about education and drop-out rates in Gujarat’s schools?

    As Prof. Bibek Debroy points out here: “There is a decent database called DISE and is produced by NUEPA. The latest DISE tables are for 2011-12. For Gujarat, this covered 40,943 schools. I prefer to depend on this, because I can’t hope to visit 40,943 schools personally. What does this tell us about single-teacher schools?

    “For Gujarat, in 2011-12, the percentage of single-teacher schools was 0.81%. Is 0.81% good, bad or ugly? The answer depends a bit on the perspective. The all-India comparable figure was 8.31%. But Gujarat is supposed to be a state where governance has improved. Why should we even have 0.81%? Fair point again. Therefore, let’s check out the similar analytical tables from DISE in 2004. In that year, in Gujarat, 2.73% of ‘all schools’ had no teachers and 5.04% of ‘all schools’ were single-teacher. 5.04% plus 2.73% is 7.77%. From 7.77% in 2004, it has come down to 0.81% in 2011-12.”

    Turn now to school drop-out rates in Gujarat.

    Prof. Debroy writes: “Drop-out rates are a pretty decent indicator. At what level of education shall we pick the drop-out rate? Let’s say primary education, defined as Standards I to V. Boys or girls? Perhaps both. In 2011-12, for that segment, the drop-out rate for girls was 2.08% and that for boys was 2.05%. In 2002-03, it was 19.14% for girls and 19.08% for boys. But like I said, one can always talk to the 2.08% of girls who dropped out and the 2.05% of boys who dropped out and create a song and dance out of it.”

    * * *

    Clearly, Gujarat is not perfect. It has much to do in health, education and child care. But on most income and social indicators it does better than any other large state in India.

    Kejriwal wants to meet Narendra Modi to “discuss” Gujarat’s development model. He should first get his facts right so he doesn’t waste his and Modi’s time.

  55. John Galt 10 years ago

    To all AArP supporters and Baba,

    if you really want to know how big of a disease Kejriwal this piece by RSN Singh– former military intelligence officer who later served in the Research & Analysis Wing.(RAW)

    (I am sure the ignorant ones will start calling everyone including the former RAW intelligence man as corrupt–thats how being blinded works)

    (go to the website to see actual images and links/proofs)


    This article is going to be based on facts and facts alone. It purports to clearly decipher the process of subversion and use of Kejriwal and his associates by powers and countries inimical to India. Sadly, as invariably the case, there are vested interests at the highest political levels in India, who are part of the design.

    The flowchart below gives out the link of foreign funding and subversion of Kejriwal and associates. Each of the links given in the flowchart are backed by documents.

    Kejriwal – India’s biggest Scam Images – 1
    LINK-1, 2 & 3: CIA, Rockfeller Foundation and Ford Foundation, Magsaysay Award
    A US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) secret document (declassified) given below, duly signed by the then Director Allen W. Dulles clearly shows the link between CIA and Rockefeller Foundation, Ford Foundation and Magsaysay Award. It may be mentioned that Dulles was the longest serving Director of CIA from 1953 to 1961. Even in the citation of Kejriwal for Magsaysay Award, the first reference was made to CIA.

    Link-1: CIA and Ford Foundation
    Link-1: CIA and Ford Foundation
    The link between CIA and Ford Foundation and Magsaysay Award is yet again reinforced by a secret (declassified) document. The document clearly shows that how so called intellectuals, professors and students of target countries are financially enticed by the Ford Foundation on behalf of CIA to avail education facilities in the US clearly with the purpose of subversion.

    Link-5 : Ford Foundation and Kejriwal
    Link-5 : Ford Foundation and Kejriwal
    The grants given by Ford Foundation in 2002 to various Indian entities are given below in the accessed document. Arvind Kejriwal’s NGO ‘Sampoorna Parivartan’ and CSDS (Center for the Study of Developing Societies) have been granted $80,000 and the $250,000 respectively. Key associates of Arvind Kejriwal like Yogendra Yadav have been functionaries of the CSDS. What makes this funding to Kejriwal a criminal activity is the fact that he in 2002 was still a government servant and therefore not entitled to receive it. Government servants are not permitted to float NGOs without due permission.

    Kejriwal, while on study leave and availing full government salary started Parivartan along with Manish Sisodia in 2000-2001. On its website, Parivartan on 10-March-2009 declared that it is not an NGO or a registered organization, and for Income Tax purposes it was an Association of Persons. However, in 2002 the website declared the organization was registered under Societies Registration Act, 1860 and was exempt from Income Tax in Section 80G of 12A of IT Act. This is a clear fraud on India and Indians (Click here to see more).

    Further, under the banner of Parivartan, Kejriwal received funds from World Bank for a Jan Sunvai campaign even as the organization was not registered. It is again a criminal act. This funding nearly coincides with the period of Kejriwal resigning from service (not accepted) in 2006, and Ford Foundation funding and grant of Magsaysay Award. In fact, Kejriwal got the Magsaysay Award shortly after he featured in the World Bank report of 2005 (page: 29-33).

    Kejriwal branched off from Parivartan to establish yet another NGO, Kabir. As per the documents, Kabir was established on 15 August 2005. This was again illegal, as Kejriwal continued to be in government service. The subversive agenda of the Ford Foundation is quite clear in the contradictions in dates between financial documents declared by Kabir and Ford Foundation. While Kabir claims that the NGO began its operations on 15 August 2005 in which the contribution from Ford Foundation was Rs.43,48,036/-, whereas the annual report of Ford Foundation claims to have made a contribution to Kabir to the tune of $172,000 on 15 July 2005. It is not only intriguing that the Ford Foundation funding to Kabir began from the very first year of its operation, but the money was given one month before its birth. The fraud is evident from the two sets of documents of Kabir and Ford Foundation, given below.

    Kejriwal – India’s biggest Scam Images – 5
    Link-1: Ford Foundation funding to Kabir and Fraud. Source: Ford Foundation Annual report of 2005 (
    As per Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) submission made by the Kabir in its annual return indicates that between 2005 and 2011, only Rs.75,54,006 were received from Ford Foundation in two tranches; i.e. 2005-06: Rs. 43,48,036 on 15-July-2005, 2006-07: Rs. 32,05,970 on 12-Dec-2006. It also shows a sum of $1,97,000 was not accepted as Kabir had become a political movement by then. It may be reminded that it was at this time that lot of questions were being raised about illegal foreign funding to Kejriwal’s political activities. Kabir tried to mislead by removing or omitting all details from website regarding its funding from Ford Foundation in the year 2007-2008, 2009-2010.

    However, the fraud can be nailed by visiting the Ford Foundation website (again suppressed), which clearly indicates that in the year 2007-2008, Kabir received $1,97,000 and the very next year Rs.60,75,149 (Kabir website, details suppressed again).

    The hide and seek being played on the net by Kabir and Ford Foundation is testimony to the fraud. In fact, Parivartan and Kabir, suddenly shutdown their websites after coming under scrutiny in 2012.

    Kejriwal and dubious American funding

    Kejriwal received the Ashoka fellowship in 2004. He conveyed an impression that the outreach to him was by an Indian organization. In reality Ashoka is an US registered organization, whose strategic partners include McKinsey & Company, Corporate Executive Board and Latham and Watkins (Ref: Since the Cold War, this organization has been engaged in creating human assets for expanding American influence.

    Kejriwal – India’s biggest Scam Images – 6

    It emerges that after liberal funding from various Western sources, Kejriwal decided to send his resignation from government service in 2006. This story began in 2002, when his ‘Sampooran Parivartan’ was given $80,000 (Ref:, Page: 104)

    Kejriwal – India’s biggest Scam Images – 7

    $80,000 in 2002 was equivalent to Kejriwal’s 15 years’ salary. Moreover, the biggest fraud is that the donors, i.e. organizations that funded Kejriwal’s so-called NGOs were the decision makers in the award of his Magsaysay Award. This includes the CIA. Further, the representative of Ford Foundation on India Steven Solnick admitted on 31st August 2012 that the Magsaysay Award for Kejriwal was funded by them.

    Subsequently, foreign money began to flow into Kejriwal’s NGO. As per the response to an RTI filed by a website Beyond Headlines, the other foreign contributors to Kejriwal’s NGO ‘Kabir’ were Ford Foundation (Rs 86,61,742), PRIA (Rs 2,37,035), Manjunath Shanmugam Trust (Rs 3,70,000), Dutch Embassy (Rs 19,61,968), Association for India’s Development (Rs 15,00,000), India’s Friends Association (Rs 7,86,500), United Nations Development Programme (Rs12,52,742) while Rs 11,35,857 were collected from individual donations between 2007 to 2010.

    The link 6 in the Chart at the start indicates recipients of the funds by the Dutch entity Humanistic Institute for Cooperation with Developing Countries (HIVOS). It provided € 1.3 million between 2008 and 2012. Of these more than half, i.e. DISHA, GKVP, SAFAR, MAHITI, SWATI, and UTHAN are active in Gujarat. The others like CJP run by Teesta Setalvad and ANHAD run by Shabnam Hashmi are known for their virulent anti-Modi campaign.

    HIVOS in turn is the highest recipient of funds from Ford Foundation. It has an office in India receiving $1.2 million (Ref.: HIVOS also funded Kejriwal’s Parivartan (

    There are various other organizations funded by the Dutch government i.e. PSO Association and PRIA. These organizations ostensibly are engaged in ‘development and social work’, however their main purpose is to promote American agenda. The US adopts the Dutch route in various target countries so that suspicions are not aroused. HIVOS receives €27 million from the Dutch government and funds the PRIA, which is also a Ford Foundation partner. Another PSO partner Soliaridad also funds PRIA. PRIA funded Kejriwal as well. Many countries have compelled the PSO to windup its activities as they have been found to be intrusive.

    Another Dutch funded organization is PANOS, which has seven offices in South Asia. This too is recipient of funds from Ford Foundation and its main purpose is to manipulate the media ‘in South Asia’. So is it surprising that a segment of Indian electronic media has gone to vulgar extent in amplifying Kejriwal? The funding of the Dutch entities as mentioned by the Ford Foundation is evidenced by the document placed below:

    Kejriwal – India’s biggest Scam Images – 8

    Collusion between CIA and Kejriwal

    All the documents above suggest the alleged systematic subversion and creation of Kejriwal by the CIA through the Ford Foundation and the Dutch entities. A CIA document clearly establishes as to how CIA loans officers to Ford Foundation.

    Kejriwal – India’s biggest Scam Images – 9

    It has also been established that CIA operatives operate through the academic route. One such academic researcher Ms Shimrit Lee was associated with Kejriwal’s Kabir NGO in the garb of doing research on ‘Public Power: India and Other Democracies’. Ms Lee specializes in Tahrir Square type demonstrations that we are now witnessing in Ukraine. She has been active in Cairo, Haifa, Chad and Israel, India and US. It is she who introduced the ideas of Mohalla Committees and brought the Arab Spring technology to India to launch Kejriwal. Ms Lee’s photograph is given below:

    Kejriwal – India’s biggest Scam Images – 10

    That the US has been using the Dutch for pushing its agenda in India, which includes destabilization of India’s Northeast is known. It is evident by the bonhomie between Netherlands and various Naga outfits, particularly the NSCN (IM). It was the NSCN (IM) which took umbrage when on 17-July-2002 in a written reply to a question in parliament, the late Digvijay Singh then Minister of External Affairs said that Netherlands was one of the countries where terrorists have safe heavens besides Pakistan. It may also be reiterated that the NSCN (IM) always insists on holding talks with the Indian government in Amsterdam. It is also well known as to how the CIA and the Dutch Intelligence Agency (BVD – Binenlandise Veiligheidsdienst) connived in allowing AQ Khan to steal nuclear secrets from URENCO, site at Almeto in Netherlands, only with the purpose of balancing Pakistan with India in nuclear capability during the Cold War. It is through this kind of geopolitical balancing in various regions that the US maintains its lead role.

    Just as in the case of lead role by geopolitical balancing the Western countries maintain their supremacy in global economy through the ‘offshore financial centers’. These centers thrive on black money of the developing world. Was it for this reason that Kejriwal was created to kill Ramdev’s movement for recovery of black money stashed abroad? During the entire Anna agitation, not even once, the issue of black money in foreign soil was raised.

    In pursuit of the CIA agenda there are Indians who have been partnering Kejriwal. Is it a coincidence that a former Admiral also a recipient of Magsaysay Award accompanied Kejriwal when he filed his nomination from New Delhi constituency? This Admiral, whose daughter married to a Pakistani, has been in the forefront against India’s ‘nuclear development’. Is it a mere coincidence that the closest aides of Kejriwal are recipients of funding from Ford Foundation. Is it also a mere coincidence that Kejriwal never served out of Delhi during his government service, and helping him in this bid was none other than Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, who wrote a letter to ensure the same? Is it also a mere coincidence that Arvind Kejriwal is a protégé of Aruna Roy, another recipient of Magsaysay Award, and a member of Sonia’s National Advisory Council?

    Arvind Kejriwal is therefore not a political threat but a security threat to this country, his main objective being to destabilize India to perpetuate US agenda.

    Arvind Kejriwal is India’s biggest scam.

    (RSN Singh is a former military intelligence officer who later served in the Research & Analysis Wing. The author of two books: Asian Strategic and Military Perspective and Military Factor in Pakistan, he is also a Guest Blogger with Canary Trap. The opinions expressed by the author and those providing comments are theirs alone, and do not reflect the opinions of Canary Trap or any employee thereof)

  56. Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

    @John Galt

    If AAP reduces to being one man show like BJP is then it will be very unfortunate.

    This is election prachaar time and its obvious Kejriwal will be more in limelight. I am in support of party for what ppl are standing up for it too.

    Lets see. I will give them atleast 10 more years. They are learning.

  57. John Galt 10 years ago

    Why is my long comment under moderation?

    • Author
      sputnik 10 years ago

      It had two or more links in that comment and it automatically went into moderation. Already approved it.

  58. Author
    sputnik 10 years ago


    “Am I saying, all of Modi supporters are only because of Gujarat’s development?”

    So you tell me how many of those are supporting based on reasons I specified. Why are you objecting to someone’s generalization and on what basis? Did you conduct a survey of Modi supporters with some lie detector test to oppose their generalization?

    “I always maintain, rejection by Muslims is their prerogative, whatever the reason may be and I have no problems with it..I hope and wish its not because of shallow reasons like religion”

    Shallow reasons like religion? So are Muslims opposing Modi because he is a Hindu? There are many Hindus in India who are also opposing Modi because of the very same reason that Muslims are opposing him and its because they think Modi was involved/responsible for those riots.

    More than thousand people were killed and the prime accused says Modi protected me and these are shallow reasons? Modi talks about everyone being equal but his govt tries to prosecute one set of accused who burned people under POTA and the other set of accused who burned people and also raped under regular laws and these are shallow reasons? The Gujarat Police and Govt tries every bit to suppress those cases and the cases have to be transferred out of state for the victims to get justice and these are shallow reasons? The riots happen in 2002 and a BJP MLA Kodnani accused in the riots is made a Minister in 2007 in the Gujarat govt and these are shallow reasons? Go tell that to those people whose family members were killed/raped that these are shallow reasons. He takes out a Gaurav Yatra (Pride Parade) and denies that rapes/murders happened in Gujarat and that its enemy lies and these are shallow reasons?

    You just said Gujarat was a developed state better than others and now you are saying that you are not making a tall claim about each and every village of Gujarat. I based my judgements on Gujarat development based on articles that I read before not on Arvind’s statements. And yes Arvind who quit his CM post is power hungry politician but Modi is a selfless person who has refused all positions of power and serving the people selflessly.

    “but you have your own bias..and its high time you realize it rather than believing that you are making statements from a neutral standpoint.”

    Its funny that you are accusing me of bias. I am not supporting some Muslim CM under whose watch thousands of Hindus died and who was named by one of the prime accused that he was helped/protected by that Muslim CM. Any Muslim who supports that Muslim CM using excuses like development or that I don’t believe he is involved/guilty is a Muslim fanatic period. If a Hindu does not support that CM its not because of shallow reasons like religion. And no sane Indian should support a CM or anyone who is involved in any killings irrespective of religion.

    And now I will bring in Hitler not because the scale of killings in Gujarat is comparable to the Holocaust. The number of people killed in Gujarat are just a miniscule percentage of the number of the people killed in the Holocaust and the development of Gujarat is also just a miniscule percentage of what happened under Hitler. If someone says that since there is no direct evidence or written order tying Hitler directly to the Holocaust and that he is not guilty or that the crimes cannot be attributed to him then its total BS. If someone says I am voting for Hitler because of development like Autobahn and because he got everyone jobs ignoring all the people who were killed under his rule then its clear what kind of fanatics they are. How much Hitler developed Germany should not even come into picture when he was involved/responsible for those killings.

    And it does not have to be hundreds/thousands/millions to be killed. Even if the CM was responsible/involved in killing of one person then I am not supporting him and neither should anybody else.

    • John Galt 10 years ago

      “Did you conduct a survey of Modi supporters with some lie detector test to oppose their generalization?”

      This is as absurd as it gets… You think about it and decide..When there can’t be any what way to prove it..Is generalizing the way to go or is just keeping it to your own opinion is the sensible way to go… So much for your common sense remark!!

      “So are Muslims opposing Modi because he is a Hindu? ”

      Talk about reading too much into things.. That statement of mine implied the “supposed fear, those muslims may have who think Modi is Responsible for Muslim Deaths in 2002” So no its not about Hindu/Muslims, but the feeling of being victimized because of belonging to a particualar religion.

      You are sitting in your home and watching documentaries and lurking online to deduce MOdi was responsible for riots..and that there is no development in Gujarat. I am sitting in my own home and lurking online and watching the bias in online reporting to deduce, how Modi is not responsible for the riots and how there is development in Gujarat (and this development proof is more than just sitting online and going through a few links- I visited Gujarat, before 2009 elections)..How is your research any better than mine? You are believing one section of the news world and I am believing the other.

      I said Gujarat has developed- does that imply I am talking about each and every speck and particle of Gujarat… Tomorrow If I say US economy is growing , would that mean every homeless guy now owns a car? This is exactly the bias that Ia m pointing to..your denial about whatever is pro modi.

      “And no sane Indian should support a CM or anyone who is involved in any killings irrespective of religion.”

      And who is the judge of this involvement…,You? because of all your research? Wow…What a revelation!!

      Congress rule has seen more people die in riots than anyone else.. Recently SP rule saw Muzzafarnagar riots… but hypocrites will only talk about Modi and Hindu fanatics.!! So much for rationalism and neutrality.

      • Author
        sputnik 10 years ago

        I made my yardstick pretty clear that no amount of development can absolve one’s involvement in crime. You are not denying any of the things that I mentioned with respect to shallow reasons.

        And a lot of those excuses of development and there no being direct proof of involvement can be be made in the case of Hitler too. There are so many Holocaust denial articles. So yes I will be the judge of who I think is guilty/innocent based on my research and common sense.

        “And who is the judge of this involvement…,You? because of all your research? Wow…What a revelation!!”

        When Congress is involved in riots/corruption then do you wait for the court verdicts in those cases or are you going by your research?

        “Congress rule has seen more people die in riots than anyone else.. Recently SP rule saw Muzzafarnagar riots… but hypocrites will only talk about Modi and Hindu fanatics.!! So much for rationalism and neutrality.”

        Its clear to anyone who reads this thread who is the hypocrite/fanatic and who is the neutral/rational person. Do you see me supporting Congress? Is UP CM Akhilesh Yadav running for the PM post? Have you seen me support him anywhere? I already said that all Modi supporters will do is they will point fingers at others. As the famous dialogue from Deewar goes “Doosron ke paap ginane se khud apne paap kam nahi ho jaate, doosron ke jurm sabit karne se yeh sacchai nahi badal sakti ki tum bhi ek mujrim ho” Saying people talk only about Modi and Gujarat riots is like saying people only talk about Hitler and Holocaust and not other killings. I categorically said that I do not support anyone who is involved in even one killing and that should cover every past, present and future politician in any part of the world.

        • John Galt 10 years ago

          I already said I don’t believe Modi is responsible for the 2002 Riots and hence there’s no point talking about your things you mentioned with respect to Shallow reasons

          And yes it’ll be clear to a true neutral who is debating with bias and who is being upfront about what they feel. You are talking about Modi supporters pointing fingers at others all the time.. You should know this trend was started by diseases like AAP..who knew that they don’t have a single policy of their own to present as an advertisement point what do they resort to, cheap tricks like pointing fingers.

          Doosron ke paap toh proven hain…Jisko aap hamare paap bata rahe ho wo aapke dimaag ki upaj hai. If these Documentaries are so goddamn revealing, how come the supreme court didn’t find credibility in convicting NaMo.

          Your analogy of Modi with Hitler is as ridiculous as it gets… How many Jews prospered in Germany immediately after the Holocaust..Take Gujarat– Muslims have not only prospered but have the better socio-economic status than the rest of the nation.

          All your theories and so called rationalism goes for a complete toss when you talk about Modi.

          You said you don’t Support SP for Mzfrngr Riots…does that mean If AAP and UPA (congress + SP) forms a government at center- you’ll not support it? What will you support in that case– reelections and same Bullshit repeated over and over again.

          • Author
            sputnik 10 years ago

            Yes there’s no point talking about “shallow reasons” because you cannot rebut any of those. Keep giving same excuse that I believe that Modi is not guilty.

            “Doosron ke paap toh proven hain…”

            Kiske paap proven hain? Has AAP been found guilty and convicted of anything by the courts? You posted a link that Arvind is a CIA agent. Did you wait for the courts to declare that? You will believe anything on anyone without waiting for the courts to decide but for Modi the courts have to decide? Modi/BJP is innocent until proven guilty but everybody else is guilty because just you think so and you are lecturing others.

            You made a statement in this thread about some invaders and history. So how did you come to those conclusions? Did the courts decide those things for you? Don’t tell me that you traveled back in time and visited those places to arrive at those conclusions.

            “If these Documentaries are so goddamn revealing, how come the supreme court didn’t find credibility in convicting NaMo.”

            First of all the Supreme Court did not try Modi. SIT was appointed by the Supreme Court who were responding to Gujarat court and they gave a clean chit. They did not use those documentaries or Babu Bajrangi video. The Babu Bajrangi video was used to convict Babu Bajrangi by a court.

            “The SIT has said that even if Mr Modi had told the police during the riots to allow the Hindus to vent their anger over the massacre of 56 kar sevaks in the Godhra train burning incident, the mere statement of those in the confines of a room does not constitute an offence” Link

            The SIT has no credibility whatsoever when it comes up with BS logic like this. By this logic nobody will ever be guilty. They would have declared even Hitler not guilty of the Holocaust.

            “Your analogy of Modi with Hitler is as ridiculous as it gets… How many Jews prospered in Germany immediately after the Holocaust..Take Gujarat– Muslims have not only prospered but have the better socio-economic status than the rest of the nation.”

            What a BS argument? So if Jews prospered immediately in Germany then Hitler is not guilty of holocaust? So if someone’s family is killed and a CM is involved and then if his socio-economic status becomes better after a few years that absolves the CM’s crime? If people get killed CM is not responsible but if the condition of the people who survived got better than the CM is responsible. I am pretty sure that most of those surviving family members will rather choose their loved ones being alive than having better socio-economic status.

            “All your theories and so called rationalism goes for a complete toss when you talk about Modi.”

            I already made my yardstick clear and I don’t think I have taken a stand on any issue which violates it. I am pretty sure that most of the Modi supporters will be having a completely opposite and hypocritical stand for the reversed situation in the the examples I gave in my earlier comments above.

            “What will you support in that case– reelections and same Bullshit repeated over and over again.”

            If all the candidates are involved in killings then people should vote for no one. Criminals involved in killings should never be voted to power. Just because reelections are tiring or its going to cost money does not mean that we elect people involved in killings.

  59. Bored 10 years ago

    No matter from whichever prism u look at it, any logical mind will support AAP to at least form a strong opposition to any party/coalition that forms the govt this yr (the results can be expected to be very fractured imo, and even Arvind said the same recently).

