A Comparative Analysis of recent Big Ticket Action films – Bang Bang, Kick, Dhoom 3 and Holiday (Updated With Videos)


I am not going to talk about the Box Office of any of these films. It has been discussed a lot in other threads. Sab apne apne number leke khush raho! 😉 This is an analysis based on the genre to which the movies belong. Let me say this straight that I am not going to bullshit in this thread. I dont lie in my posts. I am not here to write gibberish nonsense to overpraise or thrash a film. That is why I always post the actual videos from the films that I talk about. Video never lies. From last half of 2013 to mid 2014, we have almost all major stars attempt the stylized action genre from Salman to Aamir to Hrithik to Akshay . These kind of films are not expected to have a story and rightly so. The genre isn’t about it. Its about the attitude and charisma of the stars, the styling, the action and so on. Over plotting or too much story in such a film will ruin it. If a film of this genre is made, it CANNOT afford to disappoint on the attitude, styling and action skills of the lead actors.

Usually such films have some common scenes. Like there will always be a stylized intro scene of the hero. There will be cat and mouse chase sequences throughout the film depending on which side of the law the hero is on. The actress will be there to add glamor or romance or item songs. There will be a villain who will be even more stupid than the film so that the hero can look smarter and the climax will have a prolonged showdown with end credits having some dance song or Honey Singh number to convince the audiences that they had a great time watching this film! So what separates one film from the other? Its about how you go about it and how sincere you are to the genre.

Here are scenes from the movie which are symbolic of the film:


Probably the most underrated action thriller of this year and easily the best film among the four. This one actually had an engaging story. I almost skipped watching this movie because of the bad reviews. When i caught it in theater in its second week, I realized how chutiya our critics are. Its a rare south remake which is 10 times better than the original Thuppaki which had the untalented over actor Vijay. Akshay Kumar is always great when he is subtle and he was superb as the army officer and he continued from his good form in Special 26. He was excellent in the fighting scenes and they were surprisingly quite real. Here is my favorite scene from the film:


What can you say about a so-called action hero who uses animation to do stunts in his intro scene! Everyone knows he is a fat ass and he cant jump from a stool without a body double or animation. So why the constant pretense? Here is his Kick second intro scene where is is riding some auto rickshaw type of vehicle to please his fans.

Dhoom 3:

D3 was supposed to be a stylized action movie with some mind numbing story when Aamir came on board but he gave us a tribute to Manoj Kumar’s style of film making. He clearly doesn’t know how to act in such films and his excessive smug expressions throughout the film showed his bankruptcy in this genre. Katrina Kaif who is ideal for this genre was reduced to guest appearances in item songs. Abhishek had a role worse than Iftekhar in Amitabh films. I am not even getting into the other mental retarded twins character! He used stunt doubles for almost all the wide angle shots and in the closer scenes this is what he did:

Bang Bang:

Bang Bang is the remake of Knight and Day which had a wrong cast. This mistake was corrected here. I was delighted to see Katrina Kaif getting almost the lead role here and her pairing with Hrithik was a casting coup for this genre. When I had said D3 should have been like BB, this is what I meant. It doesn’t mean BB is a smarter film than D3 . This is the genre where Hrithik excels and he was excellent in the action scenes be it his attitude, casualness, body language while jumping across roofs, his aerial split and so on. I wish they had a younger villain in this and not that haggard Danny. Here is one scene from BB.

A Word on the Nonsensical “Khan Argument”:

I started by saying I am not going to talk about the BO but given the context of the topic, some things need to be specified. The typical Khan argument is that unless a non-khan out grosses the highest grosser among the Khans, his film is an under performer. While its the reverse for a Khan film. One of them should have the highest grosser of the year and the others benefit from it just by belonging to the “Khan” label. So JHTJ scores 12 Cr more than SOS and Aamir barely touches 100 cr in Talaash but since ETT was the biggest grosser of 2012, all the Khans are on top! This is their logic. It doesn’t matter if RR or AP beat all the other films because hey they could not beat ETT! K3 beats CE and all Salman films but its an “under performer”. Why? Because it could not beat D3. So all Khans are on top! Jai Ho came in 2014 and flopped. Holiday which was labelled as a flop on day 1 by many trended excellent and overtook Jai Ho lifetime. But its an under performer. Why? Because it could not beat Dhoom 3! Bang Bang comes and beats the lifetime of Don2, JTHJ, Ra.One, Talaash, Jai Ho in 6 days flat. But its an under performer. Why? Because it could not beat Kick and D3 lifetime. As a last resort, these khan fans will desperately quote the Khan PR blog BOI who reports producer nos (with max 10-15 Cr diff) for them and reduces 30-60 Cr for non-Khans even though no one in the media follows their numbers. There is no use in these tactics. If anything, it only makes you look like a communal asshole pig.

  1. Anjanpur685Miles 9 years ago

    Kab ayega?

    • Baba 9 years ago

      its a teaser post 🙂 .wait for a couple of days. i am compiling some videos from the films.

