AIB’s Every Bollywood Party Song feat Irfan Khan

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    sputnik 5 years ago

    Awesome parody of every Honey Singh song. Irfan is awesome as always. Is there something he cannot do?

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    aryan 5 years ago

    Excellent by Irfan.

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    cr7 5 years ago

    Nailed it

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    yakuza 5 years ago

    parody is fine, but looks repetitive of their own stuff from past (Specially that kejriwal videos) … Irfan did very mediocre job, was expecting better.

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      rITZ 5 years ago

      Exactly my sentiments.

      Also they are repetitive a lot .

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    ritz 5 years ago

    exactly Yakuza!

    u stole my line.

    Irrfan is overrated.

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    Ritz 5 years ago

    AIB is a big bore.

    TVF is better. But they also started boring off late.,..with their self indulgent series on “entrepreneurship””

    Btw i find this hilarious …on FTII row…”daaru pe char

    Btw this actor is really great.

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      Ritz 5 years ago

      The dadasaheb falke bit is priceless. 🙂

    • Avatar Author
      sputnik 5 years ago

      I watched part of it a few days back. I did not find it that funny. The Dadasaheb Phalke bit was good. And also the line “Kabhi Principal exam deta hai kya”.

      Are you referring to Rajesh Sharma or the interviewer Jitendra Kumar? Rajesh Sharma has always been good in his movie roles but I like this Jitendra Kumar too. He is good in the TVF series too.

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        Ritz 5 years ago

        I was talking abt Jitu – he is a very good actor.

    • saurabh
      saurabh 5 years ago

      I liked it and i liked it the way dialogues are written. Specially when that lady comes. Some dialogues are really good and touching to a cinema lover.
      Some scenes are spoof on the way the Gajendra Chauhan was speaking on Arnab’s show.
      So may be sputnik, you need to see that.

      Jitu is a very good actor, the way he played Kejriwal or any other role is very good.

  7. Avatar Author
    sputnik 5 years ago

    TVF has not uploaded on their official youtube channel. Jitu plays Sunny Deol in this.

    TVF Qtiyapa Bajrangi Bhaijaan Behind The Scenes

  8. Avatar Author
    sputnik 5 years ago

    “Bollywood star Irrfan Khan and Indian comedy troupe AIB have proved an unbeatable combination as their spoof Every Bollywood Party Song ranks as the most popular YouTube video in India in 2015.

    The video, which purports to show Irrfan teaching the AIB boys the art of the Bollywood Party song, with vapid and irreverent lyrics that bear no relation to the movie, has had more than 7.1 million views. The featured song Party All Night is credited to Yo Yo Honey Singh.”

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