    AAP will be the right control mechanism to keep NDA in check (if they come to power) and not let anyone rampantly misuse power anymore. One can already see all parties (be national ones like Congress/BJP or regional ones like Shiv Sena, SP, BSP etc) experiencing anxiety and fear. This is good, and that is is the main reason why many will vote for AAP.

    Whether AAP can form a perfect govt for India, or how much better they will be if they come to power – is open for debate at this point. And frankly, this question can only be answered if Delhi re-elects Arvind/AAP in Delhi Assembly elections later this year with a clear majority. That will provide AAP a chance to govern Delhi for 5 yrs on their own terms and the results will be for all to see and analyze.

    If they can live up to the expectations and walk their talk – then in next Lok Sabha Elections AAP will be a much more formidable force than any other party has ever been in the history of India.

    Since the country is now running the risk of having a communal dictator as PM, it is absolute necessary that Lok Sabha gets a strong control mechanism, which only AAP has the credentials to provide. It is one primary reason why AAP has been able to expand so rapidly with so many from various strata of the society joining it each passing day.

    And there are enuf good people in India who strongly feel against corruption. More than number of seats that AAP wins, i will be watching the % of votes they get in every constituency that they contest.

  60. rajesh 10 years ago

    Internet pe bahut maha gyani log baithe hain, jo court ko nazar nahi aata vo inhe aa jata hain. In judges ko koi faisala sunane se pehle internet gyaniyon se discuss karna chahiye.

    And yes, for many, rules are different for Salman Khan and Modi & RSS, Salman pe jab tak koi jurm prove nahin ho jata vo guilty nahin hain per modi aur RSS hain, bhale hi unpe mukadama bhi na chal raha ho.

  61. 10 years ago


    “On one hand you are saying most modi supporters know that Modi caused Gujarat riots.”

    John I think u have not read the comment properly. I have never mentioned “modi supporters”. I said most people. Its you, who brings in Hindu – Muslim in your comments.

    And see the comment again, I have never abused YOU or any supporter of modi. Its you who is imagining the things or deliberately trying to give this thread a communal color. For you, any thing against modi is communal. You are free to abuse but that wont change the facts. Nobody is forcing you to believe what others are believing.

    • John Galt 10 years ago

      Here’s your comment

      “And a lot of people in India believe that Modi was responsible for Gujarat riots but that isn’t stopping you from supporting Modi is it?

      “lot of people …” ????? @sputnik it should be most of the people know that . Its a bloody naked truth.”

      You commented on Sputnik’s statement about people believing Modi is guilty and Stil SUPPORTING it..and you added your bit to change it to “Most people”

      Now isn’t the logical translation of “Most people knowing and still supporting Modi” = “Most modi supporters knowing”

      Don’t make statements that you can’t defend later.

      • 10 years ago

        I stopped at lot of people. Cant u see this ???

        Fine fine fine. I dont want to argue with you. As per u its Modi and for me its not. Its as simple as that. You keep thinking what u want and let me think what I want. U and me cannot be defined by opinions of each other. We both r what we are and the fact cannot be changed.

        And dont want to talk of developed gujrat. Being fromMumbai and our having project in Gujrat my visits to Gujrat were very frequent till 2011 end. I know how much its developed and who are the people prospering there (“who are the people prospering there” please do not bring Hindu-Muslim factor here. It Rich vs poor)

  62. Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago


    One of my most respected celebrities now standing up for AAP !!!–xs_Q8A

  63. Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

    Gul Panag is for AAP

    Rakhi Sawant is for BJP

    No more discussions !

    • Bored 10 years ago

      Gul has a MS in Political Science & her father is a founder-member of AAP. Compare that to stars like Priyanka, Aishwarya, Deepika, Salman, Ranbir or Aamir who dont even have bachelor degrees and are at best Class XII pass. Only SRK and Hrithik has a Bachelor’s degree among the top celebrities.

      Btw, isnt BJP offering a ticket to Sunny Leone after enlisting Rakhi Sawant?

      • Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

        @Bored, a degree is not at all important. You are on different level.

        What if Aamir does not have a degree?

        Intentions and clarity has to be good.

        • Bored 10 years ago

          Only intentions usually lead to half-baked research like we witness in SJ … u need training also.

          But i agree that Aamir sets an example for other celebrities to follow. What he does, no one else even bothers to do.

        • hithere 10 years ago

          A degree gives you tools to broaden your thought process; it is altogether different thing that many have no idea how to use that tool even after degree 🙂
          Some people are instinctively good at things without proper degree.

    • Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

      The above two comments were not at all sarcastic ( I have that issue with my comments).

      Gul Panag and Preity Zinta are two film personalities I respect a lot for their off-screen persona and stand on various issues. I am very happy that Gul is in !!

      • Author
        sputnik 10 years ago

        While I agree that Gul Panag and Preity Zinta are more vocal on social issues I am not sure if making her contest an election is a right decision. She has supported Modi in the past which BJP supporters are already bringing up and they could have instead gone for someone who has done more social service or some good work in some administrative field.

        Yesterday there was a controversy on twitter when a account BJP2014 which was being followed by Modi tweeted a semi nude picture of hers congratulating her. Modi unfollowed that account when others started bashing.

        • Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

          That is why one should stay away from social media totally. And be in real world. Period.

          Social media is nothing. Its just a noise. It makes wrong impressions.

          Twitter/ FB/ are monsters of modern world and some ppl are addicted to it who think they project true picture !!

          • Bored 10 years ago

            Its not just social media – all forms of media contains noise and manipulation – be it TV, print or radio, etc etc. Its part of the game and thats why u need to filter stuff out and not believe in everything that is being said.

  64. Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

    if you start the thing about every thing about educated – i know atleast – i mean seriously atleast 50 people who have not comepleted 10th exam but are in ground level work.

    My brother and cousins are doing great jobs who are not even 12th pass.

    Now please dont separate ppl like this.

    They have more knowledge about economy/ sociology and history than degree holders.

    Just because u hold a PHD does not mean everyone has to be that.

    I , for myself have learnt a lot from my 4th std pass uncle. You are totally missing the point here boss !!

    • Bored 10 years ago

      u may be misreading me – all i said was u need both intent and training to get anything done. If u go for on the job training, then u learn thru mistakes – like AAP is learning some ropes on politics due to their activist background and lack of political experience, or even in case of SJ u can see Aamir learning thru his mistakes (just like the case of his movie choices).

      There are many routes to success – not just one.

      • Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

        ur short sighted vision that was !

        It was not about aamir at all.

        But i agree on your point.

        And bravo that Gul is contesting !! 🙂

        • Bored 10 years ago

          LOL, how can u simultaneously agree with me and call me short-sighted?? I said the same thing in both comments.

          Case in consideration – Gul lacks political experience, but has high educational qualification for the job. On the other hand as Sputnik said, a grass-root worker may have better understanding of local ground-realities, but will probably lack broader perspective due to lack of theoretical knowledge, training to analyze and lot of related stuff.

          Rakhi Sawant or Sunny Leone has other assets which are more valuable to BJP for their ‘governance’! NDTV has just predicted only 4 seats for AAP and all from Delhi only.

  65. narad_muni 10 years ago

    the true face of Kejriwal is coming out slowly but surely..
    Read this, the real Hitler, and we call Modi intolerant..Wonder what his blind fans will say now. Good thing is no opinion poll is giving AAP more than 5 seats ..hahaha

    Rahul Kanwal ‏@rahulkanwal 10m
    If @ArvindKejriwal logic of opposing criticism was applied by @PMOIndia or @narendramodi then all journos would have been in prison by now
    Expand Reply Retweet Favorite More
    Rahul Kanwal ‏@rahulkanwal 12m
    So much for protecting libertarian values & freedom of speech. Ask him a few tough questions & @ArvindKejriwal wants to send journos to jail
    Expand Reply Retweet Favorite More
    Rahul Kanwal ‏@rahulkanwal 13m
    Entire media is sold out. This is a big conspiracy. If we form Govt we will order a probe and send journalists to jail: @arvindkejriwal

    TIMES NOW ‏@timesnow 16m
    AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal finds himself in yet another controversy, in a video aired by a news channel Kejriwal threatens to lockup media

    • Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

      Corrupt newsmakers must be put to jail. Tarnishing image with all the money should not be tolerated.

      • Author
        sputnik 10 years ago

        Agree. In the video he said that “jhaanch karayenge and journalists ko bhi jail bhejenge”. If some media channel is taking money from some politician/party and giving only positive stories for him and his party and no negative stories on them while doing the opposite for others then they should in fact go to jail. They can’t hide behind freedom of speech for journalists.

        Its pretty clear that most of the media channels are completely anti AAP and they are constantly trying to tarnish them. They are running stories with no real substance while not covering major issues on other political parties.

        This joker Rahul Kanwal is going after Somnath Bharti for some 10 year old spam case when spamming was not even illegal and running made up headlines that he sold porn domains. This idiot will not cover any any story on the Modi-Adani nexus (read this) or why convicted Babu Borakhia is in Modi’s ministry. He will not cover the 400 Cr scam by Solanki from Modi’s ministry.

        Arnab is completely crazy and needs to be in a mental asylum. He is just screaming at the top of his voice and does not let anyone speak. He will talk over them. His show is a circus. The spoof video was absolutely spot on.

        • Bored 10 years ago

          Agree on Arnab.

          Some AAP leaders have also pointed out the fact that media is again distorting Arvind’s words (as Sputnik mentioned) to paint a picture that Arvind had declared ‘all’ media is corrupt and paid … again a ‘manufactured’ controversy out of a logical statement. Why shud media not have accountability of what they are reporting?

          • Ipman 10 years ago

            why is the media taking offence to a universal truth?!

          • Bored 10 years ago

            In our country very few has the guts to question abuse of power by politicians, big business, police, judiciary or media – u name it.

            Arvind has been questioning it for years now – but since he formed a political party (2011), won assembly seats (2012), became Delhi CM and is now contesting LS seats (2013) – everyone is after his ass.

            They dont mind Anna’s fasting (even to his death), Aamir’s bhashans/revelations in SMJ or his socio-politicall films like RDB – usse kuch bhi badalta nehi; aise nautanki toh barso se chalti aa rahi hai.

            But when u take the fight directly inside their the enemy’s fortress – sab ki phatti hai!

  66. Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

    ABP is totally sold out. I have been watching from 2 days – its very clear they make 2-3 ppl stand up and say something about AAP. Anchors are sold out.

    IBN and NDTV sometimes give positive bits about AAP, but ABP is totally sold out.

    And Zee is BJP’s bed partner.

  67. Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

    I would like to take my words back on Kashmiri Pandit issue. My irritation was on word “Pandit” but seems like there was a genuine ignorance to overall HIndu rights in Kashmir.

    This was an eye-opener for me.

  68. FS 10 years ago

    You are talking out of context. I said 80% voting for Modi knows it which means 80% of those who are voting for Modi, knows it. not that 80% of any fixed population are gonna vote for Modi.

  69. hithere 10 years ago

    Comments please :

    • Bored 10 years ago

      “Some people are instinctively good at things without proper degree.”

      Agreed, but they are exceptions/corner-cases. When it comes to standardized recruitment/selection process its usually a toss between experience or higher degrees (unless u r lucky to get a combo of both, or come across an exception).

      Most companies wont hire if one has criminal history, its a bit different for our established parties though.

    • Ipman 10 years ago

      i am allergic to ppl wh spend hours making corporate type ppts to pull someone down or hype someone (madhu kishwar modinama ppts). they are mentally retarded and they need medical help. this one even has a fake put on accent. he has generalised the events of hugo chavez to kejriwal which is not just presumptuous but downright silly. “history may not repeat itself but it rhymes” is the basis of his logic. so sinc ekumar gaurav gave all flops after blockbuster debuts, all heroes whose debut movies are hits will have similar career? this is a new kind of stupidity

      • Author
        sputnik 10 years ago

        Ha Ha good one on Kumar Gaurav.

        This has to be one of the most ridiculous videos ever and I stopped watching after a few minutes. He is making such a stupid analogy. Hugo Chavez was in the military and he tried a military coup against the govt. Was Arvind ever in the military and he did he try any military coup? He just conveniently glosses over that. Does India have oil like Venezuela? Kuch Bhi. Aise to anyone can make an analogy with anyone.

        • Ipman 10 years ago

          the best part is the last 2-3 mins. he has indirectly hinted that he is just a modi PR 😉 someone who may have been willing to believe his ppts would tune out in the last 2-3 mins 😀

        • Ipman 10 years ago

          just found fb profile of the uploader of that video.he is member of these two pages on fb-

          Varun Gandhi – Only Hope For A Strong India -

          We Support Salman Khan- The Philanthropist -

  70. Saurabh 10 years ago

    While I support Kejriwal’s view that corrupt media people should be put in jails, he should note that the media also supported him and his party before the Delhi elections. Most of the media houses are corrupt, especially those like India News, India TV, TOI, etc. Hence their outrage over his comment. But in spite of his noble intentions, Kejriwal is blowing away his credibility with his dictatorial attitude and the recent stunts like Mumbai local travel, autorickshaw ride, Rs.10000 dinner for fund raising, etc.

    Also his recent rally in Bhandara was useless. Why would the farmers in Vidarbha give a shit about Modi – Ambani, Adani nexus when the haistorm destroyed their lives. He should have spoken about allocation and proper distribution of the packages, adequate compensation disaster management and how he wishes to empower the farmers there. Many farmers were disappointed that he didn’t take their cause.

    The national media didn’t highlight this devastation as it was election time and the media houses were paid to cover the hot topic. Just some cursory news and that was it. Many lives were ruined within a couple of days and the farmers in Maharashtra are almost devoid of any hope now.

    • Bored 10 years ago

      Yes, Kejriwal resorts to theatrics for perception – he is like Hirani in many ways. But in India u cant make a splash just with logic, but u can do so with theatrics. But that does not take away any credibility. [3I/Munnabhai films are aimed for largest outreach possible, not just to please the sensibilities of intellectuals.]

      Fundraising dinners are usual political tools to attract upper classes and is done worldwide. Also, LS election is for national legislation not regional stuff. I am sure all local problems will be focused upon, during Assembly elections. Not sure how this is blowing away AAP/Kejriwal’s credibility?

      • Saurabh 10 years ago

        Unfortunately, the smear campaign, the infighting in the AAP, and his my way or the highway attitude has led to this decline in people’s faith in him (I can only speak for people whom I know and those whom I’ve seen discuss). About fundraising, people are offended that you have developed this Aam Aadmi aura around you, yet you charge Rs.10000 just for a dinner like some celebrity. There are many other ways of raising funds for the party. That’s antithesis.

        I know the LS elections focus on national issues, but he shouldn’t have hurried for it. He could have built a model governance in Delhi and in the meantime developed the party network throughout the country. The party lacks organisation at the moment, the workers lack the administrative knowledge and 3 years would have sufficed to strengthen their structure. Also BJP govt’s future scams would have given the AAP another strong boost. Instead, anyone enters the party (even celebrities in the name of Aam Aadmi and instantly get tickets) and leaves due to dissent over Kejriwal’s methods.

        • Bored 10 years ago

          Lets take it up one by one:

          1. What does AAP stand for? What defines it? ‘i m common man’ or ‘i am anti-corruption’?

          The name ‘Aam Aadmi’ or their broom are just symbols to mobilize the stagnant but good people and to empower them to fight against corruption.

          The message here is – Dude, it does not matter if u r a common man, but plz join the fight against corruption! The logo of a broom does not mean every AAP member/volunteer has to have a broom in his hand – its just a symbol. In case of shortage of time, it is OK to use a vacuum cleaner – provided the purpose is to clean dirt (& not use it for delivering babies!).

          2. AAP had only 28 seats (27 after power-hungry Binny revolted). Congress provided outside support (which was categorically NOT asked). Did anyone from ur circle really expect this govt to sustain for 5 yrs?

          If they did then it is beyond any debate. But in reality, it was a question of resigning before the support was withdrawn to force the fall of AAP govt when the time was most convenient for Congress. The resignation was strategic only to avoid a forced ouster.

          If Delhi re-elects AAP with majority this year, only then we can expect stable governance. Else we are expectating AAP to compromise, join others, and become a corrupt party like BJP/Congress – just to stay in power!

          AAP does not have such aspiring ambitions – so sorry to disappoint u and ur frds.

          3. AAP is not fighting LS election to win, and form a national govt. But here are the reasons – (1) They want to make their presence felt nationally, (2) prevent corrupt politicians from entering LS (since BJP/Congress gives ticket to any known criminal or prostitute!), and (3) to provide some amount of ‘credible’ opposition to a looming communal-dictator as our upcoming PM.

          I may have missed the nuances, but this is the overall picture (quite a grim one imo).

  71. Saurabh 10 years ago

    I completely agree with all your points. Also no one is expecting them to seriously challenge BJP in LS elections. But Kejriwal didn’t take the media factor into account while challenging the high and mighty. The misinformation and the exaggerated picture shown by the media has somewhat dented their image in the eyes of the Aam Aadmi who doesn’t debate these issues like us on blogs, message boards, etc. The one who believes what the media shows him. Even if the AAP exposes them, there’s no guarantee of any serious action against them. Just further backlash. More misinformation. The CEC cannot take any action, but can only report to the editors’ guild or the press council of India (PCI) about any paid news. Any action to be taken is decided by PCI.

    Let’s not get into what happened in Delhi. The main thing is people’s faith in AAP has shaken to some degree. I had asked a friend prior to the elections who he was going to vote for. AAP was his enthusiastic reply. Asked him if he’ll vote for AAP again, he says he’ll think about it. This reaction sums up my concern. And this concern is not just in Delhi, but in many places throughout the country.

  72. Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

    • cr7 10 years ago


    • Ipman 10 years ago


    • Ipman 10 years ago

      from the net:

      Gujarat’s development is faster than speed of light.

      Gujarat is so developed that AAM AADMI came to Gujrat in WAGON-R & returned back in a JET PLANE

      Gujarat is so developed that People who value equality there think discrimination should be used to create it

      Gujarat is so developed that the Parking lots larger than the buildings they serve

      Gujarat is so developed that the Bumper stickers say “Honk if you hate noise pollution”

    • FS 10 years ago


  73. Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

    @John Galt

    Iske baad bhi tumhe proof chahiye how Modi is so hollow? In the whole 1 hr lecture he doesnt make any sense. He doesn’t touch a single point about real development. Such a hollow person. You should be ashamed of supporting him.

    PS: You were irritated about south indians accent – what about Modi saying “Azhadi” and all?
    “Bhision” for “vision” ; “jone” for “zone” and so on…

  74. Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

    Proof that ABP is totally sold out.

    Shameless reporting to the best. Most WTF moment is when Narendra Modi brought a crocodile child to his home while swimming in the river where no one dared to enter because of Crocs.

    Wtf man!!! Kuch to sharm karo!!

    Kitna dheel chodoge???

    John Galt saab, you can see how Modi got into RSS. @14:00.

  75. Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

    And WTF is this? meeting with lawyers?
    “lawyers for modi
    modi for lawyers”

    this is a height man!

    • Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

      @5:25 – person conducting the show says rightly “bhaarat maata ki…jai”

      Maar lo Bharat ko saalo. Supporting Jethmalani is a gesture towards “vikas vikas” …tumhare maa ki abcd.

  76. Author
    sputnik 10 years ago

    Kiron Kher is the BJP Candidate from Chandigarh. So its Gul Panag vs Kiron Kher. The Congress candidate is Pavan Bansal who was involved in the Railway bribery scam. Link

    • yakuza 10 years ago

      Kiron is strong contender .. will not be easy for Gul panag.

      • Author
        sputnik 10 years ago

        For Kirron and Anupam Kher, eggs and black flags from BJP workers

        As actor Kirron Kher arrived in Chandigarh today to begin campaigning as the BJP’s candidate, protesters waved black flags and shouted slogans to signal their disapproval. Her husband Anupam Kher had to dodge eggs.

        The protests were not sponsored by her rivals, model and actor Gul Panag of the Aam Aadmi Party or Congressman and sitting MP, Pawan Kumar Bansal. These were members of the BJP, who are disgruntled that the party chose to field Ms Kher, who arrived at the party headquarters to slogans of, “Kirron Kher go back”.

        Local leaders like Chandigarh BJP president Sanjay Tandon, former MP Satya Pal Jain and former Union Minister Harmohan Dhawan were keen on being fielded and they are cut up at Ms Kher’s nomination. The protesters were mostly supporters of Mr Dhawan.

        Ms Kher, 58, immediately sought to dispel notions that she is an “outsider” parachuting in days before the elections. “I am the daughter of Chandigarh, it’s my hometown. I will persuade all those who are protesting,” and added, “If Bansal says I am an outsider, ask him why didn’t he take good care of Chandigarh.”

        Anupam Kher said his wife, who makes her electoral debut, “will give a good fight. She is a Punjabi kudi (lass) and has done a lot of work for the party.” Four BJP workers have been rounded up by cops for allegedly throwing eggs at the actor.

        Ms Kher was named by the BJP to contest from Chandigarh only a couple of days after the AAP announced it was fielding the 35-year-old Gul Panag, who, like Ms Kher, possesses a deeply dimpled smile. Social media is replete with quips on how the lack of that attribute puts the Congress candidate Mr Bansal, who has won this seat four times, at a disadvantage.

        What has the sitting MP on the back foot, is the shadow of controversy. He had to resign as Railways Minister last year after his nephew Vijay Singla was accused in the Rs. 10 crore cash-for-post bribery scam in his ministry.

        Mr Bansal was not named in the CBI’s chargesheet, but eyebrows have been raised at the Congress’ decision to renominate him.


  77. narad_muni 10 years ago

    There are a few places like Tanqeed and some other webites where ppl are day dreaming abt AAP’s chances in LS elections. Whereas the ground reality is that they are not likely to cross even 5 seats..haha……. ROFL

    • yakuza 10 years ago

      No one claiming here AAP will form govt … discussion is about right VS wrong, good VS bad, honesty VS dishonesty, secularism VS communalism, Fake VS Reality. Yes, very few sites discussed this way.

      • Bored 10 years ago

        Those supporting the wrong, bad, dishonesty, communalism and fake PR – are not going to accept their own stance. And no one here is saying AAP is going to win seats nor form the govt – and frankly that is not the reason why AAP is contesting LS elections.

    • Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago


      Even if AAP wins 5 seats I will be happy.

    • Author
      sputnik 10 years ago

      Some people said and still say that AAP is only Arvind Kejriwal but go take a look at the list of AAP candidates. Link Many of them are social activists, RTI activists, Doctors, Journalists, ex-cops and ex military – people who have have a history of either doing something for social causes or having performed their jobs with honesty. Now go compare them to the Congress/BJP candidates. Anyone with even an iota of honesty will admit that the AAP candidates are better.

      BJP and its supporters claim that Modi/BJP is honest and different than Congress which is corrupt. So why is Borakhia, a person convicted for 3 years by a court for mining scam still a Minister in Modi’s govt? Why is Puroshottam Solanki who is accused of a 400 Cr fisheries scam still in Modi’s govt? Amit Shah has been directed by a court to not enter Gujarat for his involvement in fake encounters and he is still in BJP with Modi and deciding BJP candidates in UP. If BJP is against corruption why has it brought back Yeddyurappa and Ramlulu?

      People usually complain about politics saying all candidates are corrupt and criminals and that they have no choice. But when a good honest candidate is contesting if they don’t vote for him and instead vote for the corrupt/criminal politician because he has more experience looting them or for bigoted reasons then whose loss is it? As the proverb goes “the people get the government they deserve” and they have no right to complain if they voted for corrupt/criminal politicians instead of the honest ones. If AAP doesn’t do well in these elections then it wont be ROFL on AAP but it will be a sad day for all the people who want clean and honest politicians.

      • hithere 10 years ago

        Cases against Yeddyurappa have been quashed. No one reported extensively or nobody cared.

        • Author
          sputnik 10 years ago

          I had read that wikipedia stuff before I made my comment but I had read somewhere else that he got away on a technicality.

