Aamir Khan, Irrfan Khan, Ranbir Kapoor and Nawazuddin Siddiqui Interview with Rajeev Masand

  1. Author
    sputnik 12 years ago

    Good Interview. Irfan and Ranbir were the best. Aamir sounded too self congratulatory. Nawaz spoke less because of his lack of English speaking skills.

  2. Bored 12 years ago

    They shud have the courtesy to speak in Hindi when one is obviously uncomfortable in speaking in English.

    • Author
      sputnik 12 years ago

      Agree or they should not have invited him.

      I don’t understand why interviews have to be in English when the people being interviewed are Hindi actors/stars. Its like Rajeev Masand/Anupama Chopra and even some of the stars think its low brow to speak in Hindi.

      • Bored 12 years ago

        Yes its an unhealthy disregard to their mother tongue – a misplaced sense of being ‘cool’

  3. hithere 12 years ago

    It is an English titled show and interviewer is talking in English, so I think it is alright. Nawaz of course is not comfortable in English and probably he could have spoken better; but he is compratively newer than other people.

    • Author
      sputnik 12 years ago

      What about Masand Ki Pasand then πŸ˜‰

      • hithere 12 years ago

        I don’t know about the show but I think onus is on interviewer to start the conversation.

        • Bored 12 years ago

          Yes, but once the conversation has started and its obvious that someone is uncomfortable in English, its only courtesy to continue in Hindi rather than make him/her more uncomfortable as we see here.
          Again its a courtesy – not a protocol to follow.

  4. Serenzy 12 years ago

    Just Saw Dilip Sahab’s Half an Hour Conversation on Doordarshan in B&W with Some Pakistani Singer..

    Nice to See him Talk in Hindi with Such a Good Flow to it..
    Very Sophisticated Hindi Words Used…Liked it.

    I Have Watched just 1 DK Movie till date[Ram aur Shyam] and I’m deffo luking forward to Watch More of his Work in the Coming 4-5Years. πŸ™‚

  5. Ankur 12 years ago

    Aamir has begun to sound all self congratulatory and “know it all” type in recent years. I don’t see any reason to invite him in this roundtable! Others did significant work this year. What did Aamir do *this year* to be seated with these actors?

    • Bored 12 years ago

      He did Talaash, a movie that with Emraan Hashmi would have done 30-40 cr instead of doing 90 cr. And he acted decently in an one-dimensional role.

      • Ankur 12 years ago

        90 crore isn’t anything out of the world for “Midas touch” Brand Aamir! And decent acting doesn’t mean he’s to be seated with the best of the year (Ranbir, Nawaz, Irrfan). Also-ran or “did decently” types have no place in Actors’ roundtable IMHO.

  6. Serenzy 12 years ago

    Raaz3 did 68cr!

    Hail Sir Emmy!

    • Bored 12 years ago

      Sir Emy gets those 70 cr ones in his successful franchise sequels only. πŸ™‚
      Talaash isnt one.

      Cant expect Ek Thi Daaya to do as much as Murder 3, can we?

  7. Serenzy 12 years ago


    Naah, We Can’t Expect that to happen at the Moment… But you Never Know.

    SHANGHAI was a Start.
    Daayan, Ghanchakkar, Unglee is a Fab Lineup and he will gain more prominence along the way and Might Surprise with a ‘Barfi-esque’ Outing.


  8. Suprabh 12 years ago

    I don’t understand why people defend the underperformance of Talaash. At the time, when a Barfi! can do a 100 crore plus, Talaash is a major under performer and a very less liked movie. What peolpe liked about Talaash was that it was subtle, nothing OTT and aamir’s performance. But if something isn’t bad doesn’t mean its great. The twist, climax and last 30 minutes took the “interesting” part away from Talaash. At the end of the day it was an average movie with good to great performances but below average response.

    • Bored 12 years ago

      Agreed on all counts including the underperformance of Talaash.

      Its just that except Aamir no other star has the credibility to take a movie like Talaash to 90 cr. Ranbir needed a feel good movie in Barfi to do 100 cr, Hrithik’s feel-good ZNMD did 90 too – And all these are purely multiplex movies.

      • Ankur 12 years ago

        Every star’s apologist gives similar excuse that “no one could do this much for this kind of film”. It goes on!

