Akshay kumar : Down But Not out

Akshay Kumar’s shoulder has not healed. He tried the best methods, including hydrotherapy in Germany, but unfortunately the shoulder has not healed. In the meantime, the shooting of his film has come to a standstill. Any further delay would hamper the release date and prove detterant during the post production process. So there’s no chance that he can afford to keep away from the film any longe r.” Sources say that Akshay has just recruited a doctor from Germany, who will fly down to Mumbai with him, to assist him in his treatment here. “The treatment will continue, but it will now happen in India. The doctor will be put up at one of the best hotels here and he will be provided with all the perks till he’s here. This will at least ensure that the shooting happens on schedule. He won’t be charging the production house and it will be treated as his personal expense”



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