          ‘“He was condemned unheard as the Lokayukta violated principles of natural justice by not issuing notice to him before making the accusation,” a Division Bench of Justices K. Bhaktavatsala and K. Govindarajulu said on Mr. Yeddyurappa’s petition challenging the report. Link

          And this happened in March 2012 and that same news link also says “The High Court verdict comes even as the Supreme Court recently sought the view of its Central Empowered Committee on referring to the CBI the accusation made against Mr. Yeddyurappa in the Lokayukta report.”

          On October 16, 2012 the CBI filed a chargesheet against Yeddyurappa which is still pending.

          CBI files charge-sheet against B.S. Yeddyurappa, others in land allocation case

          “The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) filed a charge-sheet against former Karnataka chief minister B.S. Yeddyurappa, his kin and some bigwigs from the corporate world in a land allocation case in a special court in Bangalore on Tuesday.” Link

          And this is from Sep 27 2013.

          ED set to attach assets of former Karnataka CM B S Yeddyurappa, family

          “The CBI, which filed a chargesheet against B S Yeddyurappa in an illegal mining case last October, has written to the Enforcement Directorate (ED) to initiate seizure of assets acquired by the former CM and his family allegedly using bribe money.”

          “They said an engineering college run by a trust of the family, which received a portion of the Rs 40 crore, and other properties bought using bribe money might be attached.

          The CBI chargesheeted BSY, two sons, a son-in-law, JSW Steel and its four Bellary based affiliates on October 16, 2012, for criminal conspiracy, cheating, forgery and corruption in a case related to payment of Rs 40 crore to the family and a trust run by it to grant iron ore mining favours in 2010.

          The chargesheet says Rs 20 crore was deposited in the personal bank accounts of BSY’s sons B Y Raghavendra, a BJP MP, and B Y Vijendra, and his son-in-law Sohan Kumar between August and September 2010 by JSW affiliate South West Mining Company, shortly after the then CM banned mining exports in July 2010.

          The CBI also found that Rs 20 crore was received by the Prerana Educational and Social Trust run by Raghavendra and Vijendra to facilitate waiver of government dues and push pending mining lease applications, and part of this money was transferred to Vivekananda Trust where BSY himself was a trustee.” Link

      • narad_muni 10 years ago

        Yeah, best candidate of AAP is the buffoon Ashutosh 😀

        If you spend even a fraction of your energy what you have spent so far in googling about issues with other parties, you will find plenty of tainted candidates in AAP as well.

        I m not claiming other parties to be sacrosanct..they are not. I want a stable govt with proper majority and someone at the top who has good track record of governance and administration. SO, thats why I will support BJP and Modi.

        If AAP doesnt med their ways, they will lose in Delhi assembly elections as well

        • Author
          sputnik 10 years ago

          I don’t think they should have given Ashutosh a ticket. They should have chosen someone with a track record of social service.

          “If you spend even a fraction of your energy what you have spent so far in googling about issues with other parties, you will find plenty of tainted candidates in AAP as well.”

          So spend a fraction of your energy and show the tainted candidates in AAP.

          As far as I know there is not a single murder accused in the AAP list of candidates but BJP/Congress have many. AAP replaced Khalid Parvez who turned out to be a loan defaulter and a couple of other candidates (Link). Can we expect same standards from Congress/BJP?

          “I m not claiming other parties to be sacrosanct..they are not. I want a stable govt with proper majority and someone at the top who has good track record of governance and administration. SO, thats why I will support BJP and Modi.”

          If stable govt with proper majority is the yardstick than Congress has the most experience having been at the top for the maximum of years. The whole point was that Congress is corrupt and BJP is not but BJP itself has candidates tainted with corruption and crime. How can a party claim to be against corruption when it gives tickets to people accused/convicted of corruption and who have cases going on?

          Gujarat govt had 17 scams (Link). So they are same as Congress or may be even worse.

          And no a leader who was has been named by the prime accused of protecting him while thousands got killed cannot claim a “good track record of governance and administration”. And all of the Gujarat development claims have been debunked as lies/exaggerations.

          And since BJP fans are voting for stability so that there are no reelections let me ask them this question. If Modi contests from one more seat from Gujarat he is definitely going to step down from his Varanasi seat after the elections and there will be reelections for that seat. So will they not support Modi from Varanasi? 😉

        • Author
          sputnik 10 years ago

          And now the point I raised has become true.


          It’s official. Narendra Modi will run from Vadodara too.

      • Bored 10 years ago

        AAP didnt make criminals as MLAs for gave them portfolios. They are not giving tickets to criminals for LS elections. This itself makes them very different from BJP or what have you.

        With rapid expansion they are facing a screening challenge, but the process is ongoing and mistakes are being rectified:

  78. Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago
  79. yakuza 10 years ago

    WikiLeaks exposed fake claims of Modi …

    • Author
      sputnik 10 years ago

      Was just about to post that. Wikileaks is busting fake claims by Modi/BJP supporters.

      “Narenda Modi’s #BJP has been pushing this fake #Modi endorsement … – but #Assange has never said anything about #Modi”

      “Assange never stated anything about Modi. Those who made the posters that say it are corrupt.”

      Here is the picture that Modi/BJP supporters have been posting.

  80. Author
    sputnik 10 years ago

    Just found out that Nina Nayak is the AAP Candidate from Bangalore South. She may have worked for children’s rights but the way she is defending that Juvenile rape accused in the Nirbhaya case is absolutely ridiculous. I don’t think she should have been the AAP candidate and I want her to lose.

    • Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

      Hmm, I didnt like the way she is talking. Even if her point may be right.

      I will read more about her and then take the decision (abt voting). Her groundwork should be good.

  81. Author
    sputnik 10 years ago

    Arvind Kejriwal from 2001. Must watch for all the Arvind haters and doubters.

    • yakuza 10 years ago

      Only fool can doubt about his intentions .. but I am extremely hurt to see negativity around AAP multiplying every day .. only some miracle can bring back the reputation of AAP before elections. BJP along with media successfully damaged the prospects of AAP at least for this election ..

      • Bored 10 years ago

        What did u expect? A bed of roses for AAP?

        It took just one month to deflate and derail Modi’s well-planned and organised PR Con-job, n BJP is going to take lying down without retaliating?

        Opinion polls (paid or not) are now predicting 190 seats for BJP instead of 225 seats a few months back.

        • yakuza 10 years ago

          buzz was very positive before Delhi elections, even the one not supporting AAP have nothing to say much against except that they don’t have experience or few spoke about sting conducted on them. I did calling campaign for AAP and response was 90% positive. I can not imagine half as positive now. However no fault of AAP .. circumstances put them in position that any step could lead to criticism .. starting from forming govt to resigning, imagine the alternate of each action taken .. and u will see criticism attached 🙂

          • Bored 10 years ago

            ^ It depends on which demographic u r talking to. A repeat of 2013’e assembly elections will give AAP 4 LS seats from Delhi.

            Lets wait for LS results – depending on no of seats they win from Delhi, it will give a clearer pic of rise/fall of AAP’s popularity. And then there will b Assembly Elections.

  82. Author
    sputnik 10 years ago

    Narendra Modi angry with AAP and Kejriwal – the famous Hitler parody video.

    • Bored 10 years ago


    • FS 10 years ago

      LMAO. It was Hilarious

      • FS 10 years ago

        But why are you posting so many political posts in this thread. As far as I know, you were against political posts na or you are ready to go against your own rule to help restore sanity in India with AAP?

        • Author
          sputnik 10 years ago

          I am posting all of them as comments in this thread only if they are relevant and I made one more post on media. I am not that influential to “restore sanity in India with AAP” by making political posts in this thread.

          Anyways there are not many movies of the big stars coming up so there is no activity from many. They usually comment on boxoffice posts when their favorite star’s movie comes up or a rival star’s movie comes up. And this post is getting more comments and discussion than the movie posts.

          And I cannot keep making all the exclusive posts on movies. Others should step up too.

          • Bored 10 years ago

            I was thinking abt posting a separate political viewpoint write-up to direct all political discussions to that thread .. but too tied up with work this week.

  83. Bored 10 years ago
  84. Ipman 10 years ago

    SC stays death penalty of two Delhi gang-rape convicts till March 31

    this is the aukaat of our courts. i remember i was very angry couple of days ago seeing what the hell took the HC 1.5 years to uphold the order of death sentence to the 4 rapists of nirbhaya case. dont know how to react to this shit piece of news. they have left no option to the women but to either kill or get killed. no point in wasting time in courts and seeking justice. what the fuck is stopping them to hang four bastards who are not even financially influential?

    did i ever hear modi fans vouch for our courts to declare him innocent? they are not willing to punish random rapists here. its a pointless day dream to even imagine any CM or politician ever to even walk into the court. and where is our great “honest” media who was so active during dec 2012? not a word on this topic now? they get an attack on morality when kejriwal speaks the bitter truth

  85. Bored 10 years ago

    Another of Arvind’s logical intv against all current ‘allegations’:

    @Yakuza/Saurabh – Ask ur frds n ur circle to watch these interviews. Its easy to be cynical when one conveniently chooses to be ignorant and then forms an opinion.

    • Author
      sputnik 10 years ago

      Was watching the interview when you posted it. Very good one.

      One has to be dumb to blame Arvind for resigning when it was clear that Congress and BJP joined hands to stop the bill from being tabled. If they lost faith in AAP because it resigned or because of all the anti AAP propaganda by BJP and media then they deserved to be fooled by BJP/Congress and they can vote for the criminal candidates of BJP/Congress who have murder and corruption cases against them.

      Here are some pictures from Arvind’s Mumbai Rally Link

      And here is Arvind at Mumbai rally – a huge crowd.

      And here is Arvind at Ahmedabad – again a very good turnout.

  86. Author
    sputnik 10 years ago

    According to this riots accused and BJP candidate the victims should not be allowed to vote.

    Don’t let Muzaffarnagar riot refugees vote, BJP nominee says
    Mar 20, 2014, 04.13AM IST TNN[ ERAM AGHA ]

    ALIGARH: BJP Lok Sabha candidate from Kairana Hukum Singh, one of the four party MLAs named in an FIR for inciting mobs to violence during the Muzaffarnagar riots, on Wednesday stoked more controversy demanding the riot victims, mostly living in refugee camps, be barred from voting because they didn’t have permanent addresses.

    “The riot victims living away from their homes are not eligible to vote,” said Singh, who was also briefly under arrest for his hate speech last year. “These people (the riot victims) are living on government land. In fact, the state government has even ordered them to leave. But they don’t. They are trespassers. How can they be qualified to vote?” Singh told TOI.

    Singh’s comment came even as the Muzaffarnagar district administration, with help of a few NGOs, succeeded in giving voting cards to around 25 victims a fortnight ago, promising another 3,200 would be able to vote by month-end. Most victims had lost their voting cards and other relevant documents as they fled from their homes.

    Reacting to Singh’s statement, ADM (Muzaffarnagar) Inder Mani Tripathi said, “There are three norms for the right to vote and the riot victims fulfill all of these. One, they should be citizens of the country; two, he or she should be 18 years of age at the time of voting; and, three, resident of any place in the country. Even a man sleeping under a tree is eligible to vote. The riot victims have been away from their villages for six months and have settled in different areas. They are eligible to vote.” Kairana is barely an hour’s drive from Muzaffarnagar where around 60 people were killed during two months of rioting. The only time this seat went to the BJP was in 1999 when Virendra Verma won. In the last three elections, Kairana has gone to RLD twice, with BSP’s Tabassum Begum being the current MP.


    • Bored 10 years ago

      First instigate riots, then deny refugees from right to vote. Ultimate fascist attitude. BJP ki jai ho!

      • John Galt 10 years ago

        Fasicst LOL

      • Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

        ‘Sanatanies’ and RSS/ BJP were calling Narendra Dabholkar as a naxalite till he was alive. What can one say about such people!! I mean this is THE height of baseless accusation and total insensitivity. If this is not fascism then what is?

        @John Galt – come to India and see ground reality how it is played out at rural level than just sitting there in US and having a rosy picture of ur “santan” (sanatani as it is called in MH) dharma.

        • John Galt 10 years ago

          always Assuming too much– what more can one expect from AAPtards … Mr Ritz- I am in India for months now 😀

          but then, its quite okay– after all this is a thread where AAPtards are having some kind of a AAPgasm and feeling good about it.

          • Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

            “always assuming too much” – expected this.

            @John Galt, good to know you are in India for months. 🙂

            Lets not fight of nitty gritties and debate just for the sake of it.

            Atleast please try to explain me why Narendra Dabholkar can be called a “naxalite”?

            Forget about AAP. Dabholkar and blind faiths is more important issue for me than AAP.

            How can Santan Dharm and RSS/BJP call him a naxalite (and probably kill him?)

  87. narad_muni 10 years ago

    Kejri and AAP has a huge following in Maharashtra and Gujarat : Tanqeed


    • Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

      In Karnataka/Bangalore also.

      Now you can roll over the floor.

      • Bored 10 years ago

        The NRI support that AAP has garnered in last few months is overwhelming … BJP took decades to build this amount of support from abroad.

        Young India is waking up and demanding a change – and they are not as impatient as the older gens believe them to be. For the right cause – young blood can be helluva persistent.

        Maybe AAP needs time to mature, but its not going anywhere – even if they dont win any LS seats this yr. BJP’s seemingly blind-eye to this strong undercurrent of emotions and intellect (a rare combination) will hurt them more n more.

        Already AAP effect has changed every party’s manifesto, slogans and campaigns. When every other party is trying to copy AAP in some way or the other – it does mean something.

        • narad_muni 10 years ago

          And how did you measure NRI support for AAP? Has there been an opinion poll or survey or you are basing it on the collective orgy of some AAPtards in this forum?

      • narad_muni 10 years ago

        okay, dream on 🙂
        After May 16, count the number of AAP candidates who will lose deposits.
        And a BIG LOL abt NRI support..ppl who dont live in the country and will properly never vote but they care so so much abt the country. Wht an irony! Next time we will hear that Kejri has a huge following among aliens..hahaha

  88. yakuza 10 years ago

    Arvind literally raped CNBC anchor .. specially check at last minute, shows how whole media unnecessary jumped their guns over “Janch karayenge and sab media walo ko jail bhejenge” wala statement … see the embracement of anchor after facing reality .. 🙂

  89. Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

    On FM channels I hear all sorts of these ads by BJP. Ab ki baar modi sarkaara.

    • Author
      sputnik 10 years ago

      Nice ad for dictatorship. No time for protests but we will have a Gaurav Yatra (Pride Parade) after more than 1000 people are killed and we will have a Sadbhavana Mission drama. Have heard that these ads have been made by Prasoon Joshi.

      • Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

        Uff, Prasoon Joshi?? damn – didnt expect this from him.

    • Ipman 10 years ago

      what the hell is “modi sarkar”?

      • Bored 10 years ago

        ^ BJP’s wet-dream. Its other names r ‘Mission 272’ n ‘Modi Wave’.

        • Ipman 10 years ago

          bjp is not confident of even its own brand name it seems. why not say “bhajpa sarkar” or something.or they don’t believe in the name of their own party?

          • Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

            Good point.

            Calling one man as a Government shows how desperate they are and how public does not trust their party.

        • John Galt 10 years ago

          The wettest dream AAPtards can have is this thread and similar fuljhadiyan on Twitter.

          • Bored 10 years ago

            ‘Modi Wave’ is like ‘Who is John Galt?’ rhetoric – no one has any damn idea what it stands for. (Rand shud have left it that way instead of dragging on and on with all her nonsensical ideology in book 2 & 3 of Atlas Shrugged). Modi is actually clever to keep ‘mum’, pay up the media to avoid any scrutiny or interviews.

            Ever heard of a Gandhian saying? – “First they ignore u, then they laugh at u, then they fight u, and then u win.”

            BJP has graduated to the third phase when Modi found the balls to respond to Arvind’s challenge to contest from Varanasi. Now the online Hindutva fanatics are graduating too with their comments in threads like this and in twitter.

            Btw, Ayn Rand wud definitely have been a blind Modi follower if that loony bitch was alive today (much like her ‘imaginary hero’ John Galt).

          • John Galt 10 years ago

            no one has any idea–LMAO– 😆 😆 Sure …AAPtards have no freaking idea of anything

            how to run the country– no idea
            economic policies- no idea
            foreign policies- no idea
            Kashmir issue- No idea
            Developmental policies- no idea

            Only Idea- Lokpal

            Its quite natural they are so frustrated right now.. All the tards are behaving like their Kejri Uncle..Who has just one job in the whole wide world- Blame everyone…

            Yatha Raja, Tatha Praja 😆

          • Bored 10 years ago

            And each BJP daddu hv their own individual criminal ideas to create riots and loot the country => which they propagandize as governance.

            Its better to have no baggage of ‘corrupt governance’ than have loads of experience in it.

            No wonder it took just a month to make all Hindutva fanatics go bonkers with rage, frustration n insecurity.

          • John Galt 10 years ago

            I love it how Aam Aadmi Party is only after Modi (and then saying there’s no Modi wave 😆 ) and is so silent about their Mummy Sonia Ji.

            If there’s no Modi wave.. Why are AAPtards after BJP (after all its just been in power in 6 years) and not on their JanmData Congress (who have been in power for more than 60 years)

            Its simple and very clear..but as expected the AAPtards wont get it..just blinded by their pseudo nationalist leader Kejriwal.

          • Ipman 10 years ago

            “I love it how Aam Aadmi Party is only after Modi (and then saying there’s no Modi wave 😆 ) and is so silent about their Mummy Sonia Ji.”

            in a fight of aamir(d3) vs srk(ce) , will anyone care about abhishek bachan(congress)? 😀

          • John Galt 10 years ago

            In the ground reality, AAP is not even Zayed Khan, let alone Srk.


          • Ipman 10 years ago

            may be, though zayed khan would be willing to shed his surname to be the CM of delhi for even one day! 😉

          • Author
            sputnik 10 years ago

            Everybody knows Congress is going to lose so why would they go after Congress. As long as AAP was after Congress it was fine but now its bad.

            Yeah Arvind is a pseudo nationalist because according to BJPtards a person can be a nationalist only if he is involved in killing of Muslims like Modi.

            “If there’s no Modi wave.. Why are AAPtards after BJP”

            What about the reverse of this? So is there a Kejriwal/AAP wave coz all I see is BJPtards attacking AAP and Arvind all the time. I don’t see BJP bashing RG/Sonia/Congress any more.

            BJP is supposedly against corruption but have convicted/accused corrupt leaders like Yeddyurappa, Sriramulu as their candidates. And BJPtards usually talk about clean chits by court (though not true) because they know how to bribe Judges too. Sriramulu was involved in cash for bail scam. Link They have even murder accused Link like Shakti Yadav who was expelled from Rajya Sabha for misuse of MPLAD funds as their candidates. And they have given ticket to Kameshwar Baitha who is is facing as many as 53 criminal cases in various courts that includes killing of 17 PAC Jawans Link. This is their nationalism and they call AAP leaders as naxalites.

            BJPtards should be the last ones to take high ground on corruption or nationalism or anything.

          • John Galt 10 years ago

            “a person can be a nationalist only if he is involved in killing of Muslims like Modi.”

            What proof do you have?

            Oh wait– yes You have a documentary.. Wow..what revelation!!

            Btw, ever wondered Why Kejriwal doesn’t talk of Modi as responsible for riots?

  90. Author
    sputnik 10 years ago

    Gul Panag explaining concept of Swaraj

  91. Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

    Being a naxalite is a compliment for Kejriwal. I am proud of him then. They called Narendra Dabholkar also same.

    • Bored 10 years ago

      The illiterate BJP criminal leaders are at a loss trying to find some gaalis from their political books that they never read.

      Thus we r hearing a lot of name-calling like anarchist/naxalite and so on. Let them first make some sense, then their loud-mouthing can be taken seriously …

  92. Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

    @John Galt,

    BJP will come to power this time and we will see what it brings.

    Btw, pls answer my question as why Narendra was called a naxalite by Santan and BJP?

    • Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

      Waiting John Galt.

      • John Galt 10 years ago


        I have no idea about titles used against Narendra Dabholkar by BJP. Can you please substantiate that claim with some links, so that I can learn about it

        and by the way Narendra was against these Khap Panchayats and their working which your Kejriwal so much adores in order to cuddle up with his votebank

        • Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

          I will try to sum up. But most of them are in marathi.

          Narendra was against Khap for different reasons and Kejriwal is for khap for different reasons. Dont act like a fool purposefully.

          Narendra was very clear in his points and speeches. Only a mentally retarded person can think of him/his movement as against God or religion. BJP not only opposed him, but did all the hooliganism against him and his movement.

          • Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

            Here you go


            And here is the person who submitted the above – he is from Santan Dharma


          • John Galt 10 years ago


            Neither did I have the time nor the patience to go through that unending scanned document, so let me ask you upfront- Did that document anywhere had ‘BJP’ written on them ?

            Or are your trying to tell me that every Hindu organization out there is BJP

            If yes, then dont waste your or my time here..

            and btw, for whatever reason,, If Khap stays they are going to do everything which Narendra opposed,one way or the other.

            Can’t believe you are so hollow not to see that Kejriwal’s support to Khaps is only because of vote bank politics and not some ideology bullcrap.

            Its so convenient for AAPtards to categorize everything that everyone else does as evil, but when it comes to their own, they are so willing to ignore it.

            Don’t waste your or my time.. I have chosen BJP and you have chosen an ass for the upcoming elections..

            and here’s an interesting story about Modi, (and your so strong fascination with Modi and some Fascist Hindu logic) and I can vouch for it because it comes from my parents

            My parents are involved with an NGO that deals in prevention of Cow slaughter throughout northern India. This NGO or sanstha so to say, is run be various Saadhus and Sants. (say hi to Sanatan Dharm here)

            A few months ago, Modi came to these Saadhu-Sants for their blessings and support (These Saadhus have a great network throughout India, and a gigantic number of Hindu followers). The Saadhus and Sants, just put one condition forth to Modi- They said, Will you pass a stricter central law which totally prevents Cow slaughter in India. (there are existing state laws which are obviously not effective) and make sure it passes and is your priority to be implemented successfully. His reply was – No- This will not be in my agenda let alone my priority- there are a hundred other things that the nation needs right now, and this can probably wait.

            Result- The Saadhus did not give him their support, or tell their followers to vote for NaMo.

            Good Night.

          • Ipman 10 years ago

            the law about cow slaughter is that you have to get a certificate from veterinary doctor that you can slaughter a cow if its certified as sick/ill or too old. this law is based on the logic that a farmer can earn some livelihood by selling an old/sick cow instead of bearing the burden of huge cost to maintain it. Modi didnt agree with the sandhu sants because he probably understands the logic of the law and is aware of its benefits. he is a moneyminded gujarati first and then a blinded hindutva.

            regarding such NGOs and sandhu sants, they simply use the cow as a subject to create rift between hindus and muslims. if you really want to do some relevant social service, be part of NGOs that assist rape/riot victims. there is no comparison in the cost of human life and of a cow

  93. Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

    Good night John Galt. Sorry for wasting your time.

    Take care.

  94. Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

    “Did that document anywhere had ‘BJP’ written on them ?

    Or are your trying to tell me that every Hindu organization out there is BJP”

    Initially you said I am misunderstanding modern Hindutva as fanatical, you said BJP is all about “Santan” dharma concept.
    I showed you how Santan dharma killed a noble cause and did all the hooliganism and now you ask me where is BJP name in it.

    BJP stopped all varkaris from carrying out their “pandharupur” yatra (vaari) in villages if they supported anti-blind faith clause. You dont even know what goes in rural areas on India.

    But anyways, for you not killing Cows is big public service… And someone denying To make it a law of such a trivial issue is a mahatma. So be it.


    • John Galt 10 years ago


      “I showed you how Santan dharma killed a noble cause and did all the hooliganism and now you ask me where is BJP name in it.”

      Are you that dumb, that I should write it out for you ?

      So if most terrorist activities are carried out by Muslims, should we call all muslims terrorists?

