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The basic idea behind this is to come up with a small write up on the Actor/Actress who grabs the maximum limelight during a particular month.


Sha Rukh Khan, Akshay Kumar, Imran Khan, John Abraham, Amitabh Bachchan

As the month is about to end, it’s very clear that the one actor amongst the few named above who deserves the Star of the Month title is none other than Shah Rukh Khan.

Shah Rukh Khan

Why Shah Rukh Khan ?

Shah Rukh Khan is called KING KHAN, a name that he has earned over the years through his immense fan following and constant success at the Indian as well as Overseas Box-Office. He is one of those rare actors who has given Hits on regular basis. He rose to Superstardom with his Mega Blockbuster ‘Dil Waale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge’ in 1995. Since then he never looked back and delivered hits after hits. Along with him, the other two Khans of the famous KHAN- TRIUMVIRATE, Salman Khan & Aamir Khan ruled the roost of Indian Cinema. But amongst them it was SRK whose name was taken above these two due to his consistency at Box Office, his great relationship with the media and of course his award winning spree !

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  1. Baba 11 years ago

    i dont like the criteria of “who hogged the most limelight” to judge star of the month/year/week etc. this criteria is used by most media channels and film magazines as its their bread and butter.but why should we? IMO we should have impact that a star or his film made in a the same time period.

  2. Bored 11 years ago

    At his peak (late nineties and early noughties) SRK used to be celebrated as the ‘man of the year’, now with CE he is ‘man of the month’. But wait a sec – Oct will be month of Ranbir, Nov for Hrithik, Dec for Aamir and Jan for Salman … how times have changed.

    • sauravjha 11 years ago

      I think its more to do with people’s change in mentality too. We no longer have long memories unfortunately that explains why we move on from one incident to another, one disaster to another or one achievement to another. We get bored too easily now too have “moment of the year” or “man of the year”. These I guess are now thing of past and all we are going to have now is “man of the moment” and that explains success of so many reality shows! We now have 60 seconds celebrities craving and striving for those 60 sec of glory. So it’s gotta do with many things along with rise of Salman, Aamir and Ranbir of course vs Shahrukh.

  3. Bored 11 years ago

    No that is not looking at it straight … its just that SRK is now just a part of larger mix rather than someone defining terms.

    None of these stars are doing any kind of defining work that will remain in your memory for long. Aamir did that for a while upto TZP – but then he himself drowned in pedestrian stuff.

    • sauravjha 11 years ago

      Of course it is one of the reason. But people’s mentality too has changed now they get bored too easily of same thing and “man of the year” is perhaps a bit too much for this generation. No one is interested in one person for that long. One time I could probably think of is had clicked big time then undoubtedly SRK would have been the man of the year for he was in the news 24 * 7 for 365 days and maybe that explains why bombed too! People were exhausted of seeing the same guy everywhere for almost one whole year. So my point is of course what you are saying is one of the reason but that’s not the only reason for people and media’s way of portraying a celeb has changed too.

  4. Bored 11 years ago

    I dont like coming up with excuses for what are obvious shortcomings. Nor do i like talking to people who do that.

    As for RaOne, it was not a defining vision of any sort. Had it worked at BO it wud just had been another hit in SRK’s resume – nothing more. Just like CE is.

    • sauravjha 11 years ago

      I meant to say that had worked for SRK and because he was in huge buzz and in news for almost whole year and with DON2 working like it did it would have been easily SRK’s year! How can you say it would have been just another hit? Man the guy was in our Tv our paper our news channels for almost everyday since January that year since the first look came out! I would like to disagree with you if you say it would have been just another hit cos if it would have been a big hit and by big hit am not saying 150 crore almost nothing short of 200 was expected from it so anything above 200 that year plus Don 2 it would have been SRK’s year easily and he would have run away from the competition and not catching up like he was doing till CE ! Baki if you disagree or wouldn’t like to talk to me fine by me.

  5. sauravjha 11 years ago

    In other news Balki’s movie starring SRK and Amitabh goes on floor this December ! Really excited for this one.

