Anushka’s special act in YRF’s film

Anushka’s special act in YRF's film While we’d told you Anushka Sharma plays the second lead in Yash Chopra’s yet untitled film, we can now reveal it’s a bit of an extended cameo.

Reportedly, Anushka agreed to play the second fiddle because Aditya Chopra convinced her of the role being modeled on that of Rani Mukerji in Veer-Zaara.

A source close to the film revealed, “Anushka plays a very quiet attentive character in the film. She makes an entry only in the second half. The reason she agreed to do it is because it is a YRF project and she can never say no to her mentors.”

Had Rani not done the Veer-Zaara role already and had there been no generation gap between Katrina and her, she would have actually taken over from Anushka.

The source further said, “In any case, there was no question of saying no to Aditya Chopra. Whatever hesitation Anushka might have had was washed away when she got to know about her role. Like Rani, Anushka plays SRK’s soundingboard, the girl he confides in about his heartbreak. Anushka had to be a good listener and that’s a tough one for her because she likes to talk.”

Buzz is Yash Raj is contemplating billing Anushka as guest appearance to make life easier for Chopra Sr. Explained the source, “Yash Chopra still shudders at what he had to go through to cast the second girl in Dil To Pagal Hai after Madhuri Dixit was signed. And considering Anushka’s role in the new film is far smaller than Karisma Kapoor’s in Dil To Pagal Hai and she appears only in the second half, the Chopras definitely owe her one.”



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