      You took examples of one section of Sanatan Dharmi and generalized it for everyone out there.. I mean really??

      and If you do, then Congress or AAP is the perfect party for you…because you want to live in your own little world of pseudo-secularism, which thinks that being a proud Hindu is a sin and being a neutral is admiration worthy

      Mark my words, pseudo-secularism can only lead to one’s downfall- be it of any religion.

      • Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

        I took one example. Most others are in Marathi and in local papers that it is BJP who is opposing progressive changes against blind-faiths and ills of that.

        See this about kind of situation he worked and the opposition he always faced from BJP/RSS (one has to see irritating Shobha and Arnab in this, the better discussions I cant post here as they are in marathi)

  95. Author
    sputnik 10 years ago


    The prime accused convicted of murders says Modi saved me but that is no proof. And there are lot more proofs go google yourself and read. The courts never tried Modi because the SC appointed SIT gave clean chit using BS logic but we will use that and propagate the lie that SC gave clean chit. The SC appointed Amicus curiae said Narendra Modi can be prosecuted Link but we won’t use that. By the way Zakia Jafri has moved the Gujarat HC against that SIT clean chit against Modi. Link

    I have questioned Modi supporters by reversing the religion of everyone involved in the riots and not once has anyone accepted that they will support the CM in that case. Fanatics support based on religion and as long as the people who died are not from their religion then that politician is not guilty. Leaving religion aside will anyone support a politician who is named by the prime accused (who was convicted for killing and/or raping their family members) as having saved him or helped him?

    “Kejriwal doesn’t talk of Modi as responsible for riots?”

    May be you need to start watching his interviews and speeches.

    • John Galt 10 years ago

      Yes Now SIT is BS, because you know more than everyone else ..Good Joke

      and regarding Zakia Jafri- She can go to any court she wants, and of course she will– She wants to safe face as long as she can- before being dismissed everywhere for her faulty agenda.

      You can put Hypothetical questions to everyone (which by the way, no one knows- who these people are , who supposedly answer your questions to your expected responses) and it won’t change thing.

      For me its quite clear- if you accuse others for Religious perspective for election of Modi- then so do you have a religious reason for not backing him- nothing to do with any other issue- but religious sentiments-thats it.

      • Author
        sputnik 10 years ago

        The joke is that you believe all kinds of BS conspiracy theories about AAP and Arvind without any court verdicts but will not believe what the prime accused/convict is saying on video. Yes I already gave SIT’s BS reasoning and using that logic even Hitler wouldn’t be guilty of the Holocaust.

        Yes Zakia Jafri is wrong. Her husband was not killed and she has a faulty agenda.

        Its the Modi supporters who cannot answer these hypothetical questions (if I make them any more direct it will become a personal attack) and who always skip these questions because it will show their hypocrisy and bigotry.

        This is like saying that the Jew who is against Hitler is not backing him because of religious perspective and he is equivalent to someone supporting Hitler. There is a big difference in someone supporting a person accused of killings because of religious reasons and a person opposing that person whether he belongs to the victim’s religion or not. Any sane person shouldn’t be supporting these kind of people.So you cannot accuse me of being against Modi because of religious reasons because I am not supporting some Muslim politician accused of killing Hindus or some Muslim terrorists.

        • John Galt 10 years ago

          “accused” – thats the distinction there. an Accused doesn’t necessarily translate into judgement. (and it hasn’t in MOdi’s case). If tomorrow I accuse you of spreading communal hatred through this blog- then according to you, anyone supporting you should be Insane.

          • Author
            sputnik 10 years ago

            A convicted person has accused him of being complicit in his crime and you want to play “innocent until guilty” card. If the courts and police were perfect in India then majority of our politicians would be in jail now.

            If I was a minister or a CM and if a convicted murderer said that I was complicit in his crime then yes anyone supporting me should be insane.

          • John Galt 10 years ago

            so you mean to say, we should take his word for it? Its that simple …Wow..what next we should take just everyone’s word for all the crimes ?

            I am glad no law of any country works according to your convenient theories.

      • Ipman 10 years ago

        ” She wants to safe face as long as she can- before being dismissed everywhere for her faulty agenda.”

        have you totally lost it? shamelessness ki had hoti hai. her husband, an ex-MP, was butchered into mincemeat in gulbarg massacre. they could only find some flesh and bones of him later. this, after he had begged on phone for help from every politician including modi and all of them refused.

        • John Galt 10 years ago


          Whether you agree or not- She has an agenda- to corner Modi and prove that he’s responsible for her Husband’s death and all others. She can fight all she wants against the people who actually killed her husband, but I am not going to entertain the Bullshit anyone (primarily fueled by Congress Jerks) throws as to how Modi is responsible for it.

          She can go to any goddamn court she wants.

          Trying to play victim card on her behalf isn’t going to do anything to your arguments

          • Ipman 10 years ago

            who are you to entertain or not entertain the “bullshit” she is doing? she is the one who lost her husband.her husband had the direct number of modi and had repeatedly begged him for help but modi denied. this has been said by not only his wife but all the residents in that society.check the videos.

            ” She has an agenda- to corner Modi and prove that he’s responsible for her Husband’s death and all others”

            this is what your modi has to say :

            A government that cannot protect its own people should not stay in power even for a minute : Narendra Modi

            she believes what modi , ironically , believes too.

            “She can go to any goddamn court she wants.”

            have you gone mad? what is this shameless attitude? you are the same person who wrote that long essay on delhi rape on inhumanity or was that just an “agenda” of yours to attack congress govt?

          • John Galt 10 years ago


            you are mixing two things here..I said in my comment, I am all support for pushing the real criminals behind bars- not an assumed one.

            She lost her husband, so she should fight for justice by fighting against the culprits. I don’t buy this make-believe criminal idea of Modi.

            Just because she thinks Modi is a criminal, doesn’t make me or the supreme court believe that. Thats why I am calling her agenda of cornering Modi as bullshit..and she is going to any court she wants to and it wont matter

            My Rape article was against the real criminals, not against some make-believe person who I would forcefully hold responsible.

            and if you have a bad memory, I’d suggest reading that article again- whether it mentions anything related to any party or not.

          • Ipman 10 years ago

            dont lie suprbah, have you not bashed the congress govt, sheila dixit and delhi police for delhi rapes? it was the perfectly right thing to do and everyone supported you because they are exactly responsible for protecting the citizens and to be blamed in case rapes happens.

            I dont know what to say for people who vouch for our courts. that SC stayed the order of death sentence of nirbhaya rapists. its been almost 1.5 years since the incident took place and you wrote that angry piece.our great honest media has forgotten about it comepltely .the rapists are happily feasting on the money of taxpayers and enjoying their time in prison. you think a well to do politician will ever be punished by these courts?

          • John Galt 10 years ago


            You are trying to prove something which is not there. First of all I did not criticize any government for any rapes (Be it Shiela Dixit in Delhi or Mulayam singh in UP or anyone anywhere else). If you remember correctly even in that post we were discussing measures to avoid rapes and what to do if something happens etc. It was more about education and change of mindset and finally about how people’s agitation should actually become into a revolution.

            The only role government could play there is to provide security and education and I must have mentioned that. But I did not say Shiel Dixit caused Delhi rapes. I may have said Shiela Dixit should have acted more strongly.

            Here’s the thing Baba- Its one thing to say, Modi wasn’t an efficient chief minister and he couldn’t deal with the riot situation effectively and then charge him with that- and its an altogether different thing to hold MOdi responsible for the riots and make him the criminal. All these congressis and Zakia Jafri are doing that latter which I dont agree it and most certainly find it Bullshit.

          • Author
            sputnik 10 years ago

            “Just because she thinks Modi is a criminal, doesn’t make me or the supreme court believe that.”

            As I said before the Supreme Court has not tried him and neither has any lower court so stop implying that Supreme Court did not believe her.

            “My Rape article was against the real criminals, not against some make-believe person who I would forcefully hold responsible.”

            So if someone whose job is to protect everyone lets one set of criminals murder/rape and then tries to protect the criminals according to their own statement then he is not guilty? What a shameless defense.

            “The only role government could play there is to provide security and education and I must have mentioned that. But I did not say Shiel Dixit caused Delhi rapes. I may have said Shiela Dixit should have acted more strongly.”

            Nirbhaya’s rapists did not say that Sheila Dixit tried to protect them or that Sheila Dixit gave them 3 hours to rape. And Nirbhaya’s rapists were not affiliated to Sheila Dixit the way the Bajrang Dal/VHP members who rioted are affiliated to BJP the ruling party.

            “Modi wasn’t an efficient chief minister and he couldn’t deal with the riot situation effectively and then charge him with that- and its an altogether different thing to hold MOdi responsible for the riots and make him the criminal.”

            Any BS logic to save Modi when his own henchmen were going around raping/killing people and the police under him was not doing its job. Applying similar logic even Hitler was also not responsible for the Holocaust. He was just not efficient and couldn’t deal with the Holocaust situation.

          • John Galt 10 years ago


            “the people who died in godhra attack are “indians” but the riot victim are “muslims”, not indians? ”

            No- the Victims are also Indians and thats why I hate this classification of victims and that being used against Modi- As the Muslim killer

            “if sputnik calls the families of the hindus who appeal in court for justice as having agenda to tarnish mulims, he will definitely be a muslim fanatic. but he wont do that. it is you who is stopping ehsan jaftis wife to appeal to court against are a hinduta fanatic”

            Where have I stopped Zakia Jafri to go anywhere- I said she can go to any goddamn court she wants..and the result will be same…She and the congressis are trying to put the charge of Ehsaan’s murder on Modi- which is a false charge in my opinion..Where does the Hindu fanaticism come here..Fanaticism would be if I say Zakia is bullshitting because she’s a muslim..Have I mentioned in my comments that Zakia’s religion has to do with my dismissing her charges off? I talked using simple arguments that she is blaming modi for the crimes he did not commit. Now You can read it as whatever you or your pseudo-secular mind likes.

          • Ipman 10 years ago

            “I said she can go to any goddamn court she wants..and the result will be same”

            that everyone knows. aajtak kis harami politician ko saza hui hai jo modi ko hogi? but you are not even lettign her try.the way you are dismissing her agony and doubting her actions as only a matter of agenda, it looks ridiculous. framing modi and making congress get back to power is not going to bring back her husband. congress-bjp are ek hi thaali ke chatte amount of money can compensate for human loss.congress may have an agenda but spare the common people from your conspiracy theories.

          • John Galt 10 years ago

            “that everyone knows. aajtak kis harami politician ko saza hui hai jo modi ko hogi?”

            again, who are you to decide that Modi ko sazaa honi bhi chahiye ya nahi? Doosron ki theories conspiracy aur khud ki gospel?

            “but you are not even lettign her try.the way you are dismissing her agony and doubting her actions as only a matter of agenda, it looks ridiculous”

            As I said before, I have not said, she shouldn’t try. She should do whatever she wants..But my argument is simple- I believe she is accusing Modi of wrong charges. If I am proven wrong, I’ll accept that I was being unfair to her..Until that I do believe Congress is just using her to play their political game.

          • Ipman 10 years ago

            “again, who are you to decide that Modi ko sazaa honi bhi chahiye ya nahi?”

            its the riot affected people of gujarat that have decided it. the woman whose husband was butchered in the riot has decided it. the residents in the society who later found his bones have deicded it. the woman who saw 20-30 boys pouncing upon a girl and raping her has decided it. the hindus who saw the police watching the tamasha and doing nothign have decided it.

        • John Galt 10 years ago

          “So if someone whose job is to protect everyone lets one set of criminals murder/rape and then tries to protect the criminals according to their own statement then he is not guilty? What a shameless defense.”

          Did I say some govt was letting anyone rape – as in really promoting it??

          Again trying to become the judge and passing it over other’s throat. Just like you said SC hasn’t tried Modi- I’d say stop Bullshitting around claiming Modi to be the criminal when its not proven..

          And Shameless?? What about your own shamelessness of passing judgments and appearing to be all neutral in the garb of religious agenda. All your efforts, all your actions in this regard is just about Muslims and Muslims only…You dont give a damn about Indians who died In Godhra..all you care about is muslims who died in Godhra..So stop fooling yourself into believing it is anything about justice..You are just pissed because of your religious sentiments and nothing else.

          • Author
            sputnik 10 years ago

            Stop bullshitting that its not proven. Why did you believe that nonsense and posted that link of Arvind being a CIA agent here? Do you want me to quote from your FB profile that you believe it because a RAW agent said it. Did you wait for the SC judgement then? You are going to believe on something which did not even lead to any person being killed and you are going to give the benefit of doubt when more than a 1000 people got killed?

            So why did your BJP removed Muthalik? The court has not passed a judgement yet on him. So say that you support him just like you support Modi.

            “And Shameless?? What about your own shamelessness of passing judgments and appearing to be all neutral in the garb of religious agenda. All your efforts, all your actions in this regard is just about Muslims and Muslims only…You dont give a damn about Indians who died In Godhra..all you care about is muslims who died in Godhra..So stop fooling yourself into believing it is anything about justice..You are just pissed because of your religious sentiments and nothing else.”

            You are the one who is going to talk about religious agenda – one who is supporting Modi just because he is a Hindu and the majority of the people killed were Muslims. Someone who does not forget to point out that India has 80% Hindus. Someone who tries to sidestep the question whether he would support a Muslim CM if majority killed were Hindus. I said that on FB before that I will not support that Muslim CM and I say that again. To your Hindu fanatic mind the Muslims killed in Godhra may not be Indians but for me and a lot of Indians they were all Indians. Show me one link from anywhere where I condoned the killings of those 59 Hindus on that train. Show me one link from anywhere where I defended the Muslim murderers of those 59 Hindus. Show me one link from anywhere where I defended some Muslim religious leader who was accused of the killings of those 59 Hindus or for that matter any killings anywhere.

            Forget all this religion thing. The callous way in which you try to dismiss off someone else’s killings or rapes because they don’t belong to your religion I am going to make this personal because it is personal for the families of the people killed/raped. If during a riot someone killed your family members and/or raped your loved ones and there are the same sort of allegations against the CM with the prime accused saying that he protected him and there are numerous red flags which I am posting in a comment below then would you support that CM because of development? May be you are so shameless to do that I am not and I think majority of the people will not.

          • Ipman 10 years ago

            “You dont give a damn about Indians who died In Godhra..all you care about is muslims who died in Godhra.”

            the people who died in godhra attack are “indians” but the riot victim are “muslims”, not indians? if sputnik calls the families of the hindus who appeal in court for justice as having agenda to tarnish mulims, he will definitely be a muslim fanatic. but he wont do that. it is you who is stopping ehsan jaftis wife to appeal to court against are a hinduta fanatic

          • John Galt 10 years ago

            “Someone who tries to sidestep the question whether he would support a Muslim CM if majority killed were Hindus. I said that on FB before that I will not support that Muslim CM and I say that again.”

            I did not side step- any question..You write a lot in your comments and sometimes I do not find it worthy enough for every point to be replied to.

            Here’s your reply anyways- I would support any CM (irrespective of his religion) if I believe he/she did not have any role in the riots- and if there are other reasons ( progressive things that he/she did for their state)worthy enough of my support. If I believe the CM did not do enough in his capacity to stop the riot- my vote won’t go to him- as simple as that.

            Here’s a case in point: I believe Samajwadi party is the most communal party along with Congress and I believe its leader Mulayam Singh (A Hindu leader) is the most communal of all..and he had everything to do with Muzzafarnagar riots (where more muslims died) and I will not vote for him. — Did that answer your question about my Hindu feelings?

            “You are the one who is going to talk about religious agenda – one who is supporting Modi just because he is a Hindu and the majority of the people killed were Muslims. Someone who does not forget to point out that India has 80% Hindus.”

            Oh Really- Point one instance- direct or indirect where I have urged or asked people to vote for Modi because he’s a hindu.Forget asking others- point one instance where I have put forth a view inclining towards Modi’s religion.

            And Yes I’ll again say India has 80% Hidus- Whats so wrong in saying that- besides with that reserved mind you have just used this statement very conveniently to suit your argument. I use that statement whenever I want to point out the appeasement policy of Congress or how this minority-majority is killing the nation and how there’s no fucking need to appease any muslims (especially for their votebank) when the country needs ideas about development rather than which community is gaining what….And here you are using that statement to show that I’m a Hindu fanatic– Fantastic- Who’s being dimwitted now?

            “The callous way in which you try to dismiss off someone else’s killings or rapes because they don’t belong to your religion ”

            Really did I say- it was a great thing that Muslims died in Godhra or that it was a pity that Hindus did? I have always talked about as an event where Indians died (irrespective of religion) and a highly unfortunate one…You think I first inquired about the religion of Nirbhaya (the name given by press) or the 3 year old girl- before being sympathetic towards them or being hurt by what happened to them?

            Did I say Killing of Ehsaan Jafri was justified? I said Zakia’s cornering of Modi is bullshit and you took it personal because you are not ready to believe that Modi is not a criminal…Get out of your own web before declaring how majority of people would agree to you.

        • John Galt 10 years ago

          fair enough..and as long as we are on that thought…There are also more Gujaratis who were also present during the riots who have decided that Modi is not responsible.

          • Ipman 10 years ago

            its not called the riot capital of india for nothing. it has a notorious history. the gujaratis who voted for him after 2002 made him won exactly because he did something different from the other CMs. he was voted because he was responsible for it! he avenged the godhra burning.showed muslims what he can do if you attack people of my religion. muslims have learnt thier lesson for life

  96. Bored 10 years ago

    Lets summarize a bit – 2 yrs of PR conjob and media propaganda of ‘Modi yeh Modi woh’, ‘Modi Wave’, ‘Modi Chai’ and whatnot. And after one month? ‘Mission 272’ bohat duur hai daddu … even if BJP gets 190-200 seats, Modi will hv to beg from doorstep to doorstep to gather rogue allies n form an unstable govt which wont last even 2 yrs.

    Lets see what BJP can do … this time paid-media wont scrutinize BJP’s governance, but Aam Aadmi will – how long will Modi’s nautanki last (even with 15 yrs of corruption experience)? Lets not forget that Arvind has same amt of exp as anti-corruption crusader.

    Even if Modi is able to scrap together enuf criminals to become PM – asli mazaa toh tab aayega … beta John Malt. Picture toh abhi shuru bhi nehi huyi … abhi se itni padeshani ???

    • John Galt 10 years ago

      Pareshaani kise hai woh toh dikhayi de raha hai….The same media that built Kejriwal over last two years is now being called Paid Media 😆 Who Paid them for AAP then? Oh yes Congress MummyJi 😆

      • Bored 10 years ago

        Do u even follow news? Ya aise hi kuch bhi bakte rahte ho?
        Look up media coverage/opinion polls before Delhi Assembly Elections.

        • John Galt 10 years ago

          As I Said– the same media who gave 24 X 7 coverage to Kejriwal and AAP were all fine until then. The moment they asked a few tough question, Kejriwal ki haalat patli ho gayi..

          Kaun yahan bakta hai woh toh dikh hi raha hai… Bak Bak ke AAP orgasms kaun le raha hai.

          • Bored 10 years ago

            Its evident that u neither follow news nor watch any intvs.

            IAC movement got media coverage (mainly focused on Hazare) bcoz BJP-BigBusiness nexus paid media to fuel anti-incumbency emotions against Congress amongst the public. IAC was in many ways even economically supported thru BJP-Ramdev-RSS nexus. The moment Arvind formed an independent political out fit – media turned against overnight.

            The coverage got positive only after unexpected win of 28 seats during assembly elections. Once AAP formed govt the media again started to show its colors. After Arvind exposed Ambani, BJP not only ensured AAP govt fell but also started pouring money to media for a blackout.

            Arvind’s Gujarat visit made the media shed all shame and blatantly go after Kejriwal and AAP. It takes blind religious fanatism to not see any pattern here – but then BJP support is based on religious blindness. Expecting anything else from u guyz is a mistake …

      • Bored 10 years ago

        Mummyji paid to cover Dixit’s ass (though Dixit hardly had 500 cr budget to cover up blood-stained ‘Hindutva’ hands) … didnt help much … Congress is such a storehouse of impotency all round. No surprise Rahul turned out like this.

  97. Bored 10 years ago

    Dedicated to Hindutva fanatics:

  98. Author
    sputnik 10 years ago

    No you should be glad that laws of our country work according to your convenience and let people like Modi get away. So how many politicians have been convicted for the 1984 riots or the 1993 riots or for that matter any riots in India? Congress is blamed for the 84 riots but their leaders have also been acquitted or got clean chits. We have inquiries and commissions for riots and those reports come after years and years and then there is no action taken.

    In a lot of European countries and US/UK these politicians would have been prosecuted and found guilty and would have been serving jail time now.

  99. Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

    @Ipman & John Galt
    Well, such cows who are not producing milk or are ill/old can be used in a very good way to produce good natural fertilizers as shown in SJ2 last episode. Hope Modi does initiate some such effort on national level when BJP comes to power this time.

    But a nationwide law opposing killing cows is just impossible. Try that in Kerala. (where in every hotel you get beef)

    • Ipman 10 years ago

      In hinduism there was no concept of veg and non veg. Ram , laxman, sita etc all were non veg. the veg concept is borrowed from jainism and over the years it became a part of hinduism.

      • Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

        Yes. In Yagya they give “aahuti” of ghee today. It was originally animal fat and yes, non-veg was never an issue.

        Apart from Jainism, a wave against moughals / muslims by fanatic hindus from last century made a section of ppl believe that hindus were veg always.

  100. Author
    sputnik 10 years ago

    And now Pramod Muthalik of that pub attack on women fame has joined BJP.


    • Ipman 10 years ago

      LOL! he may have got it exactly for what he did to those girls in the name of “Indian culture”. bjp selects candidates not inspite of their crimes rather because of them. it seems to be the binding force

      • Author
        sputnik 10 years ago

        After the outrage on twitter BJP has done a u turn and removed him. Looks like they longer believe in “innocent until proven guilty” like in the case of Modi, Amit Shah, Yeddyurappa, Sriramulu, Sakshi Maharaj and co. After all Pramod Muthalik has not been convicted by any court either.

        I wonder why they are acting like my convenient theories in this case 😉

        • Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago


          economic policy – no idea
          agricultural policy – no idea
          Foreign policies – no idea
          Kashmir issue – no idea
          Naxalite issue – wrong idea
          Developement – wrong idea (only creating new cities and concrete jungle is hardly “developement”)

          Then what do they have?

        • Ipman 10 years ago

          lol…a bunch of clowns this party is.

        • Author
          sputnik 10 years ago

          And now Congress does the U turn. Dinker Shetty from Muthalik’s Sri Ram Sene is first inducted into Congress and the removed.


  101. Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

    I think people are ignoring two major points in this LS14 poll.

    • First point – it is about southern states.

    First of all there is no “unrest” as such as it is in north in the 4 southern states (barring few regions of Andhra and Karnataka). I am not taking side of BJP or AAP but the thing is there is hardly any unrest against say congress as the governance has been better as compared to rest of the country.

    • Second point – Women.

    I think women is the section which is least impressed by AAP and all its propaganda. Women by nature are more traditional and look for stability – even if it means corrupt BJP governance. This can be a deciding factor in next month’s poll.
    (I dont mean to be criticizing women here but it is my general observation. They dont get turned on so easily like men do – well in many things 😉 )

    • hithere 10 years ago

      Typically families vote for one political party and that is probably decided by head of family (typically male).

      • Bored 10 years ago

        @hithere – Urbane young educated and working females make independent choices – they are a small demographic but will play a major role in urbane seats. They maybe cynical of AAP/Kejriwal at this point, but i m also not convinced that they are duped by Rahul’s empowerment stammering.

        @Ritz – TN/Kerala will have same pattern as always imo (same in north-east n WB), but do u think Congress will do well in KA/AP/Telangana? Wudnt b surprised if AAP dont win seats there, but i expect BJP to make their presence felt in KA this time.

  102. rajesh 10 years ago

    Hmm, has ‘Kajriwal (Mr. U Turn) Aarti’ has become daily routine on Twnqeed.

