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Airlift Has Pretty Good Start Especially Big Cities
Friday 22 January 2015 12.30 IST
Box Office India Trade Network

Airlift has opened to pretty good collections of around 30-35% as multiplexes of cities opened well. The opening is better than last year’s Baby which was released in the same week last year and also starred Akshay Kumar. Airlift also had competition from Kyaa Kool Hain Hum 3 but should easily surpass the figures opening day numbers of Baby.

The opening is best in in the big cities. Both Delhi city and East Punjab should top 1 crore nett especially as evenings should be better as these films have do better on Friday evenings and there is huge multiplex presence in these areas. Mumbai city is decent but smaller cities of Maharashtra opened similar to Kyaa Kool Hain Hum 3, some were even lower.

Despite the start there is still a long way to go for the film as it will not be a big number that a big cast film should be doing so it becomes about that weekend growth. If the evening growth comes then it will have good platform to build from on Saturday and Sunday with solid growth.

Also the morning opening is probably enough to have better collections than Kyaa Kool Hain Hum 3 as the film will do better in the evening. If the film had opened like Baby then a shock would have been on the cards.

  1. sputnik 6 years ago

    Airlift First Day Early Estimate
    Saturday 23 January 2016 02.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Airlift has had a decent first day with collections set to be around 10.75 crore nett. The film managed to improve well in the evening as was expected as the film had limited appeal for the morning audience. The collections are similar to Tamasha released in November. Most circuits are showing almost identical collections barring Mysore where Tamasha was strong while here Airlift makes up a little in place like UP and Rajasthan

    Despite being better than Tamasha in UP and Rajasthan, the film has not performed in mass belts and its only really the big cities that are collecting.

    The opening is not great if looked at as an Akshay Kumar starrer but it is good for the genre as last year Baby opened to only 7.84 crore and another similar film Phantom was 8.39 crore nett. The key is the Saturday business and 20-25% growth would put the film in a good position to take benefit in the weekdays with a big national holiday on Tuesday.

  2. sputnik 6 years ago

    Airlift Set To Emerge A Winner- Excellent Growth On Day Two
    Saturday 23 January 2015 23.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Airlift looks set to emerge a winner as it had good collections on its second day of around 14.50 crore nett. The first day collections were fair but the second day is good. More importantly the trend is excellent with growth going near 35%. Although it does not mean much with only a dud like Wazir released so far, Airlift may possibly emerge the first hit of the year.

    The growth is solid across all big city multiplexes. This is as important as some films get huge growth on strength of high ends. The mass pockets are not great but good growth in the likes of Surat and Lucknow which are important A centres, it can get away with it as it dos not need to go towards 200 crore to be a winner.

    The two day business will be around 25.50 crore nett and will easily go over 40 crore nett depending on the Sunday growth. If mass can go to high levels on Sunday it will be a huge bonus and then the film could even go for a big number.

  3. sputnik 6 years ago

    Airlift Has Good Growth On Sunday
    Sunday 24 January 2015 23.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Airlift had good growth on Sunday with collections set to be around 16.75 crore nett. The 15-20% growth may not be huge but for this type of film but it is good as a huge chunk of business is coming from city multiplexes and these are weak on Sunday morning and evening so there is a limit to how far they can grow on Sunday. The mass markets have done better on Sunday and are at decent levels after two days of low collections.

    The weekend will be 42 crore nett plus which is a good weekend for the film and more importantly it has got there for a 11 crore start with very strong uptrend on Saturday.

    The trend is good and Monday will be further boosted by evening collections at city multiplexes as next day is a holiday and its city multiplexes where the bulk of the business is so the film is almost certain to have two days of good collections. The film has chances to challenge Akshay Kumar’s highest first week collection which was Rowdy Rathore (75 crore) but it will be Wednesday that is crucial for that.

  4. sputnik 6 years ago

    Airlift Has Super Strong Hold On Monday
    Monday 25 January 2015 16.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Airlift has had an super strong hold on Monday as collections should surpass 9 crore nett and with the evening collections which will be strong due to the next day being a national holiday it may even hit the 10 crore nett mark.

    The collections in mass centres are similar to Friday morning (better at places as they did not open or do that well over the weekend) but more crucially the drop in big cities is minimal and in these places it had strong weekend and the drop in ticket prices also comes into play.

    If the evening collections come in as expected it will be a 10% drop on Monday for the film and it may turn out a 10 crore nett Monday which would be a first for an Akshay Kumar starrer..

  5. sputnik 6 years ago

    Airlift Looking To Go To Sunday Levels Again
    Wednesday 27 January 2016 01.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Airlift looks set to go back to its Sunday levels on the holiday for Republic Day on Tuesday. The collections will be around 17 crore nett. The collections in mass circuits are at the same level and even a little higher at some centres and if this is repeated in the big city multiplexes then the total will be similar to Sunday. If the 17 crore nett materializes than it will be a huge 70% growth on the holiday,

    This will take the business of the film close to 70 crore nett ensuring the highest first week collections for an Akshay Kumar starrer which at the moment is the 75 crore of Rowdy Rathore. The ticket rates will come down on Wednesday so it is actually more like a Monday for the film.

    But with nearly 70 crore nett on the board already the film has chances to beat the first week total of Jai Ho (83.50 crore nett) which is the highest total recorded in Republic day week. Basically Airlift on course to beat last years Republic holiday release Baby (82 crore) in one week.

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      aryan 6 years ago

      Airlift Has Very Good Wednesday

      Thursday 28 January 2016 11.30 IST
      Box Office India Trade Network

      Airlift continued its good run on Wednesday as it grossed around 5.75 crore nett. Although it is a big drop from the previous day which was a big national day but this can always happen with a film having a huge ratio of business from multiplexes. The film had weekday ticket rates at multiplexes for the first time after five days so its likely to tell in collections especially for a multiplex film. The drop is still less than 50% from day one despite it being a Wednesday so the total is still very good.

      The film has now grossed around 75 crore nett in six days will finish the week with an excellent 80 crore nett plus total.

      The film will face competition from Mastizaade on Friday which could take an opening but if the film does not have what its audiences is expecting from it, the collections will fall fast and that will leave Airlift as main film again over the weekend.

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        aryan 6 years ago

        Airlift At 97 Crore In Ten Days
        Monday 01 February 2016 11.30 IST
        Box Office India Trade Network

        Airlift had a good second weekend as it grossed 17.50 crore nett. The film continued with very strong business in Delhi NCR and East Punjab but places like CP Berar, CI and Bihar have not really taken to the film and had low collections. The total collections in ten days are 97 crore nett. The second weekend daily business is as follows.

        Friday – 3,75,00,000

        Saturday – 6,00,00,000

        Sunday – 7,75,00,000

        TOTAL – 17,50,00,000

        The film is a SUPER HIT and will record record figures for an Akshay Kumar film in 3-4 circuits. In some circuits it will hardly touch the business of a big flop like Brothers but lower costs compared to most other Akshay Kumar starrers in the recent past means it does not have perform across the board and good business from the main cities is more than enough.

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