    • Reddemon 11 years ago

      SRK has the best line up imo. But i feel Balki’s movie should come before HNY. Than Rahul Dholika’s and than Shetty-kjo one.

      • sauravjha 11 years ago

        Hmm I can see where you are coming from but I feel two huge hits( CE and HNY) and then Balki’s film would be perfect followed again by Rohit’s one.

        • Reddemon 11 years ago

          Actually i dont want HNY to be made at first place LOL but if it releases, i feel it should be in b/w Balki and Dholakia’s next so that things will get balanced. Also SRK will be in a negative Role in Dholakia’s next so it will have a huge hype around its release and if the movie clicks than expect huge BO returns Applause. I am already tooooo excited for that one.

          • Baba 11 years ago

            are the dholakia and balki films confirmed? srk is always in talks with the kashyaps and shankars and hiranis and ends up working with farah,anubhav and kjo

          • sauravjha 11 years ago

            Don’t worry HNY will do something similar to what OSO did. Rest will be fine as well.

            @baba Yes it is confirmed baba ( balki’s project) . Pc sreeram has tweeted about it and he is part of the project. Also I heard Ilayaraja is gonna compose music for this movie which will be a first for an SRK movie as he did compose for Paa.

            You can see his tweet here.

  6. ank_16n 11 years ago

    Himesh aisi Tareef of SRK…why This kolaveri Di 😛

    • Author
      Dabangg Boy 10 years ago

      LOL ab thodi tarif toh banti hai na boss

  7. Reddemon 11 years ago

    “I wrote the role for him(Srk).You’ll be surprised when the film comes out.”- Rahul Dholakia about his next film with Shahrukh Khan

    Rest Saurav have given the link

  8. Bored 11 years ago

    Balki and Dholakia projects are good stuff for SRK.

  9. FS 11 years ago

    Bored – are you avernus of NG/SB?

  10. raj 10 years ago

    @sputnik – and off course its ‘sheercoincidence’ that you arestartingthis thread not after 3 idiots or ghajini, not after wanted or dabangg, ready, bodyguard, ek tha tiger or dabangg 2, not after housefull or rowdy rathore but after the huge success of chennai express. i dont know if srk is the ‘star of the month’ or not but u r definitely ‘fan of the month’.

    now coming to the content – i quote u first.

    “Shah Rukh Khan is called KING KHAN, a name that he has earned over the years through his immense fan following and constant success at the Indian as well as Overseas Box-Offic”

    1. how do you define immense fan following? a 30 cr strong inian urban middle classand a 4 cr strong diaspora make srk’s fan base roughly 35 cr strong. compare that to salman’s 90 cr strong fanbase and u will know ho is the star of the month.

    2. if india and overseas are two ‘equal territories’ the so is CPCI, mahrashtra, nizam, delhi up. so if srk is popuylar in 2 constituencies, others are popular in maybe 5 or 10.

    “Along with him, the other two Khans of the famous KHAN- TRIUMVIRATE, Salman Khan & Aamir Khan ruled the roost of Indian Cinema. But amongst them it was SRK whose name was taken above these two ”

    taken by who? the paid media and fans like you? a nationwore tere naam belts and scarves, did you even see that?

    • FS 10 years ago

      Raj – Are you blind? This thread belongs to Salman Khan fan & not sputnik including the website where it is originally posted. You owe an apology to Sputnik now.

  11. raj 10 years ago

    @FS – ok. apologies to sputnik. but allmy commenst now apply to the writer of the post, watever his ID.

    • sputnik 10 years ago

      You can disagree with someone without making personal attacks against them. I edited out the offensive term. Please don’t repeat in future.

  12. Reddemon 10 years ago

    35cr SRK fans

    and 90 CRORES *rubs eyes* ohh its Still 90 CRORES…

  13. Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

    Shahrukh is Viru Sarashtrabuddhe student.

    “I am scared of coming second.”

  14. Bored 10 years ago

    Always felt pity for those to whom coming ‘first’ is everything.

  15. ank_16n 10 years ago

    he lives in his own la la land where he thinks everyone talks about him even if they are shiting..!!

    somebody tell him just bcoz u gave a CE that doesn’t mean every other superstar will dream about u..!!

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