  103. Author
    sputnik 10 years ago

    WTF video of Mohan Kundariya, BJP MP candidate from Rajkot, Gujarat walking over backs of kids supposedly done to show the kid’s Yoga skills.

    • Ipman 10 years ago

      what is WTF about it?

      • Author
        sputnik 10 years ago

        The MP candidate candidate walking over the kids. The trainer or coach giving the presentation doing that is different from the guest who is a MP candidate doing that.

        • Ipman 10 years ago

          its just a demonstration and sometimes guests are asked to be a part of it to generate interest among the audience. he is being a sport

  104. Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

    Congress MLA kisses Nagma.

  105. yakuza 10 years ago

    He is not even in power and look what he did ..

    Defer gas price hike, Election Commission tells oil ministry

    • Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

      Bravo! Bravo.

    • Ipman 10 years ago

      good saalon ka jeena haraam kar dena hai

    • Author
      sputnik 10 years ago

      Delhi High Court directs discoms to cooperate with CAG in audit which the Arvind Kejriwal govt had ordered.


      • Bored 10 years ago

        Really doubt if the audit will really take place unless AAP comes back to power with majority and enforces it.

  106. Author
    sputnik 10 years ago

    Read this inspiring story of how Saurabh Bharadwaj helped a victim of child sexual abuse and her family from 2005 onwards. He is currently AAP MLA from Greater Kailash constituency in Delhi. There was a sting operation done on him and the actual raw footage proved his innocence.


    • Author
      sputnik 10 years ago

      So now Salim Khan has become someone who will issue a certificate on whether someone is guilty or not? So now you believe him when he says Salman is innocent in the drunk driving case?

      Madhu Kishwar’s book? Madhu Kishwar is a known Modi fanatic.

      “Most part of the book highlights how under Modi’s regime Gujarat, in a first, had a decade free of riots.”

      Then what was were the Vadodara riots in 2006? Link

      And according to Gujarat govt’s own submitted report in parliament “In 2013, 61 incidents of communal violence led to seven deaths as compared to 57 incidents and five deaths in 2012. ” Link

      “When called by dna, Salim maintained his stand, saying he has known Modi personally and his views in the note are based on his personal experiences and his firm belief in a hadith (sayings of Prophet Muhammad) that says, “peace, forgiveness and dialogue are the only way to bridge the gaps”.

      Oh really? If Salim Khan’s family was killed in those riots or Salim Khan’s family members were raped would he say the same thing or would he be demanding justice?

      “Salim blamed the 2002 riots on the average Indian who, he feels, is “communal” by nature. “Riots have always been part of our country’s past and present. There were riots before Modi came to power, there were riots in other parts of the country even after him. Who is responsible for the recent riots in Muzzaffarnagar? We have to accept the unfortunate fact that most Indians, be it Hindus or Muslims, are communal by nature and that leads to riots,” he added.”

      So now its the average Indian’s fault. An average Indian does not go around killing or raping people. Applying this great logic of Salim Khan can we say that the average Indian is a rapist by nature because of the number of rapes that happen in India? And using the “peace, forgiveness and dialogue” logic should we just forgive all rapists? So Nirbhaya’s parents should forgive her rapists and do some Milap?

      “Kishwar, in her book, says she finds it disturbing that almost all those who have led the “hate Modi” campaign are neither Muslims nor residents of Gujarat. “Teesta Setalvad, Shabana Azmi and Javed Akhtar are from Mumbai, while Shabnam Hashmi, Prashant Bhushan and Harsh Mander are based in Delhi,” she said.”

      She is having an objection to people who hate Modi because they are neither Muslims nor residents of Gujarat while she herself is neither a Muslim nor a resident of Gujarat. I am sure she agrees with Zakia Jaffri who is a Muslim as well as a resident of Gujarat.

    • Author
      sputnik 10 years ago

      If this is a “Shamelessly prejudiced thread” then what about you?

      Thousands of people got killed and the prime accused is on video saying the Chief Minister saved him but you support that CM. And since there is a high regard for court judgements this was a video which the court admitted after having got it investigated for authenticity and which was used to convict that accused.

      “The prosecuting agency has obtained the certificates from FSL about its genuineness. The scientist from FSL Jaipur, PW 323, has been examined for the purpose. No reasonable doubt is created against the genuineness of the CD and the DVD and hence the same have been proved to be beyond reasonable doubt and is an admissible evidence.” (go to page 751) (Link)

      “Hence, this extra judicial confession considering the foregoing discussion on its own merits is found very dependable, reliable, having the contents full of probability and hat it is absolutely found safe to convict the accused on this extra judicial confession.” (go to page 761) (Link)

      A BJP MLA Kodnani who led the mobs and abetted the riots was made a minister by the Gujarat govt and you support that CM.

      The cases had to be transferred out of state for victims to get justice and you support that CM. Link

      The Gujarat govt tried to invoke POTA for one set of victims while not doing that for another set and you support that CM. Link

      Modi shamelessly takes out a pride parade after a 1000 people were killed in riots and reminds them in a speech of how people were burnt in Godhra and then goes on to dismiss of the riots as lies by enemies of Gujarat and you support that CM.

      The victims were relocated to the biggest garbage dump in the city and you support that CM (Link Link1)

      People in India got so angry over one rape in Delhi and in Gujarat – “The judge also observed that there were instances of rape and gang rape of the hapless Muslim women during the riots on February 28, 2002 were established beyond doubt but said she was not sentencing anyone for the crime because it was not possible to pinpoint the identity of the culprits.” (from the same court judgement link above) and you support that CM.

      This might be a shamelessly prejudiced thread but at least it is not shamelessly supporting a person who is accused of being at the helm and tacitly endorsing killings and rapes.

      • Ipman 10 years ago

        ” at least it is not shamelessly supporting a person who is accused of being at the helm and tacitly endorsing killings and rapes.”

        it goes without saying that all of them endorse the gaurav yatra that he did post the riots. because neither is modi nor his followers ever remorseful about was a moment of pride for them .a sort of satisfactory ending to a tragic start.these are the same people , if given an opportunity (God forbid) , will not hesitate to come in crowds and pounce upon a girl, slitting the womb and killing the foetus and so on. its gala time.its a wet dream of every perverted bigot modi fan.

    • Ipman 10 years ago

      so shilac has decided to restore sanity just like the way he tried to restore sanity on jthj thread by bashing boi , then vouching for it during k3 and then again bashing it during d3! 😉 he has decided to take on the “AAPtards” by posting a link to salim khans interview, who happens to be the father of the great salman khan who has managed to successfully make a mockery of indian courts (taking cue from the great modi himself) after killing several people, including a blackbuck as a bonus.

  107. Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago


    All congressmen are joining BJP. How is it a different party then?

    And is this ‘inclusive growth’?

    The number of farmers in the state has dropped by 3.5 lakh during the last 10 years and the number of agricultural labourers has increased by a staggering 17 lakh during the same period.

    Modi says he will create 100cities. Haha – that is growth for him.

  108. Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

    Look at the crowd.

  109. Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

    When I saw Modi interview with Thapar and the way Modi spoke in english I thought only Paresh Rawal can imitate him (had already done that in some films).

    Now today I just say Paresh Rawal is campaigning for BJP and wants to see Modi as PM. LOL.

    • Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

      Shame on you Paresh Rawal !!

      • Ipman 10 years ago

        its the gujju-gujju bhai bhai emotion

      • hithere 10 years ago

        why Shame? As a person he can have any political view. It would be wrong to some extent if he tries to propagate his views through movies.

        • Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

          Yes he can have any political view. And so can I. 🙂

          • hithere 10 years ago

            But no one is saying Shame on you for your views?

    • Bored 10 years ago

      Rawal is training Modi for his comedy(develeopment)-horror(riots) masala show that will start in India once Modi becomes PM.

  110. Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

    “But no one is saying Shame on you for your views?”

    😀 well, John Galt has said all sorts of things against my intellect and so has Narad_muni. You can read on this thread.

    • hithere 10 years ago

      Criticism of view is alright. But someone criticizing you just because you have certain view is wrong.

      • Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

        Aap code language me bolna chhod do please. Unki galati thi ya nahi? ya sirf meri galati hai? 🙂 Wo to pure ke pure personal comments the mere khilaaf.

        Ok theek hai main maan leta hu ki maine unresonably criticize kiya Paresh Rawal ko. bas pyar se kiya tha. He is one of my fav actors and was bit disappointed about his decision.

  111. FS 10 years ago

    You should change the title of this post from assembly election to Lok Sabha Election: Sputnik sweeps out Modi’s bhakts from Tanqeed

    • hithere 10 years ago

      But people on blog constitute very small numbers. Otherwise Naidu would have never lost. Vajpayee would have been second time PM in 2004.

      • Author
        sputnik 10 years ago

        Yes its the same for the number of people on internet or TV. They constitute only a small percentage of the real number of people who are going to vote.

        Naidu won the first time in 1999 but lost the second time because he did not do enough in the rural areas. Naidu could never win the majority again because Congress under YS Rajasekhar Reddy did a lot for the poor like subsidized housing for the rural poor and free electricity for the farmers. BJP’s India Shining campaign backfired in 2004. So perception or PR or media campaigns don’t automatically win the elections.

        Before the Delhi elections many thought that AAP might win a couple of seats at the most and Arvind contesting against Sheila Dixit a three time CM was considered foolish and a publicity stunt too. Its all about how much connection a party can make with the real voters (the poor and the middle class).

        • Bored 10 years ago

          Q – What is common between Modi and BJP-retards?

          A – They all make sweeping statements and then run away from logical debate when invited by Kejriwal (or AAPtards in this thread).

          Problem is that blind-faith/hysteria is not same as intellect/logic.

    • Author
      sputnik 10 years ago

      I am not sweeping anyone away. I will support who I think is right and oppose who I think is wrong. I have not censored anyone or deleted/disallowed anyone’s comments. If they are any abuses I will edit or delete the comments then. Even when it comes to movies/stars some fans might get pissed off by my comments and leave but I cannot help it.

  112. Ipman 10 years ago

    who is this old gawar loudmouth tub of shit to issue certificates to people on their nationality ? he has gone mad i think. his comments are increasingly becoming sillier and frustrated

    • Ipman 10 years ago

      “Did Modi ji call me an agent of Pakistan and AK 49? Kya PM ke daawedar ko ye bhasha use karna shobha deta hai (Is it fitting for a PM candidate to use such language)?,” asked Kejriwal on Twitter. Arvind Kejriwal. PTI In a series of tweets the Aam Aadmi Party chief questioned why Modi was against open debates and why he never chose to spoke about important issues. “Modi ji muddon ki baat kyon nahi karte? Muddon ki rajniti kyon nahi karte (Why does Modiji not speak about issues and practice issue based politics)?
      Why does he consistently avoid all invites for open debates?” asked Kejriwal. “He will not respond on gas prices and false claims of Gujarat development. Why? He refuses to talk abt farmer suicides in Gujarat. Why?” the AAP leader added. Questioning the presence of certain ministers in Modi’s Gujarat cabinet Kejriwal tweeted,
      “Modi refuses to respond on his compulsions to keep corrupt people like Babubhai Bokharia and Puruahottam Solanki in his cabinet. Why? He refuses to respond on his compulsions to give tkts to corrupt people like Yeddyurappa, Sriramlu n Ramvilas Paswan. Why?” Taking further digs on Modi’s silence over various issues, Kejriwal tweeted, “Modi refuses to respond on his compulsions to give tickets to Muzaffarnagar riot accused. Why?”

    • Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

      Now Modi will solve Kashmir problem. Hahahaha. Let him first understand the problem which may take him 20 years going by his speeches and intellect.

    • Bored 10 years ago

      For first time Modi talks about Kejriwal and he has to bring in Pakistan n Kashmir??? He does have a one-track mind – Hindutva!

    • Author
      sputnik 10 years ago


      This is the “Development” politics that they Modi is running on. Any one who opposes them will be called a Pakistani agent. Previously he was a CIA agent but now has been demoted to a Pakistani agent 😉

      Read this funny defense by a BJP candidate on Gujarat govt receiving money from the same Ford Foundation which made Arvind a CIA Agent.

      ‘Guj govt taking Ford Foundation funds is ok’

      BJP’s new Dalit face Udit Raj had a difficult time on Sunday answering media queries why it was ok for Gujarat government taking money from US-based Ford Foundation but not for Kejriwal’s NGO. Raj and BJP have claimed Ford Foundation is a front of US government’s intelligence agency CIA and targeted AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal over the fact that his NGO Kabir received funding from the Foundation.

      Raj was in the city to campaign for BJP candidate Nitin Gadkari. Raj himself is contesting from Delhi north-west seat. Initially Raj, who has recently joined BJP, claimed he was not aware of Gujarat government and Ford Foundation link but when provided with the details he said there was nothing wrong if government took it but NGOs should not take it. He claimed if NGOs took money they would destabilize the country but a state government would not do so.

      While Kejriwal’s link with Ford Foundation were brought to fore by BJP, it later came to light that Gujarat government led by Narendra Modi too was a beneficiary. As per Foundation report, GEER Foundation, a Gujarat government agency, received $1,22,000 in 2002. The chief minister of Gujarat is ex-officio chairman of the Foundation. Another agency Gujarat Institute of Development Research (GIDR), whose financial advisor is Gujarat’s education department, received $197,759, the same year.

      In spite of this contradiction, Raj maintained Kejriwal had foreign links. “Why didn’t Ford Foundation give me any money? I have done more work than him but he got the Magsaysay Award,” he said.

      The Dalit leader charged Kejriwal with intellectual corruption saying it was more dangerous than economic corruption. “Intellectual corruption can derail the nation. Caste system is an example. It weakened the country and kept it in slavery for a thousand years.”

      He also charged AAP candidate Rakhi Birla with demanding money from the party candidate Mahendra Singh and called it immoral. However, when pointed out that BJP had fielded Yeddyurappa, who had been indicted by Lokayukta, he said, “Lokayukta is an outside agency. An allegation by a party colleague is far more serious.”

      Raj said he was more than confident that NDA would come to power with a thumping majority adding nothing could stop Narendra Modi from becoming the prime minister.”


  113. Ipman 10 years ago

    BJP: Divide Muslims, Dont give them right to Vote

    • Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

      Kaun hai ye joker? India is a nation of Hindus – hahahaha

  114. narad_muni 10 years ago

    That Arvind Kejriwal lies through his teeth to create sensationalist ‘breaking news’ points is not news to anyone. Most recently, he released a pack of lies about Gujarat in the form of his ‘campaign’ in Gujarat. Needless to say, none of the lies peddled by Kejriwal had anything to do with reality as it exists in Gujarat.

    Kejriwal’s lie #1: If Modi comes to power, all the farmers will lose their lands and the land will be given to big industrialists.

    Why this is a brazen lie: The Supreme Court of India has praised Gujarat for implementing a land acquisition policy which is based on giving the market value of land to the farmers. Land is acquired mainly through the consent of farmers. While there have been a lot of agitations against land acquisition in various parts of the country, Gujarat has remained untouched by such farmer protests because of such pro-farmer policies.

    Kejriwal’s lie #2: There have been 5874 farmer suicides in Gujarat in the last 10 years.

    Why this is not true: This is Kejriwal’s biggest lie about Gujarat. In fact, during Kejriwal’s recent visit to Gujarat, he said that 800 farmers have committed suicide in the State the last 10 years. It appears Kejriwal has a penchant for pronouncing people dead even while they are alive. Within 15 days the number of farmer suicides, as per Kejriwal, went up from 800 to 5874. Kejriwal’s lie proves how big a propagandist he is. The truth is that in the last 10 years, only one farmer has committed suicide due to crop failure.

    Kejriwal’s lie #3: If Narendra Modi comes to power, FDI will be permitted in retail and all small traders will lose their business.

    Why this is the exact opposite of the truth: The BJP has made its policy on FDI in retail very clear and has been very clear about its opposition to FDI in retail.

    Kejriwal’s lie #4: 60,000 MSMEs have closed down in Gujarat.

    Why this makes no sense at all: This is yet another mammoth lie coming from Kejriwal. In truth, there are 5.19 lakh registered MSME units in Gujarat. As per the census conducted by Central Government in 2001-2002, 22 per cent units were closed. In 2006-2007, the closed units were only 12 per cent and as on March 31, 2012, the closed units amounted to only 5 per cent. At 95 per cent of around 5.19 lakh units being functional, Gujarat is certainly leading in the MSME sector in the country. This is reflected in the high growth in the manufacturing sector in Gujarat.

    In summary then, Arvind Kejriwal will do anything to get your attention. But think twice, and then twice again, before you take his word for it. In Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal grew accustomed to the limelight. The king-size lies he is peddling these days are a sign of his withdrawal symptoms.

  115. Ipman 10 years ago

  116. Ipman 10 years ago

    A government that cannot protect its own people should not stay in power even for a minute : Narendra Modi


  117. narad_muni 10 years ago

    First of all, AK49 is hilarious 😀

    2ndly, Kejri has lied. proven. Niticentral might have also lied but they are not seeking votes. But Niticentral claims the number of 1 based on crop failure as the reason..and I dont know how to verify that.

    3rdly, looking at the suicide data clearly shows that the suicide numbers are more or less in sync with the size of the state and even the % of farmers in Gujarat who commited suicide is around 7% which is average – not the best or the worst. So, what point AK49 is trying to make?

    Also, this data proves nothing abt Guj govt being good or bad towards farmers. How do you know that the suicides are due to Govt policies or some other reason? Then, what about priate sector employess or govt employees? Why are they committing suicide?


    Basically, AK49 is acting like as if his only goal in life is to target Modi..He is running like a dog to Gujarat and then to Varanasi following Modi’s trail.
    Wasn’t corruption his biggest agenda? So, how come he is not talking abt the most corrupt govt. in India? It is becmoning evident that he is the B team of Cong.
    Anyways, for all his efforts, AAP might draw a BLANK ( yes, ZERO – you read it right) in the Loksabha elections.

    • Author
      sputnik 10 years ago

      I thought that was Niti Central’s defense after reading the link you posted but it is Gujarat govt’s press release just like those movie press releases. This is from a pro Gujarat govt site. You can also check the same from Indian Express or any other news site.

      “Spokesperson of Gujarat government today issued a statement criticizing Arvind Kejriwal’s lies against Gujarat and Chief Minister Narendra Modi. Some of the facts shared by Gujarat government in its note are following(translation by our staff):”


      So its now the Gujarat govt who has lied and so will you accept now that your favorite Modi govt is lying? Those documents are talking about suicides and they do not list out any reasons like crop failure for any state. So trying to add a qualifier without any proof and trying to get away is all nonsense.

      “Also, this data proves nothing abt Guj govt being good or bad towards farmers. How do you know that the suicides are due to Govt policies or some other reason?”

      According to BJP/Modi supporters Guj govt is great and farmers are doing great then why so many number of farmers are committing suicide? Modi said in a interview with Arnab (google it) that farmers in Maharashtra/AP are committing suicide but not in Gujarat.

      If you had watched Arvind’s interviews you would have known that he said that the number of farmer suicides in Gujarat have been the same even before Modi govt. So his point was that if Gujarat had developed so much why the number of farmer suicides has not changed.

      And its now the Gujarat govt that is saying “While there have been a lot of agitations against land acquisition in various parts of the country, Gujarat has remained untouched by such farmer protests because of such pro-farmer policies.”

      I posted a link to all those videos of Gujarat farmers protesting against against land acquisition. So what’s the qualifier now?

      “Wasn’t corruption his biggest agenda? So, how come he is not talking abt the most corrupt govt. in India?”

      Yes and BJP/Modi govt is also corrupt. They also have corrupt ministers in the govt and corrupt leaders contesting in elections. Again if you watch his speeches he is saying Congress/BJP are same when it comes to corruption. You declared that Congress is the most corrupt govt? So your problem against Congress is corruption then why would you support BJP which is also corrupt.

      And Kapil Sibal also uses the same defense that BJP uses about no convictions. Kapil Sibal says ” I want the people of India to tell me which members of the council of ministers of the UPA government belonging to the Congress party has been proceeded against in any corruption charges in the last 10 years. ” Link

  118. Author
    sputnik 10 years ago

    The problems with the so called clean chit by SIT. Read this.

    “Assuming we all believe in NaMo’s economic talent (debatable but out of scope for this piece) there can be only two reasons why you think it is OK to elect him as Prime Minister.

    Reason 1
    You don’t believe that there are enough red flags,or that they amount to any consequence. This is an easy problem to solve. I’ve tried to condense most of the relevant ones here. Read on and find more online.What you cannot do after reading this piece is deny the presence of a plethora of red flags.


    Reason 2

    You don’t believe this person is any threat to you because his alleged murderous rage has been only directed at a sub-sect of your country, and you are fortunate enough to have been a race-winning sperm incubated in the testicle of a man from outside that sect. You’re safe. 15% of your countrymen are not, but you could care less, or worse, it actually gives you a kick.

    If you subscribe to reason 2, there is nothing I can or anyone else can say to you to change your mind. You my friend suffer from bigotry, irrespective of how you may have justified it to yourself (they deserve it, they started it, their ancestors killed so many Hindus in the 1600 and 1700s, why don’t they move to Pakistan…). It’s best you stop reading this article cause nothing I say here even attempts to address bigotry. That’s your battle to fight, or not.

    After the Godhra train incident in which 59 Hindu pilgrims were killed, Modi is accused of sanctioning a state sponsored pogrom targeting Muslims. Specifically, he is alleged to have asked the state police machinery to stand down and allow the Hindus to vent their anger. He is accused of sending his henchmen to lead the massacres first hand and then providing support in subverting the judicial process when they were arrested and prosecuted. VHP, BD, RSS, and BJP cadre led mobs collectively massacred over a thousand Muslims over two days while being supported by the police and administrators. Almost all of them including Modi have stayed safe from convictions, thanks likely to the most massive cover up operation in our lifetimes.

    This piece is focused on laying out the red flags that are most egregious and hoping that those that are leaning his way because of reason 1, have a chance to re-evaluate. I make no claims about the certainty of his guilt. Perhaps he is innocent and this is a massive conspiracy. But any reasonable observer, having researched all the red flags, cannot but walk away with enough doubt of his innocence. That in and of itself should be a disqualification against Modi’s candidacy.

    Red Flag 1: Haren Pandya, murdered BJP minister who was going to testify against Modi

    If you believe NaMo is innocent, surely you have evaluated the gargantuan red flag that is the murder of Haren Pandya, ex-revenue minister of Gujrat and part of NaMo’s government in 2002? Going by anecdotal evidence, I’m guessing many haven’t even heard of him and that in and of itself is a testament to the successful cover-up game orchestrated here. Haren Pandya was a senior BJP politician and in 2002 was Gujarat’s minister of revenue serving under Modi. 2 months after the riot, Pandya deposed before a retired Supreme Court Judge PB Sawant and a retired Bombay High court judge Hosbert Suresh, on the condition of anonymity, stating that Modi held a meeting on Feb 27th and asked the police to stand down and let the Hindus vent their anger. This is noted by the Supreme Court appointed Special Investigation Team (SIT) on page 18 of their report. This was the smoking gun if there ever was one. Pandya was ready to testify when the case came to trial and this testimony alone could have nailed Modi. Sadly, he never got to. He was mysteriously murdered less than year after he confided in the two judges. Since his deposition was never recorded, it is now hearsay since it was made before“retired” judges and not sitting judges. NaMo will have you believe that this is a clean chit. In fact, this is straight out of a Bollywood 80s movie. No evidence to convict, but does this look anything like a clean chit to you?

    Red flag 2 – Mayaben Kodnani, life sentence serving convicted mass murderer and Modi’s minister.