  2. Anjanpur685Miles 9 years ago

    Ok I am waiting. But dont forget to mention the word “Classic Drama” for D3.

    • Baba 9 years ago

      haha. i wont say much. just post some scenes. video speaks for itself

  3. yakuza 9 years ago

    Why Singham Returns Excluded ?

  4. Anjanpur685Miles 9 years ago

    @Baba, I am yet to read this post, but if you can add more substance to post of me on Vidyut (its awaiting Publication) it would be an value addition.

    • Baba 9 years ago

      yes i can suggest. but i need to see how you have gone in your post.

      • Anjanpur685Miles 9 years ago

        Sputnik can help on that (about the posting rights). I didnt get you on what u mean by how I have “gone into the post”. I am saying basically same thing abt action and stupidity. You are free to modify the post as per ur wish and add/delete content if u have rights.

        • Baba 9 years ago

          what i mean is i dont know the content of that post. how you started etc. i want to see it first and then i can add some aspects that would complement it.

          • Anjanpur685Miles 9 years ago

            Do you mean you cant see the content or what was my intention of posting it? Still not clear to me.

          • Baba 9 years ago

            haha. arrey content dekhna hai content bas! phir milke g**d maarenge har ek ki usme 😀

  5. Anjanpur685Miles 9 years ago

    @Sputnik, pls provide all my content to Baba, let it be published in his name, I want his valuable additions/comments.

  6. shezad 9 years ago

    lolll at this kick rickshaw scene and the bike scene of dhoom 3. havent seen it yet

    cable par bike is very poor so are the face of amir khan

    i donnt think any of the 3 khans since 2009 havent done enough to be at top only by what they do akele akele

    SK : lot of blockbuster in 3-4 years
    AK : 3 big blocbuster
    Srk : lot of hits and one BB and no no-hits since 2006

    before 2009 , Srk was clearly on top and SK and AK wasnt near him, and his ” biggest ” opposition was from HR

  7. Anjanpur685Miles 9 years ago

    Great post Baba

    I think the D3 scene was inspired by Mission Impossible4 and Tom Cruise did a great job there.

    The scene in MI is all what I remember:

    • sputnik 9 years ago

      Yeah I had mentioned that “Aamir running down that building scene is copied from Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol” when the Dhoom 3 trailer came out. Link

      And agree with you on the MI 4 scene and Tom Cruise.

      This is what I had felt after watching MI 4.

      “The Burj Khalifa scene was awesome and one can watch the movie for just that one scene. Full marks to Tom Cruise for doing that stunt.” Link

      • Baba 9 years ago

        yes that scene is good.bw movies cant even copy a scene without ruining what it stands for. what was the need to have ultra slo mo in that d3 running down the wall?

        here is behind the scenes of the MI scene.

        • sputnik 9 years ago

          May be they think Bollywood audiences are too dumb to process something shown quickly. So they use slow motion 🙂

          Tom Cruise actually did that stunt himself (with cables of course) as can be seen from the making but I think that Aamir scene was shot in front of a green screen. That’s why he is overcompensating with his expressions.

          • Baba 9 years ago

            yes aamir definitely shot in front of green scene. apart from the expressions, you can see while he is running, his feet are hardly touching the walls of the building. how is he getting the acceleration to move forward then? its a case of poor vfx

  8. Anjanpur685Miles 9 years ago


    I was not saying about action but script and impact of it in the Rajkumar Santoshi film.

    Look at this scene from Halla Bol.

    Agree that it is not authentic as far as real action scenes go. I also agree with you that Vidyut has to handle the choreograpy than anyone else.

    But my point was, Santoshi still has the same madness (abt foolish comedy and/OR rage as a bull) in his storytelling.

    • Baba 9 years ago

      ok. yes. actually there are ppl (armchair critics) who call even his ghatak and ghayal as mindless action. I disagree. they were great action entertainers with a engaging story. so looking forward to the association

      • sputnik 9 years ago

        Have not seen Ghayal/Ghatak in a long time but I think they were good masala movies from the 90s – much better than the so called masala movies of today.

        I loved Ghayal and it had good story, screenplay, action and performances from Sunny, Amrish Puri, Raj Babbar, Om Puri, Sudesh Berry and Moushami.

        Ghatak wasn’t as good as Ghayal and some of the action/dialogues were OTT but I still liked it. Amrish Puri was excellent specially in that dog collar scene and Sunny was good too.

        The last Raj Kumar Santoshi masala movie I liked was Khakee.

        • Baba 9 years ago

          i didnt like the dog scene of amrish in ghatak. danny had this old habit of editing ppls role in his movies. sunny in some scenes in ghatak is very good but he was not playing a smart character in it. he used to get arrested all the time after beating a couple of goons and then used to get beaten by police. i liked him best in damini where he was strong and also smart

  9. Baba 9 years ago

    srk’s tribute to zilla ghaziabad level fight scenes from HNY



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