Aamir-Imran to share screen space in Hirani’s next film

Aamir-Imran to share screen space in Hirani's next film Ranbir Kapoor and Ranveer Singh’s loss seems to be Imran Khan’s gain. When, both Ranbir and Ranveer refused to play the second fiddle to Aamir Khan in Raju Hirani’s Peekay, and the role found no takers, Aamir suggested Imran, who leapt for it as he has been on a lookout for a decent role.

So finally mama-bhanja will team up for the first time. Meanwhile, Aamir is really kicked about Hirani’s film that exposes the godmen in the country. The script had made the rounds of of the industry for younger guy’s role which has eventally gone to Imran.

While his previous films were set in Mumbai and picturesque landscape of Ladakh, rumours has it that writer-producer-director will shoot his fourth film that rolls this year-end, in Hungary. Are you wondering why Hirani, who so far has explored Indian terrain for his movies, wants to travel across the seven seas to shoot his next movie? Apparently, Hirani chose Hungary because filming there has its advantages, such as low labour cost and tax incentives for foreign filmmakers.

Also, Hungary can pass off as any international city – Paris, Rome, London or even New York.” In the past we have had maverick director Sanjay Leela Bhansali who extensively shot his epic love story Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam in Budapest (Hungarian capital), but passed it off as an Italian city.


  1. Serenzy 9 years ago

    Great News…Looking frwrd to PK more then D3!

  2. hithere 9 years ago

    People (if you are not one of the Khans) reject Hirani?
    Madhvan and Sharman got good mileage from 3 Idiots.

    • Author
      sputnik 9 years ago

      Ha Ha.

      I think there was news before that Ranbir rejected Karan Johar’s offer of doing two hero movie with SRK. Ranbir can afford to being a star son. Not sure about Ranveer.

      But may be these guys think they will be considered as sidekicks to Aamir and will start getting similar roles. Not sure of the authenticity of the news either – it could all be a rumor.

  3. Tulmul 9 years ago

    Sorry at the outset.

    Hilarious ROFL comment I found on TOI site about Sachin ..

    Tamil Dasan (Mumbai)
    43 mins ago
    The scene is set in 2030, it is on a sunny afternoon at Eden Gardens Calcutta, one-day match against Afghanistan, Sachin-the-God opens batting along with Arjun (his beloved son) on his record 1000th one-day international match. Sachin scores his 75th one-day international hundred (150 hundreds in total). Everyone is so happy that the Government declares a national holiday to commemorate the occasion. Sharath Pawar who returned to power as BCCI president for a record 10 th time, now 92 years old, says he is inspired from Sachin and has no plans to retire. Commentators like Ravi Shastri (now 75 years old) and Harsha Bogle (now 77 years old) go ga ga on his hundred. Sachin’s son Arjun (34 years old) who was on the grease when his dad got a century says he is inspired by his dad every day and is still looking to score his first century. He too thinks he will play for India as long as possible. Saurav Ganguly, while congratulating Sachin, says he thinks of returning to the game after looking into Sachin’s innings, so does Azharrudin who is now 70 years old, Kambli and other X-cricketers. The Government has planned to donate a huge bungalow to honour Sachin. A large number of people prayed in temples that were built for Sachin. BCCI has ensured that Sachin can play when he is old by changing few rules such as he does not have to necessarily come to the field unless it is required and on the other hand he can have a by-runner while batting. Sachin says he still feels that he is 16 years old and not 57 years old, and says he will continue to play as long as possible since he is on top of his form. Why should one retire when I am in top form, it is too selfish to retire when you are on top of the game and can still contribute significantly to the team? Indian team has several old players like Sachin, the average age of the players now is 48, while the average age of BCCI officials is now around 86. Some of the selectors of our BCCI cricket are suffering from amensia that they can’t remember many cricketers name during selection, but BCCI is magnanimous to keep them as selectors due to their contribution to Indian Cricket. Sachin’s team mate Rohit, now 45 yrs old, also wishes to play until he is 60, BCCI hinted Rohit will be persisted as he has got tremendous talent. Players such as Badrinath (now 50 years old), Utthappa (now 49 years old), Rahane (now 45 years old), Tiwaris (about 49 years old), Pujari (about 43 years) are still optimistic of their chances to get into team India. Sachin wishes them good luck and says they should never give-up keep trying for places in the Indian team. Sachin, during free time in matches plays with his grand children exposing them to the game just as he did for his son about 20 years ago in all his tours around the world. He says it would be nice if he can play along with his grandson in 2045! Long live Sachin!

    • Author
      sputnik 9 years ago

      hmm… so my comment that ‘it could all be a rumor” turned out true.

      Hats off to the Bollywood journalists who make up news. I love this profession – no accountability whatsoever. Just make up whatever news you want.

  4. Suprabh 9 years ago

    Aamir is not such a fool to take Imran khan in his film.

    • Author
      sputnik 9 years ago


      But he launched him in JTYJN 😉

      • Suprabh 9 years ago


        Raakhi ka farz 2 baar nibha diya..aage bhi nibhata rahega…But he wont take him in a movie where he is starring too 😀

  5. Serenzy 9 years ago

    PeeKay Starcast: Aamir Khan, Sanjay Dut, Arshad Warsi, Anushka Sharma, Sushant Singh Rajput.

    I Think, Abhijat Joshi is on the Writing Team Again!

    • Reddemon 9 years ago

      Arshad Warsi is not in peekay
      he himself confirmed this news.

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