    Dr. Mayaben Kodnani, ex BJP MLA from Gujarat, a trained gynecologist, was part of NaMo’s ruling BJP government in 2002, and was subsequently elevated by him to Minister for Women and Child development for Gujarat in 2007. The testimonies against her started pouring in soon after the 2002 riots. It was alleged that she directly led a mob, handed out swords, shot a gun, and marshaled a 5,000 strong Hindu mob into massacring 100+ Muslims. The violence she led in Naroda Patiya lasted over 10 hours, during which Muslims were raped, shot, stabbed, and burned alive. Naroda Patiya was an abjectly poor slum-like society comprising of mainly day-laborers. Many were hacked to death and about 70 were chased into a large pit where kerosene was poured on them and the group burned alive in a macabre mass-extermination. Images of charred families clinging to one another in desperate hope are the kind that haunt you long after you see them.

    Consider this:

    Do we really think that a BJP MLA carried out this genocide in defiance to her boss, or without his knowledge? In a country where hierarchy and approval pervades all walks of life from school to corporate offices, and is never more stark than in politics, is it really possible that Mayaben got off her couch,wore battle fatigues, consulted no one in her leadership and went out on the streets and picked up 5,000 men along the way? If you believe that, do you also believe that Kim Jong Un is a boy scout with the misfortune of being surrounded by evil administrators? Of course her actions were blessed up and down the food-chain.

    Despite the myriad voices calling Mayaben a murderer, Modi rewarded her in 2007 with a ministerial position in his government. What can a reasonable person make of that other than the fact that Modi liked her record? Most importantly, in 2012 Mayaben was convicted for her role in the 2002 riots, and sentenced to 28 years in prison. While the facts were validated by the court in 2012, do we really think Modi didn’t know these facts in 2007? Is Mayaben’s power such that she could keep her boss in the dark for 10 years about the details of an action that took 5,000 men, countless phone calls, and countless witnesses in orchestrating? Surely, if Modi was innocent as he claims, and if he had his heart in the right place as he claims,he would have made a few phone calls and found out the truth about Mayaben in a matter of days after the riots. The fact that he rewarded her in 2007 is a strong indication that he approved of her actions. Again, this line of reasoning is probably not enough to convict, but does it look like a clean chit to you?

    Red Flag 3 – Babu Bajrangi, convicted murderer and Bajrang Dal leader implicates Modi on camera

    Another one of the convicted murderers, Bajrang Dal leader Babu Bajrangi was in lock step with Mayaben in Naroda Patiya. He has left us with probably the most chilling and damning evidence against Modi on tape, thanks to the fearless journalist Ashish Khetan. Worth noting here that on the behest of the NHRC, the CBI has examined all the tehelka tapes and declared them genuine. The SIT didn’t think they had the evidentiary value needed to convict in court, but again, miles from the Clean Chit Modi will have you believe. Key points made by Bajrangi in his sting tape:

    Narendrabhai made it all possible. If he hadn’t controlled the police, they would have fucked us. For two days he was in control and then pressure from the center came.
    Narendrabhai came to the places where we had rioted and showed his support
    When the police was trying to arrest me, Narendrabhai hid me in Gujarat Bhavan in mount abu.
    Narendrabhai changed judges 5 times to help me.

    Red flag 4 – Arvind Pandya, Modi’s Government counsel to the Nanavati Commission

    One of the most telling Tehelka stings was against Modi’s lawyer to the Nanavati Commission, Arvind Pandya. Gist of what he said:

    This would have never happened with a congress government. They pander to the muslims. We are fortunate to have a strong leader who let us take revenge.
    Modi gave the orders to the police to stand down
    When Modi first heard of the train incident, his blood was boiling. He wanted revenge. If he was not Chief Minister, he would have burst bombs with us in Juhapura.

    Red flag 5 – BJP MLA and Bajrang Dal leader Haresh Bhatt

    Another stellar sting. Here’s what he said on camera:

    Modi gave us three days to do what we want. Then he told us to stop and we did.
    He has done what no chief minister can do.

    Video link to all these sting operations and more:

    Red flag 6: DIG Sanjeev Bhatt, intrepid whistle blower.

    Against the tide of yes-men feigning loss of memory of the meeting Modi held on 27th Feb 2002, Sanjeev Bhatt has displayed exemplary courage in speaking the truth. He was the ranking Intelligence Bureau officer in Gujarat at the time (Deputy Commissioner). He has stated several times that Modi unequivocally asked the police to stand down in that meeting. In front of the SIT he said that he will testify his position in court if the need arose. The BJP has tried to paint him as a congress crony and unreliable. He was even framed and arrested on false charges. The Supreme court recently dismissed those charges against him. Now it is possible that this man was fame hungry and a sensationalist but point me to one incident in his past that would indicate that he was prone to such reckless grandiose. His family and he have been subjected to relentless threats and have round the clock security protecting them. Does that sound like the kind of life someone would willingly pick just to fabricate a story and get famous? The reasonable observer can only draw the conclusion that Bhatt chose to swim upstream and has had the kitchen sink of retribution thrown at him. Clean chit indeed.

    Red flag 7: Police Commissioner Sreekumar, another fearless whistle blower.

    SB Sreekumar took over as top cop of the Intelligence Bureau post Godhra. He immediately began digging around and created a mountain of complaints and concerns against Modi and the BJP. Among his complaints:

    Modi gave him a verbal order to illegally tap phones of several politicians including Haren Pandya who was murdered a few months later.
    Modi gave him verbal orders to eliminate certain Muslims.
    Modi and his team tried to coach him into giving false testimony to the Nanavati commission.
    Many members of the police force were intimidating witnesses to not testify against Modi and BJP.
    The rank and file of the police force was taking orders directly from the BJP government and disobeying their own leaders including him.

    Sreekumar was transferred out within four months of joining. Another case of a grandeur driven megalomaniac taking on the innocent Modi, or another brave soul who was crushed? Sreekumar was transferred to inconsequential roles and his post-retirement benefits held back due to a technicality. He only recently got relief from the Supreme court in terms of retirement benefits. What kind of petty mentality stoops to blocking pension due to a police officer?

    Red flag 8: VHP/RSS appointed public prosecutors

    The SIT observes in its report that an unusual amount of VHP/RSS affiliated public prosecutors were assigned to cases against those accused of conducting the riots. Understandably, most of the accused were acquitted scot-free given that the ones tasked with convicting them were actually their drinking buddies. This is text book subversion of the law by the government and yet the BJP will have us believe that the accused got a clean chit.

    On page 157, the SIT report records that a pro-VHP advocate named Raghuvir Pandya was appointed as government pleader in the Vadodara District and Sessions Court in 2002. Pandya conducted the trial of the infamous Best Bakery case which resulted in the acquittal of all the accused. The SIT further writes that the “Supreme Court of India had passed serious strictures on the role played by Pandya in this trial which deserves to be brought to the notice of the Bar Association for suitable action as deemed fit.” SIT lists five more instances of VHP or RSS leaders being appointed as public prosecutors. The report mentions that ‘political consideration and affiliation of the advocates weighed heavily with the government’ in these appointments. Then it contradicts itself by saying that ‘no specific allegation of professional misconduct on the part of any of the public prosecutors has come to light.’

    Red flag 9 – Plum postings for police officers accused of abetting the riots.

    MK Tandon, joint commissioner responsible for the Gulberg Society area and Naroda Patiya, was found to have “deliberately not responded to distress calls” by the SIT. Instead the SIT observes, he registered bogus cases in other neighborhoods to justify his presence there. The SIT has also found that Tandon was in telephonic contact with Jaideep Patel and Mayaben Kodnani — the architect of massacres at Naroda Gaon and Naroda Patiya. How was this police officer treated by Modi post Godhra? He was double promoted in short time and given super powerful posts up until he retired. Given that the complaints against him started right away, and given that the SIT found evidence of his complicity, do we really believe that Modi was oblivious of his guilt when he promoted him twice? Like Tandon, there are at least 20 other officers and bureaucrats with suspicious promotions as noted by the SIT.Obviously hard to prove a crime here, especially against Modi, but surely an observer unburdened by the legal standard of “beyond reasonable doubt” will harbor enough doubt to disqualify this man from the top post?

    Red flag 10 – Swift punishment for police officers that did dare to stand up

    Per the SIT report: SP Rahul Sharma protected a mosque full of people from a marauding mob. He was given transfer orders to an inconsequential far away post 3 days after that incident. 3 days! Surely transferring police officers during a communal riot cannot be blamed on standard protocol, can it? SP Vivek Srivastava arrested a BJP leader for assaulting a muslim family. Right after the arrest he got calls from the chief minister’s office probing him about the evidence in the case. One month later, he got transfer orders to become a glorified mall cop for practical purposes. The SIT notes four other cases of police officers getting suspicious and unusual transfers after combating the riots.Routine? Clean chit?

    Red flag 11 – Modi’s henchmen illegally in the police control room

    During the thick of the riots, against all acceptable protocol, two of Modi’s cabinet ministers were stationed inside the police control room, monitoring all deployments and police action. It can be argued that they were there to help in the crisis. Two problems with that argument–first, they held portfolios of health and housing between them so were hardly the right men for the job, and second, they were also ex-RSS and ex-Sangh members. Natural choices to aid the police during riots? Add to that the fact that police didn’t respond to repeated calls for help. What’s more likely – police did not react despite the presence of two well-intentioned ministers, or that the police did not react because of the presence of two ill-intentioned ministers there to do their master’s bidding? Making the story even fishier is the fact that initially the top cops denied their presence in the control room till it was proven out by other interviews and finally a confession from the ministers. What was the need to deny their presence initially if they were really helping?”

    Red flag 14 – Complete destruction of police records from the riots

    On page 13 of its report, the SIT says “The Gujarat government has reportedly destroyed the police wireless communication of the period pertaining to the riots.” It adds, “No records, documentations or minutes of the crucial law and order meetings held by the government during the riots had been kept.” Sudden urge to recycle paper and save the planet or massive cover-up?

    There’s more than this baker’s dozen plus one of red flags. I’ve heard people try and explain away one or two of these flags, and that’s reasonable. Can you really explain away all of them? Can you really look at all this evidence, and turn the other way finding solace in the“not enough evidence to prosecute” position the SIT has taken? Is that the going standard for a Prime Minister today? Another author summed it up well when he said that India will cross the moral boundary of no return should they decide to elect Modi as PM knowing in their hearts that he could be guilty. If you support him, really your only excuse should be that you truly believe that all of this is a major conspiracy and you’re certain that he is innocent. If not, you just destroyed the fundamental value system any decent society is established on. The argument that it is somehow OK to accept the likelihood of Modi’s guilt and still elect him because the incumbents ran a few scams and because Modi has led economic growth defies all standards of humanity.”


  119. Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

    @John Galt

    simple question to you (rather two of them). I dont want to go in debate. THe question is –

    “Do you think India is nation for only HIndus?
    And if yes – do you see all 80% hindus as one? ”

    I have a ceremony in my neighbourhood who are having house-warming ceremony next week. I suggested them a name of a social activist who is Dalit. The look they gave me says enough. What more proof you need that none of the hindus are united.

    In South they say hindus are orthodox and rest of north india are outsiders and only the south are insiders/real hindus/dravidians.

    Do you agree with this? what do you have to say about these two points?

    • John Galt 10 years ago


      1) No, I do not believe India is a nation for only Hindus

      2) Even though my answer to first question was no- here’s my second answer- No I do not see all Hindus as one.

      Now here’s something I want to tell you and those nuts who believe in labeling me as a Hindu Fanatic- the only reason why I say things like 80% Hindus in my comments is because I am sick and tired of this celebrated (in the most absurd way) secularism. I am sick of these religion based policies and arguments. I am sick of the fact that when a Muslim leader says he wants to do something for the muslim community- it is considered as progressive but if a Hindu leaders says the same for Hindu community- he is labeled as communal. I am sick of the fact that as if the caste based reservation was not enough- we have reservation for minorities (Includes all other religions except Hindus). I am sick of the fact that during elections, all these pseudo-national parties offer freebies and try to appease the muslim votebank. I am sick of the Naivety of the minority communities that they fall into this trap every single time- thinking- this leader will do good for our community. I am sick of people like you who would categorically put every person who says that He’s proud to be a Hindu into the fascist Hindu bracket and most of all I am disgusted by the fact that for the last 60 years a party like Congress has been ruling the nation and being voted to power in the name of this celebrated secularism (read: pseudo secularism) while the truth is, the same party’s tenure has seen more riots happening, more people dying and more communal feelings propagated but since it sells the appeasement candy- people like Sputnik never spoke with so much vile in their language against it, as against Modi as if it were an agenda.

      • Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

        @ Dear JOhn Galt

        I can understand your emotions. Please calm down.

        I can give you N number of examples where I can expose BJP/RSS as my grandparents were freedom fighters.

        Tell me what are you fighting against? Is this blog so important to you? If you think I for example am bluffing and showing “pseudo” whatever. then you can stop responding to me.

        I know you as a person who has more sense than rest many who I see around, why pick Sputnik? He is also matured or as immature as You and me are.

        I dont claim to be perfect. But I know you are blinded by one perception; I think the circumstances you are in (your parents / and their influence on you). [Thats my perception – pardon me if its wrong ]

        Anyways, take care. I think what I said above must have hurt you deeply. If anyone said that to me I would have been hurt for sure. (parent angle)

        But …You are more strong than me in taking insults and are capable of taking neutral decisions. I look forward to you ..and your decision 🙂

        • John Galt 10 years ago


          Here’s the thing.

          -I urged my friends and social circle members, to vote for AAP in Delhi elections(you will still find that on my Facebook timeline)- If I was a Hindu Fascist (whatever that means) why would I have done that?

          -Its only after the massive failure of AAP (some like Sputnik see that as its success and I dont have a problem with that- its his perspective) that I lose faith on them to even consider them for any political activity- does that make me a Hindu Fascist?

          -Sputnik (or anyone) who blames Modi for Gujarat riots has one (for most cases) source- the Internet. So Do I- If internet makes him believe Modi is the culprit, then the same internet makes me believe he is not.

          • If he can believe that I am making a decision because I am some sort of RSS guy/Hindu Fanatic – why the hell is it so wrong of me to believe that all his angst is also just because of religion.

          Now here is the final point:

          In the last one year how many times has Sputnik or any other so-called neutrals spoken about

          • Neeli riots

          -Muzzafarnagar Riots
          -Meerut Riots

          • Bhagalpur Riots
          • A ton of riots in Gujarat before Godhra
          • 1984 riots

          -Moradabad Riots

          All those were also riots and had people dying in them. If one can hold on to 2002 for so long, why cant one hold on to these aforementioned ones ? Why only after one man? Mulayam Singh is pitching for PM position and irrespective of whether he will win or not- Why not so much vile against him for Muzzafarnagar riots?

          I hope you also read this with the same neutrality as you expect me to take a decision with.
          I hope you see the bias that I am pointing to.

          • Bored 10 years ago

            Galt – To u and all those in Gujarat.

            Dont u have the balls to hold anyone accountable for what happened in 2002? Any CM during whose tenure any riots has happened, shud take responsibility for it (even if he is not complicit in it from any angle). Modi shud have resigned then itself, if he had any sense of responsibility and accountability.

            As for those who support him, they are equally shameless and disgusting.

          • Ipman 10 years ago

            well bored – you expect the wrong emotion from them. they are proud of what modi did that time. he took revenge of godhra train burning and showed what will happen if you attack the people of my religion

            its a gaurav yatra moment, a moment of pride and satisfaction

          • John Galt 10 years ago

            well Baba- you are just an assumptive person yourself and you are so blinded by your own pseudo-secularism that you think anyone who supports Modi must be a Hindu Fanatic.

            Yes now you are talking. But before we go further- can you once make your stand clear as to what do you think.. Modi was responsible for riots because he let them happen or because he was an efficient at controlling them?

          • Ipman 10 years ago

            not “must be” , he is ALWAYS a hindutva fanatic.i am ok with people who show support to modi even on (fake) development and critise him for his administration during 2002. there is some hope about them.but i have no tolerance for people who defend him for 2002.i lose my temper.mujhe aise logon se ghinn aati hai

          • Author
            sputnik 10 years ago

            You can believe whatever you want but you can prove that my “angst is also just because of religion.” only when I defend some Muslim guy who is accused or murder/rape but object when religions are reverse in another case. Good luck with finding that.

            Its the same usual nonsense that one has to mention every other riot if one criticizes one riot. When people are criticizing a murder/rape do they mention every murder/rape since India’s Independence? Nirbhaya’s rapists can say in so and so rape case the accused got away so mention all those rapes otherwise don’t criticize us.

            Now is the CM of any of those states where these riots (Neeli riots, Muzzafarnagar Riots, Meerut Riots, Bhagalpur Riots, Moradabad Riots) occurred a PM candidate? I saw some riots table with the CMs of those states which some BJP supporters were using to show that Congress was at the govt for many of those states. What they don’t add in that table is who the rioters were. Were they Congress affiliated or BJP (RSS/VHP/BajrangDal) affiliated. Anyways from that table only one CM V.P. Singh (1980 riots) went on to become a PM. Now I do not know why he was not held accountable but he should have been held accountable and not allowed to become PM. Almost every other CM except Modi disappeared from the political arena after being head of state during those riots. There were communal riots in Hyderabad in 1990 and 300-400 people were killed under Congress govt. Chenna Reddy the CM resigned after those riots and that was the end of his political career.

            You should very well remember that I have said multiple times that everyone involved in the 84 Sikh riots including the Congress politicians should get punished. Do you see me supporting Sajjan Kumar, HKL Bhagat or Jagdish Tytler? If any of them ran for PM’s post or if anyone supported any of these people I will argue with them the same way as I am doing now. But is anyone supporting them? Is anyone saying the courts have not declared them guilty yet or showing that they got a clean chit from the investigating agency (which they did too)?

            “I would support any CM (irrespective of his religion) if I believe he/she did not have any role in the riots- and if there are other reasons ( progressive things that he/she did for their state)worthy enough of my support. If I believe the CM did not do enough in his capacity to stop the riot- my vote won’t go to him- as simple as that.”

            This is again just play on words. There are too many red flags as I posted above and no CM (irrespective of religion) should get benefit of doubt when they are so many red flags.

            “Here’s a case in point: I believe Samajwadi party is the most communal party along with Congress and I believe its leader Mulayam Singh (A Hindu leader) is the most communal of all..and he had everything to do with Muzzafarnagar riots (where more muslims died) and I will not vote for him. — Did that answer your question about my Hindu feelings?”

            No. It is just showing your hypocrisy based on the party or leader you support. Why are you going by your belief in this case? Why not give them the same benefit of doubt which you give to Modi using “innocent until proven guilty”? Since you are a great believer in our courts is Mulayam Singh going to be convicted? Obviously not.

            No one has supported Mulayam Singh here. All politicians who were in cahoots with the rioters should be punished. And even if they tried their best and could not stop the riots which were being done by some opposition party or some other religious organization the CM should resign taking moral responsibility and that should be the end of his political career.

            “And Yes I’ll again say India has 80% Hidus- Whats so wrong in saying that- besides with that reserved mind you have just used this statement very conveniently to suit your argument. I use that statement whenever I want to point out the appeasement policy of Congress or how this minority-majority is killing the nation and how there’s no fucking need to appease any muslims (especially for their votebank) when the country needs ideas about development rather than which community is gaining what….And here you are using that statement to show that I’m a Hindu fanatic– Fantastic- Who’s being dimwitted now?”

            Really? So do you also mention that India has a majority of so and so percentage of Hindi speaking people or a majority of men or a majority of something else? Muslim appeasement is just an excuse for Hindu fanatics to hate Muslims. Muslims have reservation only in Tamil Nadu and the Congress govt in AP tried to give reservations but it is being contested in court. If someone being appeased is the yardstick then people who hate the Muslim appeasement should be hating the lower caste appeasement way more. Why is BJP not opposing caste based appeasement by reservations but only opposing Muslim appeasement done by stupid politicians attending Iftar parties or some stuff like that.

            “There are also more Gujaratis who were also present during the riots who have decided that Modi is not responsible.”

            Yes I am sure they were also far more Germans present during the Holocaust who decided that Hitler was not responsible.

          • Bored 10 years ago

            Galt – To me its a mute point whether he planned the riots, or instigated it or was only inefficient in controlling it.

            To you these may be huge differences – but even if it was only the last one – (1) he shud have resigned (2) BJP shud have ousted him (3) People of Gujarat shud not have voted him back to power (again n again).

            Its shamelessness all around.

            And now when he is proudly demanding to be the next PM – its not surprising that u are being criticized as much as Modi himself.

      • FS 10 years ago

        “I am sick of the fact that as if the caste based reservation was not enough- we have reservation for minorities (Includes all other religions except Hindus)”

        Just a question to understand;

        —– SC and ST are not Hindus? or are they not considered as Hindus just because they belong to low class? I hardly know any muslim or christian in SC and ST category. Max belongs to Hindu Community. This I learnt during the seat admissions for all my courses.

        —– apart from SC and ST there are other no of categories based on Caste and income but majority of them are Hindus, isn’t it or again are they not considered as Hindus (discrimination within Hindus)? and those who took seats under such categories for free, few of them are my friends and all I knew was they are Hindu’s (they themselves admit) but might be of different caste, I don’t know and never bothered to ask.

        In that way 70-80% of caste/income related reservations belong to Hindus. So where is the question of “it includes all religions but not Hindus”? Are they not Hindus? or are they not considered as Hindus because of their caste system. I want to understand this.

        Could you elaborate? please

  120. Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

    Where did my comment go?

    @John Galt – at the risk of sounding regionalistic let me tell you this..

    I hail from a state where RSS is born.
    I hail from the state where Nathuram Godse was born
    I hail from the state where Savarkavr was born.
    I also hail from the state where Tukaram was born.
    I am from the state where Anna Hazare is born.
    I am from the state where Baba Amte was born.
    I am from the state from where Dynaneshwar was born.

    Now what point I am trying to make? Dont I know all sides of the story?

    A person who has seen all this nonsense fanatical hindustva in garb of different names – I cant be fooled. Modi and BJP is nothing but bullcrap. Sorry to say that.

    It does not matter how much you supported Kejriwal. Kjeriwal is a person, not a thought. but BJP/RSS guys wont even realize it in their lifetime. Ever.

    • Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago


      I hail from same state where fraud number 1 Sai Baba of Shirdi was born.
      And I hail from same state from where Narendra Dabholkar was born…

      • Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

        Bhai John Galt saab,

        Kuch diniya humne bhi dekhi hai.

        That was the whole point of above two comments of mine.

  121. Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

    @John Galt

    Kya hua bhai? gale mein hichkich gale mein hichkich kya karu?

    Fraud number 1 shirdi saibaba ka naam liya to bolti band? hahaha

    • John Galt 10 years ago


      I don’t know why you think it would bother me if you say anything about Shirdi wale Sai Baba…I don’t give a fuck about him..

      You may go ahead on talk about Hindu Goddesses also. My belief is not petite enough to be spoiled by anyone saying anything.

  122. John Galt 10 years ago


    I don’t think there’s any point in me staying on Tanqeed anymore. Reason: Its futile to debate when both me and you have formed extreme opinions about each other. I call you a religiously biased commentator (which you don’t think you are) and you along with your fanboys call me a Hindu fanatic (fascist Hindu and what not) which I don’t think I am. Hence the debates will never be of any use and may just end up getting ugly, as this one.

    So it’s better I excuse myself from this blog (I cannot excuse myself from this debate if I am a member of this blog).

    Good luck to you.

    (P.S. I couldn’t find an option of removing myself as a member. Hence changing my password to some junk, that I cannot remember. Hopefully, an admin will delete my profile).

    • Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

      Haha Bagoda Suprabh Bajpai.

      • hithere 10 years ago

        And you want people to debate? Differing opinion is fine but we need to respect each other.

    • Author
      sputnik 10 years ago

      You have called me religiously biased and I have called you fanatic but I have not stopped you from debating me or others. I can understand you may be feeling that everyone is ganging up on you but I am sorry but that’s because your support for Modi is so wrong. It could happen even with a movie/star. So I hope you will not leave.

      • hithere 10 years ago

        I don’t think anyone supporting anyone is wrong? When you try to say that my support is better than your then we have arguments 🙂

        I like Satyajit Ray movies, so you Salman movie lover, have no position to debate 🙂

        • Author
          sputnik 10 years ago

          There is a difference.