    • hithere 12 years ago

      I think Talaash did very good business for its treatment. I said in one of the comments that it would have been easier to make it Kahaanish thriller by making one of the players as murderer. Only problem I had with movie was all digging scene at end. It just undid all the good work movie achieved. Movie could have ended in sea itself. But I can say for sure that I haven’t seen such screenplay treatment (pace and mood) in main stream Bollywood.

      Barfi! is heart warming story (probably why it did good business). Inspite of its scenes being pilfered from many sources, I liked it. I loved the “french” movie like screenplay. In fact after watching it I suggested other directors should watch it as it is another way of screenplay where background score leads the characters.

      Inspite of my nitpickings I will prefer above two than what I get from bollywood. Kahaani though a well made movie didn’t add anything to bollywood. Other two did!
      ps – I will add Pan Singh to former list. Bollywood should make more such movies.

      • Bored 12 years ago

        Well, Kahaani was as moody as Talaash, as were the way the two cities were portrayed. Pacing I would say was better in Kahaani. Even acting wise Vidya was a notch above all three Talaash actors.

        Talaash had quite a few problems (if we leave the supernatural angle aside) – weak and dragging climax & spoon-feeding treatment of explaining the ghost angle after the sea scene. Even quite a few loose ends of the story.

        Actings were the best part of Talaash- but even that was no better than just being decent.

        Barfi isnt just my type of movie. Best pics for me were OMG, Kahaani and Vicky Donor in no particular order.

        Next category is Shanghai, PST, GOW, English Vinglish – which I liked but quite a bit less than the above mentioned movies.

        Among the star vehicles I liked Agneepath, RR and then maybe Talaash – in that order.

        • Bored 12 years ago

          As for box office – Kahaani was way above expectations, while Talaash was below expectations.
          A similar analogy will be say Barfi (way above expectations) and JTHJ was below expectations.

        • Author
          sputnik 12 years ago

          Agree with you for the most part.

          Kahaani was better than Talaash and it had no pacing issues. While it had a couple of scenes that cheated it was still the best movie of the year for me.

          I liked Talaash until the final car scene and hated the underwater rescue scene and digging scene and all. But when I think about it there are too many logical flaws in the movie like Kareena’s ghost waiting for 3 years to take revenge and still hanging out at places where she used to and appearing/disappearing to people at will. In The Sixth Sense Bruce Willis did not know he was a ghost and he was only visible to the kid.

          My Top 5 of the year would be Kahaani, Agneepath, PST, OMG and Vicky Donor. Other movies I liked this year are English Vinglish, Shanghai and Talaash. Did not like RR and Barfi. Have not seen GOW yet but will watch soon.

          • Bored 12 years ago

            RR was my guilty pleasure – I actually started liking Akshay and liked him quite a bit in the OMG cameo.
            But then I made the bad decision to watch Khiladi 786 πŸ™

      • Baba Ji 12 years ago

        I dont know why some of us equate flaws of a film with edgyness. If talaash underperformed at 90 cr,its not bcos it pushed the envelope but bcos it had many logical flaws in the script and ofc it had no payoff in its regressive story. I can make a case for jthj too that it did very well to make 102 cr for its treatment.

        hithere – why do you think kahaani added nothing to bw? a film with female as the lead went on to do big business. she was in a non glamorous role, film has no songs and so on. There are 100 things the film contributed.

        • Shinji 12 years ago

          I feel Talaash, was a movie which just could not connect.

          One doesnt feel for Suri or his wife. Rosie u feel bad, but when Aamir comes to terms with his sons loss, one fails to identify his pain, and feel for him.

          I feel rather than Talaash underperformed or what, i felt it had a good opening, and if even 50 % audience had connected it would have had good figure, satisfying one self with 90 odd crores ( i tried that myself, but without looking at product ( a mistake i rarely make) )

          For me Aamir Khan the maker, legend, director, actor lost respect. Overall he enjoys good credibility and one hopes this was one of the mark film, otherwise as he says in the interview he needs to be scared as he has lost that judgement that if he felt audience shall feel…. something core was missing.

          And its good aamir didnt overpromote.

