Akshay goes through a change from Housefull to Housefull 2

Akshay Kumar Making a conscious call to move away from his smart alec image (as set in films like Singh Is Kinng, Bhool Bhulaiyaa etc.), Akshay Kumar had stepped into an altogether different zone in Sajid Khan directed Housefull. His character was equated to that of ‘panauti’ (unlucky) and Akshay played his part with conviction as well. However, for his next outing with Sajid Khan, Akshay would be shedding the ‘panauti’ image. In Housefull 2, he would be playing an altogether different character which has been designed as quite crowd friendly.

“Akshay and Sajid have forged a good partnership ever since the days of Heyy Babyy and try out different characterisation with every outing. In Heyy Babyy, Akshay was glad to play a father and even though the film had its own fun moments, there was an emotional side to the affairs as well. Later for Housefull, he trusted Sajid to get the best out of him as a shy and sober man even though most of his other films featured him as someone much smarter. Now in Housefull 2, Sajid’s characterisation for Akshay is totally opposite. This time around Akshay won’t have to enact the role of a ‘panauti'”, says a source.

One waits to see the transition that Akshay makes now since he has been playing a family man way too often if his last few films are any indication. While in Desi Boyz he ended up being a reluctant male escort in order to gain custody of his foster song, in Patiala House he forgot about his dream of turning cricketer so that he could keep his father happy.

“There would be a lot more ‘masti’ in Housefull 2 though”, adds an insider, “Akshay has left the traits of Aarush (the character’s name in Housefull) behind and is playing a completely new character. It has been written and enacted in such a way that it would be a huge hit college students and masses.”

With Rowdy Rathore already igniting good enough curiosity for being a big ‘masala’ entertainer this summer, it is apparent that Akshay plans to bring fun even earlier with Housefull 2 which would be coinciding with the kick-start of IPL’s newest season.


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    Manish 10 years ago

    i think this is a good movie the movies released in last 3 years had Akshay as looser /under dog or common man except Blue/Ki and TMK and we have seen what was the result ..ofcourse even the scripts and directions wasnt that good but i think ppl dont accept him as readily in common man avtaar as in smart and wicked guy

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