          Liking someone is fine but when someone starts defending/condoning things like people getting killed because they like Satyajit Ray or Salman Khan then it becomes problematic.

          People liking Salman movies is fine but when Salman fans defend his drunk driving which resulted in a person getting killed then I am going to say that they are wrong. Salman Khan fans can bring in Puru Rajkumar case the same way BJP/Modi supporters bring in other riots. Both should have been convicted.

          • Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

            Well said!

            abb batao – humne kahan jhooth kahaan?

  123. Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

    @John Galt

    For tonight, I think it is enough for me when you says you dont give a fuck about sai baba the cheater 🙂

    The scoundrel deserves it. 🙂

    Rest tomorrow.

  124. Bored 10 years ago

    Modi will not debate Kejriwal … Galt will not argue with us.
    Irony is – picture toh abhi shuru bhi nehi huyi. At least wait for the prologue (Modi ko PM toh banne do).

    • hithere 10 years ago

      A fair Debate happens between people of equal standing. If Modi debates, he has more to lose than gain so why debate? For Kejriwal it is win-win proposition.

      • Bored 10 years ago

        Equal standing? Arent they Prime Ministerial candidates for BJP n AAP respectively? Such debates shud also include Gandhi and others.

        Or is ur standing based on ‘having suspicious rioting’ or ‘religious’ background? In that case Modi hv no one to debate with (and he unfortunately believes so).

        • hithere 10 years ago

          BJP and Congress are bigger parties. If you invite Kejriwal , you need to invite Mamta, Jaylalitha, Nitish and everyone who aspire to be PM. I understand Kejriwal appeal is pan India but his votes are scattered and probably regional parties will get more seats than AAP.

          A good debater doesn’t make you better PM or you will make the country better.

          “Or is ur standing based on ‘having suspicious rioting’ or ‘religious’ background? In that case Modi hv no one to debate with (and he unfortunately believes so).”
          or running away from responsibility? I can find similar arguments in any leader you throw at me.

      • Ipman 10 years ago

        modi and advani used to challenge and mock MMS as the weakest PM who doesnt speak or debate. where they equal in standing to MMS, the PM? by your logic, MMS also had more to lose than gain

        • hithere 10 years ago

          Speak – yes. Engage – yes
          Debate – No. We don’t have culture of debate.

          • Ipman 10 years ago

            in an attempt to play safe, you make comments that go nowhere, what did i ask you and what ware you responding? do you see any co-relation? you are mixing it with boreds response

  125. Bored 10 years ago

    Anyways, I anyday have more respect for BJP supporters (who actually believes in some ideology – no matter how screwed up it is) than the few hollow n servile dynasty-followers (Gandhi/Bachchan or what-have-you) that exists online.

  126. Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago


    I dont think you should leave this forum. , Whats the point? difference of opinion? You fool – you cant even take this much criticism?

    And only be in your comfort zone where ppl will agree with your views.



  127. Bored 10 years ago

    Galt – Plz dont leave, instead bring in some ‘relatively sane’ BJP supporters (if u can find them). Its not fair for u to be only one on one side.

  128. hithere 10 years ago

    All political parties have some fault. So it is always easy to criticize if you don’t adhere to particular ideology 🙂
    If I don’t like something, I just come after sometime so that the tempers have cooled down :).

    • Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago


      Do you think anything wong in my comment about Sai Baba?

      Dont take safe side please. Tell me if I am wrong.

      • hithere 10 years ago

        That is your opinion. But then you defend anything against AAP; isn’t the devotion same?

  129. Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

    Yes, come back Sup.

    (Not hat we want to do Khujli with you…. but you have represent really good POV as far as cinema and politics are concerned. No matter how much we differ with the view)

    • Ipman 10 years ago

      suprabh is cool man when it comes to movies but he is very obstinate when it comes to politics. he will not speak a word against bjp/modi no matter if they are right or wrong or unhinged comments they make. i support kejriwal but blasted him on his views on reservation, you did the same about his views on blind faith. we are not the wives of these politicians and celebs that we have to be pati-vrata all the time. you dont have to find bhagwan in your pati. they are human. they can be bashed

  130. FS 10 years ago


    Anyways, it was wrong to keep this thread alive because as far as I know, political threads used to be closed or at least warned not be entertained again in future but Sputnik himself has broked the rules. He has been definitely partial on this political post by keeping it alive (may be for no of hits or other reasons) but this was one of the causes why NG is DEAD. The main objective of this blog is all about movies and should focus on it rather than entertaining other stuff and moving away from its primary objective. I know not many members are contributing, still I insist that this blog should be mainly focused of Movies and this is MY PERSONAL OPINION.

    About JOHN GALT – He used to make fun of Salman/SRK/Aamir fanatics and ultimately ended up being one of Modi Fanatic. Those fanatics use to do the same thing when they couldn’t handle the pressure or debates and run away from the forums and he is continuing the same thing. If you cannot handle the opposition better opt out of discussion and ignore things like RKS/Hither does rather than keep of proving your points again and again. Anyways, best of luck to your future blogs.

    • Ipman 10 years ago

      i am also usually against political threads. have taken lot of pangas and spoiled relations with members due to it on fb 😀 but the assembly election is a major event of the country. you cant ignore it. it is like world cup which comes once in 5 years. we are all a part of it and at some point everyone will want to speak something about it. so one thread is ok i think. i dont think that other thread which sputnik started for kejriwal commments on media was needed

    • Author
      sputnik 10 years ago

      I have never closed a single thread ever on Tanqeed and I have always maintained that I will not close a thread. If there are abuses I edit comments and warn which I did even on this thread. There is no rule that there cannot be political posts here and this along with another media one (which till the very last moment I was in a dilemma whether to post it as new one or as a comment on this one and I also gave my reason here ) are the only two political posts here as far as I remember. There has been a Health thread and there were a couple of threads on Nirbhaya rape (one I think by you). If this is basically a movie forum we should not have discussed Nirbhaya’s rape either. All episodes of SMJ have been posted here and they are not movies either though they have a star as an anchor. If I just want hits I can make a post for every little political thing that comes out and tweet it with AAP/Modi hash tags on twitter. The only time I remember tweeting the link to this thread is when I made this post.

      The reason why NG is DEAD is because there was no moderation and it was a free for all where people could hurl abuses at each other (not just on political threads but also on movie threads) and make any ridiculous post they want. Yes the main objective of this blog is about movies and movie related stuff (Exclusive posts, Reviews, Promos, SOTD) are still being posted. Yes I personally wish there is at least one exclusive movie post everyday by someone but I cannot keep asking members to contribute. Sometimes when some one puts in an effort to make an exclusive post others do not even contribute to the comments on that post.

      And as Bored said people “will get back to movies once big films or anything remotely interesting in any way comes up.” The star fans will show up attacking/defending the box office collections once their favorite star/rival star’s movies are about to release.

      • Ipman 10 years ago

        if sputnik wanted hits, he would have allowed me to make the much awaited “best sex scenes of all time” post here . also the review of tarzan shame of jane porn film review. he seems to be a poor businessman 😉

  131. Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago


    “Anyways, it was wrong to keep this thread alive because as far as I know, political threads used to be closed or at least warned not be entertained again in future but Sputnik himself has broked the rules. He has been definitely partial on this political post by keeping it alive”

    I disagree, Like NG there is no one who has posted multiple threads and nonsensical ones.

    FS, please boss, have some sense.

    And I dont know where Tulmul is or where my friend Aloof is 🙂

    FS, Bajpai saab – hum aapke dushman nahi hai. Thodi behes ho gayi to aapko laga ke hum aapke dushman hai?

    bhai waah!!

    • FS 10 years ago

      Ritz, I thought you stopped drinking because I don’t understand what you read and what you assume before commenting

      • Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

        @fs, why dont you sing on my mazaar? If you think I am already dead?

        Oh, maybe you dont want to waste the time.

        • FS 10 years ago

          FYI – I am not an Idol worshiper nor an Atheist. 3rd option of yours sounds good.

          • Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

            🙂 ok bhai.

            Hue mar ke hum jo rusva..hue na garq-e-dariya.

    • Bored 10 years ago

      Ritz – NG is a good case study. It was initially formed by an old generation patting each other’s similar views. Then a younger gen destabilized their peace, so they retired. Then the younger generation got bored, so they also left. New jawaans that were recruited, had no idea why they joined it – so the forum collapsed.

      While the old people are trying to make sense of a brave new world in thier inclusive hideout, TQ is much hotter these days.

      @FS – We will get back to movies once big films or anything remotely interesting in any way comes up. We are not chick flick fans to spend hours discussing SKSE or Highway or even Queen.

  132. Bored 10 years ago

    @hithere – Not adhering to any ideology is good, but then u run the risk of being labeled as opportunistic. So, this also has its own pitfall.

  133. Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago


    Drink to mai bahot karta hu inn dino. Lekin sharaab ya daaru nahi.

    Kya baat hui janaab ke tumhe laga maine pi rakkhi hai?

    FS – jara bata bhi do yaar.

    • Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

      FS Saab,

      bhai kya dushmani hai meri aur aapki?

      Bas iss cheeze ke pe mai bahot jyiada peeta hu?

      bhai wah.

      ya fir yunhi aap hawa mein baat karenge?

  134. FS 10 years ago

    No of hits – it was meant from survival pov for the website as i believe there are certain expenses incurred to owner of the site, never thought it wud give totally different aspect of it, thats why i mentioned “or other reasons” which i or we are not aware of.

    Ritz – you said i am along with suprabh are considering u as dushman, in what sense? I & suprabh were never on the same page on this thread either, thn what made u say that? & later u talk abt sense

    • Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

      Mere bhai

      Sup and and me are not married.

      • FS 10 years ago

        Did i ask ur marital status? Or ur relation with sup?

        • Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

          You didnt. Sorry.

          Abb ye to batoa kiss baat oe gussa ho?

    • Author
      sputnik 10 years ago

      This website survived for years when it used to get 15 hits a day and hardly any comments and I had no time to make any posts for months. The site did not even have capability for others to make any posts back then and I used to get zero ad revenue.

      The monthly ad revenue that I now get sometimes covers up for the hosting expenses but many times it does not. The reason why I don’t care about it is because I am not in this to make money. The amount I spend on monthly hosting is less than the money I spend monthly on buying chewing gum and I don’t mean this in a rude/arrogant/bad way. This is like a personal hobby kind of thing and I get more pleasure from it when there are interesting posts and discussions and good movie recommendations.

      And this post was made when Arvind won against Sheila Dixit. When he resigned they were comments and they have carried on with the election season. So there are no other reasons for this post.

      • Ipman 10 years ago

        is runing a blog so inexpensive? so NG donation money was used to fund rohit films …

  135. Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

    I think we both know what each others opinions are. Lets not waste time in debate.
    Kya kehte ho?

    Take care.

  136. Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

    A forum is for debate and not fight.

    What say mr revolutionist Bajpai and FS?

    Can we have a talk? if you want to leave the forum its my loss. its your choice.

  137. Bored 10 years ago

    @hithere – why do u think presidential debates are given imp in US? we need an answer here in order to argue on what u said here – “A good debater doesn’t make you better PM or you will make the country better.”

    • hithere 10 years ago

      I don’t know. Romney did well in first debate but Obama was okay in next two. There is still lot of rhetoric and some analyst do the fact checking of numbers. I don’t think we have that culture.

      • Bored 10 years ago

        My point is that we need that culture.

        These Prez debates give a general platform for all candidates to come up with their ideas/manifestos and their stand on various issues according to their priorities – which gives some idea to the public abt what can be expected, if they vote them to power. Whatever they say/claim are then questioned and analyzed and verified by analysts.

        Its not just a poetry-oration-competition from our school days. We need this culture in India if we want to clean up our politics. Modi accepting Kejriwal’s invitation to debate can be the first step.

        I dont see any reason to support Modi’s dismissal of such invitations. Do you have one?

        • hithere 10 years ago

          Most of the manifestos are nice looking document promising moon. So If I promise something I need to allocate funds for that. No one will tell where the fund will come from. And all parties are guilty of this. In USA if Romney said, I will reduce budget deficit and increase growth and people asked how? These type of checks are not available. Garibi Hatoa, Muft bijli, laptop are infact harmful to people in long run.

          • Bored 10 years ago

            Yes, that is the question that Modi shud ask and grill Arvind in an open debate. Why isnt he?

          • Bored 10 years ago

            Instead he is busy slinging mud with reference to Pakistan and Kashmir. He doesnt seem to even sane in the first place.

  138. Author
    sputnik 10 years ago

    Congress candidate Imran Masood threatening to chop Modi into pieces. Congress gives tickets to people like this who are threatening to kill and BJP gives tickets to riots accused. Both parties are the same.

    • 10 years ago

      why cant congress cancel his primary membership and ask court to put him in jail.

      • FS 10 years ago

        looks like congress has picked up roadside rowdy or street hooligan to contest for election lol. The worst performance this year would definitely be from Congress.

        • 10 years ago

          The guy has been booked by EC for the hate speech !!!

    • narad_muni 10 years ago

      You found a way to blame BJP even in this case.
      And u take moral high ground for not being biased. huh??
      And when u face criticism in another group regarding your communal bent of mind, you ran away. LOL!

      Best of luck with Tanqeed.. let’s see how long it survives.

      • Author
        sputnik 10 years ago

        Well yeah I am biased because I posted the video here and criticized Congress for giving ticket to him. I am biased for making the point that BJP gives tickets to riot accused which you can’t deny. And For you hate speech is bad but hate killings are ok.

        Did you criticize the BJP MP candidate who said riot victims should not be allowed to vote. Did you criticize the Swamy video about Indian Muslims. Show me one place where you criticized Varun Gandhi’s speech. Show me one place where you criticized Babu Bajrangi video. Show me one place you accepted what happened in Gujarat riots was bad.

        You try to show that Kejriwal lied and when there is a rebuttal which proves that Gujarat govt/Modi are lying you run away. You said this is a shamelessly prejudiced thread and when I pointed the shamelessly prejudiced nature of yours then you run away.

        I did not leave sanity because of any accusations against me. You and some others accuse me here too and I have not deleted those comments. I left sanity for two reasons. One was the incessant trolling of sanity with pro Modi posts. Second was I debated with people till I thought they genuinely believed that Modi was innocent. I left when a few openly admitted that they know Modi is involved in those riots and they still supported him. There is no point in arguing with scum who defend murder of innocent people and the closed nature of the group gave an opportunity for some to be so shameless.

        Well some people from another forum thought Tanqeed will not survive for long and everyone can see that it has survived whereas another forum is practically dead.

        Thanks. As I said before survival of TQ is not a big deal. It will if it has to. But I will continue to support what is right and criticize what is wrong.

      • Author
        sputnik 9 years ago

        When I said Congress and BJP are same I was called biased. So here are BJP MP Yogi Adityanath’s hate speeches. Now will BJP supporters accept that both parties are same? Now that Iqbal Masood has been arrested will they demand that Yogi Adityanath also be arrested?

    • Ipman 10 years ago

      he is atrocious and just a mirror image of his bjp counterparts. both have fooled people in the name of religion

      • hithere 10 years ago

        When TQ commented, I thing you or Bored or Anjan should avoid reemphasizing the point. It gives the impression you are ganging up. If you have significantly different thing to say, I think that is okay. You just need 2-3 more people on other side and it will be mudslinging match.

        • Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago


          Most of the times what you say in short way goes above my head. But I think I got gist of what you wanted to say here (didnt get it was in what context though). I will not comment much on this thread from now on. I never wanted to gang up on anyone for the sake of it.

          • hithere 10 years ago

            Sorry, I thought Baba replied to narad. I could not see the Indentation but my point is valid.
            And you don’t have to run away from this thread 🙂

        • Ipman 10 years ago

          hithere – my comment never depends on what sputnik says. it so happens that our coments look similar many times because we are often on the same page on various issues and movies. and my comment was independent one. it was not a reply to anyone.

    • Author
      sputnik 10 years ago

      “He now says, he never threatened to kill Mr Modi. “I meant that I would teach him a lesson,” he told NDTV.” Link

      But the longer clip of the abusing video clearly shows that Imran Masood meant killing when he says “Main sadak ka admi hoon. Sathi ke liye maar doonga aur mar bhi jaonga. Maar ne se nahin darta aur marne se bhi nahin darta”. He now says that he condemns the use of those words and when pointed out by the interviewer that he said those words he replies that if I did a wrong thing should I not say it was wrong.

      Meanwhile the Congress has still not removed him. In fact Rahul Gandhi is supposed to be endorsing Imran Masood tomorrow in some rally there.

      LOL on Congress defense of Imran Masood’s “Tipni”. Kuch bhi.


  139. Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

    The biggest drama will happen in Varanasi , Amethi and then Rakhi vs KRK . haha

  140. Author
    sputnik 10 years ago

    Aamir Khan writes to Election Commission, says he isn’t endorsing AAP

    Actor Aamir Khan has written to the Election Commission to say that he is not endorsing any political party and has asked them to take action to correct rumours that he has associated himself with Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party.

    A statement on behalf of Mr Khan read: “Aamir Khan from day one has made it clear that he will not be endorsing a particular political party. He is not supporting or campaigning for any political party.”

    An image of the star suggesting he will vote for the Aam Aadmi Party has been circulated on social media. The ‘poster’ also shows former President A P J Abdul Kalam, cricketer Kapil Dev and actor Mohanlal. It is not clear if the image was released by AAP or is a fake.

    Mr Khan told NDTV in January that the Aam Aadmi Party was “an entity which is offering something new” but clarified that until Arvind Kejriwal’s fledgling political outft made good on its election promises he would not endorse it.

    The Election Commission was recently reported to have been considering naming Mr Khan a ‘national icon,’ to encourage voter turnout.


    • hithere 10 years ago

      He doesn’t want backlash like NBA. Though his philosophy is very near to AAP . I saw the interview with Sibal, Kejriwal and Trivedi; He seemed stuck on social audit.

      ps – Even in interview he ignored when Kejriwal tried reminding him Ramlila ground meeting.

      • Author
        sputnik 10 years ago

        It took me a bit to understand what you meant by NBA (Narmada Bachao Andolan). Kapil Sibal while supporting on the issues was doing the usual political talk and Trivedi was going on a different tangent of governance instead of answering the question.

        Yes his philosophy is near to AAP but he doesn’t want to be seen supporting it openly. But he did ask Arvind the question as to why he did not follow the procedure while introducing Lokpal bill.

        • Bored 10 years ago

          Aamir seems to be wary of being politically linked. Anyways, he is more interested in more vague stuff like social audits and swaraj rather than the core ideology of AAP.

          Aamir is an emotion driven guy – not exactly ‘do’-er, but ‘feel’-er type.

          • Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago


            Ppl who ‘feel’ will only do something. Maybe very few of them. But they are the only ones who will turn up when ‘do’ing is important.

          • Bored 10 years ago

            Most people i know just feel and get stuck there … like Aamir. So let him go beyond the first step then i can start respecting him.

      • Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

        He was even soft on Kapil Sibal if you notice closely.

  141. Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago


    “Most people i know just feel and get stuck there … like Aamir. So let him go beyond the first step then i can start respecting him.”

    I can understand your POV.

    You respecting aamir is not important. I may hate him. I now-a-days dont give much importance to him too. I think I have found a way to help society….and I will continue in that. Aamir is nobody.

    • Bored 10 years ago

      Agreed. (& i wasnt referring to u at all in my comment.)

      And also i appreciate Aamir’s effort to build awareness using his celebrity status – its just that i am not satisfied with only awareness. However, ground reality is that India needs awareness quite desperately …

      And doing SJ is way better than spending years on Talaash n D3.

      • Author
        sputnik 10 years ago

        I think the next episode of SMJ which is the final one for this season is on elections.

      • Ipman 10 years ago

        smj has been good this season. aamir has done well. improved a lot. if they make it a road travel show across india, it will be really good

        • Bored 10 years ago

          Not a road show, but he needs to get more into data collection, number crunching and analytics to back-up his intention – his awareness campaign shud be more data and fact driven.

          But it is better than than first season’s nautanki, as Aamir is settling down as an anchor – instead of being an actor on SJ sets.

          • Ipman 10 years ago

            data collection, number crunching and analytcis are already being done by news channels and they manipulate it all the time. i doubt if smj will do that job perfectly. they have sponsors to please at the end of the day. Video never lies.if they go to places, they can atleast show if there is any infrastructural development and standard of living of the people in various parts of india and talk to them. the people atleast dont have the pressure of sponsors and they might speak their mind.

          • Bored 10 years ago

            Problem is what u may see as ‘reality road show’ may as well be completely scripted due to the above pressures that u mentioned. 🙂

            Aamir has admitted that he charges well for doing SJ. So that itself creates enuf pressure for the channel to generate money for this show.

            Anyways, we need independent and public funded parallel media (ad free to put it specifically) to reduce media manipulation. Stuff like NPR here.

          • Ipman 10 years ago

            yes that is possible, actors can be hired. but then any place or locality cannot be wrongly shown as something else in the show. now the posh area of Cuffe parade of mumbai cant be presented in any other way or the dharavi slum. it has to be shown the way it is. no manipulation is possible . i hope i have made myself clear

          • Bored 10 years ago

            Well, the places u go to in ur road show can be pressurized depending on where ur funding is coming from.

            Main reason why Arvind was so uncompromising during his Delhi stint, was because his Delhi election campaign was primarily funded by public donations. Thats why he is able to go after ‘Big Business’ – other parties have their hands tied.

            But even AAP had their arms twisted due to lack of majority in Delhi Assembly.

  142. Author
    sputnik 10 years ago

    AAP was accused of being foreign funded and it turns out that both BJP and Congress are being foreign funded.

    BJP, Congress flouted foreign funding norms: Delhi HC

    Court concludes that “Vedanta is a ‘foreign company’ within the meaning of the Companies Act, 1956 and therefore, Vedanta and its subsidiaries are a ‘foreign source’ as contemplated under the Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, 1976”

    The Delhi High Court on Friday asked the Centre and the Election Commission to take appropriate action against the Congress and the BJP for allegedly accepting foreign funds in violation of the law.

    A division bench of Justice Pradeep Nandrajog and Justice Jayant Nath held that the two national political parties flouted the norms of the Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, rejecting the stand taken by the Union Home Ministry.

    The High Court directed the Home Ministry and the EC to “relook and reappraise the receipts of the political parties” to identify foreign donations and take action within six months.

    The order of the bench came in response to a PIL filed by the Association for Democratic Reforms through advocate Prashant Bhushan claiming the Britain-based Vedanta Resources and its subsidiary companies in India — including Sterlite Industries, Sesa Goa and Malco of allegedly donating several crores of rupees to major political parties like the Congress and the BJP.

    The High Court came to the conclusion that “Vedanta is a ‘foreign company’ within the meaning of the Companies Act, 1956 and therefore, Vedanta and its subsidiaries — Sterlite and Sesa — are a ‘foreign source’ as contemplated under the Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, 1976.”

    “Prima facie the acts of the respondents (Congress and BJP) inter se, clearly fall foul of the ban imposed under the Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act as the donations accepted by the political parties from Sterlite and Sesa accrue from ‘foreign sources’ within the meaning of law,” the bench said.

    The PIL filed by NGO and E.A.S. Sarma, a former secretary in the central government, alleged that Indian laws had been violated by the Congress and the BJP by allegedly receiving funding from Vedanta Resources.

    The two parties breached the Representation of the People Act (RPA), 1951, and the FCRA, the PIL alleged. The RPA prohibits political parties from taking donations from government companies and from foreign sources, the PIL has said.

    The FCRA prohibits any financial contribution from any foreign source or company to a political party registered in India.

    It has asked the central government to “confiscate the illegal donations under the supervision of the High Court”.

    According to Vedanta’s 2012 annual report, it made political donations to the tune of $2.01 million in 2011-12, the PIL said.

    “Sterlite’s annual report of 2011-12 also states that during the year the group made political donations in India of Rs.5 crore either through a trust or directly.”

    The PIL has alleged that since Finance Minister P. Chidambaram was a director in Vedanta till May 2004, the government might not take any action against the group on its own.