          • Baba Ji 12 years ago

            agreed shinji. also notice that aamir doesnt seem very happy with talaash when he talks about it on cameras. I dont think he is satisfied with the response. There is a chance that he may not do such a film in future for better or worse. after MP , he didnt do a single period film in last 7 years.

        • Shinji 12 years ago

          Yes Babaji, btw it’s quite a coincidence that both of us noted the same thing.

          I was on SS, where i commented that looking at certain Aamir video, i felt he was disappointed with Talaash (final movie) and it was what i read by my gut.

          It’s good to know i have company in my judgement.

          ( i guess u r speaking of after film release response, i felt that even during promotion, aamir was not that happy, and thus such low key promotion )

          I feel the movie failed to have Aamir khan movie tag like as to say his iconic movies in last few years are those ( one can say manipulative, emotional etc ) have always connected the audience, be it with RDB, TZP, Ghajini and 3 idiots.

          I recollect more like how i felt for Sanjay’s loss in Ghajini, how i felt for Ishaan in TZP, likewise regarding DJ’s death and his friends too…. here a small boy died, and i didnt felt for him, nor the pain for Suri. That’s the failure of the movie for me.

          • Bored 12 years ago

            You may be right about ‘not connecting emotionally’ with the audience, but I am not so sure.

            I think the selling point for Aamir movies is the ‘concept’ be it Lagaan, RDB, DCH, TZP, 3 I, Ghajini – does not matter if the concept is copied or an amalgamation of different existing concepts (usually all lifted from foreign films).

            Bollywood’s mainstream cinema is so damn bankrupt that even the concepts which are considered ‘cliched’ in global platform seems like ‘novel’ to the Indian audience. We saw how Barfi was considered novel and so-good by indian plex audience and also our critiques!

            Indianize it up with a lot of over-emotion and songs and the usual nautanki – and you have an Aamir film which is ‘different’.

            Problem with Talaash is the ‘supernatural concept’ fell flat – its too lowbrow to go with Aamir’s highbrow brand-name. Horror/supernatural is kinda lowbrow in India, which works only with Hashmi or the Bhatt camp till now.

  9. Serenzy 12 years ago


    p.s – You Resemble ‘Donald Duck’ in Some Ways..Has Anybody Ever Told u that? πŸ˜‰
    Very Cute and Innocent!

    Add to that, There is 1 Indian TV Actor on who looks ‘exactly’ like you.
    I am Trying to Find His Name from the Past 2 Days so that I can GOOGLE him and show it to u.

    • Suprabh 12 years ago


      Chalo achha hai,,mai kam se kam TV actor toh ban sakta hoon πŸ˜€

  10. Baba Ji 12 years ago

    if mr wolf of pulp fictiom was around, he woudl say this:

    • Author
      sputnik 12 years ago

      Ha Ha LOL

      Baba You nailed the whole interview by one comment.


  11. Author
    sputnik 12 years ago


    Ha ha. I am not even going to attempt watching Khiladi 786. And I liked Akshay a lot in the OMG cameo.

  12. Shinji 12 years ago

    The Multiplex cant accept the climax and single screen cant accept the treatment.

    That’s talaash for me.

  13. Ankur 12 years ago


    Agree with this comment of yours on this year’s movies. Fair enough.

  14. Serenzy 12 years ago


    “I recollect more like how i felt for Sanjay’s loss in Ghajini, how i felt for Ishaan in TZP, likewise regarding DJ’s death and his friends too…. here a
    small boy died, and i didnt felt for him, nor the pain for Suri.
    That’s Failure”


  15. Bored 12 years ago

    Good to know Zee Cine Awards have acknowledged the acting chops of Ranbir, Hrithik, Rishi, Nawaj, Priyanka and Sridevi – I too found them among the best of 2012’s mainstream commercial movies/actors.

    Never expected the likes of Kahaani, PST, GOW and Shanghai to be commercial enough to make their presence felt in these award shows.

  16. Serenzy 12 years ago


    I Don’t Think Kashyap and GOW shud be Mentioned in the Same Line with the Elite List of PST,Shanghai and Kahaani.

  17. Serenzy 12 years ago


    That was just My Reply to ur View on Movies of 2012.

    Agreed whole-heartedly to it.. Except GOW Analogy!

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