Agneepath Has Chances Of RECORD First Day

Agneepath is set for a huge bumper start with solid advance across India and a huge release in terms of screens.

It is almost certain it will be the second highest opening day ever in the history of Hindi cinema and the question is can it surpass the 20.60 crore nett day one business of Bodyguard.

The chances are there as the opening is set to be universal and just like Bodyguard day one fell on Eid holiday, Agneepath has the big Republic day holiday. If the public reports are good on the day in all circuits it is likely to go very close to the record with chances of beating it.

The factor against it is that it has 30 minutes more running time compared with Bodyguard which will mean less screenings at multiplexes but on the other a few more multiplexes have come up in the last 4 months and more single screens converted into digital which can even out that factor.

In the long run, the running time makes no difference as long as content is good, infact it has been noted that films that are longer sustain better at at the box office when accepted by the public.

The business dynamics today are that records can only be broken with the aid of holidays as the numbers are so high that the right film on the right holiday can collect 5-6 crore nett more in one day with a major holiday as against a normal day.



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