  143. Author
    sputnik 9 years ago

    More hate speeches from Samajwadi Party and BJP Candidates.

    • Anjanpur685Miles 9 years ago

      Another WTF ( not on a political note)

      In the first video Saharanpur BJP candidate says “jab jungle mein geedhad jab yeh bolta hai ke mai sher ko kha jaunga kya vaastav me khata hai?”

      Fist of all, news channel has translated geedhad as “jackal” instead of vulture.
      Secondly why would a vulture say/threaten it will eat a lion or any living animal – its a scavenger.
      Third, Sher is not in jungle but in grasslands.
      Fourth, Geedhads(vultures) dont exist anymore in India.
      Fifth, Lions exist only in Gujrat Gir reserve and they look so pale and sick and one feels pity for them.
      Sixth, the lions seized to exist from India long back in 19th century and Gir lions are imports (in that small reserve 350 lions do exist – better call it zoo)

      Bhaiyya jab story sunani ho na, to bhi thoda to logic jaruri hota hai. 20-30% fantasy in a story is fine (animals talking) but you are doing 100% fantasy where basic logic has gone to …(you know where).

      • Anjanpur685Miles 9 years ago

        @Stewie Griffin

        I dont know much about social media much, but I know more about this stuff. What do you have to say about this?

  144. Author
    sputnik 9 years ago

    The South Bangalore debate with Nandan Nilekani, Ananth Kumar, Ruth Manorama and Nina Nayak abandoned after protests. Some people in the audience initially protesting against the candidates not speaking in Kannada. Congress and BJP party workers created a ruckus, forcing organizers to abandon the event midway.Link

    • Anjanpur685Miles 9 years ago

      Being from Bangalore (esp south Bangalore) below 4 issues are most important for me. Not necessarily in the order I list them below.
      1) Ground water harvesting and waste management
      2) Education for all sectors of society (not only private schools but Govt schools should have good teaching and facilities)
      3) Security of all citizens.
      4) Transport

      Nandan Nilkeni (AAP) – should not have stoold from congress. If he would have stood as an individual candidate also he would have got huge support. He talks about water harvesting and waste mgmt here and also about public transport. Which are very valid issues.
      But I didnt like his comments about getting more funding for urban areas. It is same with the line what BJP says – creating 100 cities and all. That is not developement at all.
      Also, one of Nandan Nilkeni’s comment about “auction of natural resources” was very WTF just like BJP candidate talking abt 100 smart cities and bullet train from Bangalore to Delhi.

      Nina Nayak – I liked her points about education. (In this video it is not explained in detail but I saw another video of her). Her stance about juvenile in Delhi rape case is debatable but enabling lower sectors of society, improving education in Govt schools is a must. I am fed up paying 40k+ for even primary education as I know Govt schools dont even have teachers (or the schools exist only on paper. Btw I was surprised to know that regional engg college in Bangalore is having fees of 35k per anum and for primary education ppl are spending more thru private schools).

      She is also right about unorganized / lower sector not having any health policies , social security etc.

      All his brouhaha about Kannada is usual what I see in Maharashtra also about Marathi. This is usual nuisance some sections will always create because they are insecure.

  145. rajesh 9 years ago

    ‘Geedad’ is jackal not vulture, vulture is called ‘Giddh’ in Hindi.

    • Anjanpur685Miles 9 years ago


      I stand to correct my mistake then. I always thought Geedhad as Vulture and a synonym for Giddh.
      Discovery channel hindi commentary I hear at times and that is the only hindi I hear. I mean pure hindi.

      I had heard words like lakkadbaggha, siyar. Especially “siyar” for fox.

      • Anjanpur685Miles 9 years ago

        There was a dialogue in many hindi old movies:

        “jab geedhad ki maut aati hai toh..wo shehar ki taraf bhagta hai”

        Maybe I didnt notice difference between “bhagta” and “udta”.

        Thanks anyways, Rajesh 🙂

  146. rajesh 9 years ago

    You are welcome Ritz.

    • Anjanpur685Miles 9 years ago

      Thanks Rajesh.

      It was more because of Marathi pronunciation of “Giddh” – which is like “Geedhaad”


  147. Author
    sputnik 9 years ago

    This is funny.

    ” Madhusudhan Mistry, who is running against Narendra Modi in Vadodara, has been granted bail shortly after he was arrested for ripping down posters of the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate. Mr Mistry, a Congressman, was filmed while trying to replace Mr Modi’s advertisements with his own, with help from supporters. He has been booked for damage to public property. (Watch)

    After reviewing footage from news channels, the local police has filed a case of vandalism against Mr Mistry, 69, who is a General Secretary of the Congress and is considered to be close to the party’s young vice-president, Rahul Gandhi.

    The BJP has put over a thousand hoardings of Mr Modi across the city. The party had booked all major advertisement kiosks and billboards in Vadodara more than a fortnight ago. Mr Mistry, after being named as Mr Modi’s challenger from Vadodara, demanded an equal share in the space allocated for putting up election-related posters. The municipal corporation refused, arguing that these locations have already been allotted to the BJP.”

    Narendra Modi’s opponent, arrested for tearing his posters, gets bail

  148. Author
    sputnik 9 years ago

    The Aam Aadmi Party National Manifesto for Lok Sabha Elections 2014

    I skimmed through it from another site as this is blocked at work.

    On reservations it says those who availed the benefits must be put at the end of the queue. But that does not really change anything and this is not what Kejriwal said before when he said that they should avail it only once. Reservations will continue no matter what party comes coz its a big votebank. While they are not talking about new reservations they are saying that Dalit Muslims and Dalit Christians should also fall under SC category. I don’t understand how one can claim to be Dalit Muslim/Dalit Christian coz that is like an oxymoron. That is why they should have gone for financial aid/scholarships based on economic status instead of caste/religion.

    Other than that it looks good with Jan Lokpal, Swaraj, Police Reforms, Political parties under RTI, Right to Reject and Right to Recall, bringing down age for contesting to 21 from 25, prevention of communal riots, improving govt schools, making buildings accessible to disabled people, defense policy, foreign policy, internal security, media and so on.

    And nothing on LGBT rights after saying they supported that.

    • AAPtard 9 years ago

      I have doubts over the misuse of swaraj bill (powers in the hand of gram sabha). Police reform is good.

      reservation votebank is the biggest votebank ever since independence of India. i doubt if anyone has the balls to even speak agaisnt it let alone removing it

      the rest of the promises made seem very general and perfunctory

  149. Bored 9 years ago

    Every bill or idea can fail under corrupt hands. Anyways, there seems to be a wide intersection between AAP’s manifesto and BJP’s rhetoric on national vision – except a few jarring differences:

    (1) AAP emphasizing more on anti-corruption and rooting for anti-cronyism, anti-communalism.
    (2) BJP’s embarrassing Hindutva propaganda is missing here (as expected).

    BJP has to find some new mud now, since the ‘lack of policy’ screaming wont work any longer (incidentally BJP is yet to spell out their national policies).

  150. 9 years ago

    Off the topic but still political – All Mahaan leaders of BJP and one top late leader of congress involved in polarizing the country by mosque demolition…!

    Shame on these leaders and parties. Read the sting operation of COBRAPOST in TOI ”
    Economic Times
    See realtime coverage
    “Babri demolition planned; Advani, PV Narasimha Rao knew of plot: Cobrapost”

    Now BJP is asking EC to stop this news.

    Quite a few of these involved leaders are fighting election.

  151. 9 years ago

    “I don’t understand how one can claim to be Dalit Muslim/Dalit Christian coz that is like an oxymoron. That is why they should have gone for financial aid/scholarships based on economic status instead of caste/religion.”

    Absolutely right. They may give free education including free books and other related things but giving admissions, jobs etc. is totally non sense.

  152. yakuza 9 years ago

    Sri Sri Ravishankar never supported AAP even when it was on the path as suggested by him being principled.

    • Author
      sputnik 9 years ago

      These are all excuses. He would have supported Modi anyways.

      “If the AAP government had fallen because of its positive action against corruption, it would have scored high on integrity.”

      Did Kejriwal not resign after his corruption bill was not allowed to be tabled by BJP/Congress? So was it not in pursuit of positive action against corruption?

      “Now Kejriwal says that he is okay with a fractured mandate in this election and mid-term polls in two years’ time. This indicates a very callous attitude towards the nation’s economy and security.”

      I don’t understand this voting for stability nonsense. If people are supposed to be voting based on stability they should be voting for Congress because that’s the party which has ruled the maximum number of years and which usually lasts their term.

      “He visited Gujarat for four days and hurled criticism without any basis at the state’s development.”

      They were backed up by facts and the documents have proved that Modi was lying about Gujarat development, farmer suicides and so on.

      “Instead of being honest with facts, Kejriwal has chosen to put down BJP’s prime ministerial candidate and Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi on flimsy grounds.”

      And what is Sri Sri Ravi Shankar doing with this piece?

      “If AAP is voted for a role in national politics and if Kejriwal does what he did in Delhi, it will be an absolute disaster for the country.”

      How about applying same logic to Modi. What if Modi does what he did in Gujarat with riots will it not be an absolute disaster for the country?

      People have issues when Bukhari supports Congress. Timesnow does a one hour show on how he should not be doing that. Then how is it ok for Sri Sri Ravi Shankar to write this article and tell people to support Modi? Isn’t this double standards?

  153. Anjanpur685Miles 9 years ago
  154. Anjanpur685Miles 9 years ago

    Unemployment rate is calculated in Kilometers per day.


  155. Anjanpur685Miles 9 years ago

    Looks to me like he is openly talking about capturing polling booths.

  156. AAPtard 9 years ago

    suprabh had once made one comment that modi didnt agree with the opinion of some ngo on cow slaughter and its not on his priority basis and this was kind of a proof that he is not trying to appease hindus. here he is all guns blazing just before elections,

    • Author
      sputnik 9 years ago

      This is running on development.


      Modi’s aide Amit Shah says ‘Apmaan ka badla toh lena padega’ in Muzaffarnagar, stirs controversy

      “On Thursday, Amit Shah, BJP general secretary and Narendra Modi’s man in Uttar Pradesh, met leaders of the Jat community at Raajhar village, 40 km from Muzaffarnagar, and delivered a speech brimming with vitriol. With him was BJP legislator Suresh Rana, who is accused of instigating the riots last year.

      “This election is about voting out the government that protects and gives compensation to those who killed Jats,” Shah said. “It is about badla (revenge) and protecting izzat (honour).”

      ““A man can live without food or sleep. He can live when he’s thirsty and hungry. But when he’s insulted, he can’t live. Apmaan ka badla toh lena padega,” he said.”

      “A few minutes later, addressing Rajput leaders, he said, “Mullah Mulayam’s government” should be booted out because they “have allowed people who kill cows to prosper. In Gujarat, we don’t have any water, but we have milk. Here, you’re blessed. You have so much water. But all your cows are being killed, all your animals are ending up at the butchers’,” he said.”


      • 9 years ago

        Modi’s people can talk any thing, no problem but if other say sth. they are in jail. Why cant common rule for every one ? why cant EC ban these people and put them in jail without any argument. And that buffoon Mukhtar Nakvi and irritating Nirmala Sitaraman defend these comments.

        All these murderers not excluding irfan, should get life term.

    • Author
      sputnik 9 years ago

      This is from the BJP manifesto which was released today and we can see how cow slaughter is not on BJP/Modi’s priority basis.

      “Cow and its Progeny:
      In view of the contribution of cow and its progeny to agriculture, socio-economic
      and cultural life of our country, the Department of Animal Husbandry will be suitably strengthened and empowered for the protection and promotion of cow and its progeny.
      Necessary legal framework will be created to protect and promote cow and its progeny.
      A National Cattle Development board will be set up to implement a Programme for the improvement of indigenous livestock breeds.”

      It also has building Ram Mandir (must accept that they are talking about doing it constitutionally this time) and they say they are running on development this time.

      “Ram Mandir:
      BJP reiterates its stand to explore all possibilities within the framework of the constitution
      to facilitate the construction of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya.”

      Skimmed through the Manifesto. There is lot of talk about IT and e-this and e-that – too many promises which will be very hard to keep.

      It says “We will set-up an effective Lokpal institution.”

      It doesn’t talk about reservations for the backward castes. It skirts around the issue.

      It has some good things under women section – “Introduce self defence as a part of the school curriculum.” and about acid attack victims.

      It also has a Minorities section and talks about “National Madrasa modernization
      programme would be initiated.” which would be good and “preservation and promotion of Urdu”. It also has a “Ensure a peaceful and secure environment, where there is no place for either the perpetrators or exploiters of fear.” which is kind of ironic coming from them.


      • Anjanpur685Miles 9 years ago

        Heard one modi speech yday on youtube. He mentioned about “pehle shauchalay, baadmein Devaalay” (first Toilets and then Temple). Liked the point. Even the manifesto has mention about sanitation and toilets in every rural home.

      • AAPtard 9 years ago

        the ram mandir and madrsa organization are written to please both hindus and muslims. they are talking about protecting heritage sites when ironically it is them who demolish it.

        some of the ideas look good on paper about the women. but overall i found it less lamer than AAP manifesto. AAP manifesto was bullcrap

        • Anjanpur685Miles 9 years ago

          Agree. AAP manifesto was more generic(apart from more stress on Swaraj concept). This one atleast has some specific points.

        • Author
          sputnik 9 years ago

          Yes protecting heritage sites is ironical coming from them. Modernizing Madrasa may not be liked by Muslim fanatics – they might consider it as interference. But Madrasas need to teach the normal curriculum too.

          They always have the Ram Mandir, Article 370, UCC to appease Hindus.

          Don’t agree about AAP manifesto being bullcrap but agree that BJP manifesto is more detailed on lot of stuff while AAP manifesto was more generic except on Swaraj Bill.

          Lot of stuff that was in AAP manifesto is in BJP manifesto like more power to Gram Sabha, Gram Nyayalays, Judicial Commission to select Judges, no FDI in retail and simplifying laws.

          They just talk one line about Lokpal but Gujarat govt never allowed Lokayukta there.

          BJP manifesto talks vaguely about “the administration and its members will be made truly accountable to their tasks as well as the people through rigorous evaluation process. good performance will be rewarded; non-performers will be given opportunities and training support to improve.” but AAP manifesto talks about set time limit for different services and grievance redressal and fines.

          AAP talks about implementing SC judgement on Police reforms whereas BJP manifesto says no such thing – just a lot of talk “we will do this we will do that”.

          BJP manifesto talks about initiating electoral reforms to eliminate criminals while its giving tickets to criminals. AAP manifesto is more detailed and talks about bringing political parties under RTI and getting accounts scrutinized by CAG. It talks about introducing Right to Reject and Right to Recall.

          BJP manifesto talks about “ address the issue of under-nutrition and malnutrition” and Gujarat itself suffers from that.

          • Bored 9 years ago

            @Sputnik – For established parties like BJP/Congress, their manifestos are nothing except rhetorical noise. Going by their track record, everyone knows that hardly any of it will be followed if they come to power.

            For AAP, it is different, as they are contesting national elections for first time. AAP manifesto was expected to give a broad outline for what the party stands for, at national level (except for their well laid out vision on corruption). The generic aspect of AAP’s manifesto serves this purpose.

            But for BJP, who is likely to form a coalition govt this time, their manifesto shud be much more detailed. However, as i said, BJP/Congress’ manifestos have always been a farce.
            So why would they care to amend it this time?

          • the problem with AAP manifesto is it didnt take a solid ground on the most important issues. They should have come up with very strict laws regarding women safety, rapes, riots , education, unemployment and reservation.

            regarding riots, i think a law should be made that if a CM failes to stop riots within 24 hrs, he has to resign from the post. if any complaint is made agaisnt any police officer of not performing the order given to him, he wil be suspended and be under arrrest till his case is not closed.

      • Author
        sputnik 9 years ago

        Some people on twitter are talking about this 😉

        “Very interesting. Pg 17, BJP English manifesto – Curate rich Muslim heritage n culture, Urdu. Pg 27, BJP Hindi manifesto. – REMOVED.”

    • Anjanpur685Miles 9 years ago

      Very good very good. As expected. Bech diya “development” bloody Microsoft ko.

  157. Anjanpur685Miles 9 years ago

    Modi sarkar mein table ke neeche se paise dene ki jaroorat nahi. Direct online bribe de do. And in turn the Sarkaar will pay to an ass called Microsoft.

  158. Anjanpur685Miles 9 years ago

    I feel very sorry for myself for wasting my 13 precious minutes (when I could have played with my kid or talked to my Dad on phone). Sting operating of Kejriwal !!

    WTF !!. now no more searching videos on youtube for any election related things. Enough is enough till I vote on April 17th.

    Har Har Mahaadev !

  159. Anjanpur685Miles 9 years ago

    Commenting again as for some reason earlier comment didnt show up.

    Just got to know today that this is our AAP candidate. (I was confused abt which constituency I fall under)

    With him in picture now I am confident about voting for AAP. With Nina Nayak , I was doubtful as Nandan Nilkeni seemed a better administrator and also more relevant in issues he raised.

    • Author
      sputnik 9 years ago


      The comment went into spam as it had two links. Approved it.

  160. Bored 9 years ago

    LS Poll Prediction:
    190-200 seats for BJP n 90-100 seats for Congress. Their allies will get some more.
    For AAP its difficult to predict, can b anywhere between 5-15.

    • Anjanpur685Miles 9 years ago

      Interesting thing would be to observe % votes AAP gets.

      • Bored 9 years ago

        Agreed! Thats more imp for AAP imo than winning more seats at this point.

  161. Author
    sputnik 9 years ago

    BJP’s Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi telling AAP’s Kapil Mishra “Tumhare Baap Ke Naukar Hai Kya”. LOL

  162. Author
    sputnik 9 years ago

    Proposition for a Revolution Documentary on Kejriwal and AAP

  163. Author
    sputnik 9 years ago

    Saw this on twitter. The similarity is striking.

  164. Author
    sputnik 9 years ago

    Its good that SC is asking about allowing NRIs to vote from abroad. US/UK and other countries allow voting from overseas.

    Can NRIs vote in Indian missions abroad, SC asks

    After permitting armed forces personnel to vote at their place of posting, the Supreme Court on Monday attempted to give the non-resident Indians the chance to cast their vote during the ongoing general elections through Indian missions abroad.

    A bench of Justices K S Radhakrishnan and N V Ramana found merit in the petition filed by NRI doctor Shamsheer, who said that the staff at Indian missions abroad cast their vote at the embassy or high commission premises. Why Election Commission should insist physical presence of NRIs in India to cast their vote and not allow them to exercise their franchise through the facility available at the Indian missions abroad, he asked.

    The bench asked the EC’s counsel to respond to the suggestion by Friday. “You can interact with embassies and tell us by Friday. We are trying to do something for them (NRI voters) in this election,” the bench said.

    Interestingly, the Centre, through additional solicitor general K V Vishwanathan, supported the petitioner’s idea. The court asked the Centre to also file its response by Friday. As many as 11,844 NRIs have registered with the EC. Of them, 11,400 belonged to Kerala and were mainly working in the Middle-East. The bench told EC that it could focus on the NRIs already registered as voters.

    The EC said it was thinking of constituting committee for facilitating voting by NRIs through internet or a suitable alternative. “We will constitute a committee which will consider the option of electronic voting through internet,” said senior advocate Meenakshi Arora.

    The bench asked the EC counsel to inform about its decision on suggestion to allow NRIs to vote through Indian missions abroad by Friday when it was informed that the outcome of the EC’s exercise could be known only by August, which could deprive the NRIs to participate in the ongoing general elections.

    Petitioner’s counsel Mukul Rohatgi argued that on one hand Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had assured on Pravasi Bhartiya Divas that persons abroad must have a say in governance but on the other hand, the EC has made it almost impossible for the NRIs vote by insisting on their personal presence in India.


  165. Author
    sputnik 9 years ago

    This is a must watch video for all those who doubt Swaraj and Gram Sabhas. The 2011 video posted below was directed by Manish Sisodia who is currently AAP MLA.

    Some more links about Hiware Bazar.

    “The President also presented the “National Water Award” and Bhoomijal Samvardhan Puraskars” on the occasion. The National Water Award was presented to Hiware Bazar (Panchayat), District Ahmednagar, Maharashtra” Link

    Village of 60 Millionaires!

    Hiware Bazar: putting a price on nature

    • this is going to work only in villages. what about cities?

    • Anjanpur685Miles 9 years ago

      Thanks for the video.

      One of the best things they did was stopping Sugarcane crop in the village. Sugarcane le dooba hai Maharashtra ko.

  166. sputnik – you asked me to change my id. so i changed it. is it ok now?

    • Anjanpur685Miles 9 years ago

      Ab ki baar Modi ki chai ( feeki dip dip waali chai of rs 10 ; congress toh atleast milk mein paani mila ke de raha tha )

      Modi making fun of Nehru’s development in education (calling it IT) in Bangalore today. @24:00

      Modi uncle, please please read something. Nobody can dispute Nehru’s contribution to education. (IT was existent in Nehru’s time at all?) AT&T / C language came up way after that.

      Nandan Nilkeni had more effective and relevant speech on problems of Bangalore.

      • Anjanpur685Miles 9 years ago

        Kal ye mahatma mere gaon jaa rahe hai. Solapur. It will be fun of what he speaks and how he attacks home-minister Shinde. 😉

      • Anjanpur685Miles 9 years ago

        I have seen UN-ashamed attitude towards asking money/ corruption at every level in Bangalore in BJP’s rule (Yeddiyurappa). Atleast kuch to sharm karo. If I start telling anecdotes that will make a separate post. BJP is more corrupt in terms of asking money on the face (not under the table) and gundagiri – my personal experience.

      • Anjanpur685Miles 9 years ago

        He hasnt touched a single point about development and real issues of Bangalore. WTF is he smoking?

      • Anjanpur685Miles 9 years ago

        Whenever Modi says Shehzada or Maharani – there is a loud cheer from crowds. (Crowds are not shown always).

      • Anjanpur685Miles 9 years ago


        He says at the time of “Atalji” software export growth was 40% , then it reduced to 30% and then to 9% now.

        I am not sure about these figures.

        But he is a total baniya / dukaandaar. Who will talk about IP rights/ illegal patents in IT? I dont think there is SINGLE person in BJP now who can understand meaning of this when they have sold out their “developement model of smart cities” to Microsoft.

        Only person who understood it in depth (as far as I know ) was Abdul Kalam. (who favoured Linux / Open source ). I dont think anyone from BJP/RSS baniya gang has that much intelligence.

        • Author
          sputnik 9 years ago

          I think the BJP Manifesto did have that they will promote ‘open source’ and ‘open standard’ software.

          Modi’s speeches are fun with his voice modulation and all the theatrics.

        • Author
          sputnik 9 years ago

          This link says the exports are relative to recession in world markets.

          The uncertain world of software services

        • hithere 9 years ago

          ” I dont think anyone from BJP/RSS baniya gang has that much intelligence.”

          Baniya gang?

          • Anjanpur685Miles 9 years ago

            I meant it for BJP specifically not RSS.

          • hithere 9 years ago

            I think it doesn’t sound good. It would be like saying Mulayam and his Muslim terrorists Or Mayawati and her achoot log. I hope you get where I am going.

          • baniya is the local lingo is not referred to any caste. it means a kind of people who are not well educated but are good in hisab kitab. but i wont call modi even that. i think the appropriate word for him is ganwar

  167. Author
    sputnik 9 years ago

    Leaders (Hindu and Muslim) from all political parties making inflammatory speeches in Muzaffarnagar, UP and creating polarization. Interviews with both Hindu and Muslim victims.

  168. every other day you hear news that kejriwal was slapped. someone dropped ink on him or someone threw stone. this “someone” is not the general public. general public wont throw a stone or slap even ajmal kasab if he walked into the road. these “someones” are the paid goondas of BJP/congress

  169. yakuza 9 years ago

    So BJP’s own survey giving AAP 26 percent vote share and strong inclination at 140 seats .. second only to BJP’s 41 percent