Aamir Khan Unhappy About Jokes On Ra.One

“Can you guess, who is unhappy about how a section of the industry people went hammer and tongs against Shah Rukh Khan’s Ra.One because it did not live up to their expectations? None other than Aamir Khan! The so-called rivalry between the two Khans seems to have been put to rest – at least for the time being – as Aamir says about the bad-mouthing of Ra.One by trade people, “It’s not done. I was not at all amused by the jokes people were forwarding to one another on their mobile phones. They were in bad taste. Simply because the film did not do the business they may have expected it to do, they can’t criticise the film and Shah Rukh. Why can’t they appreciate Shah Rukh Khan’s efforts? He at least dared to make something different.”



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